TNA Impact Wrestling Results and July 18 Recap: New TNA Champion Crowned


This week’s TNA Wrestling Impact is a special televised version of Destination X. Chris Sabin attempts to become the new World Champion while TNA simultaneously looks to crown a new World X-Division Champion.

[adinserter block=”1″]We are in Louisville, KY this week, and the show opens with Bully Ray making his way out to the ring via the ramp, instead of through the crowd. Taz is not on commentary at the moment. Ray says it sounds like everyone’s real happy to see him tonight. Enough is enough. All week long, all he’s been hearing about all over the world is everyone talking about one little boy. Everybody wants to talk about Chris Sabin. People can chant his name from now to high Heaven; that kid ain’t got a shot in hell at beating the World Heavyweight Champion. What these fans should be doing is planning a funeral for Sabin instead of a parade. Ray is the most hated man in pro wrestling, and that’s just the way he wants. Everything is perfectly set. It’s the perfect night for him to defeat Sabin; it’s a perfect night for A and E to destroy the Main Event Mafia; and after all that’s settled, there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s talk to his wife. Brooke, come out here now.

Brooke comes out on-stage and she doesn’t understand what else he wants from her. He’s tricked her father, Dixie Carter, and Brooke herself. She’s sick of it and is moving on. Ray should do the same. Ray says he said it last week, and he’s happy to look Brooke in her eyes this week and tell her…she can move on when he says she can move on. Hulk Hogan comes down and tells Ray to knock the crap off. Ray is right in that enough is enough, and it’s over as of now. Ray has raped and pillaged this company and his family, and got everything he wanted. It’s over now, because enough is enough, brother. Hulk and Brooke walk away until Ray screams that she’s still his wife. He will never give her a divorce or lose the title, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Kurt Angle and the MEM appear on the big screen and says things are different now. MEM is here to fight A and E. Ray will lose his title to Sabin in a fair fight, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

AI asks Bobby Roode if Destination X brings up any bad memories. He says one word: fluke. He doesn’t want to about the past. He’s about the future, and the future starts tonight. He doesn’t have any points in the BFG Series, but that changes, and he’s back on the road to BFG to become the champion once again.

Here is the current leaderboard for the BFG Series: 1-Magnus (49); 2-Samoa Joe (19); 3-Jeff Hardy (17); 4-Christopher Daniels (14); 5-AJ Styles (12); 6-Austin Aries, Hernandez and Mr. Anderson (3-way tie, 7); 9-Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Jay Bradley (3-way tie, 0); 12-Joseph Park (-10).

MATCH 1-BFG Series Match: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries
Roode goes for a side headlock, the two go into a crisscross, and Aries comes out with an armdrag. Roode counters into a headscissors. Aries escapes, but misses a dropkick. Another lockup, and Aries goes to the side headlock this time. Roode breaks free, Aries ducks a pair of clotheslines and runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, sending him to the apron. Roode kicks him as he tries to get back in, then goes for a suplex. Aries knees him in the head and backdrops him to the floor. Aries goes up top and hits a double axe handle. Back in the ring, Aries goes up top once more for a cross-body, but gets hit with a dropkick mid-move. Aries rolls to the outside, where Roode hits a clothesline from the apron. Commercials.

Back from the break, Aries hits several strikes before running into a spinebuster for 2. Roode sets Aries on the top rope for a superplex, but Aries fights him off. He knocks Roode off by boxing the ears several times, then comes off with the 450 splash for 2. They now trade punches until Roode backdrops Aries to the outside. Aries lands on his feet, shoulders Roode, then misses the tope con hilo as Roode rolls to the outside. Aries rolls through and hits a suicide dive, sending Roode back-first onto the steps next to the entrance ramp. Aries pulls Roode to the apron and rolls him in the ring before going up top once more. Roode is back up and eats a missile dropkick, sending him to the opposite corner. Aries follows up with a running corner dropkick and goes for the brainbuster, but Roode escapes and goes for a fireman’s carry. Aries escapes and schoolboys Roode for 2. Roode immediately counters into the Bowflex, and Aries rolls onto his back for a pin, getting 2. Roode escapes and backslides Aries for 2. Aries escapes and hits a snap DDT. Both men pull themselves back to their feet, and as Aries goes for another corner dropkick, Roode counters with his own. He goes for a spear, but Aries counters into the brainbuster. Roode escapes once more and hits a clothesline for 2. Roode goes for the Payoff, and Aries escapes before hitting the rolling elbow. Brainbuster attempt once more, and once more Roode escapes. He goes to the fireman’s carry again, and Aries elbows his way out before finally hitting the brainbuster for 3.

WINNER: Austin Aries, who picks up 7 points and is now tied with Christopher Daniels for 4th place. Good, solid match here, and a great way to open the show. After the match, Roode walks over to the announce desk and destroys a monitor before throwing chairs in the ring.

We see Hernandez warming up for tonight when the camera pans over. Homicide is also in the locker room with him, as he’s apparently in the tournament to crown a new X-Division Champion. Chavo Guerrero enters and sucks up to Homicide. After Homicide leaves, says he’ll win the X-Division title and Hernandez will win the BFG Series, which means they’ll face each other next year for the World title.

We see Aces and Eights milling around in the back. Mr. Anderson says that, because of Knux’s vote of “no” against DOC last week, he turned in his “cut”. Things happen, and they have bigger fish to fry tonight. Everyone in the group knows what they’re doing tonight, so let’s go do it.

MATCH 2-X-Division Championship Qualifier: Homicide vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt
Homicide attacks the other two before Dutt rolls Petey up for 2. Dutt gets kicked to the outside, and Petey nails him with a forearm. Homicide throws Petey to the floor and hits a somersault plancha on both the other two. Back in, Petey trips Homicide intot he ropes and hits a dropkick to the back. Dutt comes in and flips off a snapmare, ducks a pair of clotheslines and hits a hurricanrana. Hurricanrana for Homicide, and Dutt is the only one left in the ring. Petey shoulders him from the apron and hits a slingshot lung blower for 2. He goes for the Sharpshooter and hiptosses Homicide in the process, turning Dutt into an inverted figure-4 as well. Homicide comes off the top with a headbutt on Petey to break the hold. The three trade punches now and Homicide hits forearms on the other two in the corners. Release belly-to-belly for Petey, and a Gringo Stunner for Dutt for 2. Dutt gets set on the top rope by Homicide. Dutt shoves him off and goes for a moonsault. Petey crotches him, and he falls in the tree of woe. Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer on Petey, but Petey escapes and goes for the Canadian Destroyer. Homicide shoves him into Dutt, but Petey puts on the brakes. He hits an elbow on Homicide, and Dutt shoves Petey away while still upside down. Homicide hits the Gringo Killer on Petey for 2 as Dutt makes the save. Dutt blocks the Stunner and hits an Asai DDT. Up top, he hits the moonsault into the double stomp and gets 3.

WINNER: Sonjay Dutt, who moves onto the 3-way Ultimate X for the title next week.

MATCH 2-X-Division Championship Qualifier: Kenny King vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Manik
“Introducing this is Manik!”-Christy Hemme. King assaults Manik, and Chavo assaults King. Manik backdrops King to the apron, where he lands on his feet. Chavo tries to throw Manik out, but Manik reverses. He ducks a clothesline by King, but gets hit with an atomic drop and a Ghetto Blaster. King knocks Chavo back down on the outside with a baseball slide, then hits a suplex on Manik, rolling right through into mounted punches. He mocks Manik, then hits a right. Manik comes back with a modified Iron Octopus off the ropes, then trips King before applying a deathlock. Chavo breaks it up and goes for a suplex, but Manik counters into a northern lights suplex for 2. Chavo dropkicks Manik to the floor, then hits a spinning headscissors off the ropes. He follows up with a middle rope dropkick on King for 2. Manik comes off the top with a cross-body on both, trips Chavo into the corner and hits another cross-body on King. Chavo holds Manik up, but Manik sends him into King. Chavo elevates Manik into a dropkick on King, and Manik hits a crucifix on Chavo for 2. He goes for a double-underhook, but Chavo escapes and goes for the 3 Amigos to an indifferent crowd reaction. King breaks it up after the second, so Chavo hits the 3 Amigos on King instead. Chavo up top for the frog splash, but he goes to the wrong side of the ring. On the right side, Manik cuts him off, then himself gets dropkicked into the turnbuckles. King climbs up on top of Chavo and goes for a superplex. Chavo shoves him off, but King lands on his feet and nails Chavo with a kick to the head, sending him to the floor. Manik locks King in a double underhook and turns it into a reverse lung blower for 3.

WINNER: Manik, who joins Sonjay Dutt in Ultimate X next week. One more spot left to fill.

We see MEM in an office. Sting says tonight is why they put this group together. Kurt Angle asks if everyone’s ready for their mission, and Quentin Jackson says he’s ready to take someone out.

Hulk Hogan is in the back with Chris Sabin. Hulk says everything Sabin’s gone through has been a set-up for greatness. At the end of the night, Sabin needs to make sure everyone remembers who he is, and bring the title back to TNA.

The Main Event Mafia make their way out, and Quentin Jackson couldn’t bother to put on a suit to go with the gimmick. That’s a team player right there. Sting says they gave A and E fair warning and bring the fight to them. When he looks at his family, they are custom-made for this night, because they’re looking for A and E. Kurt Angle says this fight will be more brutal and vicious than we could ever imagine. A and E, you brought chaos to this company, and for that, the Mafia is coming after you. They’re taking the fight to A and E, and they are the greatest array of champions, fighters and wrestlers to ever be assembled. Tonight, A and E, right now, they’re going to prove it. Magnus says they’re all ready. Louisville, KY, are you ready? The crowd cheers, and Magnus tells A and E to come on down to face the “Family”. Mr. Anderson and the group appear on the big screen. He says they do things on their own time. They have to conserve energy, as they have a big celebration after the show. He then invites the MEM to come to back for a fight. Samoa Joe says that A and E is in the back having a few drinks. The MEM is thirsty, so they’re going to go backstage, drink the drinks, beat A and E down, and they’re going to do it right now.

The MEM heads to the back where Mr. Anderson is standing alone. He enters a room where A and E proceed to jump all of them. Kurt Angle gets thrown into the back of a pickup as the rest of the Mafia are locked up in the room by Devon.

MATCH 4-X-Division Championship Qualifier: Rubix vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marasciulo
Rockstar Spud? Are you f*cking sh*tting me? This kid is such a douchebag. He keeps his job, but Joey Ryan and Christian York get fired? As for Greg Marasciulo, you know him better as Trent Barreta. Spud talks trash to the other two, and they double-chop him. Rubix goes for a back suplex on Greg, and Greg lands on his feet before applying a side headlock. Spud gets backdropped by Greg, and Rubix snaps off a hurricanrana on Greg. Spud goes to the floor, and Greg lands a back elbow on Rubix. Chops by Greg, and Spud trips him on the outside. Greg dropkicks him through the ropes, blocks a roll-up by Rubix and goes for a clothesline. Rubix ducks and hits a suicide dive on Spud. Greg drops Rubix with a clothesline and rolls Spud back into the ring for 2. Spud hits a pucn out of the corner, then stomps him. Greg comes back with a chop and goes for a bodyslam. Spud escapes and rolls Greg up for 2. Rubix back in, and Spud forearms him down before Rubix hits a bearhug into a facebuster. He follows up with a running knee for 2. Spud rolls to the apron, where Greg dropkicks him to the floor. Rubix gets backdropped to the outside, but lands on the apron and hits a kick before coming off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Spud comes back in and Rubix hits a German suplex for 2. Spud avoids a charge in the corner, then stomps on Rubix’s hand before hitting a low enziguri for 2. Spud goes for a waistlock, but Rubix ducks as Greg comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Spud gets sent to the floor, and Greg hits a somersault plancha over the top rope. He rolls Spud back in the ring and goes up top, where Rubix cuts him off with a superkick and a step-up enziguri. Rubix rolls to the apron on the opposite side and hits a Coast-to-Coast. He goes for the pin, but Spud pushes him away and goes for the pin himself, getting 2. He spits in Greg’s face and sets up for a powerbomb, but Greg counters into a Money in the Bank and gets 3.

WINNER: Greg Marasciulo, who will enter Ultimate X next week with Sonjay Dutt and Manik. Rockstar Spud is completely worthless. I have seen Jesse Godderz do more in matches than this turd. That’s pathetic.

We see Bully Ray talking to someone on a cellphone about what A and E just did to Kurt Angle. He compliments Wes Brisco for taking one for the team as well. He then tells the person on the phone to take Angle to the spot they talked about. But before that, let’s do things Mafia-style: make Angle an offer he can’t refuse.

Mickie James makes her way out, and she’s apparently going to do an interview after the commercial break.

As we come back from the break, we see the black pick-up truck from before pull into the parking lot. However, Kurt Angle is driving.

Back to the ring, Mickie James says there was a moment last week that will be glorified in Knockouts history for eternity. It raised the bar for women in this industry across the globe. It goes to show you what hard work and dedication will really get you. She could go on about this all night, but being the gracious champion she is, she will share it with us all again. What you think is going to be footage from last week’s ladder match is actually footage of Mickie James doing a horrible concert to promote her new album. Back to the arena, James calls herself amazing and a giver. Johnny Jeter, Ken Doane, John Cena and Leg Show magazine would all agree, I’m sure. Anyone thinking Arby’s? Anyway, she rambles on about how great she is for another minute until Gail Kim comes out. She tells James she’s funny and really delusional. No one was talking about her stupid concert. The only thing anyone was talking about was her performance in the ladder match against Taryn Terrell. The only thing that’s going to make this package (Kim) complete is when she wins the belt next week. James says she has a clause in her contract that says she needs a certain amount of space and oxygen to compete, and Kim is violating both. She gives Kim credit for last week, calling the match a solid 2. But you ask all of the music reviewers across the world, and her performance at the concert was 5-stars. James counts to five and looks to slap Kim, but Kim ducks and slaps James. James then tackles Kim, and they catfight it up in the ring until the referees pull them apart.

We see Chris Sabin warming up in the back when Austin Aries approaches him. Aries asks how he’s feeling and says he doesn’t want to diminish anything Sabin has done in the company, but the only reason Sabin is in this position is because of Aries. He’s not talking about “option C”, though; he’s talking about forcing Sabin to raise his game to a level he didn’t know existed. Aries helps people prove how great they can be, and he helped Sabin show the world do that. Aries can beat Bully Ray, and Sabin can beat Aries. Now, Sabin just needs to complete the equation and beat Ray. Aries is pulling for Sabin tonight, and Sabin nods in approval as Aries walks away.

AJ Styles is in a stairwell, talking about how he put the X-Division on the match. Next week, he has another test with Jeff Hardy. He calls Hardy a hero, then says this is no place for a hero.

MATCH 5-World Championship: Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray (Champion)
Ray incoherently screams in Sabin’s face, and Sabin retorts by basically doing the same thing. Ray shoves him down, and the bell rings to officially start this match. Ray trips Sabin and goes after the left knee. He steps on Ray’s throat and Sabin eventually kicks him off. Sabin hits some kicks to the gut until Ray blocks one and hits a chop to the chest. Sabin no-sells and hits another kick. Ray hits an even harder chop this time, and Sabin still shakes it off. They trade another kick and chop. And another. Sabin ducks another chop attempt and fires off some forearms to the face, backing Ray into the corner. Sabin goes up for some mounted forearms strikes, then goes for a kick off the ropes. Ray blocks it, trips Sabin and drops an elbow to the right knee. Sabin rolls to the ramp for a breather as the rest of Aces and Eights make their way out. They are followed by all five members of the Main Event Mafia. Each group takes one side of the ring as we go to commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Ray is on the ramp with Sabin, and he slams Sabin’s right knee into the ramp. Ray throws Sabin back in the ring, then talks trash to Quentin Jackson. He kicks Sabin’s left knee a couple of times, then snaps the right knee against the mat. He turns Sabin over and applies an inverted legbar while simultaneously kicking Sabin in the back. He begins undoing the strings on the back of Sabin’s right kickpad, pulls the pad down, then slams the leg into the mat. Sabin gets up and hits some forearms before getting dropped with a clothesline. Ray begins pulling Sabin’s right kneepad off. He gets it off and throws it to A and E, then assaults the knee once more. Ray nails Sabin in the back of the left knee as he gets up to his feet. He drags Sabin to the middle of the ring and hits a leg DDT on the right leg. Ray screams at Jackson once more, and Sabin gets back to his feet to hit a few more forearms until Ray takes him right back down. Ray mocks Hulk Hogan, then goes back to work on the right knee. Sabin tries to kick him away, but Ray drags him back to the middle and snaps his right leg down once more. Ray slaps Sabin in the chest, then pulls Sabin’s kickpad down even further before delivering another punch to Sabin’s face. He throws Sabin to the corner and clubs him down before corner-whipping him. Sabin collapses mid-whip before crawling to the corner. There, he blocks an avalanche attempt, kicks Ray away and climbs up top. Ray hits the top rope to crotch him, then connects with a middle rope superplex for 2. Ray sets up the Bully Bomb, but Sabin blocks it and hits an enziguri. Sabin crawls to the outside and up to the top rope where he hits a missile dropkick. Ray bumps into referee Brian Hebner in the process, so there’s no one to count when Sabin goes for the pin. Mr. Anderson hands Ray a hammer, and that’s when a brawl between the two factions breaks out. The MEM clear the ring and continue the brawl up the ramp. Back in the ring, Ray has the hammer, but Sabin boots him and grabs the hammer. Ray blocks a shot and goes for a powerbomb, but Sabin grabs the hammer mid-flip and hits Ray in the head with it. He lands on Ray’s chest and rolls him up for the pin as Hebner is coming to. Hebner counts 3, and we have a new World Champion.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Chris Sabin, who becomes a triple crown winner in TNA in the process.

End of show.

While I am very glad Sabin is champion, it’s just a tad bittersweet. Not only do I believe he won’t be champion long, the way this match was booked makes him look like a fluke. Ray dominated the entire match, with Sabin getting very, VERY little offense in. That is not a good way to book the guy you’re about to put your top belt on, and it already shows me that TNA has little faith in making Sabin a long-term champion. I hope that I am wrong, but I’ve been watching wrestling a long time and have seen this same scenario play out numerous times in the past, and it always ends badly for the new champion.


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  1. Am I the only one who was shocked they made the title change? I can’t be the only one. Bully Ray was coming into his own and I thought he would hold it a little longer eventually losing it to either Kurt Angle or AJ Styles at BFG. It just feels like another wrong call by TNA. But who knows we may look back at this being the best move they ever made. I guess only time will tell.


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