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TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 10 Recap

Kurt Angle, comes out to the ring start the show and to announce that tonight is “TNA‘s Champion‘s Showcase,” which means all matches will have TNA Title ramifications. The Wolves will defend against Bram & Magnus; Gail Kim will defend against Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Brittany; Sanada will defend against Austin Aries; and there is an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender to face Lashley. The new #1 Contender will get his title shot on next week’s Impact Angle then calls out Willow to talk to him. Willow obliges and makes his entrance to the ring. Angle acknowledges that he has wanted to talk to Willow for a while, but it was never his place. Angle recognizes that Willow was born out of a necessity to counteract the authority of Dixie and MVP, but they are no longer around; therefore, Willow is no longer necessary. Angle says that what he needs tonight is “the most competitive wrestler in the business, and that is Jeff Hardy.” He and the fans all want to see Jeff Hardy. He is not asking for Willow to leave forever, just for tonight. Willow shakes Angle’s hand and doesn’t say a word.

The Wolves make their way through backstage, headed toward the ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]Austin Aries is questioned regarding his thoughts on facing Sanada for the X-Division Championship tonight. Austin says it’s a great opportunity, he is the man who has held every championship in TNA, he created Option C, and he is now front and center during “Champion’s Showcase.” While everyone else is competing in a Battle Royal to be #1 Contender, he is going to beat one guy for his chance to be #1 Contender. He calls Sanada a “very good champion” but he is a “great champion.” Come Destination X, he claims that he will have “all the options in his hands.”

Match 1 – Tag Team Championship: The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Bram & Magnus

Bram & Magnus come out first while a recap of the Monster’s Ball from 2 weeks ago is shown. The Wolves follow. Magnus will start against Davey Richards. Richards ducks a clothesline attempt and quickly kicks Bram off the apron. Magnus attacks Richards from behind and traps him in the corner with punches. Richards tries to escape a couple times but gets physically forced back into the corner by Magnus. Richards takes a couple punches and stumble to the next corner over. Magnus with an Irish whip off the ropes. Richards handstands off the ropes into a rebounding spin kick to the head of Magnus. Magnus stumbles to the Wolves corner, Eddie Edwards from the apron with a head butt, and then gets the tags from Davey. Eddie immediately over to dropkick Bram off the apron. Both Wolves now with a double team to Magnus in the corner, Davey with kicks to the chest and Eddie with chops. Bram tries to intervene and receives a kick to the gut from Davey. The Wolves double team Bram now, and back him into his own corner with identical strikes that they were giving Magnus. Bram collapses to a seated position, Magnus takes a run and gets a double drop toe hold headfirst into the groin of Bram. Eddie whips Magnus into The Wolves corner, then whips Davey for a flying forearm at Magnus. Eddie comes running with a jumping back elbow. Eddie throws Magnus to Davey for a drop toe hold. Eddie with a running leaping elbow drop to the back of Magnus for a 1 count. Magnus gets up quick and counters with a lifting knee to the gut of Eddie, and gets a tag to Bram. Bram attempts a short arm clothesline. Eddie ducks it and counters with a chop, then forces Bram into a head butt from Davey on the apron. Davey gets the tag in. Davey tries an irish whip, but it is reversed. Davey holds the ropes, and gets the charging Bram with the feet to the face. Magnus comes down the apron and decks Davey. Eddie tries to help his partner, but all he does is distract the ref while Magnus pulls Davey headfirst down between the ring skirt and the ring, as he delivers kidney shots. Magnus tosses Davey back into the ring as the ref finally turns around. Bram grinds his elbow across the face of Richards, the ref counts a one and then tries to stop the assault. Bram locks in a front face lock on Davey. Magnus comes around and pulls Eddie off the apron, then delivers a body slam on the floor. Bram breaks the hold to deliver a body slam to Davey. Davey Richards rolls away from the jumping elbow drop. Davey stumbled to his corner, but Eddie is still down outside. Bram recovers with a running forearm smash in the corner., and a 2 count. Bram tosses Davey face first into the corner where Magnus is and makes the tag. Magnus with a gut punch, Bram with a stomp. Bram back to his corner. Magnus tries to pick Davey up, but Richards mounts a comeback with punches Davey attempts a kick, Magnus catches the foot, Magnus ducks the enziguiri and Richards lands hard on the mat. Magnus delivers an elbow drop. Davey tossed back into the corner, Magnus tags Bram. Bram with a European uppercut, Davey falls to a seated corner position. Bram tags Magnus, gives some kicks, Magnus comes in and continues the kicks. Magnus attempts a Suplex, Davey kicks and reverses into a Small package for 2. Davey tries a right hand, Magnus ducks and lifts in a back body. Davey, from on Magnus’s shoulder, gives elbows to Magnus’s head. Magnus sets him down, catches the attempted kick, ducks the enziguiri, but Davey kept his balance for the reverse enziguiri. Magnus gets the tag first, Eddie is ready for a hot tag. Bram catches the foot, Davey gives a second effort and dives for the tag. Eddie waits on the apron to block Bram’s punch and deliver one of his own. In the ring he blocks another Bram punch attempt and hits one. He ducks a Bram overhead punch and backs Bram into the ropes with successive chops. Bram shoves Eddie tumbling backwards. Eddie ducks the clothesline and hit’s a spinning heel kick. Davey attempts a corner irish whip but is reversed. Bram runs at the corner, Eddie quickly ducks through the top and middle ropes to the apron, gives a high kick to the head of Magnus on the apron, a shoulder through the ropes to Bram, then heads up top with a flying front dropkick. Bram stumbles to the opposite corner and gets a boot up to stop the rushing Eddie Edwards. Bram climbs up to the second rope, Eddie uses the rope to elevate with a high roundhouse to the side of Bram’s head. Eddie then hit’s a top rope hurricanrana for 2. Magnus back in with a club to Eddie’s back. Bram and Magnus attempt a double suplex on Eddie. Davey back in catches his partner on his shoulders, and the Wolves duck clotheslines from both challengers and pull the top rope down. Bram & Magnus tumble to the floor. The Wolves howl and take off with synchronized suicide dives to the outside. Davey takes Bram back inside the ring, goes up top, Bram rolls away from the double foot stomp and Davey rolls through the miss. Bram tries a gut wrench, but struggles lifting Davey and Davey flips all the way through to land on his feet. Davey tries a backslide, but he is not the legal man. Eddie comes flying in and flips over top of the backslide pin into a bridging pin for 3 and the win.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, The Wolves

Davey let go of his pin attempt to stop Magnus from breaking it up. Bram loses it after the loss, and blindsides Eddie with a forearm. Then a stomp to Davey. Bram & Magnus both continue to assault The Wolves. Magnus finally peels Bram off of Davey and they back up the ramp. Bram wants to continue the assault, but Magnus is telling him “Not this time.”

Booby Roode is shown arriving with his suitcase. Bobby is conveniently in the same spot where he got jumped last week He got his retribution against Kenny King last week, but that’s not the man he wanted. He wanted, and still wants, MVP. He calls out MVP and walks off.

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring after a break, while a recap of his street fight from last week is shown. Bobby asks if anyone has had something in life that they would do anything in their power to have it. That is what he thinks of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but he was made to sit at home by MVP. Roode claims that MVP sees him as a threat. Roode says that MVP’s “threat” is standing in the middle of the ring, and MVP is not his boss anymore. That MVP hid behind a doctor’s note last week, and Bobby doesn’t give a crap about a doctor’s note. Roode gives MVP a ten-count to come out and get the hell beat out of him, or else Bobby will come back looking for MVP and kick his ass. MVP comes out to the ramp in a wheelchair with a microphone. MVP calls the fans flat scans, and says he did Roode a favour and prolonged his career by giving him time off. MVP says he was days away from coming back to the ring, but because of Roode it is now worse than before and he can’t even get an MRI. Literally, MVP “won’t stand for this.” Roode comes up to the ramp anyhow to kick MVP’s ass. Kenny King must have come from the crowd, because he comes running up behind Roode. Roode heard him coming and ducks it, then gives King a clothesline for his troubles. MVP tries to roll away, but Bobby catches him. Roode runs down the ramp with the wheelchair but stops before the ring. He tips the chair sideways to dump MVP out, but by now King has recovered and clocks Bobby with a steel chair from behind. King holds Roode up for MVP to give punches, but Showtime Eric Young comes to the rescue. MVP rolls into the ring, King continues to punch Roode while EY goes after MVP. Kenny follows and makes the save. Eric nails Kenny with a discus clothesline and backs MVP into the corner. While he taunts MVP it gives Lashley enough time to make the save. Eric tries a clothesline, Bobby ducks and comes back with a spear. MVP, King, and Lashley stand tall in the ring while EY and Roode nurse their wounds.

Sanada is sitting in the back, and is approached by James Storm. Storm says Sanada puts a lot of pressure on himself. If Sanada loses the title, not only does he bring disgrace to his culture, also to the Great Muta. Great Muta is already coming to New York to see Sanada defend the title. What happens if Sanada loses that title? Storm wishes Sanada luck, then tells him not to choke.

Angle in an interview thinks he got through to Jeff Hardy. Willow brings the violence, but what he needs for the Battle Royal is Jeff Hardy.

Match 2 – X-Division Championship: Sanada vs. Austin Aries

The Greatest Man that Ever Lived is out first. Sanada, the Champion, comes second. Both wrestlers circle each other. They lock up, Austin drops to a knee and Sanada rolls over him. Another lock up and Austin Aries comes out with an wristlock. Sanada rolls and flips around to break the hold. Some spinning confusion from Sanada and a headlock takedown. Both men back to their feet, Sanada with a dropkick. Aries backs into a corner for a breather. Back to circling, another lock up and now Sanada with a wristlock. This time Aries with the flips and rolls, breaks the hold, headlock takedown on Sanada, and hits a low dropkick to a seated Sanada. Aries with a pin for 1. Side backslide pin for another 1. Top backslide for 2. Last Chancery locked in, but Sanada is too close to the ropes and gets the break. Aries holds for 3 of the 5 count before breaking. Aries tries to whip Sanada, Sanada holds the ropes. A boot and tries again, Sanada still holding on. Another boot, and the third try is countered into an abdominal stretch by Sanada. Sanada with rolling around the ring with Aries, eventually into the cradle pin for 2. Aries gets up dizzy and stumbles to the ropes. Sanada clotheslines him over the top rope. Sanada went for a dive at Aries on the outside, Aries slides in the ring so Sanada switches to flip over the ropes and land on the apron. Sanada with a shoulder through the ropes to Aries. Sanada tries to springboard into the ring, possibly for the overhand chop, Aries sees him coming and shoves Sanada off the top rope and to the floor. Aries springs to the top corner and comes off with a double axe handle to Sanada on the floor. Aries rolls Sanada in, then slingshots himself over the top rope with a senton splash. Aries off the far ropes and back with a high jumping elbow for 2. Sanada fights back with forearms. Aries whips Sanada to the corner, follows in but gets back dropped over the top rope. Aries lands on the apron and climbs up top. Aries with a diving body press, but Sanada counters with a dropkick. The ref makes the double count while both men recover. Advantage Sanada, with elbows, dropkicks, and then a hurricanrana. Austin crawls to the corner, Sanada takes a run and this time he gets back dropped over the ropes and lands on the apron. Aries attempts a shoulder through the ropes, which Sanada no-sells. Sanada then with a lifting kick to the bent over Aries. Sanada flips Aries the rest of the way through the ropes and down to the floor. Sanada with a running senton off the apron. Sanada hits the springboard overhand chop but only gets 1. Sanada looks for the dragon suplex. Aries tries to counter into a knee breaker but Sanada lands on his free foot and turns it into a body splash and a 2 count. Sanada tries for a double underhook, Aries backs him into the corner and gives some back elbows and then an open palm chop. Aries takes a run at the corner, but eats a foot. Sanada with a backbreaker across the knee, and heads up top. Sanada looking for the moonsault, Aries back to his feet to stop it though. Aries with what looked like a power bomb, but drops Sanada face first off the turnbuckle. Full speed running dropkick in the corner by Aries. Aries looks for the brain buster, Sanada floats it over and looks double underhook with the bridge for 2. Sanada with another backbreaker, and hit’s the moonsault for only 2. Sanada with another backbreaker, tries another moonsault but Aries rolls away. Sanada landed on his feet but gets a discus forearm from Aries. Aries with a knee breaker followed by a belly to back suplex. Aries with another full speed running dropkick in the corner. Aries with a Brainbuster for only 2. Aries up to the top rope. 450 Splash for 3 and the win.


Aries, the new 5 Time X-Division Champion, celebrates with the title.

Bully is asked about Rhino in a stairwell. Bully thought Rhino was his friend and brother. He has over 20 years of history with. Somebody that he has travel with, has fought by his side, he considers a friend in the wrestling business. Then Bully spazzes and screams at the interviewer. He’s going to talk to Rhino face-to-face, man-to-man, in the ring, right now.

EC3 and Rhino are being questioned about Bully. EC3 says Rhino will reveal the kind of man that Bully is, and that Rhino has quite a lot to say.

Bully comes to the ring and tells a story of himself as a young up-and-comer. Bully gives a shout out to Bam Bam Bigelow, who told him that by the time Bully retires he wouldn’t even need all the fingers on one hand to count the number of true friends he made in the wrestling industry. Bully thought Rhino was one of those friends, before last week. He wants and deserves an answer, and the fans deserve an answer. Rhino comes out with EC3 and Rockstar Spud, to EC3’s music. Bully says he should beat the crap out of Rhino right now, then pushes Rhino’s mic down to stop him from replying. All Bully wants to know, is “Why?” Rhino finally talks, and tells Bully to shut his mouth and he will give answers. Rhino tells the “You Sold Out” fans to “Go to hell!” Rhino says it’s not about EC3, that it’s about he and Bully. That the Hall of Fame induction was when Rhino realized that Bully is a conman. That’s why Devon isn’t out by Bully’s side right now. Just like Bully conned Paul E Heyman (interesting name drop, considering Heyman is working WWE right now). Just like Bully conned Dixie Carter, which draws boos and Rhino tells everyone to respect her when he mentions her name. Bully says that Rhino calling him a con artist sounds like a cop out. Where’s the Rhino he knows? The Carters brainwashed him. This is jealousy from Rhino. Bully says he is in the Hall of Fame because the fans said so, Rhino says the fans know nothing. Bully says Rhino is responsible for his own career, that Rhino is the reason Rhino got fired from WWE (another surprising namedrop), Rhino defends and says he didn’t get fired. Bully continues that Rhino is the reason Rhino got fired from TNA, it’s not Bully’s fault that at one time Rhino was hardcore but now he‘s just a bitch. EC3 steps in to defend Rhino. Rhino’s family lives in Detroit and needs money to survive, money that Bully stole from Rhino by stealing the spotlight. Money that a Carter, with infinite resources, has paid Rhino. Ethan paid Rhino to Gore Bully last week, and he will continue to pay Rhino to take Bully out. Bully threatens EC3 and gets Gored for his trouble. A 3-on-1 assault follows, until Tommy Dreamer comes out with a Singapore Cane to save Bully. Rhino takes the cane to the midsection, EC3 ducks out of dodge.

The Beautiful People are in the back complaining about the flirting with Brian Stiffler getting them nowhere. Velvet Sky gets upset that her flirting with Kurt Angle went nowhere either, even referring to her chest as “Real, Damn Real.” Angelina doesn’t even know what the “Championship Showcase” is called. She complains about it being a 4-Way for her rematch. This was actually one of the most awkward segments on TNA programming recently. #Truth #Holla

Willow is still sitting in the rafters, mulling over his decision for tonight’s Battle Royal.

The Menagerie are in the back getting a pep talk from Knux. They have a crazy clown, a strong man, a brawler, and one hell of a distraction. All 3 men are in the Battle Royal tonight.

Match 3 – Knockouts Championship – Fatal 4 Way Match: Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Madison Rayne vs. Brittany vs. Gail Kim

The Beautiful People come out first. Madison Rayne comes down, but gets assaulted on the ramp by Brittany. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky come out of the ring to join in on a 3-on-1 attack. Gail Kim’s music hits and she sprints to the aid of Madison. Velvet gets a forearm first, then Angelina. Gail grabs the head of Angelina, and then Velvet, and a meeting of the minds ensues. Brittany was still stomping and kicking Madison on the ground, but she eats a forearm from Gail once The Beautiful People are temporarily incapacitated. Gail rolls Angelina in the ring, Madison rolls Brittany in the ring, and the match can officially start. Gail beats Angelina down in the corner, Madison takes Brittany to the opposite corner. Gail moves out of the way and tells Madison to whip Brittany into Angelina, which she does. Gail whips Madison into Brittany and Angelina in the corner. Brittany falls down and crawls away after, Madison runs back and whips Gail into Angelina for a jumping corner splash. Madison and Gail play a little back-and-forth with Brittany, Gail hit’s the running shoulder into the corner on Brittany and slips through the ropes to the apron. Madison with a running back elbow, then a low dropkick while Brittany is on her knees. Brittany rolls out of the ring. Gail and Madison are left in the ring alone together and now turn their attention to each other. Gail goes for the clothesline, Madison ducks and spins around into a rollup pin for 2. Gail back up with forearms. She tries a running head scissors off the ropes, but spins through it and Madison gets a northern lights suplex with the bridge for 2. Madison with some forearms now, and tries a running body press. Gail catches her, sets her down, and then changes it to a lifting pancake slam. Gail tries for something running off the ropes, but Angelina catches the foot for a trip and pulls Gail out of the ring and faceplants her on the floor. Brittany back in with a boot to the side of Madison’s head, followed by a DDT. Angelina back in the ring and tries to form a team with Brittany. Brittany nods in agreeance, and whips Angelina into Madison for a splash in the corner. Brittany then follows with a handspring back elbow to Madison. Double irish whip, and double back elbow by Brittany and Angelina. Angelina lifts Madison, carries her for a minute, and then drops with a side slam. Brittany lifts Madison to her feet, and then drops her with a side Russian leg sweep. Angelina tells Brittany to go get something out of the ring, and tries for a pin. Madison gets the shoulder up at 2, but Brittany turned and realized the trick. Angelina tries another quick pin, this time Brittany breaks it up at 1. A shoving match ensues, both girls give forearms. Meanwhile, Gail Kim climbs up top and takes both girls out with a flying dropkick. Gail with a back elbow and then off the ropes with a clothesline to Brittany. Brittany reverses an irish whip attempt and sends Gail into the corner. Gail counters with a back elbow and climbs up top with a twisting cross body drop for 2 before Angelina breaks up the pin. Madison gets Angelina with a gut kick, then a hard front kick to the side of Angelina’s face. Brittany with a handspring moonsault to Gail Kim but doesn’t go for the pin. Madison catches Brittany with a unique front hook sitout neck breaker. Angelina catches Madison with the Botox Injection. As Angelina taunts, Gail gets up and catches her with Eat Defeat for 3 and the title defence.


Gail celebrates, Velvet Sky holds her head as she backs away from ringside.

Willow’s mask is hanging in the rafters, does this mean the return of Jeff Hardy is imminent?

Austin Aries says every year at this point the seems to have a chance to have his hands around the X Division Title. Ever since he was given Options A & B, and he came around and made Option C. The X-Division title is the key to a shot at the World Heavyweight title, which would be Lashley. But, everyone is expecting that is exactly what he is going to do, which means that maybe he won’t. He wants to keep people guessing, and not do what everyone expects. All that matters, is that the X-Division Title is once again relevant, once again great, and Austin Aries has all the options in his hands.

Bobby is asked if MVP or Lashley is a distraction. Bobby says he can’t focus on that, right now he has to focus on the Battle Royal and defeating 19 other guys.

Another package of MVP hyping Lashley follows.

Match 4 – #1 Contender for TNA World Heavyweight Title – 20 Man Battle Royal: Eric Young vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. Gunner vs. Manic vs. Crazy Steve vs. Knux vs. The Freak vs. Bram vs. Magnus vs. Sanada vs. DJ Z vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Kenny King vs. Mr. Ken Anderson vs. Tigre Uno vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

19 men all fill out the ring and wait for number 20. Jeff Hardy comes out last, to the not-so-suspenseful question of if it would be he or Willow that came for this match. Everyone pairs off all over the place, 20 men of mayhem. Bully immediately trying to dump EC3 over the ropes, but Spud stops him. Jessie Godderz with a dropkick sends Crazy Steve over the top for the first elimination


Jessie taunts Steve, then goes after The Freak. Freak grabs Jessie with one arm and shoves him over the top rope.

Jessie Godderz IS ELIMINATED

DJ tries to avenge his BroMans partner by attacking Freak and Knux. Gunner pushes DJ Z right into The Menagerie twosome and Z is tossed over the top.


The Freak and Knux taunt The BroMans, which opens the door for Bram and Magnus to eliminate The Freak from behind.


Knux is double teamed by Bram and Magnus, but not eliminated yet. Gunner has Storm up over the ropes, but Storm holds the ropes and falls safely onto the apron. Hardy is sitting in a corner biding his time. Mr. Anderson almost eliminates Spud, but Spud skins the cats to stay on the apron. Knux fights back against Bram and Magnus. Bully has EC3 over the top rope, but Carter holds the rope and lands safely on the apron. Knux goes for a big boot on Bram, misses and hangs up on the top rope before falling to the mat. Bram and Magnus quickly get him up and over the top, but Knux lands on the apron. Magnus gives some boots and Knux falls to the floor.


James Storm with a big right hand sends Jeff Hardy over the top rope, but Jeff skins the cat and raps a leg around the bottom rope to hold himself on the apron as Storm tries to push him off. Jeff gives Storm a right to the midsection to break the pressure and get back in the ring. Bobby Roode sends Kenny King over the top, King holds the rope and rolls safely in on the apron. Bully lifts EC3 up and lays him across the turnbuckle. Spud grabs Bully’s leg as a distraction. Meanwhile, Tigre Uno was delivering some great kick combos to Bram and Magnus. Tigre went for a hurricanrana on Magnus but got caught and dumped to the apron. Kenny King threw Sanada over the top to the apron. Magnus moves out of the way and Bram attacks Tigre to send him to the floor.


Sanada slides back in under the bottom rope. Bully lifts Spud up for a body slam over the ropes, but Spud is hanging on to the top rope and resisting the move. Jeff gets EC3 over the top, but Carter holds the bottom rope again. Sanada has Magnus tangled in the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Magnus gets a low bridge on the top rope and sends Sanada flying over the top and to the floor.


While Magnus is still focused on Sanada, Roode comes from behind and dumps Magnus over the top.


Magnus gets a chop from Sanada on the outside, for good measure. Bully has EC3 on the apron in a precarious position, punches have Carter teetering, but he counters with a rake of the eyes. James Storm has Mr. Anderson against the ropes and dumps him over the top with a big clothesline.


Storm goes after Gunner in the corner, and easily dumps Gunner over the top.


Jeff Hardy hit’s a sit out Twist of Fate on Bram, then a huge clothesline over the top. Jeff follows through and almost tumbles to the floor himself, but catches the rope and rolls back in safely.


Bram goes under the ring to find his steel turnbuckle piece and snaps, he’s trying to attack anybody, mostly Hardy, through the ropes from the floor. Abyss’s music hits and The Monster comes after Bram. Abyss sends Bram into the steel guardrail on the outside and they brawl up the ramp to the back. Kenny King and Manic are battling. King had Manic in a fireman carry, Manic lands on his feet and tried to send King over. King reversed and Manic caught himself sideways between the top and middle rope. Manic ducks and King goes over. MVP helps King from the outside, to make sure he can stay on the apron. From the apron, King manages to grab Manic and send him over the side ropes.


Bully again has EC3 very precarious. EC3 actually using the ring steps to keep himself up on the apron. Technically not the floor, so it’s still legal.

After a break, we come back just in time to see Bobby Roode with a modified Roode Bomb to send James Storm over the top and out to the floor.

“Cowboy” James Storm IS ELIMINATED

Bully sends EC3 into a corner, and then focuses his attention to Rockstar Spud. Spud’s chops have no effect, Bully replies with a crotch claw to Spud. EC3 comes to make the save, but Spud’s groin is hurting after that. EC3 holds Bully while Spud climbs to the top rope. Bully with a low blow to EC3 to get free, lifts Spud off the top rope and tosses him down to the floor.


As Bully is watching Spud, EC3 tries for a clothesline to the back. Bully sees it last minute and ducks out of the way. Carter now in the ropes, Bully tries a clothesline and both men go over the top down to the floor.


Kenny King, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Eric Young still remain. Jeff is laying in one corner, Eric in another, Kenny is attacking Bobby with boots and elbows. Kenny with the fingers to the eyes of Roode and rakes the face. Kenny in control right now, off the ropes and Bobby counters with the textbook spine buster. He lifts Kenny up and tries for the Roode Bomb over the top again. MVP from the outside jabs a crutch into Kenny’s midsection to break up the attempt. Kenny follows it up by dumping Roode to the outside


Kenny gloats and dances for a little too long, Eric Young comes from behind and dumps Kenny King over the top to join Roode.

[adinserter block=”2″]Kenny King IS ELIMINATED

We are down to the final 2. Only “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy and “Showtime” Eric Young remain. Both men stand and face each other in the middle of the ring. The crowd erupts. It is impossible to distinguish between the “EY!” and the “Hardy!” chants. Both men mutually shake hands in the ring and then begin to circle. They tie up and take each other around the ring before Eric gets the upper hand with Jeff in a corner. Jeff pushes back, though, and gets Showtime in a headlock. Eric bounces Hardy off the ropes and whips him to counter the headlock. Jeff drops EY with the shoulder. Jeff off the ropes. Eric tries a hip toss, Jeff blocks and counters with his own hip toss attempt. EY blocks that and counters to hip toss Jeff over the top. Jeff skins the cat and dangles there, but his feet never touch the floor. Eric tries to grab Jeff on the apron, Jeff with a modified top rope neck breaker and climbs back in the ring. Hardy takes Young into a corner. Strong Irish Whip sends Eric flipping over the turnbuckle, but he lands on the apron shaking his finger. Jeff tries to rush Eric on the apron. Eric counters with a shoulder to the midsection and slides under the bottom rope through Hardy’s legs. Eric tries a clothesline, Jeff just bounces into the ropes and wraps his elbows around the top rope. Eric bounces off the opposite rope and tries a leaping clothesline. Jeff pulls the top rope down and Eric flies over. Eric managed to catch himself, barely, with one foot basically on the floor but still safely on the apron. Eric stands up on the apron, Jeff climbs to the top with a springboard dropkick and Eric Young falls to the floor.

“Showtime” Eric Young IS ELIMINATED


After the match, Eric Young gives Jeff Hardy kudos for the victory. JB gets in to interview the new #1 Contender. Jeff acknowledges his bad hair, still tied up Willow style. He claims to all the Creatures that he will be the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Hardy acknowledges that Lashley is extremely tough, but he can get extremely rougher than most. Next week, Creatures, Here We Go Again. Lashley interrupts and we end with a stare down in the ring.


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