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TNA ImpactMonday night, 4-27-10, TNA Wrestling presented their follow up Monday Night War addition of IMPACT after Rob Van Dam captured the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World just last week! How will TNA be influenced by the new champ? How will AJ Styles react about loosing it to him? Plus, in a ring vs. ring match, who left with them both in hand? Was it Abyss or Ric Flair? What’s in store for TNA’s next Pay Per View event Sacrifice? Let’s find out!

To start off the show Hulk Hogan came out to the ring and cut a very good promo putting over TNA as a whole and also the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam! This brought out Van Dam with the title around his waste who cut a promo of his own claiming that he will be the greatest TNA Heavyweight Champion of all time. This brought out the former champ AJ Styles who claimed that the only reason that he lost last week was because he slipped on the top rope. He said he will get his rematch and take back what is rightfully his but on his terms and his terms only. Very nicely done segment to start the night off here. Looks like we will most likely see RVD vs. AJ in a rematch for the gold at TNA Sacrifice which should be fantastic! They had a very fun match on IMPACT the other week and I can only imagine the quality match they will put on with an extended time period at the PPV!

3 Way TNA Knockout Championship: Madison Rayne (C) Defeated Tara And Angelina Love

[adinserter block=”1″]Up next was a 3 way dance for the Knockout Championship. Nothing much to say here. It wasn’t that bad but not much different than the WWE Divas which is a shame. We’ve yet to see either Taylor Wilde, Hamada, or Sarita for God knows how long! This match featured Tara and Love going at it as Rayne attempted to avoid contact. Again, God only knows why this woman is the champ. After about five minutes or so Angelina Love took out Tara but was rolled up by Rayne who used the tights for a quick three count. After the match, Tara attacked Love the the two battled and had to be separated by security. Tara finally said she was very sorry and Love walked away but Tara clipped her from behind, laying her out on the entrance ramp. I like the storyline or feud being given to the Knockouts as well as the more complex characters, however I just wish girls like Wilde, Hamada, or Sarita could be incorporated to make the Knockout division really stand out even further from the Divas. Expect to see Tara vs. Love at Sacrifice if Love recovers from her injury by then.

X Division Championship: Kaz (C) Defeated Shannon Moore

X Division Championship time! I was very excited for this match since these two had a very solid match which ended in the ten minute time limit draw a few weeks back. This match started very fast paced and was very entertaining much like their first meeting. I remember a nice slingshot arm drag from Kaz which was pretty cool.

After about three minutes or so of excitement, Moore went to the top rope but Matt Morgan ran out and shoved him off sending him crashing hard on the outside. The ref was knocked down earlier in the match so didn’t see this. Kaz picked up the pieces and hit the inverted piledriver on what was left of him and got the pin. This match was fun but didn’t last nearly long enough. Morgan’s involvement was warranted after Shannon refused to tag with him last week. After the match, Samoa Joe’s music hit and he came into the ring and went crazy on Kaz! He hit him with rapid fire right and left as well as stomped him furiously in the corner! This is the Samoa Joe I remember! He hit Kaz with an insane Muscle Buster and walked out. Looks like we’ll see Kaz vs. Joe for the X Division Championship at TNA Sacrifice! Should be awesome! The X Division seems to be getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. This reminds me of the X Division of the past and I can’t wait to see these two great competitors lock up on live Pay Per View!

No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere: AJ Styles And Sting Defeated Jeff Jarrett And Jeff Hardy

This special tag team matchup was how TNA started their second hour head to head with WWE Monday Night RAW. Fair choice. The match started with Styles and Hardy going at it on the ramp way as Jarrett and Sting went at it in the crowd. Jarrett hit Sting in the back with a few chair shots as Hardy gave Styles a suplex on the ramp. All four men eventually made their way back into the ring and wrestled for a few minutes until Sting walked out oh his partner. Jarrett went after him and the two fought their way up the steps which lead to the rafters. At this point Hardy was in control of Styles and laid him out on a table. Hardy then set up a ladder on the ramp way and climbed to the top! I’ll admit I was marking out here! He was going to do a Swanton Bomb off of the ladder onto Styles through the table! As he was about to jump though, Sting hit Jarrett hard in the spine with his bat on the steps and pinned him for the three count. Being that the match was over, hardy climbed back down and didn’t attempt the spot. Interesting booking for the finish, but I’ll admit that I was very disappointed that Hardy didn’t jump. It would have been sick! Anyway, this was a decent brawl but should have been give more time. It only went a tad bit over five minutes. I would have liked to have seen it go for at least ten.

This match did accomplish what it was suppose to though. It was announced that Sting will face Jarrett at Sacrifice. These two have fought before and I’m really not too interested in seeing this, but it wouldn’t make sense if these two never faced because of their ongoing feud. Hopefully TNA will make this another no disqualification match because this would make the match far more interesting. This set up may also lead to a Styles/Hardy match as well which would also be good.

[adinserter block=”2″]After, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero came out and cut a promo after loosing against AJ at TNA Lockdown. He was sporting a sling for his injured shoulder as well as an eye patch where AJ had jabbed him with the pen to win the match. He said he wasn’t done with AJ yet by long shot. He went on to talk about this and cut a very solid promo. At this point Mr. Anderson’s theme hit and he made his way to the ring and cut a promo insulting Pope and telling him that he should go home and lick his wounds like Kurt Angle. Anderson taunts Pope but Pope says that even though he’s in a sling his pimp hand still works. At this, Pope pimp slapped Anderson right in the face, but Anderson fought back and ended up poking Pope in his injured eye. Security forced him to leave the ring. Another nicely done segment here which set up what will most likely be Pope vs. Anderson at Sacrifice. This should be a nice feud and nice way to continue utilizing both men.

TNA World Tag Team Championships: Team 3D Defeated Matt Morgan And Jesse Neal By Disqualification

Earlier in the evening, Morgan recruited Neal as his partner by using a guilt trip strategy by reminding Neal that he had promised his military friend who passed away in combat that he would be a world champion one day. Anyway, this wasn’t really a match at all. It was pretty much just another angle. A minute into the match The Band’s theme music played and out came Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. team 3D met them on the entrance ramp and the fight was on. Obviously the ref called for the bell. Meanwhile, Morgan hit his partner Jesse Neal with a huge chokeslam in the center of the ring. After a commercial break, we returned to see Neal screaming on the mic for Morgan to come back to the ring so he could kick his ass! Morgan was shown backstage where Hogan forced him to meet Neal in the ring. Morgan ran out and Neal unloaded on Morgan until Morgan hit Neal with a low blow and then knock him out with the title belt.

At this point, Shannon Moore ran out and hit Morgan with a dropkick from the top rope sending him to the outside. Looks like we;re going to see more from team 3D and The Band which I am personally not looking forward to at all. Earlier in the night 3D took out Syxx Pac in the back which provoked The Band to announce that they would have another member. This must be the return of Scott Steiner. Again, not interested. As far as Morgan goes, this did a decent job of furthering his angle. I’m pretty curious on who the “we” are that Morgan keeps referring to. There’s more behind this. he must have a partner. I say it’s Rob Terry. So, what about Lockdown? I predict a match between all three members of The band vs. Team 3D and Eric Young as well as a three on one handicap match featuring Matt Morgan vs. Amazing Red, Shannon Moore, and Jesse Neal. Possible a one on one match between Morgan and Neal as well. None too exciting or intriguing in my opinion.

Ring VS. Ring Match: Abyss Defeated Ric Flair

Main event time featured Abyss against Flair to determine who would walk away with both hall of fame rings. The two brawl early on with plenty of fists to the face and chops. Abyss bashed Flair’s head into the guardrail early busting him wide open. WOOO! And here comes the Nature Boy, stylin’ and proflin’. Abyss makes his way to the ring, and this match is on. Abyss pushes Flair across the ring off the tie up. Flair with some punches and chops in the corner. Abyss counters Flair and now hits him with rights of his own. back-body drop by The Monster, and Flair bails out of the ring. Abyss follows him, but Flair hits him with a chop. Abyss comes back and throws Flair’s head into the guardrail. Flair’s busted open now as Abyss is hitting him with the rights. The two fight in the ring some more. Pretty sloppy stuff. As I said, this should have been made into a no DQ match. Flair used brass knuckles on Abyss for the three but the ref restarts the match after seeing them. Abyss hits the Blackhole Slam for the win. Pretty bad main event.

Overall, this was a solid IMPACT because of the angles, but poor as far as wrestling goes. Hopefully things will shape up and the momentum will return next week for a live addition of IMPACT. Overall I give this show a B.

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