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TNA Wrestling Impact Results & May 22 Recap

This week on Impact Wrestling we see MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley enter the building. Kazarian is on the phone, and King accuses him of saying something. Kaz says he didn’t say anything,”homie”. King and Lashley then beat him up before MVP calls him stupid.

MVP and his crew now make their way to the ring. MVP tells the crowd to settle down because he’s going to give them an education. He’s going to teach us about history. He is a brilliant individual, and because of his brilliance, he put himself in position to bring in his friends and take power. Throughout history, power has never been granted by request; it was always taken. When you take power, sometimes blood must be spilled. He knew when he was going to come back to wrestling, he knew he had to change things a bit. He’d never ask permission again. This is a business, and at the end of the day, it’s all about money, power and respect. So, he knew if he wanted to come back, it’d be on his terms. In this industry, you can’t just be a wrestler; you also need to be a politician, and he’s the greatest politician in the world right now because he’s in control. You don’t have to like, but you do have to accept it. Before he goes any further, he wants to allow King to say a few words. King says when MVP called him a few months ago and laid this out, King thought he was crazy. Turns out MVP is a genius. He has to take some credit, though. Their exhibition match was his idea to throw all the dummies off the track. Same thing goes for King vs. Lashley a few weeks later. MVP takes the mic as King rambles and says he then called a good friend of his in Lashley. Lashley says he realized playing politics wouldn’t work for anyone, so when MVP called him and offered his hand, Lashley shook it. He’s putting his trust in MVP, and sees him as a visionary. MVP calls himself a prophet and a god. He says things, and they happen.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Wolves make their way out. Davey Richards recalls MVP’s words and says they had a ton of respect for him at Lockdown when MVP told them they were fighting for the era of the wrestler. It was about fighting for what you want and looking out for the people who look out for you. What happened to that? MVP calls Davey “Eddie”, then says he gave them the opportunity to become the tag champs. He signed them to lucrative contracts and made them stars. They’re champions because they have heart, and the reason they weren’t included in this plan is because they don’t have the stomach for this. In this business, you can’t have heart; you need to be heartless. Richards says they’re not money-grubbing cowards like MVP and his friends. MVP threatens to terminate their contracts and send them to the indies, fighting for table scraps, since that’s where they belong. Lashley and King get in the faces of the Wolves, and the two sides brawl. MVP joins in the fight, making it 3-on-2. The Wolves are beat down in short order before Eddie Edwards receives a spear from Lashley. MVP then tosses Richards to the floor. King heads outside and continues the attack while MVP says this is about power, not wrestling. Lashley picks Richards up and carries him up the ramp as MVP continues to trash-talk him. He says this isn’t about the Wolves, then picks him up to his feet. Richards isn’t cut out for this, and since he wants to be hard-headed, he has to learn. He holds Richards up on the edge of the stage, and Lashley spears him through a table on the floor.

We see that Eric Young has just arrived in the building.

A limo pulls up in the parking lot, and out steps EC3 and Dixie Carter. She calls this, “Home, sweet home”. I love that she was permanently sent home, only to appear on the show more than ever instead.

During the break, Davey Richards was strapped to a backboard and taken away in an ambulance.

EY marches down to the ring and says MVP wants to play a numbers game and bully people. If that’s the way it’s going to be, fine.

MVP comes out and says if EY wants to speak, that’s fine, but it will be on MVP’s terms since he’s in charge. EY tells him to shut up and listen. MVP says that, if that’s the case, he needs a couple friends out here. King and Lashley join him at ringside. EY says he doesn’t like King and calls him a scumbag. As for Lashley, he paid his dues in wrestling, MMA and the military, and this is his decision? He doesn’t have to give EY an answer, but he’ll have to answer to the fans, as well as his own son. What’s he going to tell his son when his son asks him, “Daddy, why is everyone calling you a sellout?” MVP says that, when Lashley’s son asks that, he’ll be driving an expensive car while he does it, because he’ll have learned how to take advantage of every situation. EY might call that a shortcut, but he calls it an opportunity. He and his friends are motivated by money, power and respect, and EY will respect them whether he likes it or not. EY says the people motivate him, and now he’ll show these guys how they do things in TNA. He charges at Lashley, but it’s pretty much all for naught as Lashley quickly takes the advantage. Austin Aries runs down and begins attacking both King and Lashley. King gets pulled to the floor and thrown into the guardrail. He flips over Lashley and goes after MVP, but Lashley recovers and yanks him down to the mat. Lashley charges at both men, but they low-bridge him to the floor. MVP holds King and Lashley back as Aries says some people like him and some don’t, but he’s one of the few who saw MVP for what he really is. MVP is a fake. He feels partially responsible for MVP’s big ego, then challenges MVP to step in the ring with the “common denominator of greatness”. MVP accepts, and the match will happen later tonight. As for EY, he has a match as well, but MVP will let him know who the opponent is when he’s good and ready.

We see Bram and Magnus watching this on a monitor in the back. Bram says he spoke to MVP and got another match made between Magnus and Willow in a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match tonight. Magnus says he’s getting sick of Bram. Bram asks what he’ll do about it and grabs his face. Magnus responds by nailing him with a couple of punches. Bram says that’s what they want. This is about Magnus finding himself, and this is what Bram wants. Magnus calls him crazy.

AI is with Angelina Love, and she has a big announcement. Tonight, she is issuing an open challenge for her title. Gail Kim walks up and immediately accepts. Love tells her she’s not allowed, so Kim beats the hell out of her until Pat Kenney pulls her off.

The Beautiful People make their way out for Love’s title defense. Before Kim comes out, Love gets on the mic and says she wants to get one thing perfectly clear: yes, she did make an open challenge for her title…but, tonight’s challenge excludes all former KO Champions. She’s a giver (I’m sure), and she’s willing to give a newbie a shot at her belt tonight. And seeing that she’s the greatest KO Champion in the history of this company, it’s her honor to give a young up-and-comer the opportunity of a lifetime. So, who’s it going to be? Of course, Brittany comes out, since she’s literally the only female on the roster besides Rebel that hasn’t held the belt yet.

MATCH 1-Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love (Champion, w/Velvet Sky) vs. Brittany
Love attacks Brittany before the opening bell, knocking her to the floor. She rolls Brittany back in and kicks her in the back a couple of times. Brittany fights back with rights before getting hit with a kneelift. She gets sent to the corner, and Love hits her with a monkey flip. Brittany rolls her up with a surprise small package for 2. Love shakes it off and hits a seated dropkick to the side of the head after a couple of strikes. Brittany is corner-whipped and Love goes for the flip again. Brittany shoves her off, blocks some punches, hits a few forearms, a pair of clotheslines, a snapmare and a kick to the chest. She rolls Love to her feet and hits a side-Russian legsweep into a float-over for 2. Love gets corner-whipped and Brittany goes for a handspring back elbow. Love counters with a clothesline to the back. Love goes up top, but Brittany kicks her in the head and throws her to the mat for 2. Sky jumps on the apron to distract the ref as Brittany rolls Love up for a pin. She sees what is happening and knocks Sky off the apron. She turns around into a Botox Injection from Love, and that’s enough for 3.


After the match, the BP smear lipstick all over Brittany’s face, then put a paper bag on her head. Gail Kim runs down and quickly gets double-teamed before coming back with a double dropkick. She hits Sky with a neckbreaker, then drops Love with a clothesline before Love escapes to the floor.

We see a security guard trying to stop the Carters from entering the building. AI tells her they are banned from the building. Dixie says she’s still the president of the company, her job is to address MVP, and she’s going to do it tonight.

We see Mr. Anderson in a bar, and he’s joined by James Storm. Anderson wants to do something competitive with Storm. He offers pool, darts or the electronic golf game. Storm threatens to beat him up each time, then challenges him to a drinking contest instead. Anderson accepts.

MATCH 2: Austin Aries vs. MVP
MVP comes down and is taunting the crowd, his back to Aries. Aries takes the opportunity to nail him with a double axe handle from the top before the opening bell. The bell rings, and Aries slams MVP face-first into the apron before nailing him with forearms to the back. He drags MVP around the ring for another slam into the apron. MVP comes back with one of his own, then rolls Aries into the ring. He climbs in, and Aries hits him with a dropkick to the knee. He hits some punches from a rear mount, then sends MVP in for a corner back elbow. He mounts the buckles for some more punches, only to have MVP lift him up and over to the top rope, down to the floor outside. MVP drops down and stomps Aries, then slaps him across the face. Back in the ring, MVP gets a 2-count. He nails a forearms that sends Aries face-first ito the middle buckle. He goes for a corner boot, but Aries moves. He nails a few kicks, then hits a clothesline. Aries sets up the brainbuster, but MVP shoves him off. MVP nails several shots, misses a clothesline and gets hit with a rolling elbow. In the corner, Aries hits a running dropkick. He follows up with a second one at the request of the crowd, then goes up for the 450 splash. Before he can hit it, however, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley come down and knock him off the ropes.


The attack continues after the bell, with King hitting the Royal Flush. EY rolls down and tackles King. Lashley pulls him off and begins stomping him down. the 3-on-2 attack continues, with Lashley hitting a running powerslam on EY. MVP gets a mic, because he hasn’t had the chance to speak yet tonight. He asks EY if that hurt, because he didn’t feel a thing. He then tells EY his opponent for tonight is Bobby Lashley.

Dixie Carter and EC3 come down, with Dixie wearing a dress that looks like Barbie threw up a salmon salad sandwich on her. She says MVP is ignoring her calls, emails and texts. MVP says he banned her from the Impact Zone. She says she’s still the president, and his behavior dictates that she be here. King and Lashley surround her & her nephew. She calls this “quite a posse”. The fans supposedly hate her, who has never disrespected a person or harmed one in her life. She may have fractured two of Bully Ray’s ribs by shoving him through a table, but that’s beside the point. Tonight isn’t about what she wants; it’s about what she can do for him.

Bully Ray runs down to the ring as Dixie and EC3 head to the floor. He has a pipe in his hand, and he chases them up the ramp. MVP says he banned Ray from the building as well, so why is he here? Ray enters the ring and says he’s here because there’s something he’s wanted to tell MVP for a couple of weeks. He’s sure he speaks on behalf of everyone when he calls MVP a piece of crap. He turned his back on everyone. He’s standing here because of Ray, and he better not forget it. Of all the people for these guys to pick on…EY? EY has been here since day one. He’s a guy who everyone loves. He worked his way from the bottom to become the World Champion. MVP mocks Ray and asks since when did Ray start caring about people. Lashley starts to approach Ray, and that allows King to Ray from behind. They now are triple-teaming as Dixie and EC3 walk back down to ringside. EC3 applauds them as they leave, and now Dixie is in the ring. She stands over Ray and tells EC3 to get the tables. EC3 pulls a table out and slides it into the ring as Dixie slaps Ray. The table gets set up, and EC3 goes for a powerbomb. Ray counters with a back-body drop, and now he’s face-to-face with Dixie. Before he can do anything to her, EC3 clips him in the knee before hitting a standing spinebuster through the table. Dixie then says she fears no one.

Dixie and EC3 are leaving the building celebrating, and we see Ray a few feet behind, limping after them. They jump into a limo and speed off before he can do any damage.

MATCH 3-Falls-Count-Anywhere Match: Magnus (w/Bram) vs. Willow
The two immediately trade punches until Magnus drops Willow with a kneelift. He goes for a clothesline, but Willow low-bridges him to the floor. He dropkicks Magnus through the ropes and goes for a cross-body, but Magnus gets his knees up for a block. Willow gets sent into the ring steps as Bram taunts him. Willow gets rammed back-first into the apron, and Magnus gets 2 at ringside. Willow starts to fight back, but Magnus stops him in short order. Bram hands Magnus a crowbar, but Magnus tosses it aside before slamming Willow face-first into the apron. Willow blocks a suplex and counters with one of his own. Back in the ring, Willow drops a knee, an elbow and a leg. Up top, he misses a swanton bomb. Both men pull themselves up, with Willow hitting a back elbow out of the corner, followed by a Botch in the Wind for 2. Magnus gets clotheslined to the floor, and Willow follows up with a slingshot splash for 2. Magnus starts to head up the ramp, and Willow goes for a Twist of Fate. Magnus blocks it and hits a clothesline. Bram hands him the crowbar and tells him to cave Willow’s head in. Magnus looks at it and it seems like he likes the idea. He nails Willow in the gut, and Bram isn’t happy, wanting Magnus to cave Willow’s head in. Magnus acts like he’s going to, but throws the crowbar down instead, saying he won’t do it. Willow recovers enough to hit a Twist of Fate for 3 as Bram does nothing.

WINNER: Willow.

After the match, Bram is shaking his head at Magnus.

Gunner is in the padded room with Samuel Shaw again. He says he’s not going anywhere until Shaw talks to him. Shaw asks why he’s here, and Gunner says it’s for Shaw. He knows what Shaw is going through. He’s spent plenty of time in a place just like this. Shaw looks at him.

Eddie Edwards has returned to the building.

Back to the padded room, Gunner has a story about a friend of his. They were in the service together, went through combat together and some things happened that no one warned them about. His friend suffered serious trauma. You wonder what’s going on in that situation, but regardless, Gunner was there for him as he distanced himself from his friends and his family. He helped his friend get committed in a place like this for his health. In the end, he got better and found himself. They understood what had happened. He believes there’s good in Shaw, and that Shaw can get better. Shaw asks how he can trust Gunner. Gunner says that, for starters, let’s see if they can get the straightjacket off of Shaw.

Eddie Edwards comes down to the ring, holding his ribs. He tells MVP’s gang he wants one of them to fight him right now. If it’s one or all of them, he doesn’t care. Let’s do this right now, and he’s not leaving until someone comes out. Kenny King starts to run down, and Edwards meets him on the ramp with punches. The brawl continues at ringside, with Edwards nailing a bunch of forearms to the back. He takes his shirt off and begins choking King with it. He hits more punches, then throws King in the ring. As Edwards climbs in, King cuts him off with a kick. He slams the mic into Edwards’ head, then dumps him to the outside. Edwards nails him with a chop as he exits the ring, then hits a few more punches. King rakes him in the eyes, then looks to whip him into the ring apron. Edwards reverses, and King puts on the breaks before trying a springboard moonsault from the apron. Edwards moves and King tries to land on his feet but falls down anyway. Edwards nails him with a suicide dive, then hits some more punches on the ramp. He pulls off some his wrist tape to choke King again. King comes back by hitting a stun gun into the guardrail. He pulls the ring steps out and slams Edwards face-first into them. Edwards recovers and dives off the steps onto King. King slams him face-first into the top step, then hits a big boot to the side of the head. He screams, “Tell Davey I said, ‘What’s up!'”, then hits an exploder suplex on the ramp.

Back to the drinking contest, Mr. Anderson has about 4 down to Storm’s 8. Anderson says he’s not done yet, and Storm reveals there’s $100.00 on the line. Anderson grabs a couple handfuls of beers, and the contest continues.

Brian Hebner is talking to someone in the back when MVP interrupts. He apologizes to Hebner for King assaulting him last week. To make it up to Hebner, he’s going to be the ref for the main event. Hebner can return the favor by doing the right thing and not letting MVP down tonight.

Back to the drinking contest yet again. Both men are drunk…at least we think they are until Anderson reveals he’s acting. He’s been drinking near-bear the entire night. Storm asks why, and Anderson says it’s for revenge. He then nails Storm, throws him across the table, slams him face-first into a jukebox, takes him outside and slams him face-first into a dumpster. He takes a $100.00 bill out and stuffs it in Storm’s mouth, because he apparently thinks he’s Ted DiBiase now.

JB is standing by with EY. He asks if EY is in any condition for this match tonight. EY says no. He’s got a lot of injuries, but he doesn’t care, because he’s crazy. Bobby Lashley better not turn his back on EY. EY may not be 100%, but he’ll give 100% of everything he’s got. He’ll show Lashley how crazy he is tonight, and that’s not crazy enough.

MATCH 4: World Champion Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley (non-title)
Lashley leaps onto the apron before the match. Let the “Choc Lesnar” jokes recommence. Lashley goes for a corner charge, but EY moves out of the way, hits a few punches, avoids a corner whip, ducks a boot and begins nailing rights. Lashley reverses a corner whip, sending EY over to the top and to the floor in the process. Lashley rams EY back-first into the apron a couple of times, then rolls him back into the ring. EY comes back with a jawbreaker, then runs into a back elbow. Lashley nails a few rights, then stretches EY’s back through the ropes. Lashley nails a few more punches, then hits a palm thrust to the head. EY gets sent to the corner and collapses in the middle of the ring. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Lashley is choking EY over the middle rope. He drives his knee into EY’s back after some crossface punches, then mocks the chants from the crowd. He hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2, then applies a waistlock. EY elbows his way out, but runs right into a back-body drop for another 2. Lashley applies a bearhug, and EY eventually begins to hit some elbows to the side of the head, backing Lashley to the corner in the process. He eventually breaks free, but Lashley recovers and hits a boot to the gut. EY gets sent to the corner, where he hits a boot. He ducks a clothesline, hits a flying forearm and a seated missile dropkick for 2. EY comes off the ropes and runs into a sidewalk slam for 2. Lashley continues the attack in the corner and sends EY across the ring. EY goes for a float-over, but Lashley catches him on his shoulder for a running powerslam. EY escapes and hits a piledriver. He signals for the flying elbow and goes up top, but Kenny and MVP run down, crotching EY on the top rope. MVP tells referee Brian Hebner not to ring the bell and continue the match. Lashley hits a spear and a running powerslam for 3.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley.

Kenny King pulls some of EY’s beard hair out, and now the trio are attacking EY yet again. Austin Aries runs down with a kendo stick and knocks King and MVP out of the ring with it. Lashley, on the other hand, no-sells the shots and drops EY with a clothesline before throwing him face-first into the buckles. King then hits Aries with the Royal Flush.

End of show.

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Dustin Nichols
Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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