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TNA Impact Wrestling Results & September 20 Recap – Shaq Appears

Shaq Hulk HoganWell, tonight is once again Open Fight Night/Gut Check. This concept gets worse with every passing month.

We see Hulk Hogan in the back, and he approaches Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is talking about Aces and Eights, and says he has Hulk’s back tonight. He’ll be across the street, but will be back later tonight. Shaq then shows the cameraman one of his tattoos, which you can barely even make out because he apparently has a terrible artist.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles make their way out, having earned a tag title match last week. Angle says that, a few months ago, he and AJ were the champions. But, they got screwed by Chris-Zarian. Fast forward to No Surrender, they got screwed again. Last week, AJ gave us some hope when he defeated Kaz in a singles match, earning them a future championship match. At the same time, Chavo Guerrero defeated Christopher Daniels last week, which gives him and Hernandez a future championship match as well. So, since tonight is OFN and the fans deserve to know who the real #1 contenders are, they’re calling Chavo and Hernandez out.

[adinserter block=”2″]MATCH 1: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
Chavo and AJ start things off with a tie-up. Waistlock by AJ that Chavo counters into an armbar. AJ counters with a headscissors and Chavo kips up and out of it. Oddly enough, this gets the crowd chanting, “Chavo sucks!” Hernandez and Angle tag in now, and Angle fires off some various shots. Hernandez comes back with a standing avalanche for 2. Chavo tags in, and Hernandez hits a bodyslam before Chavo nails a tope con hilo. He picks Angle up, and drops him with a European uppercut. Chavo with a drop toehold and rear chinlock that he turns into a side headlock. Angle counters with a back suplex and a Euorpean uppercut of his own. Chavo lands a boot out of the corner, but runs right into an overhead belly-to-belly. Chris-Zarian have made their way to the stage and are looking on. Commercials.

Back from the break, AJ is now the legal man and has Chavo in a rear chinlock. Chavo nails a back body drop off the ropes after a crisscross. Hernandez tags in and levels AJ with a slingshot shoulderblock. Clothesline for Angle. AJ counters a whip with a kick to Hernandez’s leg. Hernandez responds with a Pounce before setting up the Border Toss. Angle stops the move with a shot to the gut, but Hernandez ducks a double clothesline and hits one of his own. Chavo tags in and hits a double dropkick off the top rope. Spinning headscissors on AJ. AJ blocks the 3 Amigos and lands a beautiful roundhouse to the side of the head. Angle tags in and ducks a clothesline by Chavo, countering with a release German suplex. Same sequence for Hernandez. Ankle lock is applied, but Hernandez breaks it up. He turns around right into a Ghetto Blaster by AJ, who turns around into a dropkick by Chavo. Angle counters a sunset flip by Chavo into the ankle lock, and Chavo kicks him off into his corner. AJ tags in and nails Superman. Hernandez comes in and drops AJ with a gutwrench into a modified flapjack, and Angle comes in with the Angle Slam. Chavo hits 2 Amigos on Angle, and AJ stops the 3rd from hitting, so Chavo hits him with the full 3. Chavo goes up for the frog splash, and Angle tries to stop him. Hernandez steps in and clotheslines Angle to the floor, sending himself over in the process. Chavo misses the frog splash. AJ ducks a clothesline and hits the Pele, setting up for the Styles Clash. Before it can connect, Chris-Zarian hit the ring and attack both teams, resulting in a No Contest.

WINNER: No contest. The champs attack AJ and Chavo as the other two are still on the floor. Hernandez gets in the ring eventually and chases the champs off. Apparently, Christy Hemme’s stupidity is rubbing off on Daniels, as he tells the camera, “World Tag Team Champions of the World!” As you would expect, Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and he makes his way out. Want to take a guess what he does next? If you guessed that he makes a 3-way match for the titles at BFG, you’ve been watching wrestling too long. Or, you just read my recap last week and saw my prediction and said, “Yeah, that’s probably true.”

We see Al Snow in the back, and Jason Hervey asks him the question we’ve all been dying to know for a long time now: When is the last time Al cut his hair? No, really. That’s the question he asked. After rambling on about hair, the conversation turns to Gut Check, with tonight’s contestant being only 18 and already having 5 years experience. Next question is Joey Ryan. Snow goes over their history, and he has to go see the boss about this very issue right now.

We see Evan Markopoulos warming up in the back.

Elsewhere, Hulk is apparently on the phone with Joe Abyss. Apparently, Joe has the evidence he needs for his case in his hand. Hogan is going get him into the building right away.

Samoa Joe reminisces about dropkicking Sting in the crowd at BFG a few years back.

Video for Evan Markopoulos. Looks to be the same one from last week. Gut Check is next.

We’re now in what I guess is Dixie Carter’s office, since she’s the only one on camera to start the video. Glad to see Dixie back to her old ways with her iPhone needlessly in her hand at all times. She’s talking to Bruce Prichard about AandE, saying the group has them exactly where they want them. They need to find out who these guys are. Prichard says the group is winning, and the proof is that they’re having this conversation. Al Snow walks in, and she turns the meeting over to Bruce before leaving.

MATCH 2-Gut Check: Evan Markopoulos vs. Douglas Williams
I understand size isn’t everything, but Evan could at least make it look like he makes the effort to get to the gym once in a while. Evan’s opponent is Douglas Williams, who was also the opponent for Gut Check winner Sam Shaw, if I’m not mistaken. We see Evan’s dad in the front row. Tie-up, and Williams drives Evan to the mat with a hammerlock before slapping him across the back of the head. Williams backs Evan to a corner and slaps him in the face. Evan comes back with his own slap. He tries to get the boot up in the corner on a charging Williams, but Williams catches the leg, throws it in the ropes and kicks them, focusing on the hamstring. Short-arm clothesline drops Evan. European uppercut in the corner, and a cheapshot out of a headlock by Williams. Headbutt to the gut off the ropes, followed by another European uppercut. Evan counters a second headbutt with a sunset flip, but Williams rolls through and lands a vicious knee to the face. Kneedrop off the ropes by Williams before some trash-talking in the corner. Evan comes back with a decent dropkick and a cross-body off the ropes. That’s short lived, though, as Williams is right back up with a clothesline. Williams stomps in the head numerous times, then forearms him in the face. Williams stomps him in the face once more. Evan tries to fight back from his knees, but takes a knee to the gut and a walking delayed vertical suplex. Williams misses an avalanche, allowing Evan to fire off some punches. Williams isn’t having that, though, and knees him right in the gut before throwing him to the corner for some rights. Williams lands a hip throw and goes right into a version of a neck lock, and Evan quickly taps.

WINNER: Douglas Williams. Sorry, but I’m not impressed by Evan Markopoulos at all. Throw him in the pile with Mark Lewie. He wasn’t as bad as Lewie, but he wasn’t good, either.

We see James Storm heading to the ring. He challenged Bobby Roode last week, so it looks like that match is happening next.

Storm makes his way out, and he’s back to the ridiculous cowboy hats with spikes. He says he’s good at talking trash because he backs it up. Last week, he announced he was calling out one coward, and one coward only. Bobby Roode, you’ve taken this from a personal issue to an “I want to kick the crap out of you” issue. Storm wants Roode’s blood on his hands. Before Roode comes out, though, this won’t be a wrestling match; this will be a man kicking a coward’s ass match. The man is in the ring. The coward needs to come out. We see Roode heading out, but he’s in a suit rather than his gear. Roode wants to make sure everything is clear. Storm wants to fight him? He wants Roode to walk to the ring and fight him? Obviously, he’s a little overdressed. He’s not prepared to fight, but let him make this perfectly clear: Storm will never, ever be as good as him. No matter how hard he tries, he will never duplicate Roode’s success. And as long as “The It Factor” is around, Storm will never be champion. If Storm wants to fight in front of these morons, he’s barking up the wrong tree. As far as Roode is concerned, he’s done with Storm, so Storm can fight someone else.

Roode heads to the back, where Hulk stops him. He reminds him of the concept of OFN. Hulk tells him if he doesn’t fight, he’s fired, and has three minutes to make a choice.

Back from the break, Storm is still in the ring, calling Roode out. Roode makes his way back out, still in his suit. Roode heads down to the ring, taking off the top half of his suit in the process. Before he can finish, though, Storm clotheslines him on the ramp.

MATCH 3: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
Storm hits Roode with his shoe and an uppercut, then chokes him with his dress shirt. Roode comes back with a kick and an elbow, but Storm blocks a slam into part of the stage before throwing Roode face-first into it. Another uppercut, and Roode crawls down below the announce desk. Storm comes off with a double axe handle, but Roode catches him with a gut shot. He hits Storm with his other shoe, then slams his face into the steps. More punches by Roode before throwing Storm into the guardrail. In the ring now, the match has officially started. Storm comes back with some punches and corner punches. He blocks an inverted atomic drop out of the corner and drops Roode with a clothesline, sending him back to the floor. Storm follows, knocks Roode down with a right, then throws him back in the ring. Roode backdrops Storm to the floor. Storm reverses a whip into the steps, sending Roode in chest-first. Roode blocks a slam into the steps, then sends Storm into the guardrail again. He breaks the count, then goes back outside to whip Storm into the rails once more. Another slam into the rails follows, then another. Roode grabs a beer bottle, takes a swig and tries to spray the rest on Storm, but Storm moves out of the way and nails Roode. Storm grabs the bottle, takes a swig then dumps the rest down some guy in the front row’s throat before nailing Roode with a right. These guys have been outside the ring WAY longer than 10 seconds, BTW. Just pointing that out, since referee Brian Hebner appears to not understand the concept of a count-out/double count-out. Roode manages to send Storm into the ringpost, but misses a shot with a chair. Storm drops Roode with a clothesline, then tells some fans to put their feet up on the guardrail so he can throw Roode’s face into them. Roode comes back with a kneelift before sending Storm face-first into the steps. Roode rolls into the ring to break the count, because Hebner has really been keeping track, before rolling right back to the floor. He continues the attack on Storm, before telling a fan screaming at him, “F*ck you!” to kiss his ass. Storm counters another whip into the rails, then throws him into the fans with their feet up again. Storm rolls back into the ring to break the count again, then rolls back out. He tries for a suplex on the floor, but Roode counters into his own. Both are back in the ring now, and Roode drops Storm with a clothesline. He throws Storm outside once more. Hebner tries to maintain control, so Storm grabs him by the shirt and throws him towards the rails. Hebner orders for the bell to be rung.

WINNER: No contest, I guess. Great. Two No Contests in the show thus far. Storm and Roode continue their brawl at ringside, then out through the crowd. Roode throws Hebner into a wall, and now the brawl is heading into the back.

Somewhere else, Hulk is talking to some guy. Apparently, he’s a guy in charge of security, and was ordered to let Joe Abyss in ahead of everyone else. All Night Security Dude says he did just that, but doesn’t know where Joe is now. Hulk tells him to go find Joe before his cellphone rings. Apparently, it’s AandE on the phone. The rep says they have a corporate lawyer. Hulk says that, as long as he knows the rules, they can play. He’s going to think about some things, then get right back to him. Just get ready to play hard. He hangs up the phone, then yells at security guy he knows where Joe Abyss is at.

In the locker room area, Jeff Hardy is pacing. Austin Aries enters the room and wants to talk. He feels slighted because everyone is talking about Hardy. Everyone thinks BFG is about Hardy coming after his title. Aries sees it as Hardy having many things he wants. He wants a career and bank account like Jeff’s. He wants a fan following like Hardy, a bunch of sheep following him mindlessly. How he gets them? Beating Hardy at BFG. This isn’t about Hardy chasing him; it’s about Aries chasing what he has.
Tara makes her way out, and we’re reminded of how she kicked Tessy in the face last week, which was a beautiful thing. Tara says she hears everyone chit-chatting away, and the Knockouts wanting to know why she did what she did to Tessy. People disgust and use her. They use her to get on TV. And it took someone really special-her new boyfriend who lives in Hollywood and is a huge store-to open her eyes and remind her she is the best female wrestler there is. Brooke, you used her to get the championship, and tonight is OFN, so she is calling out her victim…Christy Hemme. Hemme is confused. Tara says she can challenge whoever she wants, and Christy needs to get her ass in the ring now. Tara hears Christy talk trash about her in the back. She needs to show some respect. Who is her favorite Knockout? Christy says right now it’s Miss Tessmacher. Tara grabs her by the hair and begins screaming in her face. Tessy hits the ring, so Tara throws Christy into her and bails.

Hulk Hogan is making his way out to the ring next.

Back from the break, we see Brooke Hogan laying into Tara about calling out Christy Hemme. Tara taught her respect. She’s not here to be best friends; she’s here to be champ, and you keep your enemies closest to you. Brooke says there will be consequences next week.

RVD recalls his first BFG, against Abyss, and against Jerry Lynn last year.

Next week, it’s “Championship Thursday”, and the TV title’s fate will be decided then. Guess they’re not getting rid of it, after all.

Hulk Hogan now makes his way out. He says the place is getting so red hot, he’s about to get out the spray can and paint everyone “TNA dead” right here (??). Now, onto the nastiest men on the planet, AandE. The tough guys they are, they are holding Joe Abyss hostages. Hogan gets it, and as long as he knows the rules, he’s willing to play. They want him to step into their world next week. He’s the right guy to play with, brother. The word on the street is even though they’re bottom feeders, they also keep their words. So, since Hulk will be in their clubhouse next week, they need to do the right thing and release Joe Abyss. Joe was just doing his job, and they need to let him go right now. He gets Joe, and they get Hulk next week. That’s the deal. The Black Scorpion appears on-screen and thanks Hogan for coming down next week, but he wants to warn him about something: when you come to their clubhouse, it’s clubhouse rules. Apparently, these guys are the Sons of Anarchy now. As for Joe doing his job, Hulk was right, but his job was bringing him too close to AandE’s business, so they brought him to the clubhouse against his will. They looked at his computer, and the boy is good. So now, they’re going to do a little “computer technology, Aces and Eights-style”. This involves the blonde guy smashing the laptop with a sledgehammer. We see Joe locked behind a fence, and one of the guys is holding a ball peen hammer to his head. Joe says they can destroy the computer, but he’s got it all memorized. Black Scorpion says they can do something about that, and tells the guy with the ball peen to take care of Joe. One half of the Hammer Bros. hauls back and cracks Joe over the head while Hogan just looks on from the ring.

Video package for Jeff Hardy.

Austin Aries makes his way out and compliments the video package we just saw. Nice of the producers to put that on right before he comes out, and it plays to the point he was making earlier. Everyone is focused on Hardy, and he understands that. However, you have to understand Aries thought process as well. He’s not the hunted, he’s the hunter, and Hardy is the target. He wants to prove that anything Hardy can do, he can do. What he’s done twice in the last month is beat a big, bad Bully. The same Bully who said when Aries and Hardy beat him, it was nothing but luck. Hardy proved it wasn’t luck, and on OFN, Aries is calling Bully Ray’s big ass out. It’s not about luck, it’s about skill, and Ray is going to find that out.

Ray makes his way out, mic in hand. He orders his music to be shut off. He just asked about five people in the back if his hearing was off, because it sounded like Aries called him out. Aries tells him he’s correct and his hearing is just fine. He tells Aries not to get wise. He’s beaten the crap out of Aries once, and he’ll do it again. Aries says Ray might do it, but now he’ll have to it. Ray says you don’t just call him out. People don’t call him out; he calls them out. He then tells a fan not to touch him or he’ll get punched. Aries tells the guy if he puts his hands on Ray again, Aries will punch the fan, too. Ray starts the “Do you know who I am?” bit, but Aries levels him with a corkscrew plancha before he can finish.

MATCH 4: World Champion Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray (non-title)
Aries puts Ray’s hat on himself and beats him down against the guardrail. Aries slams Ray face-first into the steps, then throws him into the ring so the match can officially start. Aries with a boot to the gut and a throw to the corner, where he fires off several punches and kicks. Aries lands a forearm to the face before choking Ray over the middle rope. He mounts the tope rope, but Ray knocks him off to the apron by throwing referee Earl Hebner to the corner. Ray follows up with a big boot, sending Aries to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Ray has Aries in a bearhug. Aries breaks it by boxing the ears, but Ray drops him with a back suplex for 2. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”1″]Aries is on the apron as we come back, and Ray drops a forearm to the chest. Aries rolls to the floor, and Ray orders Hebner to count him out. Aries climbs back to the apron, and Ray hip tosses him back in for 2. Modified surfboard stretch is applied, but Aries counters with a mule kick before falling to the ropes. Ray is back up and drops a knee across the back. Jumping splash gets 2. Bodyslam gets another 2. Elbow drop for another 2. Ray talks some trash, so Aries decks him. Aries fires off some lefts, but runs into a back elbow off the ropes. Ray with some strikes, and another elbow gets 2. Ray screams at Hebner about how badly he sucks, so Hebner puffs his chest out and starts yelling back. Ray turns around into a slap across the chest by Aries. Ray goes for another back suplex, but Aries backflips out and nails a forearm to the face. Now they’re trading forearms and chops. Aries comes back with a rolling elbow and other various strikes, so Ray rakes the eyes. Aries ducks a pair of clotheslines and lands another nice rolling elbow, causing Ray to collapse on the ropes. He back drops Aries to the floor, but Aries lands on his feet on the apron, hot shots Ray, then climbs up top, hitting a missile dropkick for 2. Aries signals for the brainbuster, but can’t lift Ray up. Ray fires off some shots to the ribs and backdrops him. Aries holds on into a sunset flip, but can’t get Ray over. Ray goes for the butt drop, but Aries rolls away. Aries tries for a corner whip, but Ray counters, sending Aries right into Hebner. Since referees are made of glass, Hebner is now dead. Ray tries a clothesline, and Aries ducks, hitting a dropkick to the knee. Aries locks in a version of the inverted STF and Ray taps, but Hebner is still dead. Ray crawls for his wallet and wraps it around his fist in the corner. Aries is in the opposite corner, and he runs right into a chain shot. Ray kicks it to the floor as Hebner is revived, and Ray gets the 3.

WINNER: Bully Ray, who then dry-humps Hebner in the ring. No, really. Ray calls for the title belt and goes to brain Aries with it, but Jeff Hardy runs down and fights Ray off. Hardy holds the belt over his head, so Aries rips it out of his hands and begins screaming at him.

End of show.

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  1. I didn't think Evan was bad at all. To compare him to that clunky guy last week is a bit of a stretch. Then again, he's only 18, and still growing. I think TNA would make a big statement to continue relations with him, almost building him up as a prospect a la MLB baseball.

    The reason I say "continue relations with" is because of TNA's complete lack of covering these guys once they are given the go-ahead (well, you know, except for one of the guys they didn't let in). You mean to tell me they don't have 8 minutes of their show to give to a guy like Sam Shaw?

    • I said he wasn't as bad as Mark Lewie, but I also wasn't impressed for the simple fact that he did next to nothing in this match. As for Shaw, he's the only person who has won Gut Check with anything really resembling talent. He wasn't great, but he was far from horrible, and it was obvious he has the most experience out of anyone who has gone through this so far (save for Joey Ryan).

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