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TNA No Surrender 2012 Results – Jeff Hardy Wins BFG

TNA No Surrender resultsPeyton Manning wasn’t the only one throwing bombs on Sunday night. TNA Wrestling held its eighth No Surrender pay per view. While No Surrender 2012 certainly wasn’t not a bad show, it was a show you could probably miss without feeling guilty.

I think the problem with a TNA pay per view like the one on Sunday night is that Impact is just too good. The standards set by Impact were so low for so many years, that a pay per view like No Surrender would be something TNA fans got excited about a year or two ago. Now, Impact has improved to the point that TNA really needs to work harder convincing fans that they are getting more by paying $40 as opposed to the great live shows the company offers for free on Thursdays.

[adinserter block=”2″]The show was more or less a prelude to Bound for Glory. I have never liked the idea of paying for a chapter in a book. I’d rather pay for the beginning or the ending. No Surrender was a set up for the big Bound for Glory pay per view in a few weeks. Quite frankly I can figure out who won and lost by just tuning into Impact Thursday. At least that is the attitude I would have taken if I didn’t have a blog to write.

That said, I love the idea of the Bound for Glory tournament. I think it may be the best concept TNA has developed in a long time. It had a rocky start but I think the company really got it right this time around. The tournament really makes for some great television. It gives TNA to put a new twist on matches you have seen before, in addition to making them all count even more. The BFG series is one of my favorite stories of the year in wrestling and I think this year’s was far and away the best.

Now that I told you what I like about TNA, let me tell you what I don’t like. Aces and 8s is terrible. It comes off like a really bad independent wrestling angle to me, but with all due respect to the indys, I can’t recall ever seeing someone named “Armbreaker” on the independent scene. It is very southern, uncreative, and makes me want to turn off the television. I hate judging an angle before the payoff but this one is just a bad blend of poor man’s N.W.O. meets Black Scorpion meets 1991 Memphis Wrestling.

Austin Aries defeated Armbreaker in a Street Fight Match. I never took Aries for such a street fighter but this isn’t my show. The guys used all kinds of old school gimmicks in the match including a roll of coins. Aries finally nailed Armbreaker (I chuckle every time I write that) with a Brainbuster and then went for the mask. This brought out the other Aces & 8s. The TNA locker room emptied including Bully Ray. Jeff Hardy was hurt in the brawl. His shoulder was injured, putting the main-event in question. I also wouldn’t be shocked at all if Bully wasn’t somehow involved in the group. I’d be more surprised if he wasn’t at this point.

Jeff Hardy won the Bound for Glory series on Sunday night pinning Bully Ray. The match had a bit more intrigue to it than just being a final match due to Hardy’s injury and his status. Hulk Hogan at one point teased that they would postpone the final match until Thursday due to Hardy’s injury. However, Hardy courageously appeared, and wrestled Bully Ray in the main-event. Was this a shot at the UFC and Dan Henderson pulling out of his main-event or Jon Jones refusing to fight? No, it couldn’t be right? Anyway, Hardy pinned Ray to win the match, the tournament, and receive a title shot against Austin Aries at Bound for Glory. This was a decent match but I think it was hurt a bit by Hardy having to constantly sell the shoulder. I’d love to see these guys go one more time without the injury gimmick.

I know some people are groaning today about Hardy winning. I like it. The tournament doesn’t have to give a guy a bump every year. I think that is the beauty of something like this. It makes it even that much more important when a guy like Bobby Roode comes out of nowhere and wins. Hardy and Aries should be a great match and the company can really tell a great story about Hardy’s comeback over the next few weeks. While James Storm would have been nice, I really think that ship sailed a few months ago.

All in all it wasn’t a bad show but nothing better than you’d see on a free Thursday Impact. I think next year TNA either needs to put the finals on free television or pair it with an outstanding championship match. It’s going to take a lot more to get my money than a Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray and no TNA championship match.

[adinserter block=”1″]TNA No Surrender 2012 Winners & Results…
Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe in a 2012 Bound for Glory Series Semi-Final match
Bully Ray defeated James Storm in a 2012 Bound for Glory Series Semi-Final match
Miss Tessmacher defeated Tara to retain theTNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Austin Aries fought “The Armbreaker” of Aces & 8s to a no contest in an unsanctioned “fight”
Zema Ion defeated Sonjay Dutt to retain the TNA X Division Championship
Rob Van Dam defeated Magnus
The World Tag Team Champions of the World (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) defeated A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship
Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray to win the 2012 Bound for Glory Series

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