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Updated – TNA Wrestling Gives Matt Hardy A “Vacation”

Matt HardyTwo weeks after posting a You Tube video of Jeff Hardy using a taser gun on his girlfriend, TNA Wrestling has given Matt Hardy a “vacation.” Hardy posted on his Twitter account that due to injuries, dates, and outside issues, that he will have a few weeks off.

Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I’m gonna have a few week off & I’m ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!@MATTHARDYBRAND

The news has kind of flown under the radar a bit, although when I didn’t see Matt’s names on the TNA Impact spoilers taped last week I thought something may be up. When I didn’t see Matt’s name on the house shows from over the weekend (& he was advertised) I thought something was definitely up.

Nobody will convince me that the vacation and the timing of his latest antics are just a mere coincidence. What do you think those “outside issues” are? It should also be pointed out that Matt has not taken a vacation from his worst enemy, himself. Matt has continued tweeting and reading between the lines, things are not good between Matt and Impact Wrestling.

[adinserter block=”2″]Check out a couple of the other tweets that Matt posted after the tweet about his hiatus. Some people never learn.

Thank u! RT @datjdt @MATTHARDYBRAND when r we going to see back wrestling again. What happened they can’t take the best wrestler off impact.@MATTHARDYBRAND

I am so excited about the future-I have so many irons in the fire of this thing called life. I WILL write my own ticket, bet against me! 😉@MATTHARDYBRAND

These are the same kinds of cryptic writings that he started posting after it was reported that he got sent home from the WWE European tour. The stuff about writing his own ticket and betting against him are identical postings and ramblings that led to him leaving the WWE. Obviously there is trouble in paradise between Matt and TNA Wrestling.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here. Matt Hardy posted a video on You Tube that featured his brother Jeff using a taser gun on his girlfriend Reby Sky. Matt removed the video the next day due to “negative comments.” It is okay though, Matt explained that they were just playing a drinking game. Unfortunately for Matt, got wind of it, found the video, and posted it on their website. Having two of their star pro wrestlers tasering a woman on is probably not something that made TNA president Dixie Carter very happy.

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Let’s face it, Matt Hardy has not made anywhere near the impact he predicted he would make when he came over to TNA Wrestling. Matt debuted with TNA at Genesis 2011 in the main-event. Matt showed up out of shape and wound up sliding into the Immortal stable. Matt fizzled out a few months later and wasn’t even booked on the last pay per view. He is a nice utility guy but he isn’t going to affect the ratings or buys one way or the other with or without his presence on shows.

Quite frankly it has been kind of sad watching what Matt Hardy has become since his last WWE date in England. Matt has turned into his biggest fan constantly tweeting and posting You Tube videos about how great he is, his brother’s innocence, picking fights with the wrestling media, etc. The sad part is watching these You Tube videos that either have Matt glassy eyed, at some kind of bar, or talking about drinking. If you listened to Matt, every single negative piece of information that has been reported about him is false yet every reporter has stuck to their stories. The decline of Matt Hardy has certainly been a tough thing to watch over the last nine months.

[adinserter block=”1″]So what happens if Matt is gone from TNA Wrestling? Having burn bridges with the top two pro wrestling companies in the United States in less than a year leaves Matt Hardy with little options. At this point his best bet is just to start his own company so he can do his own thing, put himself in the main-events, and satisfy his biggest fan without worrying about corporate consequences. Otherwise his pro wrestling future is overseas or practically non-existent in the United States. Then again, when you have independent wrestling companies still willing to book Scott Hall I am sure Matt can find a few random bookings to keep him busy.

Jeff still hasn’t returned since his controversial performance at Victory Road. He has had a number of continuances on his hearings regarding his drug charges. His last continuance came when Jeff was being evaluated for treatment. Jeff posting a You Tube video tasering a woman as part of a drinking game doesn’t exactly appear to me someone who is taking this very seriously at all. It is really time for the Hardys to grow up.

Update: reports that TNA did indeed suspend Hardy but not for what you think. According to their report, Hardy was suspended for constantly showing up late to events. So yes, it is okay to appear with your brother glassy eyed in videos tasering your girlfriend but don’t you dare show up past curfew in Memphis!

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