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TNA Impact Wrestling Results & September 13 Recap – No Surrender Fallout

jeff hardy bully rayTonight, we get the fallout from No Surrender, which saw Jeff Hardy win the BFG Series, and will face Austin Aries next month.

Speaking of Aries, the World Champion is making his way out to open the show. What he holds in his hand is the World Heavyweight Championship. What he holds is power, because the belt is what makes everything go around. This is the reason every man gets up in the morning and competes. This is the reason Aces and Eights have been after him for month. At No Surrender, he may not have taken a mask, but he took down someone’s ass. Now, we’re moving on, and the focus is on BFG. At BFG, he’ll be facing Jeff Hardy, a man who defied the odds. He’d like to bring Hardy out right now. Hardy makes his way to the ring, and Aries starts by personally congratulating him on winning the series. Hardy showed guts and something inside that very few men can. He knows first-hand what it takes to beat both Samoa Joe and Bully Ray, but to do both in the same night, and after taking a beating from AandE, he takes his hat off to Hardy. Hardy is a man of very few words, yet the people can’t help cheering for them. He, on the other hand, is a man of many words, tells the crowd to be quiet, and they still cheer for him as well. Everyone is looking at BFG as Hardy’s opportunity to become champion. Aries has something Hardy wants. Aries sees it as Hardy having many things Aries wants.

Bully Ray interrupts things now. He calls both men lucky. Aries is lucky he’s not facing Ray at BFG. Hardy is lucky because for some reason, Ray actually felt bad for him. After the AandE attack, he felt bad. He took his eye off the ball for a second, and that’s why Hardy beat him. Ray has been beating him for 15 years, all over the planet. Aries calls Ray lucky he has a short memory. Last time they were in the ring, Aries made Ray tap out. And, if memory serves correctly, last time he was in the ring with Hardy, Hardy beat him, too. If he took Hardy lightly at No Surrender, maybe they should fight again. Hardy thinks it’s a great idea, and starts stripping. Ray doesn’t like this idea and says no, and Mike Tenay then announces the match is official. Uh, okay.

James Storm has arrived in the Impact Zone.

MATCH 1-World X-Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt vs. Champion Zema Ion
This is a return match from No Surrender. Mike Tenay actually does something classy and wishes Jerry “The King” Lawler a speedy recovery. At least he was able to dial back the douchiness for 1 week, even if just for a moment. Taz also wishes Lawler best of luck. Dutt’s shoulder is taped up. He begins the match with punches to the face, sending Ion to the corner. He counters a corner charge, and Ion lands on his feet on the apron, whipping Dutt down in the process. Dutt rolls backwards, feet-first through the ropes, and takes Ion down with a headscissors on the floor. Cool-looking move there. Dutt nearly tops himself with a sweet rolling hurricanrana on the floor. Why has this man never been X Champion? It makes no sense. Dutt continues the attack with an Asai moonsault. Back in the ring, Dutt lands springboard spinning headscissors. Ion comes back with a hotshot and goes for a tornado DDT through the ropes, but Dutt shoves him off, ducks a clothesline and counters a lifting powerbomb into a nice snap hurricanrana/pin combo for 2. Dutt counters a corner charge with a Pendulum Kick and goes up top. Ion tries to pull him down, and Dutt just keeps rolling right into another hurricanrana. Dutt counters a sunset flip by rolling through. Ion ducks a roundhouse and dodges a standing moonsault before locking in a Rings of Saturn. Dutt reverses into a pin for 2, breaking the hold in the process. He hits the Asai DDT and signals that he’s going up top. Dutt goes up and hits a moonsault into a double stomp, but only gets 2 when Ion gets his foot on the ropes. Ion rolls to the floor, and Dutt throws him back in, he goes up again, but this time, Ion crotches him. Ion stacks him up for the pin, and surprisingly gets 3.

WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Zema Ion. Well, that was an awful finish. Why in the hell is Ion still champion? This match just showcased how talented he isn’t. Afterward, Ion nails Dutt in the back of the head with his hairspray, and locks in a modified jujigatame, attempting to continue the angle that he’s a dangerous guy who can break bones.

[adinserter block=”2″]In an office in the back, Chris-Zarian are sitting at a conference table. Daniels is holding up a picture of Hulk Hogan, pretending to be Hogan and praising himself and Kaz. Actually a pretty good voice, too. Kaz is wearing a Hulkamania shirt, pretending to be respectful. Unlike Daniels, this wasn’t at all funny. Hogan comes in and congratulates the champions. He knows about doing whatever you have to do to win. He’s going to put the fate of the belts in the champs’ hands tonight. There are two other viable contenders, and tonight, Kaz and Daniels have singles matches. Daniels will face either Hernandez or Chavo Guerrero, while Kaz faces either Kurt Angle or AJ Styles, and the champs have the choice on their opponents. If they both win, no title defense against either team. But, if Daniels loses his match, Hernandez and Chavo get a title match, and if Kaz loses his match, AJ and Kurt get one. Hogan doesn’t say anything about if they both lose, so I’m guessing that is what will happen and we’ll get a tag team triple threat at the next PPV.

Bobby Roode is making his way out to the Impact Zone next.

We see AJ and Kurt in the back, discussing who will face Kaz tonight. Kurt says that, if AJ can guarantee a win, the match is his. After AJ leaves, Wes Brisco walks up. Angle wants Wes to watch AJ later on.

We see a video package from Bully Ray beating James Storm at BFG, thanks to a beer bottle shot by Bobby Roode.

Roode now makes his way into the Impact Zone, for the first time in quite a while (not counting the PPV). Roode says he’s back, then gives a recap of his history since losing the World title. So, he took his ball and went home, and while he was at home, he had a chance to sit back and watch. He got an opportunity to watch his former partner, James Storm, poor his blood, sweat and tears into the BFG Series. He finished first in the series and inched closer and closer to the World title. So, Roode thought to himself, why in the hell should a guy like James Storm get a World title opportunity and not him? Fast forward to No Surrender. Roode took it upon himself to smash a beer bottle over Storm’s head, change his destiny and eliminate him from the series.

As you would expect, Storm interrupts the speech at this point. Storm charges the ring and assaults Roode, throwing him to the floor, where he chokes Roode with his own tie. The brawl continues near the stage, where Storm throws Roode into the wall below the stage, eventually heading outside.

Much like WWE did with RAW 1000, we get BFG memories. AJ Styles recounts ending Sting’s BFG win streak in 2009.

MATCH 2: World Tag Team Co-Champion Kazarian vs. AJ Styles
Christy Hemme announces Kaz as “…one-half of the World Tag Team Champions of the World”. AJ starts off with an arm wringer. Kaz counters and goes for a hip toss, which AJ counters. AJ follows with a pair of deep arm drags, and Kaz rolls to the apron through the ropes. AJ knocks him to the floor with a punch. He slingshots Kaz back into the ring and catches him in the Styles Clash, but Kaz counters with a kick to the head. Kaz goes for a back suplex, but AJ backflips out and hits a beautiful dropkick off the ropes. He may have the single prettiest dropkick in the business today. Kaz rolls to the floor, and AJ follows out and lands some punches. Commercials.

We’re back, and Kaz is now in control with corner punches. AJ counters a corner whip, and Kaz gets his boot up on the charge. Kaz now charges at AJ, but gets caught in a backbreaker. Kaz manages to get back on offense, back dropping AJ to the floor. However, AJ lands on his feet on the apron. Kaz tries for a suplex back into the ring, but AJ pulls him to the apron and blows the living hell out of an apron DDT. That looked really bad. Kaz isn’t dead, though, and he rakes AJ’s eyes before kicking him in the back. AJ comes back with a whip into the guardrail, but misses a forearm off the steps. Kaz monkey flips him on the floor before getting back in the ring and ordering the referee to begin the count. AJ beats the count, and Kaz rolls him up for 2. Two more pin attempts, and two more kick-outs. AJ comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a jumping corner forearm. He goes for the Clash, but Kaz picks him up and dumps him to the apron. AJ stays on his feet and nails the Superman. Kaz tries a roll-up in the corner with the ropes, but AJ kicks out at 2. He ducks a clothesline and nails the Pele, then immediately follows up with the Styles Clash for 3.

WINNER: AJ Styles.

Back in Hogan’s office, he’s talking to Brooke, saying he wants her to be protected at all times, and will hire two bodyguards to follow her around. Joseph Abyss walks in and says his investigation is going very well. He doesn’t want to give away all the details yet, but he’s waiting on a key piece of evidence that will be here next Thursday, and if this evidence is real, it’ll blow the case wide open. Hogan says he’s got some business to settle with AandE right now, and he has a favor to ask-he wants Joe to be her bodyguard, and Joe agrees to the job.

In a locker room, Jeff Hardy is stretching or something when Bully Ray walks in. Ray says Hardy didn’t punk him out earlier tonight, and if he wants to fight so bad, let’s make the fight mean something. Why doesn’t Hardy put up his shot at the World title at BFG. Ray then says Hardy won’t do it because his balls aren’t that big. At the end of the day, he’s nothing more than a coward, and Ray sees right through him. Hardy says if Ray wants it, he’s got it.

Back in the Impact Zone, Hulk Hogan’s making his way out. Hogan says you could guess you could say the BFG Series really put TNA in high gear, brother. When he thinks back to the 3 months of the tournament and the 12 “superheroes” who put it on, it blows his mind how intense the series was. “The Creatures of the Night” came out on top, and Jeff Hardy dances to another energy. Hardy is not from this planet; he’s from a whole other solar system, a whole other universe. When Hardy put it all on the line to win it and sacrifice it all, and now he wants to prove he earned it by putting it on the line tonight, Hogan isn’t going to stand in his way. It’s official: Ray will face Hardy tonight, and the winner moves onto BFG. Now, let’s get real about all the gaga and all the crap that’s been going on at the Impact Zone. AandE, all the Harleys and all the king’s men couldn’t put Aces and Eights back together again (I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about at this point). This past Sunday was a game changer, because with this place locked down, the Impact Zone belongs to the fans and the roster in the back. And, from this point forward, the Impact Zone will be locked down forever, brother.

The leader of AandE (the one with the Ole Anderson Voice Changer 3000) pops up on the screen and says he has to give Hogan credit. He is a much better chess player than any of them thought was possible. He put the Impact Zone on lockdown, but he has to ask himself a question: did he lock them out, or did he lock them in? Leader is surrounded by men he’d trust with his life. Can Hogan say the same thing? Remember this: 24/7, he has to have his head on a swivel. Look at the guy in the front row. He could be with us. Remember, Hogan, anyone could be one of them, and he wouldn’t know it until it was too late. Checkmate, Hogan.

We see Chavo and Hernandez talking about the tag champs pulling a fast one on them. Tonight, they’ve got a second chance. When Chavo beats Daniels, they get their 2nd title match.

MATCH 3-World Tag Team Co-Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Hemme did it again. She can’t really be this stupid, can she? They’re now listing Guerrero as “Jr.” again. TNA needs to make up its mind. Tie-up starts, and Daniels backs Chavo to the corner. He goes for a punch, but Chavo ducks and begins kicking and punching. European uppercut in the corner, followed by a corner whip. In the opposite corner, Chavo fires off more punches and kicks. Clothesline by Chavo, followed by a side headlock. Daniels sends Chavo to the corner, but Chavo puts the breaks on, hits a kick to the gut and a really weak over-the-shoulder backbreaker for 1. Headlock is once again applied. Chavo counters a hip toss attempt with a monkey flip and hits a snapmare for a 0-count. Back to the headlock. Crisscross ends when Daniels slides to the floor, where Chavo levels him with a somersault plancha from the apron. Chavo hits a pair of European uppercuts on the floor before sending Daniels back in. Chavo gets to the apron, and Daniels sends him flying into the guardrail. Daniels hits a chop on the outside and throws Chavo back in the ring for 1. Kitchen Sink gets 1. Daniels hits some kneelifts and an STO for 2. Daniels applies a rear bearhug. Chavo fights out, and they trade punches. Daniels hits a palm thrust, but runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chavo hits a pair of shoulderblocks, a spinning headscissors and a dropkick for 2. Chavo hip tosses Daniels to the floor. The ref stops Chavo from heading outside, and Daniels grabs the title belt. Chavo ducks a belt shot, hits the 3 Amigos and the frog splash for the 3.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero.

We get a video for Evan Markopoulos, who is the next Gut Check contestant. He’s going to college in Massachusetts, and has been wrestling since he was 13. He’s been training at Killer Kowalski’s school, and if someone says he hasn’t paid his dues, he tells them he’s right, because he’s not a star yet. Well, I can’t say I disagree there. And you could do worse than Kowalski’s school. However, the kid looks to weigh about 100 pounds soaking wet, which doesn’t bode well for him. Guess we’ll see next week.

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Storm is being interviewed by Jason Hervey. He says he hasn’t gotten enough yet. He hopes Roode slept well in jail, because his life is about to be a living hell. Next week is OFN, which is good for him, and bad for Roode.

Gail Kim recalls becoming the first Knockouts Champion at BFG.

Tara makes her way into the Impact Zone. She’d like to take this moment to congratulate her best friend, and Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher. Tessy makes her way out now. Tara says that, at the PPV, the student beat the teacher. Part of her was upset, but part of her was proud and happy, because that meant she did her job and taught Tessy well. She will always be Tara’s best friend and “boo”, and she loves her. She just wanted to take this moment to properly presenter her the champion…ship belt (exactly how she said it). Tessy is the best, and Tara loves her. Tara wraps the belt around Tessy’s waist before announcing her one more time. Tessy celebrates in the three of the corner as Tara applauds her. As she gets down from the third one, Tara clotheslines her. Oddly enough, this gets a pretty good pop from the crowd. Tara then lands a vicious stomp to the face as the crowd chants “Tara! Tara! Tara!”. Tara nails the Widow’s Peak before throwing the belt down on Tessy.

Up next, Ray/Hardy.

We’re back in Hogan’s office, and he’s surrounded by Brooke, Bruce Prichard, D’Lo Brown, Al Snow and Dixie Carter. Dixie is telling them things are getting out of control. She needs to know that there’s a plan. Hogan says this is a situation they’ve never encountered. Now, AandE are going after both men and women. Hogan tells a story about his brother running with a bad crew in Oakland. If they don’t put this fire out, it’s going to spread. They agree that someone on the inside is helping AandE. Hogan tells Brooke and Dixie they need extra protection. Prichard says it could be anyone in the company that’s the inside man, including Hogan himself. Brooke points out more and more people are joining the group. D’Lo says they can’t run from this.

MATCH 4-Winner becomes #1 contender to the World Championship: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy
Ray starts the match by attacking Hardy from behind with a forearm. He hits a few more shots to the back before Hardy makes his comeback with a forearm off the ropes. Hardy hits some mounted punches in the corner. Ray tries to counter into a powerbomb, and Hardy counters that with a hurricanrana. Reverse enziguri gets 1. Hardy sends him to the floor and drops him with a plancha. Commercials.

Back from the break, both men are dropped with a simultaneous clothesline. Ray goes for the pin, but gets 2. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”1″]Back from another break, Hardy boots Ray out of the corner and hits a middle rope splash for 2. Ray drops him with a big boot for 2. Elbow drop gets another 2. Rear chinlock applied by Ray now. Hardy gets hit with a back body drop off the ropes, and Ray hits a jumping splash for 2. Ray hits a clothesline and another elbow for 2. Ray signals for another boot, but Hardy ducks and tries for the Twist. Ray pushes him off sternum-first into the corner, then throws Hardy shoulder-first into the opposite corner post, sending Hardy to the floor. The ref begins the count, and Hardy rolls in at 9. However, he rolls in just to break the count, and then rolls right back to the floor. Ray comes out and drops a forearm from the apron before rolling Hardy back in. Ray lands a big open-hand chop in the corner, and follows up with an avalanche. Hardy blocks a second charge with an elbow and hits the Botch in the Wind. The two slug it out from their knees. Hardy ducks a clothesline, hits an inverted atomic drop, double legdrop and a low dropkick for 2. Ray counters the Twist of Fate into the Bully Bomb, but only gets 2. Ray goes for it again, but Hardy counters with a DDT for 2. Hardy goes up for the swanton, but Ray crotches him. Middle rope superplex connects for 2. Ray misses a Vader Bomb, and Hardy goes up, missing the swanton bomb. Another Bully Bomb gets 2. Ray signals for the boot again, but Hardy ducks, hits the sit-out Twist of Fate, followed by the regular version, and the swanton bomb to get the 3.


End of show.

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