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TNA Wrestling: Let the Invasion and the bodies hit the floor

TNA’s Impact Wrestling faded to black Thursday night with the image of former WWE superstar MVP being revealed as the “secret investor” in the company.

[adinserter block=”1″]While the idea of MVP on screen with his shtick and “balla” mentality is perfect for the upheaval that has been destroying TNA for some time, it makes me wonder if this is the last of the “changes” TNA will make with adding and subtracting wrestlers from the roster. And in that case, who is coming and who will be going? Is there another New World Order-like invasion on the way and what will this do to the current awful situation regarding the TNA World Title.

Excuse me while I grab a handkerchief.

MVP’s credentials as a wrestler are more than enough to declare him a serious player in a storyline like this, but does that mean we can expect sweeping changes within the company. There is no more Jeff Jarrett, no more Hulk Hogan and it appears no more consistency in anything the corporate heads are trying to get over with the fans.

Yes, there are still some fans in TNA. The fact Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are leading TNA’s charge toward the world title speaks volumes of where the company is – set by definitive title classes and definitive wrestlers on the main event and mid card levels. In this case, membership at times is a privilege.

But my main thought is does someone like MVP have the “stroke” as Jeff Jarrett used to say, to make it happen?

MVP was trained by former professional wrestlers Soulman Alex G and Norman Smiley. Following the completion of his training, MVP began wrestling for numerous independent promotions, including a stint in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). During his time in these promotions, he won various championships in singles competition. Assad signed with WWE in 2005 and was assigned to Deep South Wrestling (DSW), one of the company’s developmental territories.\

After being promoted to the SmackDown brand, MVP made his WWE wrestling debut in October 2006. In 2007, he won the United States Championship, giving him his first title reign with the company. His reign was the longest since WWE came into possession of the championship in 2001 and the third longest in the title’s entire history. That same year, he captured the Tag Team Championship alongside Matt Hardy. He also won the United States Championship for a second time on March 17, 2009. Following his tenure in WWE, he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) in February 2011. He would spend the next two years with the promotion, becoming the inaugural IWGP Intercontinental Champion in May 2011.

Now, it would seem, the former WWE star will be the focal point of this company, draw attention away from Sting, Angle, current World Champion Magnus and any other superstar who wants to walk the isle and get in the ring. Would this also provide an occasion or two for him to get in the ring and challenge for the title?

While on that subject, could there be others who make the jump to the smaller promotion? And no, I am not talking CM Punk (but what a get if that were to happen). What happens with AJ Styles?

[adinserter block=”2″]There is plenty of room now for TNA to grow. A change in scripts, a challenge to authority and of course a new hope Dixie Carter will remove herself from the screen each week. MVP gives he company another identity and a wrestler all of us identify. Things could look up for TNA, or it could fall apart at the seams. Maybe we see what happens before we judge. But in this case, as it is TNA, there is more to fear than hope for.

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  1. well put my friend. Nice article. I hope this is a new Genesisof TNA. MVP, the Wolves, hopefully some old favorites like Alex Shelley, Felix Skipper, CM Punk, and a bunch of new ROH guys/girld they could rock it.


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