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TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory 2013 Results: AJ Wins, No Hulk

TNA Wrestling capped off their 2013 pay-per-view scheduled with Bound for Glory 2013. There was plenty of news inside of the ring but it is the news outside of the ring that has fans and media talking on Monday morning.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hulk Hogan did not appear on Bound for Glory as many expected he would. This would certainly indicate to me that Hogan has not re-signed with TNA. Not only that, there were no teases or angles set up indicating he was coming back (other than Bully mocking him for a second in his match). I wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that Hogan has signed with the WWE. Maybe he still does make a deal with TNA at some point. There was also a noticeable booking shift with new guys getting pushed and new storylines which would also indicate to me that Hogan certainly isn’t pulling any strings behind the scenes. It is an interesting story to watch.

The next date to watch is October 29. WWE 2K14 is scheduled to be released then. The game features a classic WrestleMania mode highlighting Hogan. I would imagine that if Hogan isn’t signed with TNA by then that he will wind up doing a ton of promotion for it. Again that also doesn’t necessarily mean that he signed with WWE. It could be a promotional deal similar to The Ultimate Warrior’s with the gaming company. If that happens it would be real interesting to see if Hogan makes it to WWE TV.

The other outside of the ring story that isn’t getting a lot of play is the missing MMA talent. Remember when TNA and Dixie made such a big deal when they signed Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz. Numerous reports indicated that the company had big plans to use them for Bound for Glory. Neither was on the show nor were there any indicators they are coming. So what exactly was the point of bringing them again if you aren’t going to use them on your biggest show of the year?

The big news inside of the ring is that AJ Styles is the new TNA world heavyweight champion. Styles beat Bully Ray for the title in a storyline where he doesn’t have a contract. Whether he is or isn’t signed to a long term deal is up for debate at this point with many reporting that he isn’t extended beyond two months. Dixie Carter interfered at one point giving Bully a chair and ordered Earl Hebner not to count to three. Hebner did anyway and later counted the winning pinfall.

I am not as much on the Styles bandwagon as some fans are. I think the angle is quite frankly ridiculous. While there may be some truth to it, I think it is way too soon to blatantly copy an angle that every wrestling fan just watched a couple of years back. Styles was never a draw and there were reports that WWE had no interest in signing him. My hunch is that he is some kind of a transitional champion. According to Dave Meltzer’s latest podcast the company wants to do the Punk angle with AJ better than the WWE did it with Punk. I don’t know what that means. To me that would indicate that AJ is going to show up somewhere else with the belt and stay off of television for awhile.

The other big news was Magnus beating Sting. Not only did Magnus beat Sting but he beat him clean. Sting doesn’t lose these kinds of matches so what this looks like to me is a guy putting someone over on the way out. All signs are pointing to Sting heading to the WWE when his contract is up in a few months. I guess Sting could stay and get his win back next year on Magnus and have a big feud. The timing though of this is suspect with all of the recent Sting rumors so I am betting that he’s gone. Regardless it was a great push for Magnus who looks like he may be next in line for the title.

[adinserter block=”2″]Full TNA Bound for Glory 2013 results and winners…
(Pre-show) The Bro Mans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) (with Phil Heath) defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and Eric Young and Joseph Park in a tag team gauntlet to win a TNA World Tag Team Championship match
Chris Sabin (with Velvet Sky) defeated Manik , Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe in an Ultimate X match to win the TNA X Division Championship
The Bro Mans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) (with Phil Heath) defeated James Storm and Gunner to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship
Gail Kim defeated ODB and Brooke in a Three-Way match to win the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle
Ethan Carter III defeated Norv Fernum
Magnus defeated Sting
A.J. Styles defeated Bully Ray (with Brooke) in a No Disqualification match to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

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