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TNA Wrestling Announces Name Change

TNA Wrestling changes name to Impact WrestlingI was always sure that TNA Wrestling wouldn’t last through 2011 and I was right…well technically. TNA Wrestling is no more, at least by name. The company officially announced a name change as part of an angle at the TNA Impact tapings. Stop reading now if you wish to avoid any Impact spoilers.

[adinserter block=”2″]TNA Wrestling will now be called Impact Wrestling. TNA’s name change was reported as part of an angle that was taped at the Impact tapings. The name change had been rumored for the last few weeks but will go official when this particular episode of Impact airs on May 12.

According to a report on, Mick Foley had a confrontation with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff during this particular Impact episode. Foley (who wound up being the representative of the “network”) revealed the new name of the company. Foley also said that the new company would feature more wrestling which is the same line of garbage TNA always throws out every time a change on Impact is announced, yet wind up presenting the exact same product two weeks later.

Sometimes it seems that TNA takes a lot of unjust criticism from bloggers like me but this whole rebranding story just fuels the fire. TNA Wrestling is struggling right now badly in the ratings. The obvious deduction would be that with lower ratings come lower buyrates, so I think it would be fair to say that if less people are interesting in watching TNA’s free TV show that less people are interested in paying to watch their product. The fact that the company feels that a name change will change their current fortunes is just so preposterous to me that I actually find it funny.

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The problem with TNA Wrestling or should I say the Impact Wrestling offices is hardly the name. I actually liked the name and it gives their fans a nice little rallying cry, “T-N-A!” The problem continues to be the complete lack of fresh ideas, inspired storylines, and stale talent at the top of the cards. Changing their name will do absolutely nothing in regards to those current issues and appears to be a complete waste of resources for a company that loves to waste their resources.

[adinserter block=”1″]I also find it a bit curious that a company that spent the last nine years trying to establish their corporate brand would change it without good reason. Say what you will about TNA but I think they have done a great job of establishing their identity as an alternative to the WWE. Changing their name to Impact Wrestling is bound to confuse the real casual wrestling fan base and maybe even corporate sponsors. It just seems like a whole lot of wasted time for a company that desperately needs to be using every second of its time wisely.

There have been a few conflicting reports today that the name change was for the television show only. From the people I have talked to and the trusted reporters that I do follow, the majority seem to agree that the name change is for the company and not the show. Hulk Hogan sent a tweet out earlier that also reinforced the point.

But hey, at least they kept the name wrestling in their name right?

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  1. Eric,

    Storylines, scripts, and melodrama. That is what killed wrestling to begin with! Need to get back to the old days when natural talent could rise to the top and the hangers on could hang on, to the bigger stars. Jim Crocket promotions worked so well because they had stars who could make the company, not companies making the stars. There is a big, big difference. But, when you are catering to the minds of ten year olds, then your end result is bound to be JOHN CENA, THE NEXUS, GUNNER AND ORLANDO JORDAN………..

  2. My opinion is that I to would not have chosen TNA Wrestling as a name for the company! But IMACT WRESTLING! is crap! Honestly Crap!.. They changed thier colours to blue and white, and are going by the name IMPACT WRESTLING! To me it sounds and looks like they are copying "Smack Down" without the"WWE" or in this case "TNA". All wrestling companies have easy abreaviated names like "ROH, LDN, WWE, NWA, NJ PRO WRESTLING, hey even WCW and ECW" were easyer to notice and remember! I am a fan of the old "Holk" not his role mow but to me TNA was stablished and was going places befor, with things like the X-Division and the Knockouts but with thier latest moove I think that they have created thier downfall! Fast! But you know what if TNA goes and a new company gets started it probably by the young talent and would perhaps not do the same mistakes like TNAis doing right now!…

  3. Impact Wrestling ? That's fu*ked up….So, I will tell my son….Hey, let's watch I.W tonight ? LOL…….Hell, I always thought TNA was a stupid name…Total Non Stop Action ? That to me was a bad name for a " big time " wrestling promotion, but, I must say, this is worse. I guess I'm from a different era, I guess I'm old school, but does that mean promoters shouldn't try and keep us old heads happy too ?

  4. WWF changed their name to WWE to focus on being an "Entertainment" brand and now they've taken the wrestling out of it and a "entertainers." I feel like TNA had to change their name because they haven't been "Total Nonstop Action" in awhile. Perhaps with the wrestlers the let wrestle they should change it to "DUI" Wrestling? I'm sure they will fail to make an IMPACT with the new name because the formula is still the same.. Same recipe, different name – WCW 2. Vince won't have to buy them, they're going to disappear.

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