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TNA Sacrifice 2011 Results – Sting Retains, Chyna Almost Kills Jeff

TNA Sacrifice 2011 previewTNA Sacrifice 2011 featured what appeared the final chapter in Rob Van Dam’s failed quest for the TNA championship and the return to the ring of one of the biggest wrestling stars of the last generation. It wasn’t the best, but thanks to Victory Road it certainly wasn’t the worst TNA show of the year.

Sting retained his TNA world championship in the main event over former champion Rob Van Dam. I liked this match much more than I expected. I wrote a blog when this match was announced criticizing Sting for his poor series of TNA championship matches. He redeemed himself here with a heck of a performance and really showed flashes of the old Stinger that used to tear up the WCW rings in the 1990s.

Ken Anderson came to ringside early to provide commentary for the match. I’ll give credit where credit is due to TNA. I expected a run-in or interference out of Anderson in what looked like a predictable finish. Instead, Anderson sat at ringside, commentated on the match, and while a distraction, never interfered to alter the match result.

In typical RVD fashion, at some point in the match he and Sting wound up outside of the ring. The two brawled ECW style through the crowd. Both guys took some nasty falls while brawling in the bleachers. The TNA website is reporting that RVD injured his leg at this point, although my hunch is that he is fine and they are just working the angle. Once back in the ring Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and scored a clean fall on Rob Van Dam. Sting will wrestle Ken Anderson at Slammiversary.

This was a really good match, but I don’t know what you do with Rob Van Dam if you are TNA at this point. He desperately needed to win this match after the way he has been buried by Hulk Hogan over the last few weeks. I know those guys are buds but Hogan has done him no favors by pointing out that RVD is overrated and then allowing Sting to justify that with a pin. A sad day for RVD fans indeed.

In the other important match of the night, Chyna and Kurt Angle defeated Karen and Jeff Jarrett. The Jarretts started working an angle earlier in the day on Facebook that Karen wouldn’t wrestle. Karen came out at the beginning of the night and told Mick Foley that she was too hurt to wrestle. Foley found proof she was lying and ordered her to compete later in the night. Karen said she had nothing to wear so Foley presented her with an outfit to wear. It was game on for the Jarretts!

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The match itself was mixed. Chyna definitely had a superstar presence about her the second she came to the ring. I always find it both funny and sad that the TNA (or Impact Wrestling) fans will go bonkers for a former WWE star that has barely or never stepped foot inside of a TNA ring yet will treat TNA stars that have been pushed heavily by the company for years as if they are just average wrestlers. Other than A.J. Styles, there is no “homegrown” talent that the company has gotten over in the last several years and seeing someone like Joanie Laurer step into the ring for her first match and get a better reaction than almost anyone on the show is both funny and sad if you are a TNA fan.

Hey, so much for that youth movement right? Anyway, back to the match.

The whole match was booked around seeing Chyna get her hands on Karen. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett had their usual great moments in the ring, but it was more like a Kurt vs. Jeff television match than a pay per view match. Laurer finally got in the ring and fell while bodyslamming Jeff in a moment sure to make Botchmania. She then hit a nice suplex for redemption. Laurer finally got her hands on Karen and hit a Pedigree on her (glad she’s moved on). Chyna and Angle applied dual ankle locks for the win.

I think Chyna looked good in spots but also came close to killing Jeff Jarrett with that bodyslam. I am curious to see if they keep Laurer around or if she was one and done. According TMZ.com she has a hand shake deal with the company and only agreed to this shot and the television leading into the match. She is definitely a star, but I don’t know what she would have to offer TNA on a weekly basis as a regular part of the roster.

Other random notes: I liked Tommy Dreamer as a heel and while the match with AJ on paper didn’t look promising, I thought it was nice to see Dreamer and A.J. in something different. As for the rest of the card, it was your typical mix of some pretty boring stuff to a few flashes of action that got the Impact robots to yell their mandatory “This is awesome!“ chant. Mickie James probably had one of her worst matches in a long time at Sacrifice. Chris Harris fit in perfectly teaming with Matt Hardy by showing up out of shape. Did anyone in the Impact Zone even remember AMW?

Full TNA Sacrifice 2011 Results…
Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia) defeated Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore)
Brian Kendrick defeated Robbie E
Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne for the Women’s Knockout Championship
Kazarian defeated Max Buck for the X Division Championship
Crimson defeated Abyss
Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) defeated Immortal (Matt Hardy and Chris Harris) for the World Tag Team Championship
Tommy Dreamer defeated A.J. Styles – No Disqualification Match
Kurt Angle and Chyna defeated Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett
Sting defeated Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship

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