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TNA News & Rumors: Eric Bischoff And TNA In Legal Battle

Eric Bischoff TNA Lawsuit

Eric Bischoff spoke to Ryan Rider of Main Event Radio. In the interview, he stated that amidst a lawsuit with TNA Wrestling and that he has no positive memories while working there. [Main Event Radio]

During an interview on Talk Is Jericho,”Broken” Matt Hardy was asked what TNA needed to do to succeed. While never breaking character, Matt gave an answer that seemed like more than just him playing around. [Cageside Seats]

Here’s a quick list of the five biggest talents wasted by TNA [Sportskeeda]

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Canadian Wrestling Elite revealed last week that EC3 has been replaced by Nick “Magnus” Aldis on the Destined For Greatness Tour “due to new TNA scheduling requiring his services for TNA TV tapings during the tour.”

TNA Knockout Jade has been speaking out about domestic abuse. She penned a column on discussing being a victim of domestic abuse, and noting that she would stay silent because she didn’t want to be known as a victim.

TNA have taken control of the independent bookings of their top star Bobby Lashley resulting in a cancellation at an event, with Teddy Hart’s name being reported to be drafted instead of Lashley.

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