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TNA Wrestling sign 1 & 1/2 Celebrities

TNA has signed Jersey Shore AngleinaAs if you needed another reason not to watch TNA Impact, TNA Wrestling have signed two new stars. Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick and New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott will be appearing on upcoming TNA shows. Angelina will wrestle while Scott will just make a cameo.

I went back and forth on this lazy Thursday as to whether I wanted to blog about Angelina signing with TNA Wrestling. I woke up to a report from TMZ that Angelina has signed to wrestle in TNA. Angelina is a pro wrestling fan and given TNA’s desperate attempts at any publicity even at the expense of their declining ratings, the deal is no shock. The crack TNA creative department are already at work leaking word that Angelina will challenge Jersey Shore’s J Woww to a wrestling match. Hey at least Survivor Jenna Morasca may have a shot at relinquishing her worst match in TNA Wrestling history title if it happens.

[adinserter block=”2″]Alex Marvez at Fox Sports also reports that New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott will be making an appearance at an upcoming TNA Impact show. Scott made headlines with an emotional post game interview following the New York Jets playoff win over the New England Patriots. Hulk Hogan and Scott exchanged pleasantries in the press regarding the promo and Scott confessed to being a Hulkamaniac. Unlike Angelina, this one makes sense and may actually bring TNA Wrestling some nice publicity from the sports media.

Don’t expect Bart Scott to wrestle. There are clauses in his NFL contract with the New York Jets that prevent that from happening. TNA ran into a similar situation a few years back when they signed Adam “Pac Man” Jones. Jones, an NFL player was serving an NFL suspension when TNA signed him to wrestle. The only problem here was that Jones was prohibited from wrestling due to his contract with the Tennessee Titans. I will give them their due as they did get a ton of publicity from the sports world including Adam Jones and Jeff Jarrett appearing on ESPN. Unfortunately it meant nothing for them a week later.

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The Angelina signing is hysterical on so many levels that I really just feel bad for anyone that is a TNA Wrestling fan today. TNA reportedly signed J Woww who is actually on the Jersey Shore to a deal reportedly for 15,000 to appear on TNA Impact. How did that go over? Well for one, TNA in their infinite wisdom aired the segments in the 10:00 PM hour going head to head with Jersey Shore, losing whatever Jersey Shore fans they have sucked in to see J Woww. Two, J Woww’s segment was such a ratings flop that it was the lowest rated segment of the night.

[adinserter block=”1″]Angelina will reportedly be a full blown out pro wrestler in the company teaming with Robbie E. and my old WEW and DWOWO pal, Cookie as a heel. Angelina was only a handful of episodes in two seasons with the Jersey Shore and is probably the least known of the group. Here is a little secret that TNA may not be aware of. Jersey Shore fans don’t like Angelina, thus they have zero interest in watching her wrestle or get her due via a babyface. On top of that, who is to say that Angelina will even stick with TNA? This is the same girl that walked out twice on one of the biggest television shows in America (yes it pains me also to write it). What happens when the going gets tough in TNA?

Ironically this news comes four days after Jeff Jarrett tweets, “The true definition of madness is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” – Albert Einstein

Some people never learn.

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