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Former WWE Champion Wants MMA Fight With Couture

Kurt Angle Okay this headline may be a little misleading, yet true. TNA Knockout, Lisa Marie Varon is following in the steps of Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Known as Victoria when she was a WWE Diva, Varon has officially called out Kim Couture. Varon will hope to do what fellow TNA wrestler Kurt Angle couldn’t do, fight a Couture.

At 38-years old, Varon may be biting off more than she can chew. Varon has no MMA experience to my knowledge. Varon’s only combat background is in pro wrestling. Varon is counting on her athleticism to help make this a successful transition. She should probably ask Dos Caras Jr. how that worked out when he fought Mirko Cro Cop.

It is truly an amazing era we are seeing in successful pro wrestlers venturing into mixed-martial arts. In the past, it was successful MMA stars that looked to jump to pro wrestling. Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, and Tank Abbott are three guys that capitalized on their MMA fame with big wrestling contracts. Ironically it was Shamrock who arguably reversed those roles when he left big WWE money to jump back into MMA.

Varon is currently working with Rich Franklin’s management team. Varon is also wrestling in TNA Wrestling. That is a red flag right there for me. Lesnar has done nothing but train in MMA since entering the sport. I can’t see someone as new as Varon doing that well when she isn’t devoting 100% of her time to MMA training.

Varon’s manager has said that they have their eyes on Kim Couture. Couture is 1-1 in her short MMA career. Couture was brutalized in her last fight against Kim Rose. Varon is hoping to capitalize on the Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg momentum and sign with Strikeforce. I think Varon may be taking Couture a little too lightly based off of her last fight. I am sure Strikeforce would love to promote a fight between the two and capitalize on both of their names.

I wish Varon all of the luck in the world but I just don’t see it happening. Unlike Varon, Lesnar and Lashley made the transition much younger. I also think people overlook Lesnar’s amazing amateur wrestling credentials and think it is easy to make the transition. Lashley also has a tremendous amateur wrestling acumen. I can’t see someone who has abused their body in pro wrestling at 38-years old without any fighting experience doing well.

Kim Couture vs. Kim Rose

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