TNA Wrestling Turning Point Preview and Predictions


TNA Turning Point 2009This Sunday night, November 15, 2009, TNA presents their second to last Pay Per View event of the year, off the heals of the big Hulk Hogan announcement. Turning Point looks to be a very solid card, and I can only hope that TNA actually delivers this time, contrary to what has transpires with TNA Pay Per Views in the past.

ODB(c), Taylor Wilde, and Sarita vs. The Beautiful People in a 6 Knockout Tag Match for both the Knockout world and tag titles

This match should be fairly decent, showcasing some of the best Knockouts in TNA. One problem that I have with this match, is that TNA really overdoes matches, with multiple titles on the line. I personally believe that these types of match are often very confusing, and unnecessary. Putting that aside, the action in this one should be decent. By the way, hopefully the exciting teamwork of Taylor Wilde and Sarita, will compensate for the repulsive wrestling ability of one, Lacey Von Erich! She is pretty damn hot though!

The Amazing Red vs. Homicide for the X Division Championship

The X Division title match, is a match that has the potential to be a great match up, if given the proper amount of time. These two individuals, in Homicide and Amazing Red, have had very fast and furious, entertaining matches with one another in the past, and this one should be no exception, hopefully running longer than their past matches on IMPACT. Overall, this should be pretty good stuff.

Tara vs. Awesome Kong in the 6 Sides Of Steel Cage

[adinserter block=”1″]Kong vs. Tara, is a match that I’ve been looking forward to, ever since Tara debuted in TNA. The tremendous battles of the past, between Kong and Gail Kim, where groundbreaking, and this match up, at Turning Point, is going to be the closest thing to that. This is going to be a momentous contest, between the monstrous Kong, and her adversary, a woman who doesn’t know the word quit, Tara. Although this should be a great match, I don’t quite understand why TNA is over booking the steel cage gimmick here. A steel cage match should only be booked on occasion, in order to conserve its uniqueness. A steel cage match, should only be booked to keep out outside interference, and this doesn’t apply to the Kong/Tara feud. TNA has been talking about how the 6 Sides of Steel is the only way to contain the two, so I guess it makes a little bit of sense. All in all, it doesn’t make much sense, but it should be a great, great match, nevertheless!

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The British Invasion vs. Beer Money for the TNA tag titles

I’m looking forward to this one, for TNA has done a great job in building their tag team division as of late. I’m also glad that Beer Money was added to this match, for their hasn’t been much of a rivalry going on between the MCMG and the Brits as of late. Although I think it would make to most sense to have a blow out match between Beer Money and the Brits alone, this match should be very fast paced, and entertaining.

Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

What do you get when put two 275 plus pound guys in the ring together? You get a slow paced, dull match, with little actual wrestling involved. Although this is not going to be a great wrestling match, I’ve got to admit that I have enjoyed the story line going on between Lashley and Steiner, especially last week, when the two brawled in Lashley’s hotel room. Adding Lashely’s wife, Crystal to the equation, only fuels both men’s fire, and this match should tell a fairly interesting story, if nothing else.

Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

Desmond Wolfe, besides his ridiculous new name, made the decision to come to TNA, rather than accept a contract with the WWE. In my opinion, he made the right decision, for he has received an immediate push here in TNA. The first night he debuted, he plunged into a major feud, with one of TNA’s top stars, in Kurt Angle. This is a new, intriguing feud, that is a breath of fresh air in TNA. This Sunday, their match up with one another should be one for the ages, between two of the best technical wrestlers in the entire United States.

Team 3D and Rhino vs. Matt Morgan, Hernandez, and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in a 6 man tag team Street Fight

This match up can be summed up as TNA’s origonals vs. the veterans of pro wrestling, which is a lot like the old feud, between the Main Event Mafia, and the Originals. Hopefully, TNA doesn’t drop the ball, like they did with the MEM/Frontline fued, and put over the younger guys, as the future of professional wrestling. This match looks very interesting, and with the Street Fight stipulation added, this should be a very fun match.

AJ Styles (C) vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

[adinserter block=”2″]Finally, TNA gives us a main event worthy of our hard spend time and money, as three of TNA’s most talented, young stars go at it in the 6 sided ring. These three had, arguably, the greatest match in the history of TNA, at Unbreakable 2005. This is the very first rematch since that historic night, and I can’t wait to be mesmerized by these three incredible athletes. I also really like the way TNA has put a suspenseful, adequate storyline into this match. The tension between AJ and Daniels, and Joe as well, could be cut with a knife, and I can hardly wait for these three to be let loose at Turning Point!

Overall, the card for Turning Point, looks great, and hopefully TNA will deliver this time. Nearly every match on the card interests me, and I can’t wait until Sunday!

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