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TNA Wrestling Impact Results and June 26 Recap

Impact begins with a recap of last week’s Impact. Kenny King vs. Eric Young, Eric got the win when the locker room emptied out to even the odds. MVP declared that EY would also have to face Lashley later that evening, and that the entire backstage would be evacuated by security so the only people left in the building would be himself, Lashley, Kenny King, and the referee. Highlights of that match include King pulling the referee out after an EY piledriver, Young missing with a top rope elbow drop, and Lashley spearing Young in half. After the match concluded MVP and Co. stomped on Young’s arm while it was wrapped by a chair before Bobby Roode comes out of the crowd to save the day.

[adinserter block=”1″]Following the completion of the recap package MVP, Kenny King, and the New TNA Heavyweight Champion Lashley enter the arena discussing a night of celebration with champagne and hot females. Lashley leads them into the building and we get right into the first match.

Match 1: The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell

Angelina and Gail start the match, but Angelina quickly switches out with Velvet before any action. Velvet and Gail tie-up with Velvet gets a knee and she drops Gail to the ground by the hair. Gail recovers with a float over out of the corner and a drop toe hold to a 2-count. Tag and Taryn Terrell is in for her first action with a double-team double elbow for another near fall. Taryn gets a few kicks in, and dodges a Velvet high-kick before connecting with a nicely executed running rollover neck breaker for 2. Velvet plays a little possum and suckers Taryn into the ropes for a quick tag to bring in Angelina Love. Angelina goes to work with the boots, Taryn tries to mount a comeback but Love ducks out of the ring. Gail quickly catches Angelina and tosses her back in the ring. Taryn gets a school boy roll up for 2, and then a backslide pin for 2. A big clothesline and taunts for a second before heading up top. Velvet tries to interfere but gets a back elbow for her trouble. The distraction was enough for Angelina to recover and catch Taryn on the top rope. Taryn Terrell fights back and lands a top-rope clothesline for 2. Angelina slides out of the ring to catch her breath and Taryn goes on the chase. Angelina slides in on the side that Velvet is on, when Taryn tries to slide in Velvet catches her foot and trips her up. Love takes advantage and traps Taryn in The Beautiful People’s corner. Angelina gets a big power slam and tags in Velvet. The BPs land a double-team high-five elbow drop and Velvet gets a 2-count. Velvet throws Taryn to a neutral corner, lands a running clothesline in the corner and then a boot to the throat that the ref breaks up before a 5 count. Velvet lays some boots to get Taryn sitting in the corner, and then pulls her out by the feet and drops her, pin gets 2. Taryn tries to fight back, Velvet catches her with a running neck breaker for another 2. Velvet slows down and locks in a submission on the ground with a knee to the back and Taryn’s arms stretched around. Taryn fights out of it and both women appear to get a running faceplant by the hair at the same time. Velvet seems to take the most damage, which allows Taryn to get the tag to the fresh Gail Kim and Velvet tags in Angelina. Angelina misses a clothesline, Gail gets kicks to Love’s kidneys, running shoulder blocks, a jumping clothesline, and then sends Angelina into the corner for a shoulder to the stomach. Gail rolls over Love from the outside into a school boy roll-up for 2. She dodges another Angelina clothesline and turns it into a spinning neck breaker for 2, this time broke up by Sky. Taryn goes up top and hit’s a cross body to both Bps, she and Velvet roll out after contact, Angelina struggles back to her feet. Gail Kim catches her with Eat De-Feet and gets 3.

WINNERS: Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

Gail and Taryn taunt the Bps as they stumble backwards up the ramp.

MVP, Kenny King, and Lashley are heading towards the ring backstage. MVP dubs Lashley “Destroyer of Worlds” and “Devourer of Souls”.

Dixie Carter is backstage with her cell phone out. She says she has “confirmation that tonight is going to be a very good night to be Dixie Carter”.

MVP and Kenny King make their way to the ring and they are flanked by 2 lovely ladies. MVP takes the mic and introduces World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley, over the heavy boos from the crowd. Lashley comes out with a lovely lady on his arm as well. She even unbuttons his blazer for him, to show off the championship belt. MVP claims to have officially regained his power as Director of Wrestling Operations because Lashley is Champion, and that the world is their’s. MVP then mentions that they had people step out of line last week, and they need to remind those people who maintains those lines. He says that EY will be begging for his release by the end of the night, this draws EY from the back in a sling after the attack on his arm last week. EY talks of how he knew politics and garbage would follow when he became champion, and threatens to “tear down city hall” starting with MVP. Eric drops the sling and rushes the ring, albeit only to get teamed up on quickly by MVP and Co. Kenny lays the boots, Lashley holds Young for punches from King, MVP attacks with a crutch, Lashley leaves the ring to look for something underneath. Bobby Roode jumps the rail, similar to last week, steals the crutch from MVP and clears the ring.

Bobby has a microphone and gives a long speech about how long he has known EY. Like every friendship, they’ve had ups and downs but at the end of the day they share some common bonds. One, they walked in over a decade ago and signed their contracts on the same day. Two, they both love the sport of professional wrestling. They eat, sleep, and drink professional wrestling. Seven weeks ago MVP took that love from Roode with his suspension. Roode says he is here to end MVPs games, and get TNA Wrestling back for every fan around the world. Roode baits MVP, if he wants to suspend Roode more or fire him, fine, but do it to his face. MVP questions if Roode can be civilized, and then gets in the ring alone with EY and Roode. MVP calls Roode on making a mistake last week, and a further mistake by coming back this week. MVP lines up, finger in Roode’s face, and begins to fire Roode. Earl Soloman Armstrong, a representative for TNA’s Board of Directors, arrives on stage and relieves MVP of his position as Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP’s replacement will be here tonight to pick up the pieces that MVP has left behind. Roode questions and reiterates exactly what was just said, for clarification, and then lays a right hand on MVP’s jaw.

The Menagerie are backstage, Knux is on the phone with someone they owe money to. They need cash and they need it fast, so Knux says that Crazy Steve is going to challenge Sanada for the X-Division Championship. BroMans in the house, DJ Zee and Jessie! DJ Zee claims he should have been in the Slammiversary Ladder match and wasn’t. Manic shows up and calls Zee on being “nobody’s favourite wrestler.” DJ Zee and Jessie run off to try to get the title shot first.

Rockstar Spud is getting anxious with Dixie about MVP’s loss of power. They suspect that Dixie is the replacement that will be announced later tonight. Dixie sends Spud to get a good bottle of champagne for the celebration.

Sanada makes his way to the ring, where Manic, Crazy Steve, and DJ Zee are already waiting. Sanada questions all 3 if they want a title match, and then says that all 3 get the title match. This will be a Fatal 4-Way for the X Division Championship.

Match 2 – X Division Championship – Fatal Four Way Match: Sanada vs. Manic vs. Crazy Steve vs. DJ Zee

DJ Z attacks Sanada but gets a punch to the face. Crazy Steve punches Z. Manic runs at Z in the corner but eats a back elbow. Steve similarly eats an elbow when he tries to run at Z, and Sanada makes it three elbows in a row by Z. Z climbs to the second rope but eats a triple drop kick on the jump towards the competition. Sanada throws Manic into a corner, Steve rushes toward Manic but is dodged and both are standing in the same corner now. Sanada runs at them but eats a double boot from Manic. Manic rushes Sanada, ducks a clothesline into a back body drop position. Steve rushes both men, Manic lifts Sanada up, Sanada hit’s a clothesline to Steve while giving Manic a bulldog. Sanada tries a double underhook on Manic, but Manic gets his right arm free and dishes a back elbow to Sanada. Manic off the ropes, duck under and leapfrog by Sanada before nailing a dropkick. Steve slips in with a roll-up but only gets 1 on Sanada. Sanada and Steve exchange punches and chops. Sanada runs off the ropes but is tripped up by DJ Z and then pulled out of the ring. Steve pulls Z up by the hair but gets guillotined on the top rope. Steve hops up on Zee’s shoulders and bites his forehead. DJ Zee recovers and looks for a German Suplex, but again Crazy Steve bites him to get out of it. Crazy Steve goes behind, DJ Z runs toward the ropes to block, Sanada is on the ring apron and sunset flips over both men and sends them both onto their backs. DJ Z rolls out. Sanada and Steve get to their feet, quickly eat a springboard dropkick from Manic. Manic gets a hanging head scissor lock, quickly releases into a drop toe hold, and then a modified back leg lock. Steve chops Manic down, which amplifies the pressure of the lock on Sanada. Steve with the head butt, again Sanada yells in agony. Manic ducks under the next punch and catches Steve in an abdominal stretch while Sanada is still locked in the leg lock. DJ Z comes in to break up both holds and tosses Crazy Steve from the ring. Sanada tries to fight off Z, but Z manages to clothesline Sanada out of the ring. Manic runs at Z, Z dodges while trying to whip Manic out of the ring but Manic catches himself between the top and middle ropes and hangs sideways. DJ Z runs at the hanging Manic, who drops down and Z flies out of the ring. Crazy Steve is back in. Manic backdrops him over the top rope and Steve lands on Z and Sanada. Manic hops to the top rope and lands a back side flip on all three men outside the ring. Crazy Steve back in the ring, Manic on the apron. DJ Z pulls manic off, gets a shoulder to Steve from the apron. Zee climbs half in the ring, sits on the middle rope and springs himself into a spinning DDT on Crazy Steve. Zee does some taunting, and then lifts Crazy Steve to the top rope. DJ Z goes for the superplex, Manic quickly in grabs Z and power bombs DJ Zee mid superplex onto Crazy Steve. Steve rolls out of the ring. Manic tries to Double underhook Zee, Sanada springs in with the top rope chop on Manic as Zee rolled out of the way. Zee tries a clotheslines on Sanada, Sanada ducks into a double underhook suplex with the bridge for the 3.


Sanada celebrates in the ring. Crazy Steve looks psycho on the outside as he snaps his neck to one side. Manic backs up the ramp.

Spud comes to Dixie’s office and they are on their way out to the ring for Dixie to be declared the new director of Wrestling Operations.

Kenny King, Lashley and MVP are in their office. Kenny is having a mental breakdown trying to understand what just happened and what is still going to happen. MVP quiets him and says he wasn’t anticipating this. He thinks it’s Dixie, and that nobody takes anything from him.

Magnus and Bram backstage talking about the Monster’s Ball match later tonight against Willow and Abyss. Magnus says barbed Wire, chairs, baseball bats, and pins are what they used to call a Friday night. Bram says they just want to hurt people, it’s what they did as kids, they’re used to it.

Dixie and Spud make their way to the ring, Dixie is so happy she looks like she just won the lottery. Dixie gets the microphone and insists to talk over the extremely loud boos. She talks of the historical significance of what is happening tonight. She calls out Bobby Roode and Bully Ray for failing and turning on her, that’s why she lost her power as Director of Wrestling Operations. Dixie claims the only reason Lashley is champion instead of MVP is because MVP broke his knee. Dixie 2.0 will be “better than ever.” and she will give everyone what they really want, “a whole bunch more of her.” First, she must call out Earl Soloman Armstrong to make the announcement. Dixie and Spud already have the champagne poured. Earl apologizes and says there is a misunderstanding, and awkward situation because Dixie is NOT the new Director of Wrestling Operations. That person will be here later tonight. Dixie throws champagne in his face and loses it, claiming nobody is going to deny her power “Over Her Dead Body.” These are the magic words to bring out Bully Ray.

Dixie hides in the corner behind Rockstar Spud as Bully enters the ring. Bully explains that he is going to kick Spud in the face, and that everyone knows what’s going to happen next. Dixie tries to bribe Bully with $200,000. Take the money, or put her through a table? Bully decides he’s going to put her through a table. Ethan Carter III shows up but eats some fists and gets tossed. Rockstar Spud eats a foot and falls out of the ring. Bully gets Dixie up on his shoulder, but spends too much time taunting and Spud has time to knock the table out of the way and rescue Dixie.

Dixie and Spud are running backstage. EC3 fell behind somehow. Dixie says to leave him, they need to get out of there.

Bully says he was “this close” to making good on his promise to put her through a table. He will not rest until she goes through a table. One day it will happen.

Match 3: “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Storm leaves the ring to attack Mr. Anderson on the ramp after the catchphrase introduction. Mr. Anderson was ready for it, though, and blocks the attack to take control with punches. Anderson bounces Storm’s head off the steps, Storm rolls in the ring. Anderson follows, and the bell rings to officially start the match. Storm catches Anderson with a slap, bounces off the ropes but gets countered with a clothesline. Anderson drops an elbow and gets a one count. Anderson tries to throw Storm out of the ring, Storm simply climbs through the ropes onto the apron. Anderson runs into a kick to the gut, then a roundhouse to the back of the head. Storm climbs back in and gets a running neck breaker on Anderson for 1. Storm whips Anderson to a corner, then eats a boot. Anderson counters a clothesline into a spinning neck breaker. Storm thumbs Anderson’s eyes, goes for a turnbuckle smash but gets reversed. Anderson hit’s a clothesline, a back elbow, and then a running Green Bay Plunge but hurts himself. A pin on Storm gets a 2 count. Mr. Anderson is still groggy when he gets to his feet, James Storm hit’s a Codebreaker and then a Backcracker for 2.Storm lines up Last Call. Mr. Anderson ducks it and goes for Mic Check. Storm holds the top rope to counter Mic Check and lands a Last Call Superkick when Anderson stands up again and gets the 3.

WINNER: “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm gives the throat slitting motion, and then celebrates in each corner.

A limo is pulling into the parking lot, teasing that it is the new Director.

Samuel Shaw is in a white padded room and Gunner shows up. Gunner has spoke to Shaw’s doctors, and they have decided to release Shaw into Gunner’s care.

James Storm is applauding Sanada backstage for his win tonight. Storm questions if Sanada will cash in his X-Division Championship to try for the World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X. What would it mean to take the World Title back to Japan? More importantly, what would happen if Sanada lost?

EC3 is yelling at Spud on the phone for leaving him behind. They have to come back and get him right now. EC3 hangs up the phone and gets attacked by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer smashes EC3’s head off a metal door twice. Carter locks in a headlock that drives Dreamer’s head into a metal railing. Dreamer picks up a garbage can and throws it off Carter’s head. Dreamer throws a makeup chair down on top of EC3. Ethan manages to stumble through the curtains and out onto the stage. EC3 stumbles down the ramp, but Dreamer had went back to get the garbage can and bounces it off EC3’s head again before dumping all the garbage out onto him. Dreamer takes off his coat to choke EC3 with. Carter body slams Dreamer onto the ramp with a thud. EC3 flips up the floor mat to expose the concrete. Dreamer reverses the attack into a back body drop away from the concrete. EC3 reverses an Irish whip and sends Dreamer into the steps. Dreamer then reverses a whip and sends EC3 knees first into the other steps. Dreamer gets a chair and rams it into Carter’s ribs. Dreamer tries to bounce EC3 off the corner post, EC3 reverses, Dreamer bounces off the post instead. Dreamer manages to climb in the ring. EC3 gets some punches in on the apron, then chases into the ring. EC3 whips Dreamer into the corner, Dreamer bounces out with a big clothesline and then starts gnawing on EC3’s forehead. Referees come flooding out to break it up. Dreamer breaks free of the refs once to get a few extra shots in, but then they regain order.

Abyss is in the back with Willow. Abyss says, tonight Magnus and Bram will understand the true meaning of pain. Willow, in his poetic ranting style, most people fear the Monster’s Ball but they can’t get enough. He asks if Abyss has everything they need, and Abyss lets some thumbtacks fall from his hand. “Will she attend the ball?” “She’s always nearby.” Both cackle and laugh.

MVP, Lashley and King are heading out to find the limo with MVP’s replacement to “introduce themselves.” The doors are locked so Lashley pulls out the driver when they can’t find out who is in the back. King kicks the driver, and Lashley tosses him over the car.

Match 4 – Tag Team Monster’s Ball Match: Magnus & Bram vs. Willow & Abyss

Bram and Magnus come out first. Willow and Abyss both come out to Willow’s music. Bram and Magnus aren’t waiting, and meet Willow and Abyss on the ramp. Abyss takes Bram, Willow takes Magnus. Abyss and Bram get in the ring, Willow and Magnus are brawling on the outside. Abyss blocks an Irish whip by Bram, into a whip himself. Bram telegraphs it. Bram goes off the ropes again, Abyss with the clothesline. Abyss a second clothesline. Third clothesline sends Bram back to the floor, Abyss follows. Magnus tosses Willow into the ring and follows closely. Magnus off the ropes, Willow counters with an inverted atomic drop followed by the double leg drop to the midsection and a low drop kick to the face. Abyss has said up a board covered in barb wire between the ring and railing. Willow hit’s a handspring cartwheel right hand to Magnus in the corner. Abyss tries to choke slam Bram through the barbed wire, Bram counters with elbows. Abyss throws Bram into the ring, Willow comes out of the ring. Abyss tosses a kendo stick and chair into the ring, Willow grabs a trash can that includes a lid, a hockey stick, and another kendo stick. Abyss throws a second trash can into the ring. Willow’s can lands on a prone Bram when he throws it in. Willow and Abyss roll back into the ring. Bram with the Kendo stick to Abyss, Magnus with the hockey stick to Willow. Bram takes Abyss in the corner. Magnus with a shot to the back of Willow with the hockey stick. Magnus hits Abyss in the midsection with the hockey stick. Bram gets a garbage can, to the head of Abyss. Magnus with another can to Willow. Magnus with a can shot to Abyss. Bram with another trash can shot to Abyss. Willow whipped off the ropes, ducks the double team clothesline, hit’s a double clothesline to both opponents. Abyss rolls outside. Magnus reverses a whip, sends Willow to the corner. Willow counters with a back elbow from the corner. Whisper in the Wind to Magnus. Sit out jawbreaker to Bram. Willow’s dropkick sends Bram into the corner. Willow throws a chair into Bram’s face, Bram slumps into the corner seated. Willow slams a trash can onto Bram’s head, and then a rope-aided corner drop kick with the can in Bram’s face. Willow places a chair on top of a prone Magnus, Magnus rolls away from a Swanton Bomb. Magnus with a chair to Willow’s back, then throws the chair into Abyss’s sternum on the outside. Bram is busted open. Abyss has found Janice. Abyss tries to his Bram with Janice in the corner, Bram dodges and Janice gets stuck in the turnbuckle. Magnus gets a low blow on Abyss. Magnus and Bram double whip Abyss to another corner, the force sends Abyss rolling outside. Magnus and Bram follow. Bram with the trash lid to Abyss’s head. Magnus back into the ring with a chair to Willow’s lower back. Bram has handcuffs, cuffs Abyss to the railing outside. Magnus continues to hit Willow with the chair in the ring, Bram joins him. Magnus with a pin for 2, another, and another. Bram with the kendo stick to a down Willow. Magnus points to Janice, they mock and taunt Abyss who manages to break the handcuffs. Abyss cleans up. Abyss tries for a choke slam on Bram, broken up with a trash can by Magnus. Willow is up with the kendo stick and clears the ring. Twist of Fate to Magnus. Twist of Fate to Bram. Willow goes up top rope, Magnus throws the chair at him and Willow falls through the barbed wire board that had been set up outside. Abyss has the bag of thumbtacks and empties them in the ring. Abyss goes for the choke slam on Magnus, Magnus reverses and gets Janice. Abyss blocks it and choke slams Magnus onto the thumbtacks. Abyss is distracted by Magnus who rolled outside, and Bram has picked up Janice. Janice to the midsection of Abyss for the 3.

WINNERS: Magnus and Bram

After the match, all 4 men are in pain. Magnus’s back is covered in thumbtacks. Bram is bleeding. Willow is still sprawled on the floor, wrapped in barbed wire.

The feet of the new Director of Wrestling Operations are seen heading through backstage towards the ring.

Earl Soloman Armstrong comes out once more tonight, and introduces the new Director of Wrestling Operations ……….. The Olympic Gold Medalist, and TNA Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle!

[adinserter block=”2″]Kurt Angle comes down to the ring with a microphone. He acknowledges that TNA has now gotten their heads out of their asses and that TNA has made a lot of mistakes recently. He doesn’t have any motives, unlike MVP. Anyone who wants to test him, It’s about to become Real, Damn Real. Lashley’s music hits and he is accompanied by MVP and Kenny King. MVP, just for clarification again, has to ask if Kurt Angle really is his replacement. Kurt Angle claims “I Am Your Boss!” MVP hobbles into the ring and gets right in Kurt’s face. MVP claims it is because he threw Kurt out of the arena last night and that Angle went and snitched to the Board of Directors. MVP claims that they will be the biggest problem of Kurt Angle’s career. MVP says they will end Angle’s reign before it begins. Kurt has a great moment of emotion in this segment “You lay a finger on me, and I will fire all 3 of you, on the Spoooooooot!” Lashley will defend his title next week against Eric Young. Kurt Angle officially reinstates Bobby Roode. Eric and Bobby come out and rush the ring. Roode lays the boots to King and Lashley takes it to Young in the corner.

End of Show.

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