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TNA Sacrifice 2010 Results and Review

TNA Sacrifice 2010For this TNA Sacrifice review, I am going to do things slightly differently. I didn’t submit my preview early enough, so here is both the preview and review of the PPV. Should be interesting to see how my pre show thoughts and after thoughts compare. Enjoy…

Number One Contenders For Tag Team Championship: Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

This match was just kind of thrown together here, but should be a solid matchup full of plenty of action nevertheless. These teams faced off on IMPACT this past week with Inc Inc. thrown in the mix so we already saw a preview of sorts. I’d personally add generation Me into the mix to make things a bit different but I believe that one of the brothers are currently injured so that may not be an option. Again, should be fun and a fair candidate to open the show with a bang and set the pace for the evening.

As I predicted in the preview, this was a very, very solid opener with great work from all men involved. Team 3D looked decent, Beer Money looked good as always with great double teaming, and the Guns gave the match a fast paced, action packed feel. The match actually went a bit longer than I would have expected. Pleasant surprise. The Guns picked up the win in about 15 minutes after a frog splash/neckbreaker combo on Brother Ray. I would have liked to have seen Beer Money win the match here, however the Guns are a nice choice too. They were my second choice so everything was good.

Winners: MCMG

Match Rating: ***

TNA Global Championship: Rob Terry (C) vs. Orlando Jordan

This has got to be one of the strangest feuds on this card, or in recent memory for that matter. Orlando Jordan, along with his bi-sexual gimmick, has eyed The Freak several times and things came to a head last week when he attacked Terry and took him out with a cement vase. This past Thursday on IMPACT Jordan attacked Terry once again and laid him out with a steel pipe. Never really got an logical explanation of why Jordan has an issue with Terry but I believe that’s the point with Jordan’s bizarre character being sexually attracted to Terry. Yes, I’m serious. Not really looking forward to this match at all. Had bizarre yet formulaic build but will certainly not be the most exciting match in the world. Should at least be watchable. Something tells me it’s going to get bizarre and disgusting at some point thanks to Jordan. I’m not going to elaborate. Would be inappropriate…

[adinserter block=”1″]Again, as I predicted, this match was nothing special. Very formulaic matchup, which was quite slow paced. One thing positive I can say about this match was that it had decent psychology, with Jordan working on Terry’s leg and knee throughout the majority of the match. The match went on for about 10 minutes. It seemed to drag on a bit too long and would have probably been better had it only gone 5-7 minutes rather than the 10. Very slow match, but psychology will bring up the rating a bit. Terry ended up picking up the win with a one armed spine buster out of nowhere. After the match, Jordan attacked Terry’s knee from behind on the ramp way and ended up ramming his injured knee into the Global Championship. Not really looking forward to this feud continuing to be honest.

Winner: Rob Terry (C)

Match Rating: **1/4

X Division Championship: Kaz (C) vs. Douglas Williams

Here is another matchup which should be a very solid bout between two great wrestlers. Williams has taken the X Division Championship captive ever since he was stripped of it for not being able to make it to the title match at TNA Lockdown and it will be put up or shut up time for the cocky young Brit to prove if he really is what he says he is, the rightful champion. This will be Kaz’s opportunity as well to prove he is the undisputed X Division Champion. Should not disappoint.

I said in the preview that this match would not disappoint, and boy was I right once again! This was one of, if not the, match of the night! The two started off with some great chain wrestling. Kaz was trying to beat Williams at his own game but going hold for hold with him. The two went hold for hold for a good 5 minutes. A very puro type feel to the beginning of this match, which was a refreshing change of pace. Great stuff! The match picked up momentum after the initial feeling out process and the two ended up going back and forth with Kaz’s high flying style clashing with William’s technical style. Both men looked great, and I knew they would if they were able to just go out there and wrestle, which they were! To my surprise once again, this match actually went for well over 15 minutes! In the end, Williams won the title back cleanly with his rolling German suplex into the bridge. I really hadn’t expected Williams to win the match, but I was happy that I was surprised for once. About time we get some unpredictability back in wrestling! Great match and I expect and look forward to the continuation of this feud!

Winner: Douglas Williams (C)

Match Rating: ***3/4

TNA Knockout Championship (If Tara Looses She Must Leave TNA): Madison Rayne (C) vs. Tara

Not much build to this one besides Tara’s monster heel push. Should be an average woman’s match equivalent to the WWE Divas. We all know Tara is most likely going to loose as well. She is said to be leaving TNA because she didn’t come to a contractual deal that was appealing to her when it came to renewal. TNA’s knockout division is steadily declining and it’s obvious. When Tara leaves hopefully women like Taylor Wilde, Sarita, or Hamada will get a title shot. There aren’t that may other knockouts so this hope may be more realistic than just wishful thinking.

I was actually a bit surprised with this match. It wasn’t up to par with what I would like to see from the knockouts, however it was better than I had originally expected. Rayne looked better than usual, but still not Knockout Champion material in my mind. The two were given about 10 minutes which was a plus and fought back and forth throughout the entire match. Toward the end, Tara hit a moonsault from the top rope onto Rayne for a very close two count. Tara went for another but Rayne moved out of the way, hit a reverse Playmaker into a backstabber to the neck for the win. Tara bowed to the fans as they treated her to a classy round of applause and a “Thank you Tara” chant. Very classy way to go out for Tara.

Winner: Madison Rayne (C)

Match Rating: **1/2

TNA World Tag Team Championships: The Band (Kevin Nash And Scott Hall) (C) vs. Inc Inc.

Last Thursday on IMPACT Nash cashed in his briefcase for the tag title shot and was successful along with his partner Scott Hall. The two will face the new, young, and up and coming tag team of Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal with the gold on the line. Inc Inc. is showing a lot of potential, but it’s pretty difficult to put on a good match with The Band nowadays, therefore I’m not particularly looking forward to this match. Should be watchable at best.

About what I expected here as far as the match quality itself went. Watchable, but Nash and Hall really slowed the pace of the match. Inc. Inc were still made to look good against the champs though which I was thrilled with. Pretty formulaic stuff from The Band as well as hard work from Inc Inc. to keep things moving along. The entire match went about 10 minutes. In the end, Eric Young ran out with a kendo stick but Team 3D ran out and clobbered him from behind, taking it and cracking him right over the head with it! Brother Ray went in the ring and took Nash out with it. Jesse Neal then told Ray to let him take it from there. Ray turned right around and blasted Neal right over the head with a sick kendo stick shot! I expected this to happen sooner than later after the friction between Neal and Team 3D from weeks past but this turn was just done well and looked fantastic! Looks like we’ll be getting a Team 3D/Inc Inc. feud now, which is fairly appealing to me and should make for some very solid matches. Eric Young ran out and drug Nash over the fallen body of Neal to retain the titles. Young also announced earlier that the belts belonged to the entire Band faction so any combo of the 3 could defend the belts. Makes me feel a tad bit better about them holding the belts but I still don’t approve of it.

Winners: The Band (C)

Match Rating: **3/4

Ring vs.Chelsea Match: Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss

[adinserter block=”2″]These two have had their problems in the past and had a small storyline leading into Lockdown, but this feud came to a head last week on IMPACT when Wolfe and Chelsea came up with a plot to send Abyss prison and back out of the match after putting on a show. They were soon caught on video talking about their plan and Abyss was released leading into the match this Sunday. The match is a little corny as far as the ring vs. Chelsea stipulation is concerned, however the match has had a good build, especially after last week. The wrestling here should be decent, and could turn into a very solid match. I’m sure Abyss will win it and do an angle with Chelsea. Could be interesting, and could be a flop though at the same time. Depends on how it’s pulled off and booked.

believe it or not, this match exceeded my expectations. I’m not saying it was a great, great match or anything, but it was very good. Told a great story with more than enough psychology and has decent wrestling action throughout. It was given plenty of time as well. If there was one thing I noticed from the PPV if what that each and every match was given plenty of time which is great! The match went about 15 minutes, with Wolfe working on Abyss’s arm and shoulder specifically. Wolfe really does know how to isolate a body part and truly pick it apart. In the end, Wolfe hit Abyss in the face with a pair of brass knuckles, but abyss kicked out! This was a false finished that really seemed to get the crowd excited. Abyss “Hulked Up” and pinned Wolfe with a Black Hole Slam. Wish Abyss would stop with the Hogan gimmick and just be himself. Same with AJ. I feel he acts and dresses to much like Flair. Anyway, this starts what I predicted, the Abyss/Chelsea angle which could be either entertaining or a total flop, all depending on how it’s booked.

Winner: Abyss

Match Rating: ***1/2

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

This match came about several weeks ago on IMPACT when Anderson mocked “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero who he will most likely feud with next, and Jeff Hardy came out to defend Pope and challenged Anderson to a match at Sacrifice. Things came to a head between the two after several interesting promos when Anderson cost hardy his match last week on IMPACT and the two started brawling around the arena, until Hardy finished Anderson off with a Sawnton Bomb off of the announce table onto Anderson through a table. This brings us to their upcoming match at Sacrifice, which in my opinion should be a very good match between two great performers. The psychology should be there too for Anderson does a phenomenal job with bringing the psychology to the table.

Again, as I had expected, this was a very good matchup. It was pretty much back and forth throughout with Hardy hitting a few notable spots such as running down the ramp and running up and off of a chair, sending Anderson head over heels back into the ring over the top rope thanks to his patented horizontal leg drop in mid air. Anderson also took a sick back body drop over the top onto the ramp way. His ribs were taped up after the Swanton on IMPACT so this didn’t help matters. A nice false finish in the end saw Hardy kicking out of a Mic Check. Hardy ended up hitting a Swanton Bomb for the win. After the match, Anderson extended his hand to Anderson in attempt to shake his hand, but hardy walked out, unsure if he should trust him or not. Before this match in a promo, Anderson referred to his fans as the “assholes”. Crowd had many creative chants thanks to this such as “we are a$$holes” and “lets go a$$hole”. It was quite comical. Looks like a possible Anderson face change which is similar to what happened to him in WWE when the fans cheered him as a heel after a while.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Match Rating: ***/12

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

This Sunday night, Jarrett and Sting with face off once again. These two have not only faced one another a million times in TNA, but WCW as well. This feud is just repetitive, however the two can still put on a semi decent matchup at least so it shouldn’t be so bad, especially if a do DQ type stipulation is added to it, which is likely after their wild brawls over the last couple of weeks. The storyline here is that Jarrett is demanding that Sting give him an explanation as to why he turned on he, Hogan, and the rest of TNA. State angle with too many old timers involved.

This was no match, but more of an angle. Sting attacked Jarrett in the back and beat him bloody all the way to the ringside area, where he stomped on Jarrett’s shoulder on the steel ring steps with his baseball bat. Jarrett was now screaming in pain as the blood dripped down his forehead. When the match officially began, Sting hit a Scorpion Deathdrop for the immediate win. After the match, Jarrett was loaded onto a stretcher and Sting shoved it over, but finally left when Hulk Hogan walked out. Decent brawl here, but again, the storyline is stale and the old timers involved are not what I want to see anymore. Hopefully the continuation of this feud with be minimal. Expect Jarrett to be written off of television for a while.

Winner: Sting

Match Rating: N/A

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam (C) vs. AJ Styles

The main event for Sacrifice should be one for the ages as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion takes on the former champ! The first dream match between these two took place just last month on IMPACT and teased what could be a classic matchup if given a proper amount of time. The match has had very solid hype all month between the two who both have been bickering back and forth over who really is the best wrestler in the world. Things reached a climax last week on IMPACT when AJ pinned RVD after he was attacked on the outside by both AJ and Mr. Anderson. Should be a classic!

I went into this match expecting a classic. This match no classic, but it was a great main event nevertheless. Flair was forced to leave ringside thanks to the ref so he joined Mike Tenay and taz for commentary. I would have preferred that Flair not do this because it may have been distracting from the match at times, however Flair did a nice job of putting over the athletes in the ring so this was forgivable. This wasn’t about him and he didn’t act like it was. Tons of great back and forth action from both men resulting in several stand offs in the early going. Things soon picked up with a sweet spot early on where AJ went for a moonsault off of the ramp but RVD moved and AJ landed on his feet but then as soon as he stuck the landing RVD hit a moonsault off of the ramp of his own taking AJ out! As I said, plenty of back and forth action including both wrestlers hitting their signature moves. We also got to see the return of the Van Terminator! Just wish he would use the chair. After about 20 minutes, Flair ran down to the ring but Jay Lethal came out and hooked Flair in the Figure Four Leg Lock while RVD hit AJ with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win! The Lethal and Flair stuff made sense and they will hopefully be having a match at TNA Slammiversary, however this is something that could have taken place on IMPACT for I do believe it took some focus off of the match at hand. It wasn’t anything like Destination X though where everyone and their brother interfered. Overall, this could have been better had their been a few false finishes at the end with RVD kicking out of a Styles Clash or two and the same with RVD’s Five Star. Great match here, but no classic.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (C)

Match Rating: ***3/4

Overall, I felt this was a very good TNA PPV! Not great or mind blowing, but very good nevertheless! We saw two ***1/2 star matches as well as two ***3/4 matches which is pretty damn solid! No matches “stole the show”, however about four of them were more than PPV quality. Overall, I had a great time watching the event and was impressed.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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