TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 3 Recap


Following the completion of the recap package our new Director of Wrestling Operations, Kurt Angle, comes out to the ring to announce that tonight is “Kurt Angle’s Red, White, & Blue Throwdown” in honor of Independence Day. Kurt then calls Earl Hebner out to the ring and publicly reinstates him. Kurt announces all of the matches for tonight, reading them off a cheat sheet in the ring since he can’t remember them. As Kurt is finished and about to leave, he is cut off by Samoa Joe coming to the ring. Joe calls BS on Kurt being here to save the day. Joe points out the obvious, that Kurt is just like MVP because at the end of the day Kurt covets the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and that Kurt will put himself in the World Title picture as soon as his knee is healed. Kurt claims that he and Joe went through the same garbage management over the last few years. Joe defends that he fought his way from the bottom to get where he was, and that Angle was bought and brought to TNA. Kurt accuses Joe of coming out half-assed half the time. Joe gets right in Angle’s face screaming about fighting in halls for $40 and that he is Pro Wrestling. Kurt takes a turn and hypes that this intensity is what he wants to see from Joe, Joe leaves with “Be careful what you wish for”

[adinserter block=”1″]MVP is in the back area on his phone, and Bobby Roode comes across him. MVP hangs up the phone and taunts Bobby Roode into a sneak attack from Kenny King, both in street clothes. Kenny bounces Roode off of the steel garage style door a couple times, MVP chokes him with a crutch, and they leave Roode lying in agony.

After a segment break, Kurt Angle arrives in the medical room and finds Roode being attended to with an icepack taped to his shoulder, asking what happened to him. Roode explains that he was attacked by MVP and Kenny King. They bring up their old feuds and having beaten each other in the past, but that even if Angle doesn’t necessarily like Roode, he respects him. Kurt asks the trainer if Roode needs to go to the hospital, and Roode cuts him off with “No!” before he can answer. Roode wants a match with MVP to end this.

Match 1 – Tag Team Championship – Three Way Tag Team Match: The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The BroMans (Jessie Godderz & DJ Z) vs. The Menagerie (Knux & The Freak)

The BroMans attack the Wolves right before the bell rings, both Wolves end up on the mat and roll to the floor. The BroMans taunt The Wolves while the Menagerie stalk behind them. DJ Z turns and gets a big boot from Knux, Jessie gets a running elbow from The Freak. Knux tosses Jessie through the middle rope and to the floor with The Wolves. DJ Z tries to run at The Menagerie and gets double-team hip tossed over the top onto the 3 on the outside. The Menagerie taunt in the ring and then Knux goes out to gather the bodies. Eddie Edwards is rolled back in to The Freak in the ring. Eddie gets picked up into a brain buster hold by the Freak, showing off The Freak’s strength. Davey climbs in and kicks at The Freak’s legs but it has no effect. Freak puts Eddie back on the ground, kicks Davey in the gut, and then suplexes both Wolves at the same time. Eddie gets up in the corner, and takes a big splash from Freak. Jessie tags himself in off of Freak mid-splash. While the ref informs Freak that he must go to his corner, The BroMans double team Eddie Edwards with boots in the corner. The ref breaks it up, Jessie gets down with a hand to the throat choke under the bottom rope. The ref backs Jessie off to give him a warning, DJ Z delivers a jumping elbow off of the apron onto Eddie while Eddie is prone halfway under the ropes. Jessie gets a 2-count pin. Jessie applies a top wrist lock. Eddie starts to fight back, but bounces off DJ Z’s knee on the ropes and a dropkick from Jessie for 2. Jessie tags in DJ Z. {Side note: There is an interesting discussion on commentary here between Tazz and Mike Tenay explaining Robbie E’s absence, and his Coulrophobia aka fear of clowns.} The BroMans deal some double stomps, DJ Z adds a couple punches and elbows. DJ Z tags Jessie. Awesome double team move, DJ Z lays on his back and Jessie delivers a spine buster onto DJ Z’s lifted knees. Davey Richards makes the pin save at 2. Jessie tags DJ Z in. The BroMans go for a double atomic drop, Eddie back flips out of it. Eddie Edwards hit’s a hurricancanrana on both BroMans at the exact same time, another great spot. Eddie gets the hot tag to Davey Richards. Davey hit’s a clothesline on Jessie, a back elbow to DJ Z. Davey ducks a Jessie clothesline, counters with 2 kicks to the midsection. Jessie reverses an Irish whip, Davey handstands and bounces back off the ropes with a spinning kick to Jessie’s face. Jessie rolls out of the ring. Davey ducks a clothesline from DJ Z and counters with an exploder suplex. DJ Z rolls to the floor. Knux comes in now, Davey ducks the clothesline and dropkicks Knux into the ropes. The Freak comes in and also gets a dropkick into the opposite ropes. Davey ducks a clothesline from the Freak, momentum carries Freak into Knux and both big men go over the top and to the floor. Jessie back in the ring. Davey howls and goes for a splash in the corner, but Jessie counters with an elbow. Eddie Edwards back in the ring. Jessie runs at Eddie, Eddie pops Jessie into the air and Davey delivers a lifting kick that catches Jessie high. Davey pins for 3.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, The Wolves

Knux dove in to break it up just a little too late.

MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle are arguing in the locker room area. Angle is trying to calm Bobby down. MVP jokes about Roode being a tattle tale and now they have to be sent to the principal’s office. Angle books MVP vs. Roode for tonight, until MVP reminds Angle about the Torn Meniscus and that he can’t wrestle. Angle changes his mind and books Roode vs. King in a Street Fight right now. Both men will be wrestling in street clothes without any gear.

Bobby Roode comes to the ring in blue jeans, and feels the need to grab a microphone to announce that he is back. Kenny King comes out in his street shorts with MVP and a microphone, and announces they are going to break Roode’s neck. Angle comes out to toss MVP from ringside. Kenny King is arguing with Angle on the ramp when he is attacked from behind by Roode.

Match 2 – Street Fight: Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King

Roode with punches drags Kenny out into the ringside area. Roode hits King with a plastic garbage. They fight up by an emergency exit where King gets tossed into the door. King responds by sending Roode face first into the wall. King gets a different plastic garbage and hits Roode with it, then dumps the trash on Roode. They fight up among the fans near the tech area. King bounces Roode’s face off the metal guard rail in the second level of the audience. Roode turns momentum with punches. Roode attempts to toss King over the railing, it would be approximately a ten foot drop to the concrete floor. King “skins the cat” using the metal railing and drops to the floor on his feet after a punch from Roode. Roode climbs down and bounces King off a stage of some kind that is in the audience area. Bobby tries taking King back to the ring, King counters with punches and then a head butt. Roode against the corner railing near ringside now, King tries for a power clothesline over the ringside fencing but Roode with the backdrop sends King up and over to the ringside area. Huge TNA Chant from the audience. Roode climbs over the rail and goes to get a steel chair. On his way back, King has recovered and delivers a spinning heel kick to the chair and Roode’s face. King lays some punches and then throws Roode into the ring. The bell finally rings and this match has started. Kenny goes for the pin and gets 2, King rakes the eyes, gives a few more punches, and another 2 count. King lifts Roode up and delivers a suplex with a float over into mounted position and more punches. Another 2 count. King goes outside to get the chair. King stalks Roode with the chair laying in the middle of the ring. King gets Roode onto his shoulders looking for a Royal Flush, Roode lands on his feet. Roode gets King up and delivers a Roode Bomb onto the chair for 3.

WINNER: Bobby Roode.

After the match, Roode looks to be favouring the shoulder due to the earlier attack. King stumbles backward out of the ringside area.

EC3 is in the back being interviewed about tonight’s Tables Match with Bully Ray. EC3 says he and Dixie will never be put through a table by Bully Ray, no matter how many of Bully’s old friends show up to try to help him.

Roode commends Angle on the match and allowing him to get his revenge for Kenny King’s attack tonight. Roode promises that King was just the first step, next will be MVP, and ultimately Lashley because Bobby Roode was put on this planet to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt Angle is with Austin Aries in the back. Austin is claiming that he makes everyone who steps in the ring with him “greatness.” Austin requests his X-Division rematch against Sanada, since MVP never gave it to him. Angle brings up how Aries was the person who created option C, and that Aries is just trying to spin this around to have a chance to use Option C again and cash in to win the World Title against Lashley. Aries says he’s done it once, so he will be able to do it again. Angle makes the match for next week, Austin Aries vs. Sanada for the X-Division Championship. Angle teases that he and Austin Aries need to have a match someday to see who really is The Greatest Wrestler Alive.

Brittany is in the ring with a microphone and has something to get off her chest. Brittany asks Madison Rayne to come out to the ring. Madison comes out and immediately confronts Brittany, if fighting is the only way they can solve everything between them to get a ref out and they’ll go right now. Brittany stops her and says she just wants to admit that Madison was right and she was wrong about how difficult the Knockouts division is. Madison says she just wanted to help Brittany to not make the same mistakes Madison made. Brittany looked up to Madison before coming to TNA. Brittany apologizes, Madison accepts it, they hug it out, and then Brittany clotheslines Madison after admitting the real lesson she has learned is to never meet your hero. Madison gets thrown shoulder first into the corner post and falls to the floor. Brittany goes out after her and delivers a Reverse DDT on the outside. Brittany lays on the edge of the apron giving crazy eyes to Madison.

Bully Ray is in a stairwell backstage, repeating to himself “Over My Dead Body.” Bully calls EC3 tough to be lucky after the Texas Deathmatch at Slammiversary. That if it wasn’t for Spud and Dixie, Ethan never would have walked out alive. Bully reiterates his promise to the world that he is going to put Dixie through a table, but first Ethan will go through one tonight.

MVP introduces the audience to Bobby Lashley. 6’2”, 265lbs. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and MVP is confident enough to say that Lashley will be the most dominant champion in TNA History. MVP gives EY credit for having heart, but heart won’t beat Lashley. MVP says Angle is responsible for putting Young against Lashley, so Lashley and MVP won’t be responsible for whatever Lashley does to Young in the ring tonight.

Match 3 – Tables Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray

EC3 comes down to the ring while a recap plays of the Texas Deathmatch from Slammiversary. Bully Ray comes out with a steel chain in his hand. EC3 tries to get the upper hand as soon as Bully gets in the ring. Bully blocks and backs EC3 into a corner with punches. Bully slaps Ethan across the chest. Ethan gets Irish whipped from corner to corner three consecutive times, and Bully delivers a hard clothesline. Bully lets Ethan stand and then back with a punch. Bully goes from one corner to a second corner bouncing Ethan’s head off the turnbuckle. Bully then tosses Ethan over the top rope to the outside. Bully bounces EC3’s head off the steps a couple times, and then the other steps. Bully slides Ethan back into the ring and Ethan stumbles to the corner. Bully goes for a corner splash, but Ethan moves out of the way.EC3 catches Bully with a running diving forearm. Ethan picks Bully up and whips him off the ropes. Bully telegraphs it and delivers the trio of left jabs followed by the top of the head elbow. Bully goes out to “Get The Tables!” Ethan recovers right as Bully sets up the table and dives out of the corner with a clothesline. Ethan slams Bully back to the mat by the back of the head three times while Bully is still on his knees. EC3 picks up Bully’s steel chain and wraps it around his hand. Bully, from his knees, blocks the punches and open palm slaps EC3 across the chest twice. Bully stumbles as he gets to his feet, Ethan uses the chain to clothesline Bully across the throat. Ethan tosses the chain out of the ring, Bully stumbles to stand in a corner. Ethan climbs up for a Top rope 10-punch, Bully grabs Ethan onto his shoulders for a power bomb, Rockstar Spud arrives to stop the power bomb with a completely botched low blow try. Ethan gets to his feet safely off of Bully’s shoulders. Ethan is pounding away with rights to Bully’s head, meanwhile Spud is delivering boots to the back. This is a Tables Match, so No Disqualification. Spud rakes the face of Bully and delivers an elbow to the head. GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino comes running down to the ring, Ethan jumps out of the ring and Spud backs into a corner. Rhino goes for the Gore on Spud, but pulls up short as Spud cowers in the corner. Bully gets back to his feet. Rhino turns and Gores Bully Ray in half. Spud celebrates with Rhino. EC3 gets back in and lifts for a modified choke slam through the table.

WINNER: Ethan Carter III

After the match EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino celebrate together in the middle of the ring with their arms raised.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young are in the back together. Roode still has ice to his shoulder, but says despite his shoulder it was great to be back out there and in the ring because it has been far too long. That’s just the beginning, Roode took care of Kenny King and now Eric Young gets his chance at retribution on Lashley. Roode picks up that something is off with EY, he doesn’t sound like a guy with the confidence to go out and win his match and get the title back tonight. EY reads the facts, Lashley is ex-military, he still fights in MMA, EY is 0-3 in one-on-one matches with Lashley, he doesn’t stand a chance. Roode acknowledges that those are the facts on Lashley, but he wants the facts on Eric Young. EY’s facts: No one thought that he would be World Champion, no one thought EY would defend his belt week in and week out, no one believed he would walk out of the cage at Slammiversary still champion. EY says tonight he will prove the naysayers wrong once again and win his title back. Basically, it is Roode coaching and pumping up EY for the match. Roode says he will be in Young’s corner for the match tonight, to make sure MVP and Kenny King can’t try anything to interfere.

EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino are in the backstage area. Rhino says he doesn’t owe anyone anything, sometimes he does things just because he wants to.

A package shows of Samuel Shaw’s obsession with Christy Hemme, his time in the padded cell, Mr. Anderson attacking him, Gunner talking to him, Mr. Anderson visiting Samuel Shaw’s mom, and then last week when Gunner came to say Samuel Shaw had been released into his custody. A clip shows from earlier today of Gunner and Shaw in the building. Gunner is trying to help Shaw gain some trust back in the locker room. They are going to start by apologizing to Christy when Mr. Anderson comes around the corner. Anderson confronts Shaw as a creepy bastard and that he spent months trying to get Shaw out of the company and now he’s back. Gunner tells his story of his friend that had a leg blown off and PTSD as a man who proved a second chance can help trying to convince Anderson to give him another chance. Anderson takes them to Christy’s locker room. Christy panics and wants them to get Shaw out of her room. Anderson and Gunner calm her enough to let Shaw speak. Samuel apologizes for everything he has done to her in the past, explains his time in the psychiatric institution for childhood issues, he is a changed man, and asks for her to forgive him, then walks away. Gunner follows him out. Christy and Anderson exchange confused looks.

The Beautiful People are in their locker room with referee Brian Stiffler who is concerned that he went too far at Slammiversary. Velvet is draped all over him, caressing his chest and back, she tells him what an amazing job he did reffing the Knockout Title match. Angelina Love tells him judgment calls need to be made in any match and that Brian was just doing his job. Angelina also mentions that Earl Hebner was just only mad because he was jealous since Brian deserves to be Head Referee. For some reason Gail gets a rematch tonight, and it is a very important match for Angelina so they need her man reffing the match for them. Brian says he had already demanded to ref this match from Earl Hebner. Velvet and Angelina are confident that they have this match in the bag.

Kurt Angle stops Brian Stiffler on the way to the ring and tells him that the Beautiful People are making him look foolish. Brian Hebner is brought in as Kurt Angle’s audible to ref the match instead.

The Menagerie are hanging out in the interview area. Knux is explaining to his team that this is the wrestling business, not the carnival business. They need to start winning matches and making money to make the boss happy, Freak flexing his muscles isn’t going to make the boss happy.

Match 4 – Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim comes to the ring first. Velvet tries to flirt with Brian Hebner before the match begins, Hebner makes it clear to the Beautiful People that their tricks won’t work on him and he will be calling this match right down the middle. As the bell rings, Angelina turns her back to Gail and tries to flirt with Brian Hebner but he isn’t having any of it. Gail spins Love around, ducks a clothesline, Angelina ducks the right hand and rolls out of the ring to regroup with Velvet Sky. Gail hits Angelina on the outside with a dropkick through the bottom and middle rope. Gail goes around Brian Hebner to go after Angelina on the outside. Hebner cuts her off telling her to get back in the ring. Hebner turns his back to get Angelina back into the ring and Velvet shoves Gail face first into the ring post. Angelina rolls Gail back into the ring, Brian Hebner gives Velvet Sky a warning. Angelina gets a 2-count. Angelina hooks Gail’s upper Body between the top and middle rope, and stretches her out with a foot to the back. Referee breaks up the hold, Angelina comes back and dropkicks Gail through the ropes back to the floor. Velvet stalks over Gail, the referee yells at her not to touch Gail. Velvet backs away, but Angelina turns Brian Hebner to her as a distraction. Velvet hit’s a running diving clothesline as Gail got back to her feet. Angelina goes out to roll Gail back into the ring. Angelina Love gets another 2-count. Angelina starts throwing rights at the head of a prone Gail Kim. Angelina hangs Gail Kim up in a tree of woe in the corner and then kicks to the midsection and whips her head off the bottom turnbuckle. Angelina hit’s a running dropkick to the midsection that unhooks Gail from the corner, and a 2-count. Gail fights back with rights, Velvet stops the momentum by grabbing Gail’s foot under the ropes. Gail lifts Velvet to the apron, Velvet hit’s a stunner off the apron with Gail’s neck across the top rope. Brian Hebner saw it, and tosses Velvet Sky from ringside. This distracted Angelina long enough, Gail goes for a Small Package pin for 2. Angelina gets up and whips Gail at the ropes, Gail Kim telegraphs it and then knocks Angelina down with a shoulder block, a running back elbow, and then a jumping clothesline. Gail whips Angelina into the corner, and follows with a shoulder to the midsection. Gail Kim goes top rope, and hit’s a dropkick from the top for 2. Angelina hits a jawbreaker, Gail catches a right foot and hit’s a leg sweep. Gail going back to the top rope, Angelina loves catches her on the second rope with a Botox Injection and Gail tumbles to the outside. Brian Hebner starts the 10-count but Angelina stops him and insists she wants to pin Gail. Angelina goes out and rolls Gail back in the ring for 2. Angelina is getting very frustrated, she goes for another Botox Injection but Gail catches it. Angelina with a right hand, Gail reverses an Irish whip attempts and connects with Eat Defeat for 3.


Gail celebrates in the ring with the title, Angelina crawls backwards up the ramp.

Lashley and Eric Young are shown separately making their way through the backstage toward the ring.

Kurt Angle is questioned in the back on how he feels the early days on the job have been going. Angle is pumping up the action so far tonight, he hypes the shows in New York City, including Destination X. Next week, every TNA Championship Belt will be defended except the World Heavyweight Title. Instead, there will be a 20-man Battle Royal for the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Match 5 – World Heavyweight Championship: Lashley vs. Eric Young

Eric Young comes out first, Bubby Roode isn’t actually with him. Lashley comes out with MVP at his side, but no Kenny King. Bobby Roode gets his own music to come to the ring. I guess he was too good to come out with EY

[adinserter block=”2″]The bell rings and the match is underway. Both men circle the ring. Lashley shoots the leg and goes behind for a back grab. Lashley hit’s a German style lift and drops EY on his face. EY rolls away to avoid an elbow drop. EY with a right hand, MVP grabs the foot from under the ropes. Lashley goes to bounce off the ropes, Roode grabs his foot. Earl Hebner tries to get people to pay attention to him and then tosses both MVP and Bobby Roode from ringside. MVP, on his way up the ramp, is still calling Roode a tattle tale. Back in the ring, Lashley spins EY around but EY ducks the punch and then backs Lashley into the corner with punches. EY tries a whip to the opposite corner, Lashley reverses and puts EY back in that same corner. Lashley runs at the corner, EY counters with a back elbow. EY climbs to the outside to high five the crowd and taunt Lashley from the outside. Lashley goes for the chase, EY slides back into the ring and lands an elbow drop as soon as Lashley slides in. Another elbow drop by EY. Lashley rams a shoulder into EY’s midsection and backs him to a corner and then two more shoulders to the midsection. EY blocks an overhand right, and fights back with punches. EY hops to the second rope, Lashley counters with another overhand right that sends Eric tumbling over the top and down to the floor. Eric Young hurt his left leg on the fall. Hebner checks on EY, Lashley wait’s a minute and then follows. Lashley rolls EY back into the ring and uses the edge of the ring to lift and slam EY’s injured ankle down on a couple times. Lashley slides Eric on the ground to a corner and slams Eric’s ankle on the steel post. Lashley gets back in the ring, EY gets to his feet and fights back with punches to the midsection and forearms to the head. EY hobbles off the ropes and Lashley had plenty of time to recover with a back heel kick to the stomach, and then hand sweeps the injured leg out. Lashley locks in a single leg boston crab on the injured leg. EY almost reaches the ropes, Lashley pulls him back to the centre of the ring and then drops back with the leg still hooked. Lashley pins for 2. Lashley tosses EY into the corner, goes for the running shoulder, EY counters with a boot to the face, EY goes to the second rope and hit’s a dropkick. EY taunts the elbow, and hobbles back up the ropes. Lashley counters with a right hand to Eric on the top. Lashley tries a superplex, EY fights back, both men exchange punches on the top, EY bites Lashley on top of his head and sends him to the mat with a punch. EY lands the Top Rope Elbow Drop, but only get 2. EY calls for the piledriver, but his knee won’t hold up. Lashley reverses into a Dominator. Lashley primes himself in the corner as EY struggles to stand. Lashley circles his prey and delivers a vicious spear that sends EY into a back flip. Lashley covers for 3.


Hebner raises Lashley’s arm in victory. Eric Young is still on his back in the ring, holding his ankle.

End of Show.

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