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TNA Wrestling Planning Hulk Hogan Vs. Bully Ray Match

Hulk Hogan just can’t seem to get away from the pro wrestling ring. After several surgeries and doctor’s warnings it appears that plans are in motion for one more comeback which could result in TNA fans calling the Hulkster their new world champion.

Dave Meltzer reports in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer that the current plan moving forward is for a Hulk Hogan vs. Bully Ray match on an upcoming TNA Wrestling pay per view and whether Hogan can physically go or not, may not alter this plan.

If Hogan is physically able, and perhaps even if he’s not, the Bound for Glory main event idea right now does appear to be Hogan vs. Bully Ray. The date is just my speculation, but Hogan vs. Ray is the ultimate direction, and after Slammiversary (Ray vs. Sting), the next PPV is Bound for Glory.

That is a bit of a shocker if you ask me, especially considering all of the reports that have come out over the last several years about Hogan not being able to wrestle ever again. Even just a few months ago Hogan was in court over a lawsuit stating that he couldn’t physically wrestle anymore, which according to him cost him a WrestleMania payoff against John Cena.

Well at least it would appear he’ll get his Bound for Glory payoff.

This would at least justify the direction TNA has been going over the last year. The storyline between Bully and Hulk has been solid for the most part, yet hasn’t made a lot of sense to observers who felt that there would be no payoff here. If Hogan really is on board for a match, than I really see no issues with the storyline. At the same time Hogan has built storylines around an eventual match in TNA in the past which never culminated so I am dubious at best regarding this master plan.

Hogan gave an interview a few months back where he said his goal was to win the TNA world championship at 60. Presumably that would mean that this Bully vs. Hulk match ends with Hogan’s hand raised and the title wrapped around his waist. I couldn’t think of a more embarrassing champion for TNA to present to its fans in 2013 than an immobile Hogan walking around with the company world title.

There is also something really sad at this point about seeing Hogan hold on. The man is 60-years old and arguably the most recognizable wrestler in the history of professional wrestling. One would think that the man made plenty of money in the 1980s and 90s to live a comfortable life away from the ring. I really never had a problem with Hogan being used as an authority figure. Yet focusing an entire company around your match at 60 when you can barely move sounds a lot more driven by ego than it does by business smarts in my opinion.

What about the letdown factor here? There is no way that this match will be any good. Hogan vs. Sting a few years back was both sad and pathetic. Hulk is shot and looks awkward just walking to the ring. I can already see how this ends with Hogan turning on someone and building another year around him feuding with someone else. TNA has been focused around Hulk now since he arrived in 2010 and business isn’t up. As a matter of a fact it has been so bad that they wound up cutting out most of their pay per views. What will the fallout be from any of these fans that do buy the show and are treated to a terrible match and another screwy finish?

I have a lot of respect for Hulk and I grew up watching him. But at some point someone has to be smart enough (ahem Dixie) to see what is going on here. If Hulk brought in results I’d shut up about it but he’s not. The idea of seeing Hulk in the ring one more time is not only a turnoff, it makes me want to turn TNA off now.

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