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TNA Impact Wrestling Results & September 6 Recap – Austin Aries Gets Revenge

Austin AriesTypical montage video for last week opens up the show this week. You can read last week’s recap for that.

We are in the Impact Zone now, but before we get any live anything, we get yet another video package. This time, it’s for the BFG Series, which will see the final four decided. James Storm is already in. The remaining stars are Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam.

MATCH 1-Bound for Glory Series Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe
Hardy is in 6th with 49 points, while Joe is in 2nd with 68. Tie-up into an arm wringer by Joe. Hardy gets a rope break. Another tie-up, and Hardy goes into a side headlock. Shoulder off the ropes sends Hardy to the floor. Hardy gets back in, another tie-up, and Joe backs Hardy to the corner for several punches and stomps. He dumps Hardy back to the floor, before heading out himself and laying Hardy out with a knee to the chest. Hardy blocks a throw to the steps and winds up slamming Joe head-first into them. Hardy pulls the steps out and hits a Poetry in Motion against the guardrail. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from break and in the ring, Joe is back in control with an elbow that takes Hardy down. Joe goes for the pin, and gets a 2-count. Joe sends Hardy to the corner with a headbutt, then follows up with some rights. Hip bump in the opposite corner by Joe, followed by a spinning kick to the head. Joe goes for the pin again, but still only gets 2. Hardy crawls to the adjacent corner, and Joe pulls him up by the hair. The two are now trading blows. Hardy off the ropes, and he’s caught with a powerslam for 2. Joe hits another headbutt and corner whips Hardy, but Hardy comes back with a clothesline. Another clothesline, a reverse enziguri, an inverted atomic drop and a double legdrop follow. Hardy gets 2 off a seated dropkick. Sit-out jawbreaker takes Joe down, and Hardy goes up top. Joe gets back up before Hardy can try anything. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, but Joe pushes out of it and locks in the Kokina Clutch. Hardy manages to drive Joe into the corner head-first, and follows up with an awful Botch in the Wind. Apparently, the move caught Joe’s bad arm. Hardy hits the sit-out Twist of Fate, hip throws Joe, then locks in a version of the Anaconda Vice with the arm trapped between his legs. Joe taps.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy, who nets 10 points, putting him in 3rd place, and locking him in the final four. Ray and RVD are tied at 55 each, so even with a submission win, Hardy, Joe and Storm are certain for the finals.

We see Hulk Hogan pacing in his office now. Austin Aries walks in and says they need to talk. Aries asks how many weeks does he have to get taken out by Aces and Eights. He wants to know how the guys are getting in here, and this is going to far. Hogan claims the guy who took Aries out was a tech guy, and AandE put him up to it. That guy will be here tonight, and he will be at Aries’ disposal. Aries wants to know how he’s going to make the guy talk. Hogan suggests breaking the guy’s legs, but make him talk before doing it.

Christy Hemme is interviewing Samoa Joe on the stage. Before he can talk, Magnus comes out and said he knows what Joe is going through, as that’s what happened in their match three weeks ago. He’d like to clear the air now. He lost his temper after that match. When they were a team, they were really good. He was great, but they were really good. Then Joe ruined it. But, he’s over it, and he’s going to be the bigger man by wishing Joe the best. Magnus then walks off. As Joe goes back to the interview, Magnus comes back and nails Joe in the arm from behind.

Back in Hogan’s office, talking to a bunch of the roster. He needs someone to lead the company in the tag team division. He wants to know which team in the company deserves a title match. He asks Robbie E why he and T deserve a shot. E says it’s all about age, bro. He makes fun of Kid Kash and Gunner for their ink, saying they look like 80s rejects. E says they haven’t gotten an opportunity, and Hogan needs to give it to them. Hogan asks why Kash and Gunner deserve the shot. Kash instead just trashes Chavo Guerrero, who is in the room with Hernandez. AJ Styles walks in and says he deserves the match. Hogan then eliminates AJ, saying he can’t put both his belts on one guy.

We’re now in Brooke Hogan’s office with Tara. She told Tara she kicked butt at OFN, and needs to see it again. Tara’s good, but Tessy is good, too. The two will have one more match at No Surrender. Gail Kim storms in and yells at Brooke for giving the spotlight to eye candy instead of talent. Brooke says that if Kim wants to wrestle Tara, they can do it tonight. The two then screech at each other.

Taryn Terrell is refereeing once again this week, and you can see the crowd behind her not even looking in her direction. That’s how over she is.

MATCH 2: Gail Kim vs. Tara
Tie-up starts, with Kim locking in a side headlock into a hip throw. Tara gets back to her feet, and Kim takes her down with a modified armdrag before hitting a dropkick. Tara counters with an armdrag into an armbar. Back body drop off the ropes. Kim goes to the corner, where she hits an armbar takedown. European uppercut by Kim, followed by a corner whip and the body attack she does where she lands on the apron on her feet through the middle rope. Tara winds hung up on the middle rope, where Kim drops her weight across Tara’s back. Back in the ring, Kim gets 2. Foot choke by Kim, followed by some mounted punches. Tara counters into a sunset flip for 1, before Kim gets back to her feet and blows a kick for 2. Tara hits a powerslam out of the corner, then fires off some rights. Pair of clotheslines by Tara. Tara hits a delayed vertical suplex into the float-over for 2. Tara tries to walk on Kim’s stomach, and Kim holds onto the foot, tripping her into the middle rope. Kim mounts the top, and Tara crotches her. Tara lands the Widow’s Peak and gets the 3.


We get a video package for Joey Ryan, which is kind of cool. This segues into footage of Al Snow heading out to the ring. He’ll be out next.

Back from the break, Snow is in the ring, talking about a jackass trying to get his attention for four months. Joey Ryan, you’ve done just that. So, Snow wants to give him another chance. Security has informed Snow Joey Ryan is in the building, so Joey, get your ass out here. Joey makes his way out through the crowd and jumps in the ring. Joey says that, oh, what a difference a day makes. Can you feel the electricity, Al? Joey Ryan is bringing sleazy back to the Impact Zone. Snow says Joey Ryan has got what he wants. He has another Gut Check match, and if he wins, he gets his contract. One and done. Ryan says he already proved himself when 87% of the audience said they wanted him in Impact Wrestling. Snow questions his guts. Ryan says he’s already proved himself, and that means he deserves his contract now. Snow won’t do that, but still offers him the second chance at Gut Check. Ryan says he has the confidence and ability, and accepts the challenge. Snow says great, because Ryan is going to fight him. Ryan says it’s not the 90s, and no one wants to see him in spandex. Snow says that’s fine, he’ll whip Ryan’s ass in jeans. Snow then decks him. Ryan rolls to the floor, screaming that Snow can’t touch him since he doesn’t work here, and that he’s suing Snow, before leaving through the crowd.

Joe Abyss is on his phone in the back when Bully Ray enters the area. He’s not here to fight Abyss, as he’s got bigger things to worry about. He has a question. They both are concerned about AandE, and he wants to know if Joe found anything out. Joe goes on about attorney-client privilege, saying it’s none of Ray’s business since Hogan and Sting hired him. Ray says that’s fine, but he needs to be careful where he sticks his nose. Ray knows people like these guys, and Joe doesn’t.

Somewhere else in the back, a security guard throws the member of AandE that supposedly attacked Austin Aries in a room. I say “supposedly” because it doesn’t look like the same guy. I’m almost positive that was Wes Brisco last week. Austin Aries walks in and says he’s going to answer some question, and if he doesn’t, Aries is going to have some fun in here.

Up next, Ray/RVD.

Before that happens, though, we’re back in Hogan’s office, with the tag teams. Hogan says he wants to rebuild the tag team division, despite all the problems in the company right now. He asks Chavo Guerrero why he and Hernandez deserve a match. Guerrero reminds everyone that his team already beat Kash and Gunner. Robbie E steps in and says Guerrero and Hernandez have only been a team for a month, same with Kash/Gunner. E and T have been around for a long time. Hogan then tells E and T they’re in, while Guerrero and Hernandez are also in. Kash and Gunner are out.

MATCH 3-Bound for Glory Series Match: Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam
These two are tied for 4th at 55 points. Loser is eliminated from the series. RVD talks some trash. Ray points at his calves. RVD kicks him in the leg. Ray blocks a second kick and counters with a trip, but RVD rolls out of the way before he can drop an elbow. Ray with a boot to the gut and a forearm to the back of the head. RVD gets in a side headlock. Ray lands a back elbow off the ropes. Ray with some stomps and a kick to the ribs before landing another forearm to the back of the head. RVD gets in a schoolboy for 1. Another side headlock by RVD. RVD backflips off a back body drop attempt. Ray blocks an enziguri, and RVD lands on his feet, coming back with a roundhouse. He lands on his feet off a Ray hip toss and hits a superkick for 2. Ray slides to the floor, and RVD drops him with a baseball slide before connecting with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, RVD goes up top, and Ray crotches him. Ray pulls him down by the hair, and RVD’s left leg gets tangled up in the ropes. Ray begins dropping forearms on the leg. Eventually, RVD falls to the mat. Ray whips the bad leg into the canvas before standing on it. He drags RVD to the middle and drops an elbow before getting in a leglock. RVD tries to counter into a jujigatame, but no luck. Eventually, Ray breaks the hold and lays in some shots in the corner. Ray charges in, and RVD somersaults into a kick. RVD with some rights, a pair of clotheslines, and a step-over spinning heel kick. Rolling Thunder connects for 2. Ray climbs to the corner, where he’s hit with a monkey flip. Standing moonsault gets 2. Ray sidesteps the springboard side kick and lands a big boot for 2. In the corner, Ray misses a Vader Bomb. RVD goes for the split-legged moonsault, but stops when he sees Ray move. Instead, he lands the springboard side kick. RVD goes up for the Five-Star, but jumps right into the Bully Cutter for 3.

WINNER: Bully Ray, who picks up 7 points and moves into 3rd place, knocking RVD out of the series in the process. Makes me wonder if he was able to renegotiate his contract, unlike “brother” Devon.

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Back in the random room, Aries is telling the AandE guy that he has all the information on this guy. Apparently, his name is Mike. He wants to know the rest about the group, and Mike can either give him the information, or Aries can beat it out of him. Mike won’t talk, so Aries slaps him, saying no one’s here to save him. Aries says Mike is a grip, and is probably familiar with pliers. Aries grabs him by the tongue with the pliers, wanting to know the information. Hogan walks in and says that wasn’t the deal. The deal was Hogan got a piece, too. Hogan decks Mike, bloodying his nose. Hogan starts to say something about an eye for an eye, but his phone rings. Apparently, it’s the VP of AandE. The VP wants Mike back. Hogan says if they send down the guy who broke Aries’ arm alone, and Aries gets him on Sunday, they’ve got a deal. They’re going to let Mike live until they give Hogan the big guy who broke Aries’ arm. Hogan slugs Mike before telling Aries to let him live until the end of the show.

James Storm is making his way out, and he’s going to announce his opponent for No Surrender. As the 1st place holder in the BFG Series, he gets to pick who of the other three he wants to face in the first round of the 4-man tournament. Storm calls the year a rollercoaster ride. At the beginning, he was trying to win the title. The way he lost to Roode at Lockdown, it got him doubting if he should still wrestle. So he went home, and everyone said the same thing, and that was that something was missing. Storm realized they were right, and the thing that was missing was hearing the crowd go crazy. So, he came back at Slammiversary, ended Crimson’s undefeated streak, entered the BFG Series and took 1st place, which is exactly what he said he was going to do. In the back, there are 3 guys standing in his way of the World title, so he’d like them to come out onto the stage so he can pick his opponent.

Bully Ray, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy all make their way out. Storm calls Joe one of the toughest guys in wrestling. He says he doesn’t have to tell everyone how good Hardy is, so he chooses Ray. He tells Ray to come down, as he has something to say face-to-face. Ray makes his way down, being a loudmouth the entire time. Storm says Ray pointed the finger at him being the leader of AandE, and was proven wrong. Last year, Ray beat him in the Series, so Storm is doing the same thing to him this year. Stupid catchphrase. Meanwhile, Joe and Hardy are talking trash to each other on the stage.

We see Mike still tied up in the back.

Up next, the World Tag Team titles are on the line.

In the back, Christy Hemme is starting to interview RVD about his loss when Magnus walks by. Magnus says she needs to have some compassion, as RVD just lost a spot in the final four. The old RVD wouldn’t fall at the final hurdle, and Magnus grew up watching him. Maybe now, he can’t reach the bar that he set so high. Maybe he’s not the man he once was. RVD punches him, and they brawl until the Elite Beat Agents split them up.

As the tag champs make their way out for their title defense, we see Hogan in the back with the two remaining teams in line for a title match tonight. He’s on the phone talking to “Nick” (maybe his loser of a son). Hogan says this match is his major focus right now. He tells Guerrero and Hernandez it’s time to prove themselves, so they get that chance right now.

MATCH 4-World Tag Team Championship: Champions Chris-Zarian (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
The challengers send the champs to the floor after the bell rings. Hernandez throws Daniels into the ring, and they are the two official guys to start the match. Hernandez slams Daniels before tagging in Chavo, who hits a tope con hilo. European uppercut by Chavo, and Hernandez tags back in. Bearhug by Hernandez, into an overhead belly-to-belly. Chavo tags in and hits a low dropkick off a snapmare for 2. Hernandez back in, hitting a chop in the process. Neck vice by Hernandez now. Another tag. Hernandez slams Daniels, then slams Chavo onto Daniels for 2. Daniels with a kneelift before tagging in Kaz, who runs right into a hip toss by Chavo. Bodyslam by Chavo before tagging in Hernandez, who hits a weak elbow to the midsection. Chavo back in, and they hit a double back elbow. Kaz hits a knee on Chavo and tags in Daniels. Daniels catches Chavo off the ropes for a sidewalk slam, but Chavo turns it into a really sloppy headscissors. Dropkick for each of the tag champs. Hernandez back in now. He catches Daniels out of the corner, but Daniels slides out and tags in Kaz. Kaz takes a boot to the gut and an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Hernandez puts Kaz in a delayed vertical suplex while Chavo hits Daniels with the Three Amigos. The champs roll to the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Chavo is in control, holding Daniels in the corner. Kaz hotshots Chavo, allowing Daniels to nail an STO. Daniels with some punches. Kaz tags in, and Daniels hits a bodyslam and slingshot elbow, followed by a slingshot legdrop by Kaz for 2. Mounted punches by Kaz, and Daniels tags back in. Daniels nails Chavo in the gut, and Kaz follows with a somersault swinging neckbreaker. Somehow, Daniels is still legal, and he hits a neckbreaker on Chavo for 2. Kaz tags in, and Daniels hiptosses him onto Chavo for 2. Modified surfboard stretch by Kaz, but Chavo escapes. Kaz cuts him off with some shots, but Chavo ducks a clothesline and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez drops Kaz with a slingshot shoulderblock on Kaz, before nailing both of the champs with clotheslines. He Pounces Daniels before Kaz gets his boot up on an avalanche attempt. Kaz mounts the middle rope for a cross body, but gets caught by Hernandez, who turns the move into a sit-out powerbomb for 2 as Daniels breaks it up. The champs send him to the corner, where Kaz nails a dropkick. Hernandez blocks Daniels with a boot, though, and does his worst Sheamus impersonation by botching a backflip to the top rope. Kaz climbs the turnbuckle, and Chavo pulls him off. Chavo then hurricanranas Hernandez onto Kaz. Daniels breaks up the pin by stopping the ref’s count. Chavo takes Kaz out on the floor with a slingshot plancha. Hernandez misses a charge on Daniels in the corner, and Daniels nails an uppercut. Kaz holds Chavo on the outside for a split-legged moonsault by Daniels, but Chavo rolls out of the way. Hernandez then levels the champs with a plancha over the ropes. Back in the ring, Chavo corner whips Kaz before whipping Hernandez into Kaz for an avalanche. The referee is checking on Kaz, which allows Daniels to back drop Chavo to the floor. Daniels grabs a title belt as Hernandez sets up the Border Toss on Kaz, nailing Hernandez in the gut as the ref’s back is turned. Kaz rolls Hernandez up in a schoolboy, getting the 3.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Chris-Zarian. As the champs are celebrating, Hulk Hogan makes his way out, applauding them. He congratulates them, but he’s got a man in the back named AJ Styles who says he can beat both of them at the same time. Hogan disagrees, and that’s why at No Surrender, the champs are defending against AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, brother.

Austin Aries is dragging Mike out to the ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]Back in the Impact Zone, Aries heads out with Mike, still handcuffed. Aries throws him into the ring, and he rolls to his knees, just sitting there. Aries calls AandE, saying it’s time to play “Let’s Make a Deal”. They want Mike back. Aries was more than happy to beat the information out of Mike, but he seems to hold some value to AandE. So, they want to cut a deal. Aries will now hand Mike over without further damage, in exchange for the guy who broke Aries’ arm in a fight this Sunday. He’s holding up his end of the deal, so it’s time for AandE to hold up theirs. For a couple minutes, no one comes out. Aries says he’s about to call the deal off if AandE don’t come out. He tells Mike he’s not as valued as originally thought, so Aries is going back to his original plan of beating the information out of Mike. Aries throws Mike to a corner and slaps him. Before he can go further, Mike says he’ll tell Aries all he wants. Aries grabs his mic, since everyone should here this. Before that can happen, the “armbreaker” (Hogan’s name) comes out and drags Mike to the floor, hammer in hand. “Armbreaker” then nails Mike with the hammer. Aries takes him out with a suicide dive. Aries and “Armbreaker” then continue to brawl as the show closes.

End of show.

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