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Inside The Wheelhouse: TNA’s Lack of Impact

Dixie Carter and Hulk HoganI watched TNA Impact this past Thursday night to prepare myself for “The Still Real to us Show” as we will preview the Monday Night Wars II to kick start this Monday night. I could not believe how a promotion that is going to be toe-to-toe with the WWE had such a lackluster to show to close the books on Thursday nights and step into the Monday night squared circle. For their flagship show to be called “Impact” is a joke after what I saw this past Monday.

Everyone criticizes the WWE for how many promos they will do for a show but for crying out loud if you watched TNA this past Thursday you were begging for anything besides a promo. Hell I was happy to see vignettes with Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. By the way if anyone told me I’d be writing those words five years ago, I would never believe them.

Sure we got the hype for this coming Monday’s show but its no where near the hype TNA gave their first Monday night outing.

They are building this coming Monday’s show around the return of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in the ring. As a wrestling fan I am sad to see how Ric Flair’s career has taken a turn for the worse the past two years and sad to see that Flair is yet again returning to the ring after the send off he received two years ago from the wrestling world. That being said I don’t really care to see either one of these guys wrestle this Monday.

The fact that TNA has built this true debut Monday Night wars show around Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair tells you the viewer something. It’s almost as if they should change the name to Monday Nitro and just have cruiserweights wrestle for most of the show then Hogan or Flair can tear the house down! It’s horrible to see what TNA has done after that huge 3-hour show in recent weeks.

To me I feel like TNA has actually lost steam. I believe the last eight weeks we have truly seen where this Hogan/Bischoff regime is going to take TNA. No where.

It’s more of an egotistical battle to try and take down Vince McMahon again. They most definitely don’t have the money backing this time around to go after the WWE. This time it’s going to actually take talent and not name value.

Obviously they don’t believe in that theory yet because Flair & Hogan are the big time stars they are pushing for this show. I get it because they are trying to grab the casual wrestling fan rather then the big-time wrestling fan. But for all of those that still follow it and watch it religiously they have got to feel disappointed.

Sure TNA is putting two of the original stars that they have built since they started in Nashville with AJ Styles & Abyss being the two team mates of the legends in this tag match. But it still does nothing for me.

As for surprises there are no rumored surprises for this show with the exception of Rob Van Dam signing with TNA. I guess we should assume some sort of Jeff Hardy appearance but really who else could they bring in to shock us? My best guess would be Tommy Dreamer who I don’t believe is done with his 90-day no compete or Paul Heyman. Those two would be decent surprises.

The only other surprises that would make me be shocked would be if The Ultimate Warrior or the “Macho Man” Randy Savage showed up. While it would be cool to see the two in the ring again it would only be worth an appearance rather than a full-time employment. These guys days as stars in the Wrestling business have since long past them and they are only worth the occasional appearance or Hall-of-Fame induction speech (I can’t believe I’m writing that in regards to The Ultimate Warrior).

I expected more out of TNA going into this past Thursday’s show. I get that many TNA faithful feel that I’m writing off TNA lately and may have been writing them off during the show but when you watch a company build itself around making new stars change their philosophy when Hogan & Bischoff came into the picture is just sad to see. This has literally become a sink or swim mentality for TNA right now.

This past Thursday’s show was certainty not an “impact” which isn’t the way you want to head into the Monday Night war. I expected more out of TNA and got way less then I thought I could. To see TNA become a playground for old-timers, legends and Hulk Hogan’s friends to receive a paycheck is just a sad sight to see as we head into the Monday Night Wars II.

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