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TNA Wrestling Hardcore Justice 2013 Results & Recap: Bully Ray Regains The Title

This week’s TNA Wrestling Impact is a “special” episode, that being a non-PPV episode named after Hardcore Justice. The show starts with AI stopping Jeff Hardy in the back and asks about tonight’s BFG Series ladder match. He’s interrupted by Austin Aries, who is sick of these ladder matches. Aries needs the points, and challenges Hardy to the match right away.

We get a video package for moments from previous Hardcore Justice installments, with a viewer discretion warning. What does that mean? That means the show has been bloody in the past, and will either be a) needlessly bloody once more, or b) be a standard show that is way overhyped.

MATCH 1-BFG Series 4-Way Ladder Match: Austin Aries vs. Kazarian vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy
We are informed that this match is worth 20 points, because TNA. I spot a fan dressed like Joseph Park in the front row. L. Ron Hubbard, help us. Kaz immediately goes for a ladder on the ramp and tries to get back in the ring, but is blocked. As he puts it down, Aries assaults him on the ramp. In the ring, Hardy and AJ trade punches. Aries and Kaz have a tug-of-war with the ladder, resulting in Kaz falling off the stage. Aries follows up with a double axe handle from the top. Hardy dropkicks him through the ropes, and AJ knocks Hardy to the floor before hitting a slingshot cross-body to the outside. Kaz rams AJ with a ladder from the stage and throws it in the ring, but Hardy stops him from climbing. Kaz climbs off an Irish whip, but Aries blocks it and crotches Kaz on one of the rungs before knocking the ladder down. Hardy throws Aries to the corner, but Aries reverses and beats Hardy down with rights. Hardy blocks a corner whip and counters with a spinning headscissors that sends Aries to the floor. Hardy sets the ladder up, but AJ comes in and knocks it to the side. He attacks Hardy, but Hardy escapes a suplex. He goes for the Twist, but AJ escapes and skee-balls Hardy under the bottom rope and into the announce desk. Kaz shoulders him from the apron and hits a slingshot DDT. Aries forearms Kaz, and now they trade punches until Aries hotshots him. AJ knocks the ladder into Kaz’s head, and now Aries is in the ring, trying to set it up. He backdrops AJ to the outside and sets up the ladder. He starts to climb, but Hardy stops him with some punches. Aries hits all three men with forearms, then stomps Hardy down in the corner before hitting a jumping knee to the gut. Outside, Kaz shoves AJ head-first into the ring post before getting knocked down off the apron by Aries. Aries kicks Hardy and climbs the ladder once more, but Hardy once again stops him before throwing him to the corner. Aries escapes a suplex and clubs Hardy in the back before attacking both Kaz and AJ on the floor. He climbs once again, and Hardy climbs as well. They fight at the top and topple the ladder, crashing into Kaz and AJ on the apron. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”1″]Back from the break, and Mike Tenay gets his first stupid line of the night out by calling this a “free pay-per-view event”. Aries knocks Hardy down in the ring and begins climbing. Kaz pulls him down and throws him face-first into the ladder. Aries recovers and knocks Kaz to the floor before dropkicking a ladder into him. AJ attacks Aries as he begins to climb, then goes to the apron, where he hits the Superman on Aries, sending Aries to the ramp on the outside. AJ grabs the ladder that is set up in the ring, readjusts it and begins to climb. Aries grabs his foot as Kaz brings in another ladder. He attacks all three with it, then sets it up, as the first ladder is banged up. He sets it up next to the original ladder and climbs up. Aries stops him and climbs the bad ladder. Hardy climbs, as does AJ, and now all four men are on the ladders. They fight at the top until Aries hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Hardy. Kaz and AJ continue to fight, and Kaz rams AJ’s head into the ladder before going for a superplex. AJ blocks it and drops to mat, knocking the ladder down in the process. He lays Kaz out with a discus clothesline, then goes back to the ladder and sets it up in the corner. Aries gets to his feet in the opposite corner, and he hits a running dropkick on AJ against the ladder. Aries climbs the other ladder and gets to the top when Hardy cuts him off. Aries knocks Hardy down, then gets caught by AJ. AJ pulls him down and goes for the Styles Clash, but Kaz knocks AJ down, taking both men out at the same time in the process. He now climbs the ladder, and Hardy climbs as well. They fight at the top, and Aries sends them both down with a missile dropkick into the ladder. Aries climbs once more as Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels comes out onto the ramp. Aries is distracted, and that’s when AJ springboards onto the ladder and begins fighting with Aries. Hardy shoves the ladder down, sending them both into the ladder in the corner. Kaz whips Hardy, but Hardy counters and sends Kaz into the ladder. He hits Kaz with the Twist of Fate, then goes for the busted ladder. He sets it up in the center, and that’s when Roode comes in. He pulls Hardy down, and Hardy knocks him out with a reverse enziguri as Daniels is distracting the ref. Kaz climbs the ladder at the same time as Hardy and throws an appletini in Hardy’s face that he got from Daniels. Hardy is temporarily blinded and falls off the ladder, allowing Kaz to grab the clipboard.

WINNER: Kazarian, who picks up 20 points, bringing his total to 22.

We see the Main Event Mafia enter the building, sans Kurt Angle.

AI stops Chris Sabin in the back, asking about tonight’s cage match. Sabin says one of his favorite memories as a kid was watching Team 3-D put a man through a flaming table covered in thumbtacks. He knows not to take Bully Ray lightly, but Ray better not take him lightly. No one believed he could beat Ray, but he did twice in a row, and he makes it three times tonight.

In the ring, Dixie Carter is standing by with the MEM. She says that Kurt Angle entered rehab two weeks ago. He’s still there, and she doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He has everyone in the company’s support, including these men. She asks everyone to join her in her support, then tells him to come back soon. Aces and Eights make their way out, led by Mr. Anderson. The “loser leaves TNA” 5-on-5 match has been postponed to next week, BTW. Anderson tells them they only have one week to come up with a replacement for Angle. He and his buddies are so excited to be able to say they ended the career of Quenton Jackson before it even started. They ended the career of Samoa Joe. Or will Sting never be able to wrestle again? Or remember that Magnus guy? Hell of a body and future. He was gonna be the future of TNA. Magnus tells Anderson the only future he should be concerned with is his immediate future, which involved Magnus punching him in the mouth. He doesn’t have the best hearing, but he believes these people were telling Anderson he sucks. There may be five A and E guys and they have a week to find a MEM replacement, but he’s pretty sure Norfolk, VA is Mafia country, so if they can’t find someone in the back, perhaps they can recruit someone from the audience. So, one way or the other, A and E can be sure that one of them is going home with a pink slip. Anderson says tonight starts a new chapter for A and E. Bully Ray recaptures the World title, and next week, a member of MEM is eliminated. A brawl then breaks out between the two sides, with A and E dominating.

We see Tito Ortiz entering the building from earlier today. Riveting footage, I assure you.

MATCH 2-3-Way Hardcore Rules Match: Gail Kim vs. Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. ODB (non-title)
James charges at ODB as she’s coming out, and ODB knocks her down. Kim grabs ODB by the hair and pulls her into the ring through the ropes, where ODB hits a series of forearms and a clothesline. James is in, and ODB sends her to the corner. Avalanche for both Kim and James, and now ODB gives James the Clam Buffet until Kim attacks her. James whips ODB down then heads to the outside as Kim mounts ODB for some punches to the head. She grinds her shin into ODB’s face as James throws a chair into the ring. Kim grabs the chair, and ODB kicks it into her. James ducks a clothesline and counters with a neckbreaker. She wedges the chair into the turnbuckles, and the heels double-corner whip ODB into it before both try to pin her for 2. Kim and James begin a shoving match until James rolls her up for 2. They trade punches and kicks until James hits a mule kick to the gut and throws Kim to the outside. ODB hits some forearms on James before Kim yanks her face-first to the floor. Kim rolls ODB back into the ring and looks for a weapon under the ring. James kicks her from behind and sends her face-first into the ring post before getting back into the ring, where a kendo stick has appeared. She hits ODB across the back a couple of times, then hangs her with it in the corner. James hangs her once more, but ODB fights out and whips James down by the stick. She cracks James across the back, then hits one to the gut of Kim. Apparently, one of her two bras is broken, so she rips it off and beals James with it by the throat. She then sends Kim to the outside with it, hanging her through the ropes until James kicks her in the back. James sends ODB shoulder-first into the ring post, then heads outside for a weapon. Meanwhile, Kim locks on the corner figure-4 on ODB, and now James begins yanking on both of ODB’s arms. Kim breaks the hold and gets in James’ face in the ring. ODB gets back in, chugs her flask and spits booze into James’ face. She knocks Kim down with a clothesline, then boots James in the gut as Kim rolls to the floor. She goes for the Bam!, but Kim nails her in the gut with the kendo stick. Kim misses a headshot, and ODB grabs the chair from earlier, dropping Kim onto it with the Bam! for 3.


Sting is throwing a fit in the back about what just happened. He says they need a replacement, and has an idea. Everyone hates him, but he’s going to go talk to Austin Aries right now, because they need him.

We see Sting enter Aries’ locker room a moment later and sits down to talk. He knows Aries doesn’t feel good about losing. His plate has been full with A and E over the last year. They both hate Bully Ray and the rest of the gang. He also knows Aries is a former World Champion, so he’s asking Aries to a part of the MEM next week. Aries considers himself the main event every time he steps in the ring. It’s a lot to think about. Sting says they don’t have to be friends. Aries hates A and E as much as Sting, so help the MEM out. They need Austin Aries. Aries smiles.

AI stops Bobby Roode to ask about his plan. Roode says timing is everything. He has changed the landscape of the BFG Series with this new faction. He has 20 points on the line later tonight in a Tables Match. If he wins, that puts him in 2nd place in the series. Three weeks ago, he was out of it, and he could be in 2nd. It’ll happen, because it pays to be Roode.

Magnus, Jackson and Joe are talking about Austin Aries. Joe knows him and he’s a problem, but Aries may be their only option. Sting enters and says Aries said no. Jackson has an idea, and he’s going to address it right now. Joe follows him, and Magnus tells Sting to sit down to tell him the plan.

We see Bully Ray on the phone with “honey”. He says their relationship is anything but normal. Just so they’re on the same page, tonight is about him, and next week is about “us”. He’s going to win the title, destroy “that boy”, and then they’ll celebrate at home. She knows exactly how “Calfzilla” likes to celebrate. Next week, they will tell the world truth. He then says, “I love you, too, Brooke.” Why do I get the feeling it was Miss Tessmacher on the phone and not Brooke Hogan? Because this is TNA, and they love stupid crap like this.

Quenton Jackson and Samoa Joe come out to the ring. Jackson begins speaking, and I doze off. He says it’s no secret he’s new here. When he first came to TNA, MMA fans called him a sell-out. It made him sad that his own fans don’t know him. He wrestled in high school and pretends to wrestle when he fights. He loves TNA, and now that he’s part of the MEM, he belongs to a family. He belongs here. He love it! He didn’t come here to get his “ass kicked by punk on a moped”. He didn’t want to do this, but now he gotta axe his own friend he knew way back. Even though they gotta throw down in November, this is TNA, he need help. He calls out Tito Ortiz to come out. Ortiz comes out to his horrendously generic entrance theme, wearing a “Wrestling is Real” shirt in order to try and pander to this crowd that doesn’t care. Jackson says everyone knows they have a fight on November 2nd, and they will try to knock each other out. That’s MMA in November, though. It’s a sport (his words). Right now, we in the MEM need Ortiz’s help. They’ve trained together, and Jackson has never asked him for anything. He still wants a favor, and that’s to have Ortiz join them next week. Jackson says they should make history and take over wrestling like they did MMA. Ortiz says he’s here to make headlines. He’s the longest-reigning light heavyweight champion in MMA history. Jackson wants him to join his tag team match? For the love of all that is sacred, someone please shut both of their microphones off now.

Ortiz’s music hits again while Bully Ray’s entrance “video” shows on the screen, and Bully Ray comes out. Looks like someone screwed up. It’s pretty bad when I’m relieved to see him interrupt someone. He says that, if he didn’t have to win back the title later tonight, he’d get in the ring and beat the piss out of both of them right now. Then, there would be no big Bellator PPV on November 2nd. He’s got Jackson’s number, and as for Ortiz, if he gets in Ray’s way and crosses him, he’ll make Ortiz his Huntington Beach bitch. Ortiz gets all upset as Jackson holds him back. Anderson comes out, and he’s got a match up next.

Here are the updated standings for the BFG Series: 1-Magnus (39); 2-Samoa Joe (26); 3-Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy (tie, 24); 5-Christopher Daniels (23); 6-Kazarian and AJ Styles (tie, 22); 8-Austin Aries (21); 9-Hernandez and Bobby Roode (tie, 27); 11-Jay Bradley (0); 12-Joseph Park (-3).

MATCH 3-BFG Series 4-Way Tables Match: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus vs. Bobby Roode
This match is also worth 20 points. Magnus attacks Roode as he comes down the ramp before knocking him into the ring as Joe and Anderson fight around ringside. Magnus chops Roode in the corner, and Joe slams Anderson into the guardrail. Roode kicks Magnus in the corner, then heads outside to hit Anderson. He slams Joe face-first into the apron, then slides a table into the ring. He attacks Magnus in the corner, then props the table in the opposite corner. Joe rolls in and stops Magnus from going through the table. He snaps off a powerslam on Roode, and Mr. Anderson attacks Joe from behind. He goes for a rolling fireman’s carry slam, but Magnus stops it with a big boot. Magnus hits a misdirection clothesline on Anderson, and Roode comes in, attacking Magnus with a double axe handle. He foot-chokes Magnus in the corner, then goes back for the table, setting it up near the ropes. Magnus fires off some rights before Roode does the same. Magnus ducks a clothesline, and he & Joe hit a series of moves, ending in a running senton by Joe. They go after Roode and Magnus and look for a double powerbomb through the table. Roode and Anderson fight out, and Roode knocks the table over. He stomps Joe down in the corner as Anderson shoulders Magnus on the opposite side. Joe gets knocked to the floor, and Roode goes outside for another table, setting it up by the ramp. Magnus and Anderson fight outside on the other side as Joe begins chopping Roode. Magnus sends Anderson face-first into a table propped up on the outside, and Joe puts the ring bell on Roode’s crotch before hitting it with a hammer. Meanwhile, Anderson goes for a Mic Check on Magnus from the ramp. Magnus escapes and goes through a powerbomb, but gets a low blow. Joe and Roode trade blows until Joe chops him down. Anderson slams Magnus face-first into a propped-up table before Joe attacks Anderson, knocking him into a chair. He sets Anderson near the guardrail and hits a running boot to the face (although he missed by a mile and kicked the guardrail instead). In the ring, Magnus sets up a table against the turnbuckles and picks up Roode for a running powerslam. Roode escapes and hits a spinebuster. Anderson has a side headlock on Joe at the outside as Roode assaults Magnus in the corner in the ring. Anderson rolls Joe in the ring, and he & Roode now attack the faces in opposite corners before shoving each other. They instead go to shoot the faces into each other, and Joe winds up dropping Roode with a clothesline, sending him to the floor. He ducks an Anderson clothesline and hits a suicide dive. Magnus ducks one from Anderson as well and hits an elevated northern lights bomb. He grabs the tables from the corner and sets it up in the ring. Anderson pops up and hits Magnus with the Mic Check. Joe gets back in and chops Anderson before setting him up for the Muscle Buster. Roode is back in, and he moves the table, preventing Joe from putting Anderson through it. He shoves Joe to the floor and sets the table back up, laying Magnus on top. Roode goes to the top rope, where Joe crotches him. He chops Roode from the apron as Kazarian comes down. Joe boots him to the floor, and Magnus climbs the turnbuckles to meet Roode. Christopher Daniels comes out and throws an appletini in Magnus’ eyes. Roode then powerbombs Magnus through the table out of the corner.

WINNER: Bobby Roode, who picks up 20 points, putting him at 27 and moving him into 2nd place.

The World title match is up next.

AI stops Sting in the back to ask about Tito Ortiz. Sting calls him an asset everywhere, but will he be an asset to the MEM? His gut tells him Ortiz will work out and he’ll be a great asset to the MEM, but also to be careful of what you wish for.

We learn that No Surrender will be a free episode of Impact next month, featuring the finals of the BFG Series.

Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray are in the back. Anderson asks if Ray can do better than he just did against a guy that beat him for the World title. Ray reminds Anderson who threw the hammer into the ring. All week, he’s heard nothing but Sabin beating him twice. Ray doesn’t know if he can beat him now. He then wants to know where everyone is to help him. Anderson says they’re all just trying to help him, and they’re not Ray’s enemy. Ray says he doesn’t seem like much of an ally right now, either.

Next week, Hardcore Justice will apparently continue. There will be another 4-way in the BFG Series, plus the 5-on-5 tag match.

MATCH 4-Cage Match for the World Championship: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin (Champion)
If Ray loses, he will not get another World title match in TNA. Sabin has new music yet again. Jeremy Borash does quite possibly the longest match introduction I’ve ever heard. Pretty mixed reaction for Sabin while the crowd chants for Bully Ray. They then boo Ray as he hits a bodyslam. What a dumb crowd. Sabin gets back up, and Ray hits another. Sabin shoves Ray after he talks some trash, and the two now lock up. Ray goes for another slam, hitting a release version this time. Sabin ducks a shot in the corner and hits a pair of armdrags, followed by a dropkick and a forearm shot in the corner. Another forearm, and Ray is knocked down. Sabin hits a baseball slide in the corner before getting sent into the cage. Sabin catches himself and hits a cross-body from the top rope. He goes for the Cradle Shock, but can’t get Ray up. Ray clubs him, but he ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick to the knee. Sabin climbs up to the top rope, but gets crotched. Ray chops him on the top turnbuckle, then foot-chokes him from the middle rope. Ray presses Sabin and launches him into the cage wall. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Ray presses Sabin once more, again throwing him into the wall. The wall actually separated from the rest of the cage, which means someone didn’t make sure everything was tightly put together. Sabin tries to fight back with forearms, but gets a headbutt that knocks him right back down. Ray drags him to the center of the ring, hitting a jumping elbow drop for 2. Ray hits some crossface shots. Sabin tries to fight back from the corner as Ray challenges him to hit him in the face. Sabin responds with forearms to the face and goes for the Cradle Shock once more. He can’t get Ray up, so Ray picks him up in a powerbomb. Sabin escapes and counters into a backslide for 2. Ray gets back up and drops Sabin with a clothesline. Ray begins nailing Sabin in the side of the head, then applies a bearhug. Sabin elbows his way out of the hold, but gets hit with a back body drop off the ropes. Ray goes for a powerbomb once more, and Sabin blocks it with punches before sliding down into a scissored sleeper. Ray backs into the corner to break the hold, then charges in. Sabin blocks and hits a tornado DDT. Both get back to their feet and trade shots. Sabin gets the best of it and hits an enziguri. Sabin pulls Ray’s vest off and picks him up for a Death Valley driver. Sabin grabs the leather vest and begins whipping Ray across the back. Ray pulls himself up in the corner and hits a running boot for 2. Ray hits a Samoan drop for another 2, then whips Sabin with the vest. He begins climbing the cage in the corner, where Sabin cuts him off. They fight on the top rope, with Sabin hitting some kicks. Ray falls back down to the turnbuckle, and Sabin botches a hurricanrana. Ray is screaming that his shoulder is hurting, and Sabin goes for Hail Sabin. Ray blocks it and counters with a suplex. Ray orders for the door to be opened, but Sabin stops him from leaving. He goes under Ray’s legs and tries to escape, but Ray pulls him back in by the foot. Ray goes for a running powerslam, and referee Brian Hebner gets knocked in the head by Sabin’s feet. Sabin escapes, and Ray goes for a standing avalanche. Sabin ducks, causing Ray to sandwich Hebner between himself and the cage wall. Sabin dropkicks Ray into the cage through the ropes, then climbs to the top rope, where he hits a missile dropkick. Sabin goes for the pin, but Hebner is out. Sabin goes to the open door, but Mr. Anderson runs down and slams the door and locks it. Quenton Jackson and Tito Ortiz run down, and Jackson throws Anderson to the floor. Ortiz grabs a hammer that Anderson apparently brought with him and cracks Jackson over the head. Gasp! Heel turn. Even Ray Charles could see that one coming. Meanwhile, in the ring, Ray slams Sabin into the wall then folds Sabin up with a powerbomb. Hebner comes to in time to count the 3.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Bully Ray. After the match, Ortiz raises Ray’s arm in victory. Taz comes into the ring to celebrate with Ray.

End of show.


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Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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