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TNA Wrestling Sacrifice 2011 Preview & Predictions

TNA Sacrifice 2011 previewTNA Sacrifice is here already? And to think some people complain about WWE having too many PPV’s—TNA showcases roughly 16 matches between their live events. If that isn’t sobering enough, there are NINE matches at Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice, with most of the bouts announced at the last Impact taping.

This should still be a solid card, what with Mr. Anderson live chatting with fans on TNA’s website while Chyna makes her first in-ring appearance in nearly a decade and Mick Foley almost guaranteed to interject himself at some point during the night. Last year’s Sacrifice was the first ever TNA PPV I watched and ordered, and after a year I think many will agree with me that a show name change is the first tactical move in revamping an overbooked, aging product.

[adinserter block=”2″]STING (Champ) vs. ROB VAN DAM – TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE. Unfortunately I think we are taking baby steps because I don’t see any chance of Sting dropping the belt. From a story standpoint, this main event is weak because Sting and RVD are on relative good terms and Sting’s current nemesis, Mr. Anderson, is waiting in the weeds.

I also think that it’s slowly becoming evident that this is probably Sting’s last run as Champ, his final trot around the bases and TNA will continue to respect that. Younger guys like Mr. Anderson are probably genuinely frustrated, which may have caused his accidental Sting promo on Impact last week. Expect RVD to carry this match, but I would bet my bottom dollar that Anderson steps away from the keyboard to distract RVD in some way leading to a Sting win and the setup to the final battle between Sting and Anderson. Stinger can carry the belt into the summer but dropping it in July or at the very latest August is something I really hope TNA has in the works.

KURT ANGLE and CHYNA vs. THE JARRETTS. In a way, you can kind of compare Chyna’s guest appearance to Snooki’s spot at WrestleMania on a much smaller scale. No report has come out that Chyna has signed an official TNA contract, but her name alone should be enough to spark continued interest in this feud that has seemingly lasted forever.

Is anyone else with me in saying that Karen Jarrett brings nothing to the table and is just reveling in her alleged lawsuit victory over the Carters? She’s flat on the mic and, other than when she lustfully and comically refers to Jeff as Big Daddy, is nothing more than something nice to look at who plays the child custody card far too much. Someone like Chyna will finally squash her for good and make room for Jeff’s brilliant childish laughing and Alpha-male material.

On the other hand, what does this say about Kurt Angle, who might be in the weird situation of never getting over Jeff in this feud without the help of a has-been female wrestler? The entertainment level should be high on this one, but to save most parties involved expect Chyna to pin Karen.

MICKIE JAMES (Champ) vs. MADISON RAYNE – KNOCKOUTS TITLE. It seems as if Mickie’s shoulder is back in working order, so considering the Tara angle this is probably a dead heat for me. If Mickie wins, Madison has to sever all working ties with Tara. While all signs point to Madison losing and the buddy-buddy between her and Tara finally being over, I think TNA calls an audible and draws this out a little longer. Think about it…Madison wins back her title which makes Tara even more irate, which can lead to an eventual story of Tara finally snapping and challenging Madison for the belt. I really hoped for the schism a while back when there were less Knockouts floating around, but the roster has expanded slightly and they can afford to keep the duo together for a little while longer.

BEER MONEY (Champs) vs. MATT HARDY and CHRIS HARRIS – TNA TAG TEAM TITLES. Aside from the occasional backlogged TNA PPV from yesteryear, I’ve never really seen Chris Harris in action and don’t know what to expect. It’s really a shame that Jeff Hardy couldn’t wrestle in this match and reunite The Hardy Boyz, because if that was the case this match would steal the show hands down.

Beer Money remains one of the top sells of the company, but Immortal really needs some gold to supplement Gunner’s quiet run as TV Champ. Matt has definitely put in the work the past couple of months to warrant a title win, but the random tag team element seems too far fetched for even TNA to consider. In what should still be an explosive, nicely written match, Beer Money defends.

KAZARIAN (Champ) vs. MAX BUCK – X DIVISION TITLE. Did anyone else forget about this storyline? Max Buck won the right to face Kaz at Lockdown and TNA hasn’t touched the story since, and then, BOOM!, title match at Sacrifice. I like Max Buck to win gold for a few reasons: the potential for a heel Buck to join up with Immortal (despite tagging Bischoff’s car two weeks ago) and provide them with more gold, and such disregard for the entire program means that TNA isn’t worried about who represents the X Division, as long as it moves along the main event card.

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AJ STYLES vs. TOMMY DREAMER. This match has come together over the past couple of weeks when Dreamer helped Bully Ray and piledrived Styles with no reason or explanation. I can’t imagine AJ being buried any further because he needs a clean win at a PPV to keep us convinced that he still has what it takes to carry the company. Despite Dreamer’s veiled reasons for attacking Styles, he’s always been a good vehicle for putting guys over, and I see no reason to break from the role. Styles wins clean.

ABYSS vs. CRIMSON. Same logic here…Abyss can lose week in and week out and he’s still going to be the feared monster willing to smash and job his way through the roster. This really says a lot about Abyss, who’s had his time in the sun and really comes off as a team player these past few months. Meanwhile, I think it would be smart to continue with Crimson’s undefeated streak that should see him challenge for the TV title real soon. Crimson wins.

[adinserter block=”1″]MEXICAN AMERICA vs. INK INC.. Both of these tag teams could be burgeoning stars in the division, but I think the company is pretty hot for Mexican America, while Ink Inc. is more or less filling in for the injured Motor City Machine Guns as the go-to face tag team. This is definitely interesting because it hasn’t been revealed whether they want Mexican America to trudge on as a tag team or continue with Anarquia serving as Hernandez’s sidekick in the midcard singles. If it’s the former, give this to MA all day, but if it’s the latter, I consider the contest dead even. I’m going to go safe and assume Sarita and Rosita assist their men to a victory.

ROBBIE E. vs. BRIAN KENDRICK. Hmmm, it’s kind of hard to breakdown a totally random match with no story to back it up. Two X Division matches in one PPV? By golly, Mr. Lethal, the X Division may not be dead after all. In what I’ll assume is another patchwork No. 1 Contender match, look for Kendrick to score the upset on the fleeting Robbie E. The company up north has told you what they think of the Jersey Shore gimmick, and considering Robbie E’s complete lack of recent air time all tells me that the gimmick is probably on life support. But hey, potential Kendrick-Max Buck feud on the horizon? Get it done, guys.

Joe Leininger lives in Gainesville, FL and writes for The Playing Field and Destigeddon.

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