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TNA Wrestling Planning Hulk Hogan Vs. Bully Ray Match

Hulk Hogan just can’t seem to get away from the pro wrestling ring. After several surgeries and doctor’s warnings it appears that plans are in motion for one more comeback which could result in TNA fans calling the Hulkster their new world champion.

Dave Meltzer reports in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer that the current plan moving forward is for a Hulk Hogan vs. Bully Ray match on an upcoming TNA Wrestling pay per view and whether Hogan can physically go or not, may not alter this plan.

[adinserter block=”1″]“If Hogan is physically able, and perhaps even if he’s not, the Bound for Glory main event idea right now does appear to be Hogan vs. Bully Ray. The date is just my speculation, but Hogan vs. Ray is the ultimate direction, and after Slammiversary (Ray vs. Sting), the next PPV is Bound for Glory.

That is a bit of a shocker if you ask me, especially considering all of the reports that have come out over the last several years about Hogan not being able to wrestle ever again. Even just a few months ago Hogan was in court over a lawsuit stating that he couldn’t physically wrestle anymore, which according to him cost him a WrestleMania payoff against John Cena.

Well at least it would appear he’ll get his Bound for Glory payoff.

This would at least justify the direction TNA has been going over the last year. The storyline between Bully and Hulk has been solid for the most part, yet hasn’t made a lot of sense to observers who felt that there would be no payoff here. If Hogan really is on board for a match, than I really see no issues with the storyline. At the same time Hogan has built storylines around an eventual match in TNA in the past which never culminated so I am dubious at best regarding this master plan.

Hogan gave an interview a few months back where he said his goal was to win the TNA world championship at 60. Presumably that would mean that this Bully vs. Hulk match ends with Hogan’s hand raised and the title wrapped around his waist. I couldn’t think of a more embarrassing champion for TNA to present to its fans in 2013 than an immobile Hogan walking around with the company world title.

There is also something really sad at this point about seeing Hogan hold on. The man is 60-years old and arguably the most recognizable wrestler in the history of professional wrestling. One would think that the man made plenty of money in the 1980s and 90s to live a comfortable life away from the ring. I really never had a problem with Hogan being used as an authority figure. Yet focusing an entire company around your match at 60 when you can barely move sounds a lot more driven by ego than it does by business smarts in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”2″]What about the letdown factor here? There is no way that this match will be any good. Hogan vs. Sting a few years back was both sad and pathetic. Hulk is shot and looks awkward just walking to the ring. I can already see how this ends with Hogan turning on someone and building another year around him feuding with someone else. TNA has been focused around Hulk now since he arrived in 2010 and business isn’t up. As a matter of a fact it has been so bad that they wound up cutting out most of their pay per views. What will the fallout be from any of these fans that do buy the show and are treated to a terrible match and another screwy finish?

I have a lot of respect for Hulk and I grew up watching him. But at some point someone has to be smart enough (ahem Dixie) to see what is going on here. If Hulk brought in results I’d shut up about it but he’s not. The idea of seeing Hulk in the ring one more time is not only a turnoff, it makes me want to turn TNA off now.

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  1. I am a tna fan from day 1 and would be fine with a bully vs hogan match if bully destroyed hogan. A brutal and uncomfortable 15 to 20 minute all out crippling assault that would establish bully more than he already is. It is past time to push aj, joe, and the others. I have been a sting fan forever but its time for him to start putting people over. He is not lookin so spry anymore. Its not just hogan. Its a lot of the old dogs that are stunting the growth of tna. Hogan will not be done till he is dead

  2. I find it funny that Hogan ripped Verne Gagne for being out of the times, and pushing himself instead of Hogan, and now Hogan is doing the same exact thing, trying to become world champion at 60 years old. Looks like Hogan really learned well

    • Well, if Hogan wins the title he will break Gagne's record as the oldest World champion (which currently stands at 57) of all time. Maybe he wants to take that away from Verne who screwed Hogan over in 1983. In fact when you think about it, a difference of three years is not that big of a deal. All records are made to be broken. If someone is to break this record, it might as well be Hulk Hogan.

  3. On the contrary business is up for TNA. Since Hogan has arrived they've been able to acquire more and bigger sponsors who previously had no faith in TNA but have faith in Hogan's name. resulting in more revenue. They were then able to use this revenue to expand and become a world wide company and are extremely popular in the UK.

    In addition the company was then able to cover the added expense of going live, running live TV shows and TV tapings over seas and recently, they were able to take their show on the road. Essentially all of the thing the IWC said they needed to do. And all of this has been made possible because of the Hulk Hogan name.

    Now that they have a bigger audience world wide and now that they are on the road they are trying to take advantage of the biggest attraction they have. Hulk Hogan himself. If they can use him to draw the biggest crowd ever for TNA (many of whom having never before watched TNA) and pay those Hulkamaniacs off with one more title win – even if his match isn't so good – many of those Hulkamaniacs will return.

    Hogan's match doesn't have to be good. His reign doesn't have to be long. All he has to do is be Hulk Hogan and draw those fans. And he must win so all those fans who came in just to see Hogan one more time will feel that it was worth it and TNA delivers. But the real key is for the rest of the TNA roster to step it up a bit on that night and wow the audience with great wrestling. Not just a bunch of high spots, but also good in ring psychology and story telling. That's how you will build an audience.

    Step by step they've been building the company up for this. Now they are going to try to capitalize on it. And anyone who doesn't agree with this doesn't know what pro wrestling (or business and marketing for that matter) is all about.

    • Business is up? They have gone from 12 pay per views to four a year since Hogan arrived. Did they downsize because they were making more money from those pay per views? Ratings have actually decreased since Hogan has arrived on average. They have the added expense of going live and it did nothing at all to increase their business. To say that business is up since Hogan got there would be false.

      The one thing you left out that the IWC said they needed to do was create new stars and promote young. That is probably the biggest recommendation made by the IWC. Samoa Joe drew more money on pay per view in the headline spot than anyone other than Sting and he hasn't been there since. They haven't created many new headline stars and don't say 40-year old Bully Ray.

      Before you go bragging about the biggest crowd in TNA history keep in mind how big it was. The big draw "Hogan" is drawing 10k people. That's absurd for someone of his star power and legend.

      Anyone who can't look at the facts is blinded by their Hulkamania. I can appreciate your passion as a Hogan fan. But the numbers don't lie.

      • TNA has ALWAYS had only 4 PPVs a year outside of Universal Studios. So when they left Universal Studios they still had the same amount of road PPVs. Doing 12 PPVs a year just because WWE does was pointless, especially since no one was buying them. Now they are able to build up to the event. But if you really want to be picky TNA is still offering the One Night Only PPVs as well. So nothing has changed.

        As far as creating stars goes, TNA can't create stars until they build their brand because anyone they push can only get as big as the company. Take AJ Styles for instance. The guy was pushed to high heaven and achieved everything there was to achieve in the company and yet he's still virtually unknown. Why? Because he was created within a small unknown company and therefore was only able to become as big as that company. There is your proof. Young guys are not the answer.

        Most fans still don't even know that TNA exists. It's not like it's been on TV for the last 60 years like WWE. TNA has only been on national TV for about 6 years. They can't be expected to have as many people tuning in. Like any new company they must build their audience slowly by getting people to try their product. Therefore they must use the guys who are bigger than TNA to tune in as they continue to build the company. Once the company is bigger, they can create young stars.

        If it was just a matter of pushing young guys like the IWC thinks it is then every GOD awful ma and pa Indy fed would be as big as WWE.

        As far as Hogan goes. You act like Hogan is still wrestling full time. Heck, he's not even wrestling part time. Therefore he cannot be expected to draw as much as he did in his prime. However… he has already proven that he STILL draws more than anyone on the TNA roster. Therefore it's in TNA's best interest to utilize him any way they can.

        If all you look at is the U.S. rating then you see nothing of the business which has grown steadily since Hogan's arrival. Like you said… the numbers don't lie and the numbers show that Hogan has done more for TNA than anyone else.


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