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TNA Knockouts Underutilized at Bound for Glory

[adinserter block=”1″]At Bound For Glory the TNA Knockouts Division as a whole celebrated their sixth anniversary of the division being born when Gail Kim was crowned the first ever TNA Women’s Knockout Champion in history six years ago. Last night, three of the girls, who are still there from the start when the division was born (Gail Kim, ODB, and Velvet Sky) each had a role in part of this show. While ODB and Gail Kim along with Brooke were facing each other for the Knockouts Championship, Velvet Sky accompanied her real life boyfriend, Chris Sabin in his match for the X-Division Championship in which he won the title, but I want to talk about the roles that were played for the Knockouts at this show and the eye raising questions I had here.

First things first and that is Velvet Sky. I should say that last night, Velvet did look very pretty in her pink dress that she wore to the ring as that was my favorite dress she has worn since she started playing the role as Sabin’s manager. I can understand that Sabin is playing the role as the clingy and cocky boyfriend that prevents others from seeing his girl (I told my friends that this reminds me of the Debra and Jeff Jarrett Storyline back in 1999).

However, with this being an Ultimate X match with the X Division Championship on the line; I questioned the role Velvet Sky here in this match with being in the ring. You can tell with the concern of the announcers of her being in the ring and with her possibly getting hurt as well during that match. In my opinion, Velvet shouldn’t have been in that ring and should have let Sabin win the title on his own, but I guess that was the way to get Sabin over as a heel.

Now onto the Knockouts Championship Match and I’m going to be honest here, it was better then last years match with Tara and Brooke because there was some cool spots here in the match with all three girls even though there was some “rowdy” tactics such as ODB using her bust here and Brooke putting her butt in ODB’s face, but I want to talk about the ending of this match that went down here that left me raising the eyebrow at the top of the head. First off, I did not expect Gail Kim to win the Knockouts Championship, even though I did want her to win the title and actually predicted that before the year ended, Gail would become the Knockouts Champion for a third time.

The wild card factor before Gail Kim got the pin to win the Championship was Lei’d Tapa who would make her presence known when she debuted by attacking Velvet Sky and then the following week, attacking ODB to make a statement here and put the Knockouts on notice. When her entrance hit, you knew something was about to go down with her. ODB went right after her and got attacked leaving Gail and Brooke in the ring. Now this is the part that had me raising my eyebrow. When Lei’d Tapa powerbombed Brooke right on the ground which leads for her taking that sick bump then Gail Kim pinning her in the ring to win the title only to her jump right in the arms of Lei’d Tapa made me ask this to myself.

“Did TNA decide to make someone that has been making a statement to a small Knockout Division and putting them on notice only to have her become the Body Guard of the new Knockouts Champion?”

Gail doesn’t need a body guard at all and this reminds me of what WWE is doing with Tamina and AJ. I felt like it made Tapa really weak here and she didn’t come out strong as I would’ve expected her to come out as. I was actually expecting her to lay out Gail as soon as she won the title to start a feud with her and have Gail Kim turn face. This storyline could be interesting to say at least depending on what roles will be played here.

Another thing I am questioning is the main event situation. Yes, I am happy that AJ Styles won the title, but it was the beginning of the match that I was again questioning this move. Prior towards this match, Brooke did have a match for the title where she was power bombed by Lei’d Tapa, but in my opinion, Brooke should have been selling that and not be at ringside during the match when AJ and Bully went at it because from what I heard, it was violent and crazy fun at the same time. Other then that, I really cannot say anything about what roles she did play during the match because I shut the show off due to the fact that I was not happy with some stuff that went down.

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, I did give Bound For Glory a D+ due to the fact that they had some weird moments such as EC III having a match against a jobber that should have been on Impact Wrestling this week, Bro Mans winning the title, which is the only title change that I am not happy about and the bad endings that went down in matches that were good, however, with the Knockouts, I am glad that all of the girls that are on the roster have been used to a capacity, but in my opinion, Impact Wrestling could have booked the Knockouts a little bit stronger for this show.

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