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TNA Impact Wrestling Wasting a Roster Spot on Zema Ion

Zema IonI was watching “Impact” the other night and saw a ringside promo cut by one of the newer additions to TNA’s roster, Zema Ion. Now I really hope this doesn’t offend anyone by saying this, but I just really have to wonder why, when there are great performers with great potential like Colby Godwin, Brian Cage, Sam Shaw, Bruce Santee, and Jon Cutler struggling to get some exposure in the indies, TNA would choose to showcase a guy like Zema Ion on national television.

I understand TNA is always trying to develop a very diverse and active roster, but the fact of the matter is, considering there are so few spots – say, maybe, 200 – in one of the big Leagues, why waste one of those coveted positions on a guy with such subpar acting, speaking, and wrestling ability.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ion is being billed as sort of a pretty boy “Guido,” for lack of a better term, and, admittedly, the gimmick itself is not so bad. There are plenty of wrestlers in the country who could pull it off convincingly. Ion, however, isn’t one of them. His attempts to be suave and debonair – like the way how he does the five finger comb through his hair and snaps his chin self-assuredly – come across as stilted and downright awkward. He’s trying to be cool, but his attempts fall flat, making him look more like the nerdy kid in school who’s trying to be cool but failing…miserably. To pull that gimmick off, you have to be tough and square-jawed, like how Scott Hall was able to pull off the Razor Ramon character.

But Ion just doesn’t have “it.” He’s not tough enough, not smooth enough, not confident enough, and, yes, not big enough.

And that’s really my point. While I like to see young guys get a shot at some big-time attention, I prefer it when justice is served and the right young guy gets that shot.

Take a guy like Brian Cage as an example. Here’s a guy who’s been busting his chops in the indies for years, spends dozens of hours in the gym training to chisel his physique and perfect his game, and toils away for untold hours trying to promote himself and the promotions he works for, yet he – like so many other guys like him – gets overlooked time and time again.

And then there’s a guy like Colby Godwin. Here’s a guy who’s been scouted by ROH and has traveled all over the country to make a name for himself. At 6’ 5”, 250lbs, he’s got the size. He’s also got the “look,” the charisma, the in-ring ability, and the work ethic to make it big. I mean make it really big. Yet instead of recruiting guys like Godwin, TNA instead pulls in a guy with completely stilted performance skills and puts him on TV in front of millions of viewers.

Yes, it’s TNA’s show. It’s their call. They can promote whatever guy they want. It’s their money at stake.

[adinserter block=”1″]I just wish their talent scouts would do a little more legwork and find the real diamonds in the rough of the ranks of independent professional wrestling.

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