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TNA Sacrifice Main-Event Announced At Impact

Sting vs. Rob Van Dam headlines TNA Sacrifice 2011TNA Wrestling taped the next couple of weeks of Impact earlier this week and revealed their TNA Sacrifice 2011 main-event. Sting vs. Rob Van Dam for the TNA championship will headline the big event.

Sting will return to the TNA main-event at Sacrifice and will defend the TNA championship against a “hand-picked” opponent (more on that later). The TNA Sacrifice main-event will feature Sting vs. Rob Van Dam for the title. An angle at Impact set up the match which takes place May 15 on their fifth pay per view of 2011.

[adinserter block=”2″]The angle which sounds like it makes just as much sense as most of their angles saw Hulk Hogan and Rob Van Dam reportedly have a confrontation. According to reports, Hogan told Rob Van Dam he is not a main-eventer (which is likely a rib on a story from last year where RVD said that only he and Jeff Hardy were main-eventers in TNA). Sting eventually crashed the party and informed Hogan that he believes RVD is a main-eventer and will wrestle Rob in the main-event at Sacrifice. Hogan told Sting he couldn’t do that, but was corrected by Sting who told him that he has a clause in his contract that allows him to pick his own opponents.

So why didn’t he just pick Hogan? Anyway…that is how the main-event gets set up on Impact this week.

TNA can re-brand their company every month in attempt to combat dwindling ratings, but with angles like that it won’t matter. I hate to bash TNA as often as I do, but the proof is in the ratings and less people are watching by the week. I think a huge part of the problem is their nonsensical weekly angles that continue to have fans scratching their heads. Sting can make any match he wants? What kind of an explanation is that? How stupid does Sting look if he winds up losing the match.

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Speaking of Sting, I am sorry but he is doing more harm than good in TNA. Father time has caught up with the Stinger. He is looking older and slower than ever and continues to drag down TNA pay-per-views by his inability to deliver in big matches. In two straight TNA pay per views, he has yet to total even 10 minutes of match time. Yes I know all about the Jeff Hardy debacle, but there was no excuse for a main-event under 8 minutes at Lockdown. I am all about seeing Sting as a special attraction, but when you have as many great younger workers on your roster as TNA does, they need to put the belt on someone that knocks it out of the park every show.

[adinserter block=”1″]I think WWE fans can all let out a deep breath after watching Sting’s return to TNA. There is no way that Sting vs. The Undertaker would have delivered anything close to what Triple H vs. The Undertaker did at WrestleMania 27. Sting in the WWE is a nice thought on paper but the chances are that he and Undertaker would have stunk out the joint and done more to ruin his legacy than anything he fears that Vince McMahon could do.

Far be it from me to predict TNA booking, but it would appear that they are going with Rob Van Dam turning heel at some point and aligning himself with Hulk Hogan. The timing couldn’t be better than Sacrifice. RVD has his critics, but with the right opponent he can deliver some exciting matches. He had a nice run cut short last year and is definitely due for another one in 2011.

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