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TNA Impact Wrestling Results & November 1 Recap – Aces & 8s Member Unmasked

This week, the recaps are going to be semi-condensed, as I’ve had a long weekend, and couldn’t really take the time and give my usual detailed recaps. I’ll be back to normal form next week.

The show starts with a graphic, remembering Brad Armstrong. I was very sad to hear the news of his passing, as I always found him to be incredibly underrated. He deserved so much more during his career.

Tonight is another edition of Open Fight Night, so you can now let your hopes down.

[adinserter block=”2″]Joe Abyss is in the ring, wearing his “wrestling gear”. He knows what OFN is all about, and that’s why he’s here tonight. He’s not a wrestler, he’s an attorney. But, after what happened with Aces and Eights, he decided it doesn’t matter what he is. What matters is he’s a man. He’s not a wrestler, and Hogan hasn’t given him clearance to be one. But there’s a loophole, and that is OFN. So, he’s challenging any member of A and E to a fight right now. Four of the group make their way out and corner Joe. Kurt Angle comes out and begins fighting them off. Sting also joins the fray, bat in hand. Sting says he has a great idea. That idea is someone from A and E is losing their mask tonight.

We see Christian York warming up, and he’s tonight’s Gut Check contestant. I gotta say York is looking jacked compared to the last time I saw him.

AI stops Magnus in the back. Magnus says he plans to expose a phony tonight, and one who really deserves it.

Jesse and Tara are in the locker room. Jesse says he has an ear injury thanks to ODB. Tara says she has his back tonight. Jesse asks her to sterilize him. Yeah.

Magnus makes his way out to Douglas Williams’ music, as well as a modified version of Williams’ graphic, which leads me to believe that Williams may not be with the company anymore. Magnus calls out Samoa Joe for a World TV title match. The reason? He has an issue with Joe being the champion. Joe is not the image Impact Wrestling is looking for for their TV Champion. He’s like the Howard Stern of wrestling. People like him, but he has a radio face.

MATCH 1-World Television Championship: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (Champion)
Joe dominates the opening moments of the match until Magnus drops him with a running knee. Magnus hits a misdirection clothesline for 2. Joe goes for the Kokina Clutch, but Magnus counters with a jawbreaker. Joe hits the uranage out of the corner and sends Magnus to the floor. Joe rams Magnus back-first into the post. Referee Earl Hebner goes outside to tell Joe to get the match back in the ring, and while this is happening, Magnus grabs a wrench from under the ring. Back in the ring, Magnus clocks Joe with the wrench in front of Hebner, getting DQ’ed.


Back in Hulk Hogan’s office, Sting and Joe Abyss are with him. Kurt Angle storms in with Wes Brisco, demanding Devon. Hogan tells him Devon is facing Bully Ray tonight, but he’s got Devon at Turning Point. Angle says that’s fine, but he still wants a fight tonight, as does Wes. Hogan thinks it sounds great, and tells everyone to target A and E.

Samoa Joe is in the interview area, icing his head. He tells Magnus he escaped tonight, and he wants Magnus again in a No Holds Barred Match, and Joe is gonna kill him.

Another overly dramatic Jeff Hardy video. Tonight, anyone can call him out, so he needs to stand out, eyes wide closed (?). He then rambles on about Austin Aries.

Chris-Zarian make their way out, likely to issue a challenge for OFN. Kaz calls Sting “Heath” for some reason. The biggest frauds here aren’t A and E; no, they’re Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Last week, they told the truth, and looked good doing it. Apparently, some of the things they said offended the amigos in the back. They might’ve even gotten “muey caliente” about it. Daniels says they’ve got their title match at Turning Point, but tonight is OFN. They’re calling out two men who are proud of their Latino heritage. So, come on down…Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina. Hector and Willie come down, and Kaz continues to taunt them with Spanish words mixed in with English. Daniels punches Willie, so Hector punches him. Kaz knocks Hector over, and now they’re double-teaming him. Eventually, Chavo and Hernandez come down and chase them off. As they’re heading up the ramp, Daniels begins taunting Chavo about the champs taking Chris-Zarian seriously.

Christian York Gut Check video. His opportunity is up next.

In the back, ODB is on her phone, trying to get a hold of Eric Young again. Pretty much the same thing she always does in these segments.

MATCH 2-Gut Check: Christian York vs. Zema Ion
York throws Ion’s hairspray away before the match starts, then begins attacking Ion with various strikes. Back elbow gets 1. York botches a rolling kick before hitting a nice half-nelson suplex. York goes up top, but Ion rolls to the outside. York drags him back up, so Ion hits a hotshot. Ion hits the inside-out tornado DDT, followed by a running boot. Ion hits a chop and a suplex out of the corner. York blocks a middle rope moonsault and nails a clothesline. York hits the Mood Swing for 2. Ion rolls to the floor. York slides out and hits a headscissors from the apron. Back in the ring, Ion catches a kick in the ropes and locks in the Submission: Impossible for the tapout.

WINNER: Zema Ion. York looked good, and TNA could certainly do worse than hiring him. Hell, they already have with Taeler Hendrix and Alex Silva.

AI stops Austin Aries to ask why he took the World title belt. He says he did it because he could. As far as he’s concerned, he’s still the champion and the face of the company. He says he has some business to take care of before entering the locker room of the Robbies.

ODB/Jesse is up next. This is going to suck.

Garett Bischoff stops Bully Ray and says he’s been stabbed in the back by Devon as well. He’s got Ray’s back if he needs it. Ray appreciates that and shakes his hand. Some stagehand approaches them and says A and E is outside. They head out, where the group is waiting. A brawl begins, with Sting and Angle joining in to help Ray and Garett. Devon approaches the brawl and calls for Ray to follow him. The group runs off as Ray gives chase on Devon, and Sting screams that someone’s losing a mask tonight.

ODB comes out to issue a challenge to Jesse. We already knew that, since she did it last week. Is there a point to this?

MATCH 3: Knockout Tag Team Co-Champion ODB vs. Jesse (w/Tara)
Just get rid of the KO tag titles already. They are completely worthless. ODB hits several open-hand chops, and Jesse escapes to the floor. Back in, ODB hits more chops. Jesse blocks some mounted punches, shoving ODB to the mat. He goes for an elbow, but misses, and slides back to the floor. Back in the ring, ODB hits a wheelbarrow facebuster and the Clam Buffet in the corner. She misses a cross-body, and Jesse hits a bodyslam. ODB hits one of her own, then spanks him over her knee. Tara gets on the apron for a distraction, and Jesse rolls ODB up for the 3.

WINNER: Jesse.

Jeremy Borash stays on for hour 2, as Taz is back home in New York, helping his family and friends get through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Robbies come out now. E says the most memorable part of this year’s BFG Series was him beating Jeff Hardy. Lightning strikes twice, so he’s calling out the World Champion to beat him again, bro.

MATCH 4: Robbie E (w/Robbie T) vs. World Champion Jeff Hardy (non-title)
Hardy is in complete control in the opening moments, scoring a 2 off a low dropkick. Middle rope splash gets another 2. E slides to the floor and drags Hardy with him. Hardy stays on offense, hitting several punches and whipping E into the steps. He hits Poetry in Motion against the guardrail before throwing E back in the ring. E distracts the referee as T drops Hardy with a clothesline on the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, E is now in control. Hardy comes back with a flying forearm and some clotheslines. He nails T on the outside with a dropkick before going for a Twist of Fate on E. E slides out and hits an implant DDT for 2. Hardy fights out of a second attempt and hits a sit-out gourdbuster. Twist of Fate follows, and the swanton bomb is nailed for 3.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy. As Hardy is celebrating, Austin Aries interrupts things. He congratulates Hardy before saying the difference between the two of them is 3 seconds. He is still the greatest wrestler in the universe, and outside of 3 seconds at BFG, he’s been the most dominant man in this company from day 1. He went through everyone to get to the top, and then Hardy knocked him off his pedestal. At Turning Point, he reclaims his spot, and the real title belt will officially be his once again. Hardy says if they do this at Turning Point, let’s do it right. Hardy drags a ladder out from under the ring, climbs up and says let’s make the ladder more than a metaphor, and make this match at Turning Point a Ladder Match.

We see some video of the grand opening of Hogan’s Beach Shop (which should be closed within 6 months). Matt Morgan wound up interrupting things and steals one of Hogan’s capes he wore as Terry “The Hulk” Boulder and his early days in the WWF. Hogan calls the cape a piece of history, and Morgan says wait until you see the history he makes with it now.

Back in the back of the Impact Zone, James Storm is talking to Hulk Hogan. He said he took Hogan’s initial advice about leaving for a while and came back when he was ready, and now he wants his title match. Hogan asks if Storm is a betting man, and if so, he’s got a really big idea for him.

Bobby Roode makes his way out to the ring for a challenge. Roode says it’s OFN, but he’s not here to fight; he’s here to state a fact, and that’s the fact he’s getting screwed once again. Last week, Hogan had a deliberation in his office with four men vying for the chance to become World Champion. Now, he knows Hogan put a stipulation in his contract, stating he couldn’t get a title rematch as long as Aries was champion. Well, here’s a news flash, brother: Aries isn’t champion anymore, so as he sees things, he should have been challenging Hardy for the title last week. Had that happened, he’d have kicked Hardy’s ass all over the building, and would be standing here as champion tonight. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring on this note. He asks if Roode is going to stand out here crying about not being champion. AJ is the one who should be champion, not him. AJ says Roode should be proud of being the longest-reigning champion in history, so stop crying. At that time, AJ was dealing with someone else’s issues, referring to the Claire Lynch storyline. He then takes a veiled shot about how things happen to people named AJ, referring to the current storyline on RAW with AJ Lee. AJ then calls out Roode for a fight tonight. Roode says he’s not here to fight, and the answer is no. Roode begins to leave, then nails AJ with a forearm to the back. AJ comes back with a clothesline to the floor. Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and he comes out with James Storm. Hogan hears what AJ’s saying, and he hears what Roode is saying, and he agrees both deserve a title match. But, it’s going to be in their hands. He’s going to make a match at Turning Point, and whoever gets pinned in the match won’t get a title match until at least BFG next year. The match will be AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm, and whoever wins gets the next title match.

We see Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan heading to the ring, and Morgan has Hogan’s cape in his hand.

Ryan and Morgan head out, and Morgan is now wearing the cape. Pretty sure Ryan’s music was also used by Sean Morley during his very brief time in TNA. Morgan says that, for years, TNA management has disrespected and ignored Morgan’s superhuman talents. So, instead of waiting around to be handed the ball, he stole the damn ball, and he started showing up on house shows around the country, taking talents heads off one-by-one, just to get the attention. But that wasn’t good enough, was it, Hogan? He still couldn’t get Hogan’s attention. Hogan said he made a lot of history with this robe. That’s nothing compared to the history Morgan will make with it. Everyone, listen up. From this moment, Morgan is going to eat through the roster one-by-one and sh*t them out until he owns the World title. Joey Ryan says normally, he prides himself on avoiding V.D.s, but he’s calling one out tonight: RVD. He’s going to prove to everyone that the X-Division title can be X-rated.

MATCH 5: Joey Ryan (w/Matt Morgan) vs. World X-Division Champion Rob Van Dam (non-title)
RVD drops Ryan with a thrust kick before Ryan throws him to the outside. RVD nails a roundhouse from the apron, and another in the corner. Spinning heel kick in the corner sets up Rolling Thunder, which gets 2. Morgan pulls Ryan out of the way of a Five-Star, and Ryan rolls up RVD with an Oklahoma Roll for the 3.

WINNER: Joey Ryan. RVD boots Ryan to the floor after the match, before turning around into a Carbon Footprint from Morgan.

We see A and E outside the arena, getting Devon ready for his match with Ray next.

Next week, Bobby Roode faces AJ Styles one-on-one.

Before the next match starts, Ray gives a shout-out to everyone in the northeast. Now, onto business. Devon, you piece of crap, get out here. He wants to kick your frickin’ ass.

MATCH 6: Bully Ray vs. Devon
Devon immediately jumps to the floor as Ray charges at him. Ray heads outside and begins dragging a table out, and sets it up in the ring. Devon gets up on the apron, but jumps to the floor once more. Devon signals for the rest of A and E, and eight of them head out. Devon gets in the ring with his gang, so Ray goes for his chain. Ray holds them off as the rest of the TNA guys from earlier run down. A big brawl erupts between the two sides.

[adinserter block=”1″]WINNER: No contest. The TNA guys clear the ring until only Devon is left. Ray drops him with a punch and signals for the table. He goes for a powerbomb, but one of the big A and E guys comes in and throws Ray to the floor. Joe Abyss runs down into the ring now, and the big guy slugs him. Big guy assaults him until Joe grabs his mask, and it’s the former Luke Gallows. Gallows stares at Joe before putting him through the table before the rest of the TNA guys chase A and E off.

End of show.

Well, fortunately, I didn’t have to change my recap too much this week, as the matches were really short, and there was a lot of talking. That’s not really a good thing, though.

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Thanks for reading, and as long as Spike TV still fronts the bill, I’ll see you next week.


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