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TNA Impact Wrestling Results and September 5 Recap

This week on TNA Impact Wrestling, we’ll see a Gauntlet Match for 20 points featuring everyone in the BFG Series. We get comments from every single competitor, ending with Magnus, who says he will solidify his place as the #1 man.

[adinserter block=”1″]In the arena, Bully Ray makes his way out with Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz, with the rest of Aces and Eights several steps behind. He wants to start off by telling everyone that A and E are in total control, and this group is the best bunch of brothers a president could ever have. He is so proud of each one of them. Without them, he’d be nothing. They watch his back, they all hang together, they do it all. Last week might’ve been a little harsh, but that’s over and done with, right? Ray then hugs each memberof the group as a rather loud, “Tito sucks!” chant breaks out. Ray says the fans are all jealous of Ortiz. They’re all weak, and none of them is the man he is. Every woman in the arena wants to be with him. He focuses on Mr. Anderson and calls him the best VP ever. He has more love for Anderson than he had for Devon. Anderson wasn’t happy about Devon, but that’s business. They hug, and Anderson has a sh*t-eating grin on his face. Now, onto to business. First up, Knux is going to destroy Chris Sabin. Later tonight, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff will beat the World Tag Team Champions. Then, Mr. Anderson will win the Gauntlet Match and get 20 points. Ray says he has Hulk Hogan in checkmate, brother, and he accepts the challenge from Sting. He’s going to beat Sting bad, just like he did at Slammiversary. Now, everyone can split. Knux can stay, since his match is up next. Ray is going to hang out with Taz and his broad, and they’re going to watch Knux beat Sabin.

MATCH 1: Knux (w/World Champion Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher) vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin ducks a lock-up attempt, then applies a side headlock. Knux shoves him off, then shoulders him down. Sabin pulls himself back up in the corner, and Sabin comes back with asking for a test of strength. He kicks Knux in the knee and applies the side headlock again. Sabin ducks a clothesline and a back elbow before hitting a pair of seated dropkicks to the knee. In the corner, Sabin hits a running back elbow, then dropkicks the knee once more before going for a half-Boston crab. Knux powers out of the hold, but Sabin keeps up the attack to the leg, combined with chops to the chest. Knux comes back with a running cross-body for 2, then hits a short-arm clothesline. Knux hits another for 2, and Sabin now fights back with punches before running into a big boot. Knux goes for a fireman’s carry and hotshots Sabin across the top rope before knee-choking him over the bottom rope. Sabin gets a slingshot under the bottom rope for 2, and Knux follows up with a neck vice. Sabin fights back with rights once more, but Knux grabs him by the hair, hits a forearm to the back and follows up with a back suplex. Knux mounts the middle rope and hits a guillotine legdrop for 2 before choking Sabin over the ropes once more. He misses a cannonball across the back, and Sabin rolls to the apron, where he hits a dragon-screw through the ropes. Sabin goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Bully Ray throws Knux a hammer, but Sabin hits a dropkick to the knee before Knux can connect with the hammer. Sabin grabs the hammer and clobbers Knux with it, causing the DQ.

WINNER VIA DISQUALIFICATION: Knux. Pretty sure that’s the first win Knux has gotten in TNA since, well, ever.

Up next, we hear from Mickie James as I prepare to throw up my dinner.

Back from the break, we see Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky in the back. Sabin is pissed about what just happened as Sky tries to calm him down. Sabin says something needs to change. He should still be the face of this company, and this isn’t right. He continues to bitch about the hammer, and he’s pretty much ignoring Sky. He finally calms down a bit and apologizes to her before storming off.

Mickie James comes out and says she’s excited to be in Cleveland, OH tonight. Not only is this one of the last Impacts of summer, but Cleveland is also the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She was so excited about this, she prepared an “amazing” performance for tonight. In lieu of all that and the VMAs, no one needs all that when she has the “MJJs”, whatever that is. She puts some trophy on the top rope and says everyone needs to stop bagging on Miley Cyrus. She knows how hard it is to be a breakout star and to be larger than life, not to mention the greatest Knockouts Champion of the century. So, she said to herself this isn’t right. Apparently, no one likes the way she twerks.

Thank L. Ron Hubbard and all that is sacred, ODB interrupts this atrociously bad promo. She asks why James is mentioning Miley when they are in the home of rock and roll, and right now, James needs to worry about this broad taking the “Knocked Out” title. James calls herself a star, while ODB isn’t one. She then clubs ODB from behind with a forearm. ODB fights back with a clothesline, then grabs the KO title and holds it over her head. James rips it out of her hand and shoves it in her face while talking trash. ODB rips James’ shirt off, and James is acting like she’s completely topless (she has a bra on) as she runs to the back.

We get the current leaderboard for the BFG Series, and it’s as follows: 1-Magnus (39); 2-Austin Aries (35); 3-Bobby Roode (34); 4-Jeff Hardy (31); 5-Christopher Daniels (30); 6-Kazarian and AJ Styles (tie, 29); 8-Samoa Joe (26); 9-Mr. Anderson (24); 10-Joseph Park (17); 11-Hernandez and Jay Bradley (tie, 7). We cut to Jeremy Borash, who announces the two men kicking off the gauntlet are two guys who cannot get into the top 4 no matter what, that being Jay Bradley and Hernandez. He asks Bradley what he can gain in this match tonight, and Bradley says there isn’t a lot to gain, but he and Hernandez can still add value. A particular organization made Bradley an offer to handle business tonight, then offers Hernandez to be his business partner.

We see Knux shoving his face with food and chatting with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. I’m not sure why, as the segment pretty much ends after he says something about dessert.

Sting is shown entering the building earlier today. He will face Bully Ray later tonight, and now, the title is apparently not on the line, despite what was said last week. Whatever. I’ve stopped caring about this angle (not that I really ever did).

MATCH 2-BFG Series Gauntlet Match; Participants: Hernandez, Jay Bradley, Joseph Park (w/Eric Young), Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Magnus
Hernandez and Bradley start, and Bradley grabs a mic. He asks Hernandez about his offer. There’s a certain group that has put a lot of money on the table. All Bradley has to do, with Hernandez’s help, is eliminate a certain someone at the right time. Hernandez helps him, he helps Hernandez’s wallet grow. Hernandez boots Bradley in the gut, then chops him in the corner before hitting an avalanche. He follows up with a running shoulderblock and a back body drop. He tries to throw Bradley out as Joseph Park makes his way out. Bradley assaults Park with punches and elbows before kicking him in the corner. Park gets corner-whipped, but rebounds with a clothesline and a shoulderblock. Bradley comes back with a back elbow, then tries to throw Park out in the corner. Park lands on the apron, and Bradley tries to knock him to the floor with elbows. Park is hanging on as Hernandez recovers and hits Bradley with a Pounce. Hernandez tries to throw Bradley out once more, but Bradley tangles himself in the ropes. Mr. Anderson is out next and knocks Hernandez down with a clothesline before trying to knock Park off the apron. Commercials.

Back from the break, Samoa Joe hits the ring and drops Park with a clothesline. Bradley gets one as well. Commercials.

Back from the break yet again, Anderson is assaulting Joe in the corner. AJ Styles is out and he immediately eliminates Park. He hangs on to the ropes off the clothesline and is still in this match.

Joseph Park is eliminated.

AJ sends Hernandez into the corner, then stomps Bradley before trying to throw him out. Joe tries to throw Anderson out, but Anderson lands on the apron and headbutts Joe. Hernandez hits a back body drop on AJ off the ropes as Anderson rakes Joe’s eyes in the corner. Hernandez tries to throw AJ out, but AJ fights him off. AJ targets Anderson now, hitting a series of rights as Kazarian comes out. Kaz targets AJ and immediately tosses him over the top. AJ holds on as Joe chops Anderson in the corner. Joe calls for the Muscle Buster on Anderson, but Anderson fights his way out with rights and a headbutt. Joe lands a kick to the head than knocks Anderson to the floor.

Mr. Anderson is eliminated.

Joe chops Hernandez in the corner as Kaz hits a snap suplex on AJ. On the replay, we see that Anderson hit the back of his head on the guardrail off the fall he took from Joe’s kick. Back to the action, Kaz hits an avalanche on Hernandez. AJ hits a back suplex on Kaz then tries to toss him. Christopher Daniels is out next, and he joins Bradley in stomping Joe in the corner. Daniels then targets AJ with Kaz, and they stomp him to the mat before Daniels knee-chokes Joe. Kaz holds AJ up for a shot by Daniels, and now Bad Influence double-teams Joe. AJ attacks Hernandez. Joe ducks a BI double clothesline, then hits one of his own. Daniels is thrown out, but hangs on. Kaz knocks Joe down, and BI then throw Hernandez out.

Hernandez is eliminated.

Jeff Hardy is out next, and he hits Kaz with a right as we go to more commercials.

Back once again, and Bobby Roode is out. Hardy is trying to throw Daniels out, and Roode puts a stop to that, throwing Hardy into the ropes and stomping him down. Bradley boots AJ then launches him outside. AJ hangs on and lands on the apron. Bradley goes for the Boomstick, but AJ ducks and pulls Bradley to the floor.

Jay Bradley is eliminated. BI double-team Joe in the corner as Roode hits some shoulder thrusts on AJ in the corner. Kaz targets Hardy in one corner now, while Daniels has Joe in another and Roode has AJ in a third. AJ fights off and goes after Kaz, nailing a dropkick. Joe throws Daniels to the corner. Austin Aries is up next, and he hits a flying clothesline on both members of BI. He tries to throw Daniels out, but Roode and Kaz put a stop to that. Daniels fights off a suplex by AJ, then goes for his own. AJ tangles himself in the ropes, then hits a chop. Joe joins in on the chops as well, and now AJ and Joe look to throw Daniels out in the corner. Roode tries to throw Aries out, but Aries hangs on. Kaz stops Daniels from being thrown out. Daniels hits a dropkick on Joe as Magnus comes out, completing the field. Magnus attacks both members of BI and hits Daniels with an elevated northern lights bomb. BI double-team Magnus a moment later and try to throw him out. Joe interferes and attacks both members of BI. Daniels low-bridges Joe, and Kaz helps push him out.

Samoa Joe is eliminated.

Aries attacks Daniels in the corner as Kaz against the ropes. Hardy tries to throw Kaz out, and Roode throws him out instead.

Jeff Hardy is eliminated.

Kaz attacks AJ as Magnus beats on Roode in the corner. Daniels throws Aries into the corner, and AJ manages to monkey-flip Kaz to the outside from his back.

Kazarian is eliminated.

Magnus picks Roode up for a powerslam and tries to launch him, but Daniels pulls Roode down and throws Magnus out.

Magnus is eliminated.

We are down to the final four, and the two remaining members of EGO double-team AJ. Roode targets Aries and holds him up for a clothesline, but Aries ducks before hitting Daniels with a rolling elbow. He tries for a cross-body on Roode in the corner, but Roode dumps him to the outside. Aries lands on the apron, and AJ knocks him to the floor with a forearm.

Austin Aries is eliminated.

AJ then low-bridges an incoming Roode, sending him to the outside.

Bobby Roode is eliminated.

AJ and Daniels trade punches before Daniels tries to backdrop AJ to the floor. AJ lands on the apron and hits the Superman before connecting with a series of strikes and a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker. He calls for the Styles Clash, but Daniels escapes. AJ ducks a clothesline and hits a Pele. AJ immediately clotheslines him to the floor.

WINNER: AJ Styles, who picks up 20 points and moves into 1st place with 49. The final four are now AJ Styles, Magnus, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Also a result of AJ’s win, he gets to pick who he wants to face at No Surrender in the final four.

Bully Ray is in the back with Mr. Anderson, and is disgusted with what he just saw. He calls Anderson a disappointment. He could have been on his way to BFG. All he had to do was win tonight. Knux won his match tonight. He’s sure Wes and Garett will win theirs. What has Anderson done for the club lately? Anderson says he’s been busting his ass for the club and has done everything for the club. Ray says he’s the president and is above Anderson. We saw what he did to his own brother Devon. How does Anderson know Ray won’t break a beer bottle on his face, rip off his vest and piss on it? Ray then tells him don’t ever screw up or disappoint him again, Mr. VP.

AJ Styles is in the back and says he was out of the top four, and now he’s in 1st place. He’s a winner, and he’s going to win the BFG Series. He’s going to face Bully Ray, and he’s going to take everything Ray’s got.

We see Sting and Rampage Jackson in the back. Jackson reminds us that Sting can never wrestle for the title again. Sting says that’s true, but titles aren’t important to him anymore. He thanks Bully Ray for what happened, because it made him realize he needs back-up. He’s got killers for a family now, and he’s got one more chance against Ray tonight. His odds are good, because he’s got back-up now. This might be his last chance, but he can do it.

MATCH 3: World Tag Team Champions Gunner and James Storm vs. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco (non-title)
Does anyone remember the last time the tag belts were defended? Shouldn’t be surprised. The TV title hasn’t been defended once since Abyss won it from Devon months ago. Anyway, Wes and Garett attack the champs as they’re coming down to the ring. The two teams brawl before Storm throws Garett into the ring to start the match. The brawl spills right back to the floor. Wes clubs Gunner down on one side of the ring as Storm throws Garett into the guardrail before popping a beer. Gunner drops Wes with a clothesline, and the champs corner Garett in the ring. Storm sends Gunner into Garett in the corner, then hits a clothesline for 2. Storm hits a bodyslam and a jumping kneedrop for another 2 before going for a suplex. Wes puts a stop to that, which allows Garett to hit a clothesline. Garett shoulders Storm in the corner a few times, then throws Storm into Wes’ boot before tagging out. Wes sends Garett in for a clothesline, and Garett then sends Storm into a Wes clothesline for 2. Storm fights out of the corner before running into a back elbow. Wes applies a jujigatame over the top rope, then gets 2 after he gets back in the ring. Storm counters a bodyslam with a backcracker, then kicks Wes off so he can tag Gunner. Garett also tags in, and Gunner hits a clothesline, followed by a headbutt and a corner clothesline. Gunner connects with a uranage backbreaker for 2 as Wes breaks it up. Storm takes Wes out with an apron kick. Gunner puts Garett in catapult position, sending him into a Storm DDT for 2. The champs go for their finisher, but Wes pulls Storm to the floor and sends him into the ring post. Garett rolls Gunner up with a handful of tights for 2 off the distraction. Wes grabs one of the tag belts and brings it into the ring. The ref pulls it out of his hand as Gunner knocks Wes to the floor. Behind the ref’s back, Garett pulls a chain out and clobbers Gunner in the back of the head before throwing the chain away and scoring the 3.

WINNERS: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco.

AJ Styles will announce his opponent up next.

Magnus, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries make their way out to the ring for AJ’s decision. JB introduces each one before introducing AJ, who makes his way out. AJ is asked who his choice will be. AJ gets in the face of Roode, then Aries. He calls Aries the biggest blemish on his BFG Series, as he’s the one guy AJ lost two. That’s why Aries is the first man he’s going through to get what he wants, making the matches AJ/Aries and Roode/Magnus. Aries says he doesn’t like making promises he can’t keep, but he can promise there will be a winner next week, and that winner will be the fans. Before JB can announce the Roode/Magnus match, Roode says he loves when a plan comes together. There’s a reason why he aligned himself with BI and became EGO-to get in the final four, and “The IT Factor” is in. As far as he’s concerned, he has the weakest link. Magnus may have beaten him earlier on in the series, but he’s a different man this time. He’ll defeat Magnus, move onto the finals then walk into BFG and take back his World title. Magnus says they earned their points at each others’ expense. The difference is, Magnus got his points by himself. He’s got a feeling Cleveland, OH is Mafia country, and Roode may have forgotten that, while he has new friends, Magnus has a family. Next week, the playing field will be even. No mistakes, no second chances, No Surrender. Magnus will go through everyone, go onto BFG and for the first time in his career, become the World Champion.

Bully Ray makes his way out for the main event, flanked by Mr. Anderson, Tito Ortiz and Brooke Tessmacher. Sting is out next. Ray grabs a mic after the formal introductions and reminds everyone this is a non-title match. Ray reminds Sting of Slammiversary and the stipulation of that match. Too damn bad. Screw you, and screw your best friend, Hogan. On this note, Hulk Hogan makes his way out. Hulk tells Ray he runs the show, and now it’s time for Ray’s receipt (?). As of now, Tito Ortiz is no long allowed at ringside, and Hulk tells security to escort Ortiz from ringside. Hulk then says if Ray didn’t like that, he’s not going to like this: the match is now a No-DQ Match.

[adinserter block=”2″]MATCH 4-No-Disqualification Match: World Champion Bully Ray (w/Mr. Anderson and Brooke Tessmacher) vs. Sting
Sting immediately hits a Stinger Splash and some rights. He sends Ray into the opposite corner, then stomps on his hand before throwing him to the outside. Sting hits Ray with a chair. Commercials.

Back from the break, Sting is still hitting Ray with a chair. Ray rolls into the ring as Sting slides the chair in. Ray hits a low blow, and Sting stupidly pulls the chair across his own face as Ray hits a jumping splash for 2. Ray grabs the chair and cracks Sting across the back, then slams him on the chair. Ray stares Anderson down as he goes outside. Taz apparently hands Ray something, and Ray then starts cutting the canvas from the frame. Turns out it was a box cutter. Ray gets back in the ring, cracks Sting on the back once more, then begins tearing a corner of the ring apart, exposing the boards underneath. Sting comes back with a double-leg takedown and applies a very weak scorpion deathlock. Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Knux jump into the ring and triple-team Sting as Ray recovers in the corner. Samoa Joe, Rampage Jackson and Magnus also make their way down, and the match turns into a brawl between the two sides until the Main Event Mafia clear the ring. Ray throws Sting near the exposed corner and goes for a piledriver. Sting counters into a back body drop, then avoids an avalanche. He goes for a Scorpion Death Drop on the exposed corner, but Ray hangs onto the top rope, blocking the move. Sting avoids a big boot and applies the scorpion deathlock once more. Mr. Anderson pulls out a hammer and tries to hand it to Ray underneath the bottom rope. Ray almost grabs it, but Anderson pulls it back before throwing it to another part of the ring and saying, “Oops”. Ray then taps out.

WINNER: Sting. Anderson grabs a mic and begins screaming that Ray couldn’t do it on his own. He also has the World title in his hand. He asks Ray if he knows who Anderson is, then says he’s the guy who is facing Ray next week for the title. He’s Ray’s worst nightmare, and the next World Champion. His name is Mr. Anderson.

End of show.

That last promo by Anderson would have been fine if nearly anyone else on the roster besides Anderson was delivering it. His stupid drunken frat boy gimmick killed it, though.


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Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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