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Embarrassing TNA Wrestling House Show Debacle On Saturday Night

[adinserter block=”1″]If it wasn’t bad enough that TNA Wrestling public relations had to spin a few weeks budget cuts, now they’ll have to put a happy face on one of the biggest house show disasters by a major professional wrestling company in history.

Impact Wrestling held a house show or should I say attempted to hold a house show on Saturday night in Cape Girardeau, MO. Several wrestlers on the show were unable to get cleared and licensed to wrestle and thus a few hundred fans left Cape Girardeau disappointed.

According to a report on TNAInsider.comThe state athletic commission wasn’t allowing them to compete. Refunds were offered before the second match. For those who didn’t take refunds went to Fan Interaction after the show, free of charge. An estimated 250 people were in attendance.

Some states and counties still require professional wrestlers to get licensed and tested. It isn’t a big deal as the WWE were just in Cape Girardeau not too long ago and you didn’t read about anyone on their roster not being able to appear on the show. For a company that is only running four pay per view events a year and tapes television, it sounds almost preposterous that something this important was overlooked.

The timing of something such an embarrassing mishap comes in the midst of several talent cuts that went down earlier in the week. Bruce Pritchard was arguably the biggest departure but according to Dave Meltzer this debacle would have fallen under his umbrella and it is quite possible that the failure to get licenses was his responsibility.

Now if that was true and TNA knew in advance of these problems than that is an even bigger issue. Letting fans show up to the building knowing that these issues were hanging over the show is completely irresponsible and disrespectful to the paying customers of TNA. All reports indicate that Bruce was asked to restructure his deal and was not fired so I can’t imagine that this would have had anything to do with it.

TNA is having a rough summer. The only bit of good news that the company received this week was a nice boost in ratings on the Impact featuring Chris Sabin’s title win. That bright light is now tarnished by what will probably become a fun joke in the WWE locker room prior to Monday Night RAW.

At the end of the day someone is going to have to stand up and take some responsibility here. TNA president Dixie Carter has been silent thus far in Twitter which is ironic since she tweets more than any high profile executive in professional wrestling.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know what TNA could do at this point to turn their public relations woes around. At this point the company is looking like a sinking ship with several releases and now a house show disaster which saw a company that has very little money to spare as it is offer refunds in Cape Girardeau. It’s a shame for someone like Chris Sabin who will now see the spotlight shift off of his championship win and back to the chaos behind the scenes.

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  1. Great Job. I compared the TNA hemorrhaging of talent to the Titanic hitting the iceberg. However, I think TNA is starting to list at this point. How do you forget to get your wrestlers licensed? That's like a QB and the center screwing up the snap in an NFL game. So basic. UGH.


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