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TNA Knockouts Shake Up?

TNA Wrestling is promoting a major shake up to the Knockouts division. There is a little banner on the bottom of their Knockouts page that says the following.

“The Knockouts Division is about to be shaken up”

[adinserter block=”1″]What does that mean? Does it mean more Knockout photoshoots coming? OK, I do run a gallery that has the Knockout photos as well and we title them as well as writing critiques on them. You can check the link at the bottom of the entry for the site, but what I think it really means is that the division is about to be shaking up with fresh stuff and brand new Knockouts. Honestly, I’m excited for this and ready to see what is about to come with this division because it needs to be shaken up badly and it needs a HUGE turn around.

For starters, I do like the fact that over the past couple of tapings, they’ve used well known girls that wrestle over in the United Kingdom such as The Alpha Female and Shanna. The Alpha Female has been used in a storyline with Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky with Alpha Female being the body guard like type for Chris Sabin. Shanna has been used on a recent episode of Xplosion where she wrestled against Gail Kim in a really good match, but are the girls actually going to be signing with the promotion as the shake up? I would love to see the both of them in TNA to help out the division. Shanna has the look and the skill to be in the division to go against the likes of Gail Kim and Madison Rayne while Alpha Female can go against Lei’d Tapa, if she goes out on her own and ODB. I could see a David vs. Goliath Situation with Velvet Sky, but the main question is about this, if Alpha Female has not signed with the company, where does the storyline go? Does Sabin find someone to go against Velvet or is it dropped completely?

That’s when new Knockouts need to come in here for that storyline to go on and with Santana Garrett signing to the company as a new knockout, the storyline would still go on and maybe Sabin is paired up with someone like Santana for the both of them to feud. If that storyline is dropped, then what would Velvet Sky end up doing? Would she be pushed aside for someone else or will she be feuding with someone else with a possibly heel turn? Velvet is someone that I consider to be one of the gem stones of the company. The girl is a draw for everyone and has the highest fanbase out there. I remember back in 2012 where Velvet left, everyone was upset with her leaving and it was like a open gap that was missing. Thanks to Madison Rayne, Velvet was brought back to the company and she has been with the company since. Speaking of Madison Rayne, she is currently the Knockouts Champion right now, but at Lockdown, she is facing off against Gail Kim, who since the start of 2013, she has been in a challengers role for the title. Here is where another shake up needs to happen here.

Madison Rayne, in my opinion, is in a must win situation for Lockdown this Sunday. Reason being is that I feel like it’s time for Madison Rayne to find a new challenger and Gail not being in the title hunt for the time being. I feel like both of these girls have a good rivalry going on here, but as soon as the match is over and done with, I think that both of these girls need to move on and find something else. Here is where the shake up with the Knockouts Division comes to play again with the new Knockouts. Here is some suggestions I will put down here regarding both Madison Rayne and Gail Kim.

Have a New Knockout come in to feud against Gail Kim. The new Knockout can come in and say that she is happy to be in TNA and that she will do whatever it takes for her to be on top of the roster and that she will become the Knockouts Champion. Have Gail Kim come out and address that she is the pioneer of this division, she worked her way to the top and made this division as well as telling the New Knockout that she will break her. Feud begins with the both of them.

Knockouts Championship Situation: Have a number one contenders match with ODB, Velvet Sky, Brooke, and Lei’d Tapa for a shot at Madison’s championship. I would put Tapa over because Tapa has a win over Madison Rayne in a tag match and have the both of them feud. Maybe have Tapa win a couple of non title match before the title match where Madison retains her title, but at a later date, have Tapa win the title and not rush her like TNA is known for doing when it comes to that title.

In conclusion, I do have high hopes for the division and I really hope that it will get back to it’s feet in a way. Will it be like the glory days back in 2007-2009 where you had good matches and at one point, you had a total of 14 Knockouts on the roster where a few would get a photoshoot and all of us would become upset when you didn’t see a photoshoot of your favorite knockout? Christy has been good with giving us new Knockout photos as of late and I’m sure she doesn’t want the fans to be disappointed with their favorite knockout not getting a shoot. To wrap things up, I’m going to give my roster on what the shake up could look like and give some new faces as well on who I want to see on the roster.

[adinserter block=”2″]Faces:

Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky


Taryn Terrell




Lei’d Tapa

Gail Kim

Santana Garrett

Alpha Female

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  1. Alpha Female is definitely a duplicate to Tapa in fact I do not both on the Knockouts roster. My prediction is that Alpha Female continues to work in Japan as her 2 matches on TV did not showcase her wrestling talents.

    Rather see Velvet on the heel side of the roster as her work with the TBP was her best in TNA.

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