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TNA Wrestling Final Resolution 2013 and Recap

This week’s TNA Impact is Wrestling yet another oxymoronic “free PPV”, that being Final Resolution. We will see a new World Champion crowned in a “Dixie Land” Match (ugh), and find out who got which contract in last week’s Feast or Clusterf*cked Match last week.

Magnus is wandering in the back, looking for Dixie Carter. He asks a stagehand where she is, and he says she hasn’t checked in yet. Neither has Jeff Hardy. He tells the stagehand that, if he does see either of them, tell them Magnus has a very important message that he’s going to tell out in the ring right now.

Moments later, Magnus makes his way down to the ring. He starts off by saying he loves this business. That’s why he, just like everyone else in the back, busted his ass and put his body through hell. Because he and the others love this business. He can’t change where he’s from, but he’s proud of the fact that, for the past five years, he’s made his living and his career in the US. But, there was some adjusting to do, and the first thing he realized when he came here was the power of money. Money talks. It’s not about that for him, though. It’s not about the fancy cars, the nice houses, the 5-star hotels, the women…for him, it’s about pride, and always has been. Honor, dignity, respect…that’s what’s important. But, he wonders if the same can be said for his opponent, Jeff Hardy. He’s as big of a fan of Hardy as anybody. Hardy didn’t just overcome his demons; he has slain every single one of them. But, maybe there’s just one demon creeping his way back in: greed. Hardy was seen having drinks with Dixie Carter, and he thinks Hardy owes us an explanation. This is the most important match of Magnus’ life, and he’s not going to let anyone fool him. These fans shouldn’t let Hardy fool them, either.

[adinserter block=”1″]On that note, Hardy makes his way down to the ring. Hardy says Magnus is jumping to conclusions based on one moment time he shared with Dixie. Magnus doesn’t even know him. Magnus cuts him off and says this is the biggest night of his life. He’s not going to let any chances go. Hardy needs to explain himself. Magnus knows about his history. He didn’t forget 10-10-10. Hardy says that was a different version of him. Magnus says it may have been a different time, but not a different place. In the middle of a wrestling ring, Hardy sold out. On that day, Hardy made a deal with the devil for the World title, and he thinks Hardy might be getting ready to do it again. He didn’t think people would be filming last week. Everyone forgave Hardy last time. What are the “creatures” going to think if Hardy sold out again? Hardy tells Magnus to worry about his own life, not Hardy’s, then leaves the ring.

Christy Hemme is standing by with Kurt Angle. She says he has a big night with Bobby Roode. Angle declined his HOF induction, Roode beat him in his comeback match, and Roode has had his number ever since. Tonight, that all changes. He shows the world who he really is, and that he still has it. Not only will he beat Roode once, but he’ll beat him twice. This is not the end of him; it’s only the beginning.

We see JB outside a conference room, and says it has something to do with Feast or Fired. Chavo Guerrero walks up and JB asks him about his chances with the cases tonight. Chavo says he has a 75% chance of getting a title match. Zema Ion walks up and rambles about getting a title match. Chavo says there’s a 25% chance this loser will get fired tonight, and if Ion makes noises again, there’s a 100% chance Chavo will punch him in the face.

MATCH 1-Best-of-3-Falls Match: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
The two lock up, and Roode goes into a side headlock before shouldering him off the ropes for 1. Angle trips Roode for a 1-count of his own. They lock up again, and Angle applies the headlock this time. He then shoulders Roode off the ropes before they go into a crisscross. Angle goes for the Angle Slam early, but Roode escapes and goes for the DVD. Angle escapes and looks for the ankle lock, but Roode quickly gets to the bottom rope. Roode applies a waistlock, and Angle reverses before hitting a belly-to-back suplex and holding on. Roode breaks free with elbows before running into an overhead belly-to-belly. Roode slides to the floor, and Angle meets him at ringside with forearms to the head. Roode tries to slam him face-first into the guardrail, but Angle reverses. He rolls Roode back into the ring, ducks a clothesline and goes for the Murder-Suicide early, connecting with all three suplexes. Roode escapes the Angle Slam once more by countering into an armdrag, then low-blows Angle behind the ref’s back. He lands the DVD and gets 3.

Roode scores the first fall, putting it at 1-0. Commercials.

Back from the break, Roode has Angle in a rear chinlock, and Angle elbows his way out. He comes off the ropes, running right into a back elbow. Roode hits a suplex, but misses a jumping kneedrop. Angle lands a forearm to the face, a pair of clotheslines, and another overhead belly-to-belly. He misses a running shoulder thrust in the corner, colliding with the ring post. Roode then goes for the Bowflex, but Angle rolls through and hits the Angle Slam for 3.

Angle ties the score 1-1. After a few moments, Roode heads to the outside, but Angle throws him right back in the ring. He’s going for the Murder-Suicide again now, but Roode breaks the third suplex before applying the Bowflex. Angle counters into a pin for 2, and Roode counters into a crucifix for 2 of his own. Both men are back up, where Angle breaks free from a backslide before getting trapped in the Bowflex once more. Angle rolls through, gets to his feet and goes for the Angle Slam, but Roode escapes and hits the armbar takedown before locking in the Bowflex for the third time. Angle gets his arms free and applies the ankle lock. Roode crawls to the bottom rope, but Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring, then applies a Bowflex of his own. Roode gets to his feet and tries for the DVD once more, but Angle escapes and hits the Angle Slam for 2. Roode rolls to the floor, but Angle is on top of him, throwing him back in almost immediately. Roode tries to escape again, but Angle pulls him back in with the ankle lock. Roode counters into a victory roll while holding the ropes and gets 3, along with the deciding fall.

WINNER: Bobby Roode.

JB is once again outside the conference room, where the contents of the Feast or Fired cases will be opened later. Gunner and James Storm approach, and JB asks about what happened last week, saying Gunner got his case in controversial fashion. Gunner agrees, but both he and Storm knew the rules and what was at stake, and on a different day, Storm would have done the same thing. Storm says we’ll see if Gunner’s gamble will pay off, as he might get fired. Gunner says maybe, but maybe not, and the two of them head into the conference room.

Kurt Angle is in a locker room, and AI says that tonight was supposed be the final confrontation between him and Roode. Angle says he doesn’t know what happened out there. Roode isn’t out-wrestling him, but he is outsmarting him. He gives Roode credit. All he wanted to do was beat Roode, and he couldn’t do it. AI asks if Roode truly has his number. Angle says his pride won’t let him admit that. He just doesn’t know what to do. He’s got the holidays coming up with his family. He has to think of his next move, and right now, he doesn’t know.

Back to JB outside the conference room, Ethan Carter III approaches him and says JB still owes him a match, but not tonight. He says the only pink slips the Carters have are for a fleet of cars. His fate as a winner has been determined, and if all else fails, he happens to know the people in charge. He has his own entrance theme set as his ring tone, and answers his phone, as “Aunt Dee” is on the line. We hear the conversation, and she says the lawyers have told her nothing can be done about these cases, and yes, he could get fired.

Eric Young is backstage. Last week, he dropped a bomb on his tag team partner, and this week, he has a special gift for Joseph Park. We see what appears to be a folding chair wrapped in Christmas paper.

Moments later, EY makes his way out to the ring as we get a recap of the feud he and Park have been having with Bad Influence. Back to the arena, EY is in the ring with a table covered in gifts. He wants to get to the bottom of things right now, and asks Park to come out to the ring. Park obliges, and EY tells him once more that he’s Abyss. Park says EY has always been a great friend who has led him in the right direction. This past week has been a blur, and he’s been having people tell him different things from all sides. His head is so full, he doesn’t know what to believe. He will tell us this: his name is Joseph Park. EY says he took his fist, put it against Park’s head, Park bled, and Abyss showed up. Park says he’s looked at the footage, but he blacks out when that stuff happens. He is Joseph Park. EY has a new science experiment tonight. Part 1 is a match for Park against vs. BI in a Handicap Match next week. He’s made it special, as it will be a Monster’s Ball. Park says EY has lost it. That’s Abyss’ match, not his. He’s always listened to EY, but he’s putting his foot down this time. EY says that part 2 of this experiment is some visual aids, which he has wrapped up in the ring. Park opens the first package, which is a folding chair. The second one is a bag of thumbtacks. The last package is a roll of barbed wire. Park says he appreciates all this, but it doesn’t do anything for him. He’s sticking to his original answer of no, and will not be a part of this. EY says there’s one more gift, as he’s saved the best for last. The last gift is under the ring. Park heads to the outside and looks underneath, finding Janice (Abyss’ 2×4 covered in nails, in case you’ve forgotten) laying there. Park looks at Janice and tells EY he’ll do it.
We see Jeff Hardy in a locker room, sitting and thinking. Samoa Joe enters the room and tells him there’s no reason for him to look like this unless what Magnus said was true and Hardy is feeling guilty. Joe understands. They are wrestlers, the most hostile work environment in the world. With everyone trying to get ahead, he understands the attraction of a shortcut. He just never thought Hardy would be the kind of person to take that kind of bait. Hardy says if Joe is looking for an explanation, he’s not getting one. No one is.

Back to JB, as he’s now in the conference room with the Feast or Fired winners, and James Storm. He introduces Dixie Carter, who enters the room and is seated by her nephew. She says she is so used to coming up with amazing concepts like this and the Wheel of Dixie. Tonight, the stakes could not be higher, and the lives of these men are about to change. JB spouts some crap about a law office knowing what’s in the cases, and they’ve determined an order for the cases to be open. First up is Zema Ion, who scored case #2. His case contains the World X-Division title match. Up next is Gunner, who got case #1. He gets the World Championship match (Has anyone ever successfully cashed this case in?). Storm is pissed. Gunner stares him down and leaves. Storm follows. Chavo Guerrero got case #4, and he’s confident he has a World Tag Team title match in his case. Regardless of what’s in the case, it won’t change that he’s still a Guerrero. Carter says no matter what, he’ll never lose, because he’s still a Carter. Sting walks in and says he’s needed here because he asked Carter to do something great, and as a result, his legacy is now on the line. The word “legacy” in the same sentence as Carter’s name makes him nauseous. What also makes him nauseous is what Dixie’s doing to this place. He asks Chavo if anyone has ever handed him anything in this business. He says no, as Guerreros have always had to work twice as hard. Sting agrees, and the word “legacy” belongs with the name Guerrero. He then says this situation sucks. There’s a 50-50 chance Chavo will be fired, but Carter has that same chance. He can see that Carter is squirming right now, so instead of squirming, Sting offers a Carter a way out. What if he were to take whatever is in the case and put it on him? There’s only one prerequisite: Carter fights him just one time. Carter says this is Sting challenging him to do something great again…but he’ll take the briefcase. Sting figured that would happen and steps back. It’s now time to open the last two cases. The two open them simultaneously, and Carter gets the World Tag Team title match while Chavo is getting fired. Carter celebrates as Sting consoles Chavo, telling him this isn’t the end, but it is the beginning of the end for the Carter Family. Dixie disgusts him, and he doesn’t have any words for her nephew. Sting then walks away, and Dixie makes fun of how dramatic he was before telling her nephew it’s time to tell everyone in the family. Chavo continue to sulk.

AI asks Magnus for some final thoughts after his confrontation with Jeff Hardy earlier tonight. Magnus says his thoughts are the same as they were before. There are a lot of questions Hardy doesn’t want to answer. That’s okay, because Magnus is focused on the title. When he wins, all of those questions will be answered.

MATCH 2: Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa vs. ODB and Madison Rayne
Tapa and Rayne start the match. Tapa grabs Rayne by the throat and shoves her down. Rayne recovers and tries for a waistlock, but Tapa more or less just shrugs her off. She grabs Rayne by the hair, but Rayne breaks free with a kick. She ducks a clothesline and tags in ODB. The two lock up, and Tapa backs ODB into the corner. ODB ducks a shot and begins nailing Tapa in the chest with forearm shots. Tapa blocks a corner whip and kicks ODB in the gut before hitting a bodyslam. Kim tags in and throws ODB into the corner before hitting a body attack through the ropes and yanking ODB down by the hair from the apron. Back in the ring, Kim hits a punch and sends ODB across the ring before ODB recovers and hits a clothesline. She sends Kim into the corner and hits an avalanche before nailing Tapa on the apron. Kim uses the distraction to hit a running seated dropkick. Tapa tags in and hits an over-the-shoulder backbreaker drop. Tapa kicks ODB in the back, then chokes her against the middle rope. ODB fights back from her knees before running into a sloppy big boot. Kim tags in and goes for the pin, getting 2. Kim follows up with a European uppercut and a foot choke in the corner. She misses a splash and runs into a pancake. Rayne tags in and hits a pair of clotheslines and a hair mare. She hits another clothesline and a spear before slamming Kim’s head into the mat. Tapa pulls her off, and ODB jumps on Tapa’s back with a sleeper. Tapa dumps her to the outside and leaves the ring as Kim nails Rayne with a forearm to the back of the head. She follows up with a short-arm clothesline and goes for Eat Defeat, but Rayne counters into a backslide for 3.

WINNERS: ODB and Madison Rayne.

We see Jeff Hardy in his locker room again when Sting enters. He says he’s not here to lecture Hardy. He’s been around longer than Hardy and knows what it’s like to be second-guessed. He’s not asking for an explanation. Hardy doesn’t owe Samoa Joe and Magnus one, either. He does, however, owe one to his fans and his family. Hardy needs to stay true to himself. Hardy knows that, but Sting doesn’t completely understand. Sting says he does.

It’s time for another #Impact365 video, recorded earlier this week. We see Rockstar Spud with Dixie Carter in her house. Spud is trying to apologize for what happened last week. Dixie doesn’t want to hear it, since Spud failed to get the World title belt back. Now, the reason she has invited him to her house is because Magnus is facing Hardy, and she doesn’t have a belt to present to the winner. AJ Styles is digging himself deeper and deeper into a legal hole, but she’s going to take care of that. What she needs from Spud is that he needs to find someone that will make them a new World title belt in time for the championship match. She cannot look foolish on this.

We see the set-up for the Dixie Land Match in the arena, including a shot of the “new” World title belt.

Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring for the main event. He tells the audience he’d like to erase some of the mistakes he’s made in the past, but he can’t. He’s human. Then Magnus comes out and reminds him of what happened three years ago. He says that was a mistake, and it won’t be repeated. Yeah, he met with Dixie last week. So what? He thought about his past, but he also thought about his future. He thought about his wife, his daughter, and why he loves to do what he does. He loves to entertain the world in this ring. Dixie Carter, he knows she wanted to corrupt him with big promises of money and lifetime contracts. He also knows what would come with that: she would own him. Nobody owns him. Nobody owns “the creatures”. What did he say to Dixie last week? He said she could take her big money and stick it. Like AJ Styles, he’s going to win the title, he’s going to represent the company the way it should be represented…

Dixie’s music hits, and she marches her way down to the ring. She asks Hardy if he wants to compare himself to AJ, then says we’ll do that for a minute. She sees one glaring similarity between the two of them, and that is everything that he has, he owes to her. Everything his family has, they owe to her. Hardy can come out here and talk about all of these mistakes he’s made, but she’s the one who stood by him the whole time. Hardy tries to say something, and she tells him not to interrupt. All of these fans abandoned him when he needed them, but she didn’t. It’s because of that he kept his job, so tonight, let’s think about what is best for her and her company, not what is best for Hardy’s wife and his daughter. If Hardy can’t do that, he’ll be out of a job just like AJ. If that happens, who will sell his merchandise? The way she sees it, he needs her a lot more than she needs him. So, Hardy has an important decision to make tonight. Since this is an important match, she’s going to stay out here and watch. Good luck.

MATCH 3-Dixie Land Match for the vacant World Championship: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus
In case you’ve forgotten, this match starts as a Cage Match. You have to escape the cage, then make your way to a ladder that’s set up on the stage, climb the ladder and grab the title belt. We see Dixie standing near the ladder on the stage. Hardy starts thematch with rights, but Magnus shoves him off and begins nailing him in the corner before throwing him into the adjacent corner and hitting a European uppercut. Hardy falls to the mat, so Magnus picks him back up and nails a forearm to the face. Hardy gets whipped across the ring, but counters with a spinning headscissors. Hardy follows up with a corner splash, then hits some mounted punches. Magnus collapses, and Hardy hits a slingshot dropkick. He throws Magnus into the adjacent corner and hits a few shoulder thrusts before trying an Irish whip. Magnus reverses, telegraphs a back body drop, then recovers and hits a misdirection clothesline. He heads up and looks to start climbing out of the cage, but instead tries the flying elbow, which misses. Hardy gets to his feet and climbs up, looking to escape. Magnus cuts him off, pulls him back in and the two trade shots. Hardy slams Magnus face-first into the cage wall, knocking him to the mat. He goes for the swanton bomb, which misses. Magnus crawls to the corner and begins to climb, but Hardy cuts him off. We see Ethan Carter III has joined Dixie on the stage. Hardy hits a back suplex from the top rope as we go to commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Hardy begins trying to escape the cage from the camera hole, but Magnus pulls him back in. Hardy counters with a reverse enziguri, hits an inverted atomic drop, a double legdrop and a seated dropkick. He connects with a clothesline off the ropes, then looks to climb out once more. Magnus grabs him by the foot, and Hardy kicks him away and hits a reverse springboard splash from the middle of the top rope. He hits a sit-out Twist of Fate, then goes for another one. Magnus shoves him off and clips his left knee with a chopblock.

At this point, my computer crapped out on me, losing some of the recap in the process. Fortunately, I remember the ending, so I can at least do that much for you. Eventually, both men climb out at the same time, and as Magnus is climbing down, Carter tries to cut him off. Magnus kicks him to the floor, then drops as well. We see that Hardy has also dropped to the floor, and begins walking up the ramp. He sees Carter and hits him with a sit-out Twist of Fate. He looks at Magnus, and the two begin trading blows, with Magnus dominating the exchange. He starts crawling up the ramp, but before he gets too far, Hardy drops him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy heads up to the ladder, but Dixie steps in front of the ladder and tells him he’ll climb it over her dead body. Hardy screams at her, scaring her away. He climbs to the top, but before he can grab the belt, Rockstar Spud comes out and shoves the ladder over, sending Hardy down onto the ramp, where he nearly lands on his head. Magnus recovers, and Spud screams at him to climb the ladder. Magnus obliges and grabs the belt.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Magnus. After the match, Dixie raises Magnus’ arm in victory, and he celebrates with her, Carter and Spud.

End of show.

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Dustin Nichols
Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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