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TNA Wrestling Stars Celebrate New TV Deal On Twitter

TNA Wresting have found Impact Wrestling a new home. The new television deal will land Impact on Destination America. The available audience may be cut but that isn’t stopping the TNA superstars from celebrating!

[adinserter block=”1″]News broke on Wednesday that Impact Wrestling will start airing on Destination America in January. TNA will move from Spike which has an 85.50% clearance of homes to Destination America which reaches only 52.20%. It should also be mentioned that of that 52%, some viewers require a tiered package to watch D.A. unlike Spike which was available to all. So let’s celebrate say the TNA superstars!

“Discovery Communications announced today that it has signed a multi-year deal with TNA (Total Nonstop Action) IMPACT WRESTLING to bring the popular league to homes nationwide on Destination America, the only network dedicated to celebrating the people, places and stories of the United States. Destination America officially enters the ring with its first world premiere of IMPACT WRESTLING in January 2015.”

I was scrolling through Twitter and a plethora of tweets from excited TNA superstars took over my Twitter feed. The budget is cut, there are no house shows on the schedule, TNA will be in less homes, but these cats are all excited about their new endeavor while others offered congratulations on their new deal.

Jesse Godderz – “SO EXCITED that @IMPACTWRESTLING has a NEW Destination Bro… @DestAmerica #BOOM @CBSBigBrother @CBS #BB16 @ESPN @ESPN2 @ESPNU @TMZ @MTV” –

Tommy Dreamer –“Congrats @IMPACTWRESTLING on new TV deal w/ @DestAmerica America F*CK YEAH #DestinationIMPACT ” –

Abyss –” Here we go!!! The @IMPACTWRESTLING family joins @DestAmerica” –

Matt Hardy – “The future looks pretty damn good from where I’m standing.” – (Does it really Matt?)

Gunner – “Looks like @DestAmerica just added a Modern Day Viking to their network. Good move. @IMPACTWRESTLING has a new home in January –

Taryn Terrell – “So excited about @IMPACTWRESTLING moving to @DestAmerica in January! #DestinationIMPACT” –

Sam Shaw – “Excited that @IMPACTWRESTLING moves to @DestAmerica in January. Lots of #Creepy shows like #GhostAsylum & #AHaunting #DestinationIMPACT” –

Kurt Angle – “Good for the Wrestling Biz! Starting January 2015, @IMPACTWrestling moves to its new home: @DestAmerica! #DestinationIMPACT” –

Dixie Carter – “Proud to join the @Discovery family! @IMPACTWRESTLING comes to @DestAmerica in January! #DestinationIMPACT” –

[adinserter block=”2″]Hey listen, at the end of the day it is a good thing that TNA got a new television deal and found a home for Impact. Unfortunately the new move will come less viewers and a reduced budget. It’s great that got a deal but celebrating this as if it is some kind of a better move is just ridiculous.

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  1. They still have jobs. This is a very good day for them and wrestling, TNA tried to compete and I’m sure TNA themselves will tell you they were not successful, trying to compete with WWE is like trying to compete with Walmart, now they should focus on stability and becoming a cool wrestling show for guys and girls to earn a paycheck, thats just how it is in wrestling, nobody will compete with WWE unless Ted Turner/Donald Trump decide to start a promotion. Not to mention they’ve been given the option of creating more shows, so you may see an American version of the successful Bootcamp series in the UK who knows? Not just good for TNA but its a big pick up for Destination America itself.

  2. Eric, without trying to be rude truly. How should this be celebrated? This is a good day, it may not be the outcome that was expected and I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way. But what would you expect from the wrestlers? Of course it shouldn’t have come to this and maybe this was a learning experience and won’t happen again. But they are excited and rightfully so don’t you think?

    • No worries on being rude. My point is that the roster is celebrating this as if this brings a bright future and is a big move when in fact the viewership will decline, revenue will decline, budget will decline, and visibility will decline. That’s all:)


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