TNA Monday Night War Impact 3-8-10 Recap/Thoughts


TNA ImpactLast Monday night, 3-8-10, the Monday Night wars returned full time as TNA IMPACT took on WWE RAW head to head on live television! Who made their shocking returns/debuts? How did TNA truly make an IMPACT on the professional wrestling industry as we know it? Let’s get to the review and find out!

IMPACT opened up with a brand new video package open and pyro display. great stuff! Crowd was electric! abyss and Hogan came out sporting the red and yellow! They cut a promo claiming that they wanted their match with Flair and Styles right then and there! AJ and Flair came out the the main event was underway! Guess this was why TNA had been heavily hyping the first five minutes of the show!

Hulk Hogan And Abyss VS. AJ Styles (C) And Ric Flair Ended In No Contest

[adinserter block=”1″]The match began, but before it could pick up any momentum whatsoever, the lights went out and “The Icon” Sting’s theme music filled the IMPACT Zone! The light went back on and there was Stinger in the center of the ring! We all thought he was going to take out AJ and Flair, but shockingly he turned on Hogan and Abyss, taking them both down and out with his patented baseball bat! AJ then grabbed a chair and cracked Abyss over the head with it and then Flair followed with a chair shot of his own onto Hogan. Both men were busted wide open! As Flair and AJ walked away, Hogan got on the mic and announced that they would still be having this match later in the night! Great, great segment here! It not only featured the shocking return and heel turn of Sting, but also opened things up with the main event which would now be restarted later! Very smart ratings-wise!

After a commercial break, Kaz stood in the ring and cut a promo claiming that he had come back to TNA to restore the X Division! Huge, and I mean huge pop from the crowd! He was soon interrupted by Christopher Daniels who claimed that it would not be Kaz who would carry the X Division in the future, it would be him! The two argued back and forth for a few moments until they were both interrupted by the X Division Champion Doug Williams who claimed he was the one who would carry the X Division. At this point, Eric Bischoff came out and acknowledges the fact that Kaz had a title shot at Destination X, but he said he had a better idea. The three men would have a three way match for the title right there and then!

Doug Williams (C) Defeated Kaz and Daniels To Retain His TNA X Division Championship

Vintage X Division action here! Great, great fast paced action throughout! It’s about time! Looks like the X Division may be on its way to restoring itself as the adrenaline, as Eric Bischoff stated, of TNA! again, great work from all three men with Daniels and Williams getting heat from the crowd several time throughout the duration of the match. Crowd loved Kaz, who in my opinion is one of the most underestimated pro wrestlers in TNA history! Picture perfect flip dive to the outside courtesy of Kaz in the early going. This reminded me of the all so competitive X Division matches from TNA’s past. The good old days! Shockingly, this match went nearly ten minutes! Can you believe it? TNA is finally giving more time for not only X Division matches, but matches in general! In the end, Daniels went for the BME, missed, and Williams hit the Chaos Theory for the win. Great match! After the match, Shannon Moore ran out and took out Williams! Eric Bischoff announced that Moore would face Williams for the title at Destination X. Sounds fun, however I was really looking forward to a Kaz push. Maybe Kaz will feud with Daniels though.

The Beautiful People Defeated Tara And Angelina Love And Taylor Wilde And Sarita To Become The New TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions

It was announced that Kong and Hamada had to forfeit the titles for not defending in thirty days. Damn Bubba The Love Sponge! Nice Knockout showcase here, but not given enough time to really pick up much momentum. On the bright side, The Beautiful People do look to be improving though. After about three or four minutes of action, Daffney came out and hit Tara with the title belt behind the ref’s back enabling The Beautiful People to win the titles! Nice way to further the Tara/Daffney feud, however I’m by no means thrilled with The Beautiful People as the new tag champs.

Rob Van Dam Defeated Sting

An angry and confused Dixie Carter ordered this match earlier in the evening. Sting came out and awaited his surprise opponent. before the match, Taz asked Mike Tenay what he was doing at 4:20 that afternoon. TNA just cannot keep a secret! RVD’s theme hit as the IMPACT Zone literally erupted! He came from the crowd, hit Sting with a leaping side kick from the top, hit Rolling Thunder, and got the win if under ten seconds! Explosive way for RVD to debut while not hurting Sting because he was more or less caught off guard. After the bell, Sting went off on RVD, savagely assaulting him with his baseball bat! Soon, Hulk Hogan’s theme hit and he made a beeline toward Sting with vengeance on his mind! Security prevented the two from getting a hold from one another, but Sting broke free, hitting both Hogan and several security guards with the bat. Pretty cool segment which will make for a very intriguing storyline. again, I have no problems with storylines involving veterans, just as long as the young guys are the companies’ major focus.

[adinserter block=”2″]After another commercial break, Kevin Nash and Eric Young came out to the ring and called out Hall and Waltman. They held a contract which would allow Hall and Waltman to compete for TNA for one time and one time only. Hall and Waltman soon came out to the ring from the crowd, and once again security stood between the four men. A deal was eventually made where at Destination X, if Hall and Waltman win they are signed with TNA, and if they loose they are gone for good! Eric Bischoff then orders that security take Nash and Hall away and leave Eric Young to kick Waltman’s, who slapped Young in the face earlier, ass all over the building!

Eric Young Defeated Sean Waltman

Nice impromptu match here featuring both men fighting in street clothes. Very short match, but both men looked good, including Waltman who looks to be in pretty good ring shape. Young went over in under one minute with a sick piledriver! Can’t believe they put Young over Waltman one on one at all, let alone in under one minute! Very surprising, and in a good way at that! This storyline is decent, but hopefully Hall and Waltman loose at Destination X. I don’t mind Waltman, but Hall isn’t necessary.

We now witnessed about 25 members of the United States Military surround the ring, followed by the entrance of Kurt Angle! Angle cut another promo putting over the troops and putting under Mr. Anderson if you will. He was soon interrupted by Anderson who mocked both Angle and the troops. Anderson then attempt to leave up the ramp but the troops stop him! They force him into the ring where Angle blasts him! Angle precedes in throwing him out of the ring on all four corners of the ring for the troops to get their shots in! Finally, Angle hit the Angle Slam and the troops hoisted him up in the air to end the segment! Great segment here to further the Anderson/Angle trilogy! Hopefully Anderson will get the best of Angle next week though for it’s always more interesting for a heel to go into a PPV match with momentum and the face looking for revenge.

Beer Money Defeated Jeff Jarrett

Looks like Beer Money are heels now. Seems really, really sudden if you ask me! Just last week everything is all good with the fans and they have momentum, and now all of a sudden they’re full fledged heels! I like them better as heels anyhow. They were starting to get a bit stale as faces anyhow. Hopefully they will go and pursue their singles careers too sometime in the near future. Anyway, this match was another plow from Eric Bischoff in his storyline with Jarrett. Foley was also involved here for he was the special ref. Pretty formulaic stuff here going about five minutes or so. Toward the end, Mick Foley actually handed Jarrett a barbed wire baseball bat, but Slick Johnson took it away and Beer Money hit the DUI for the three. Glad Beer Money went over though. Interesting way of bringing another element to the Bischoff and Jarrett and Bischoff and Foley saga by somehow interlinking them into one.

Hulk Hogan And Abyss Defeated AJ Styles And Ric Flair In A No DQ Match

Main event time! Flair and Hogan battled one another for the majority of the beginning section of the match. Soon, both men were busted open, especially Flair. He was a bloody mess! Nice old school brawling here which I haven’t seen for quite a while. Pretty fun to watch again, especially intermixed with the new school wrestling of AJ and Abyss! Also, this main event went more then five minutes! Record main event match length! It actually went about ten to twelve minutes. Very, very solid stuff. great example of what I’d call a clash of generations! Flair looked alright, but I’ll admit Hogan looked pretty stiff and rightfully so. The blood really made things a lot more interesting though, unlike WWE! In the end, Abyss hit AJ with a Black Hole Slam for the pin! Surprised that Abyss got the pin and not Hogan! This is great! Way to go TNA! By the way, I’m actually not being sarcastic this time! After the match, Desmond Wolfe came out and hit Abyss with a chair. “The Pope” who wolve attacked earlier, ran out and evened up the odds. Then, Jeff Hardy ran out and hit hit AJ Styles with a Twist Of fate as IMPACT went off the air! Not sure was Hardy’s involved here, unless TNA just kind of threw him out there to end the show with more momentum. This would have been a better job for RVD in my mind with Hardy doing the Angle where he was beaten by Sting. Looks like things may be staring to form regarding the upcoming Lethal Lockdown matchup in a few months!

Overall, this was an excellent effort by TNA Wrestling! They exceeded my expectations to be honest. very happy with the X Division stuff, both promo/angle and the match itself. More time was also given to matches with is a big fat plus! great intrigue build around Sting as well as hardy and RVD! Again, as long as the veterans don’t take over the show and overshadow the young guys, I’m happy as a lark! With Lockdown coming up it will be easier to distribute this balance because of the multi-man Lethal Lockdown match. great show by TNA and if this is any indication of we should expect from TNA on Monday nights in the future, WWE better watch out! I give this show an A!

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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