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Sting Wins The TNA Title On Impact Wrestling

Sting wrestled Ken Anderson for the TNA title on ImpactFor no other apparent reason other than to get TNA Wrestling fans’ minds off how much better the X Division is after Destination X, TNA changed a major championship at the Midsummer’s Nightmare Impact taping on Monday.

Be warned, you are about to read TNA Impact spoilers for the July 14 episode. Stop reading now if you wish to remain surprised. Okay, you have been warned.

[adinserter block=”2″]For reasons that I am still scratching my head trying to figure out, Sting regained the TNA world championship from Mr. Anderson this past Monday night at the Impact Wrestling taping. The heavily promoted championship match will headline a jam-packed Impact episode to air this Thursday and set up TNA’s next big event, Hardcore Justice.

According to several reports the taping opened up with Immortal officially welcoming Ken Anderson into their club. Sting interrupted the party and had another confrontation with Eric Bischoff. Who would have guessed? Bischoff asked Sting to take a bet on who would win the main-event between Sting and Anderson. Sting promised that he had backup tonight, four friends in clown makeup that would watch his back.

It doesn’t get much more riveting than that does it? Guess again.

I read several reports about the main-event and it was really hard to get a feel on whether it was a good or bad match. So in that respect, you’ll have to tune in and judge for yourself. According to reports both guys used the other’s finisher in the match. Bully Ray interfered after a referee bump, the lights went out, and a clown clobbered Ray and Anderson with a bat. One Scorpion Death Drop later and Sting is the new TNA champion for a fourth time.

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Normally I would rant about why it makes little sense to have Sting drop the title and win it back so fast on free television. However, I am not a big Ken Anderson fan at all so the idea that I don’t have to see headline pay per views for the next few months as champion makes this a win-win for me. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t get his appeal whatsoever.

Sting on the other hand is a mixed bag. On one hand you know you are getting a slower, older Sting in 2011. I would love to see the company go with a younger, more athletic champion that could excite the crowd and maybe give those Cena haters a reason to get on the TNA bandwagon. On the other hand he has been fun to watch his new character and adds a new twist to his matches. I just don’t know how you can expect fans to pay $45 to watch a 52-year old wrestler who looks like he is wrestling with rocks in his boots when you have so many more talented wrestlers underneath who get a fraction of his face time.

Sting is now tied with Kurt Angle for the most number of TNA championship reigns. In a move that probably isn’t coincidence, the title change comes a few weeks before Kurt Angle will challenge for the title. Sting vs. Kurt Angle will headline TNA Hardcore Justice on August 7 from the Impact Zone.

[adinserter block=”1″]I haven’t seen a bad Kurt Angle match in a long time but he is going to have his hands full on August 7. Angle wouldn’t have had a problem getting a great match out of Anderson but there is only so much you can do with Sting’s physical limitations. Maybe with the Hardcore Justice name they throw in a couple of stipulations to take the pressure off of them wrestling a straight match for 20 something minutes? Maybe they change the title back before the pay per view?

One thing I can guarantee is that these guys have their hands full if they plan on topping the main-event I just watched from Destination X.

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