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TNA Impact Wrestling Results and July 11 Recap

Impact opens with Bully Ray stopping AI in the back. He mentions Brooke Hogan. How dare she go out and get engaged. He understands people need to move on, but you do it when he says so.

Once again, the show is in Las Vegas, NV. Bully Ray makes his way out, flanked by the rest of Aces and Eights. The crowd has fallen deathly ill. Silent. Deathly silent. Excuse me. Ray says it’s time to take care of some business. The first order of business is Chris Sabin. Sabin, your new X-Division Champion, and who now has the opportunity to cash in that title and face Bully Ray at Destination X. Sabin, later on, Hulk Hogan’s gonna come out here and ask you to hand over your title tonight. Listen, junior. Listen, little man. Do yourself a favor: don’t trade that title in. You want no part of Ray. He’s a bad man who does bad things to little people like you. Number 2, tonight, A and E vote in a new VP. That doesn’t mean any of the white trash in the audience get to vote with them. They are a family and this is family business. Speaking of so-called families, that brings him to the Main Event Mafia. They challenged A and E to a fight in Louisville. Ray says that, the A and E, beyond a shadow of a doubt…say no. They fight on their terms.

[adinserter block=”1″]MEM make their way out onto the stage. Kurt Angle says that challenge is a warning. They didn’t pick the date by accident. Next week, Ray defends the World title, and the MEM will kill two birds with one stone. They will eliminate every member of A and E one-by-one, and at the end of the night when Ray defends his title, he will look around, and for the first time since he won the title, he will be all alone. Sting says Ray is nervous, and the newest member of their new family is a heavy hitter, and before the end of the night, Ray will find out who that new member is.

Tonight, we will have a “Joker’s Wild” tournament involving the BFG Series competitors. The winners of the matches go onto a gauntlet match, and the winner gets 25 points.

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme are on the stage, and they are going to reveal the teams for the tournament tonight. The first name is Jeff Hardy, and his tag team partner will be Joseph Park. Their opponents will be AJ Styles. Man, his music sucks. And his partner will be Samoa Joe.

MATCH 1-Jokers Wild Tournament Match: Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park vs. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe
Park and AJ start the match. AJ avoids a lock-up, then another. AJ boots Park in the gut, avoids a boot, then kicks him in the leg. Park tags out to Hardy, and the two lock up. AJ applies a side headlock, and Hardy breaks out, hits a hip toss, an armdrag, and a sit-out gourdbuster for 2. AJ backs Hardy into the corner, and Joe tags himself in. He beats Hardy down to the mat, then headbutts him. Hardy boots him off the ropes before running into a back elbow for 2 by Joe. Joe throws Hardy to the corner, hits a running hip bump and a spin kick to the head, then tags in AJ. AJ stomps Hardy, hits a snapmare and a kick to the spine. Hardy fights back, but AJ goes to the leg and applies the Calf Killer. Park comes in and breaks the hold. Hardy rebound and hits a reverse enziguri before tagging in Park. Joe tags in as well. Park ducks a clothesline, shoves Joe, then takes some strikes from AJ before hitting a back body drop. Avalanche on Joe, but Joe shoves him right into a Superman from AJ. Joe applies the Kokina Clutch, and Park taps.

WINNERS: Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, who move onto the gauntlet later tonight. There are four spots left.

JB and Christy Hemmer are on stage to announce the next Joker’s Wild Match. The first name announced is Jay Bradley. His partner will be Hernandez. Their opponents will be Mr. Anderson and Magnus.

MATCH 2-Joker’s Wild Tournament Match: Jay Bradley and Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson and Magnus
Magnus starts the match, but Anderson volunteers to start. Magnus allows him to do so, so it will be Anderson and Hernandez. However, Anderson immediately tags out to Magnus. Hernandez tags Bradley, who applies a side headlock before shouldering Magnus down. Magnus comes back with a high knee for 1, and Bradley cuts him off with a kneelift. Hernandez tags in and immediately gets tripped. Magnus asks for a tag, and Anderson pretends like he’s got something in his eye. Bradley attacks Magnus, which allows Hernandez to hit an avalanche for 2. Bradley back in, and he clubs Magnus down. Magnus comes back with some punches as Hernandez makes a blind tag, hitting a slingshot shoulderblock for 2. Hernandez chokes Magnus over the middle rope before tagging Bradley back in. Bradley hits a corner whip before running into a back elbow and a boot. Magnus hits a running boot, and now both are down. Anderson calls for a tag, but then jumps off the apron, yawning. Hernandez back in, and he misses an avalanche. Magnus hits a pair of clothesline and goes for the misdirection version, but Bradley clubs him from behind. Magnus knocks Bradley off the apron, which allows Hernandez to knock Magnus down. Bradley accidentally trips Hernandez from the floor, and Magnus rolls Hernandez up for 3.

WINNERS: Magnus and Mr. Anderson. There are two spots left in the gauntlet.

We see Austin Aries and Bobby Roode in the back. Aries is pissed about losing the X-Division title, saying everyone was against him last week. If Roode had been helping him, things might have been different. Roode has his own problems. He has no points in the BFG Series this week, and he needs these points. Bad Influence walk in and say the odds are in their favor, which means they’ll get put together in a team and will move onto the gauntlet. After they leave, Aries and Roode come to the conclusion that they can at least agree they both hate Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

JB and Christy Hemme are on the stag to announce the last match in the Joker’s Wild tournament. The first name is Christopher Daniels, and I’m pretty sure we can all see where this is going. His partner turns out to be Austin Aries. Even though we know who the opponents will be, JB feels the need to draw their names anyway.

MATCH 3-Joker’s Wild Tournament Match: Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode and Kazarian
Daniels and Kaz start for their respective teams. They slap five, and Aries tags himself in. Lock-up, and Kaz trips Aries before applying a side headlock. Aries counters, as does Kaz. Kaz hits a shoulder before running into a Japanese armdrag into an armbar. Kaz counters into a headscissors, and Aries escapes before hitting a dropkick for 2. Daniels tags in, as does Roode. They lock-up, and Daniels runs into a back elbow off the ropes. Roode hits a bodyslam and a jumping kneedrop for 2. Daniels knees Roode and tags in Aries. They trade words for a minute before going into a lockup. Aries counters a waistlock with his own, and Roode counters into a side headlock before backdropping Aries to the outside. Aries lands on his feet on the apron and nails Kaz. He goes for a tope con hilo after shouldering Roode, but Kaz trips him to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kaz is the legal man for his team, and he has a straightjacket applied on Aries. Aries fights out and goes for a tag, but Kaz catches him and hits a TKO for 2. Kaz goes for the Fade to Black, but Aries counters into a sunset flip for 2 before hitting a rolling elbow. Daniels and Roode tag in and trade punches. Roode gets the best of the exchange before hitting a spinebuster for 2. He calls for the Payoff, but Daniels counters into a standing uranage. As Daniels goes for the BME, Aries tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick. He misses a corner dropkick as Roode tags in Kaz. Kaz hits a slingshot DDT and goes for the pin, but Daniels breaks it up before throwing Roode to the floor. The two members of Bad Influence begin arguing as Daniels goes back to his corner. Aries whips Kaz into the corner and hits a running dropkick. He calls for the brainbuster, but Daniels tags in. Kaz rolls Daniels up in a small package and gets 3.

WINNERS: Kaz and Bobby Roode, who are the final two in the gauntlet.

We see A and E in the back. Bully Ray says they need to meet with Taz and vote for the new VP.

Hulk and Brooke Hogan are in the back. Hulk wants to talk about Ray, and she doesn’t. Brooke says she’s listened to her dad, and now she just wants to focus on business. The truth is she’s concerned with her job in TNA, and she doesn’t want to think about anything but business. Hulk gets it and tells her to take care of business. All of it.

We see A and E once more. Ray says the past year has been amazing for them. He became the World Champion and president. However, there has been a problem in the club lately. They got rid of one problem in D’Lo, and now it’s time to choose a new VP. Anderson and DOC both think they’re the best man for the job. Ray says he isn’t voting and tells the rest of the group to vote. Anderson votes for himself. DOC votes for himself as well. Wes Brisco votes Anderson. Devon votes DOC. Garett Bischoff votes Anderson. Taz votes DOC. Knux has the deciding vote, cheers DOC, then votes for Anderson. Knux pulls DOC aside and tells him it’s not about him, it’s about the club, then threatens him if he doesn’t walk away.

Mickie James comes out, and she will be ringside for the next match.

MATCH 4-Ladder Match to determine a new #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
Kim attacks Taryn as she enters the ring, then foot-chokes her in the corner. The fans are so into this match they chant for the referee. Anyway, Taryn blocks a run off the ropes and hits a suplex before throwing Kim to the ramp outside. Taryn spears Kim through the ropes and goes for a snapmare, but Kim fights her off before slamming her face-first into the ramp. Kim gets the ladder into the ring as Taryn gets back in the ring. They have a tug-of-war, resulting in Taryn ramming the ladder into Kim in the corner before dropkicking the end of it. Kim comes back with rights, and now they’re trading blows until Kim hits a kneelift. Taryn knocks Kim into the ladder near the corner before hitting a flipping neckbreaker. Kim grabs Taryn’s foot, but Taryn boots her away. She sends Kim into the ladder, but Kim climbs up and goes for a cross-body. Taryn counters with a knee to the gut in mid-air. Taryn sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and begins to climb. Kim tries to knock her off, but Taryn jumps before the ladder falls. Taryn sends Kim into the tipped over ladder, but Kim blocks and locks in a bodyscissors, sending Taryn face-first into the ladder in the process. Kim sets the ladder up and begins to climb, but Taryn stops her before getting sent into the turnbuckles. Kim drags her to the outside for the corner figure-4, but Taryn kicks her off. Commercials.

Back from the break, both women are climbing the ladder, and they trade punches at the top before falling off into the top rope. Taryn is back up first and hits a pair of forearms. She tries to whip Kim into the ladder, but Kim ducks and bounces off the ropes. Taryn shoves the ladder into her, knocking her down. Kim’s leg gets caught in the ladder and Taryn can’t get her unstuck, so she goes outside to grab another ladder. Kim gets free and sets the ladder back up as Taryn brings the second ladder in. She sets it up perpendicular to the first ladder, balancing it across the middle rope as Kim climbs up. Taryn gets back in and pulls her down, then assaults her in the corner. She sets Kim on the second ladder, then goes up top. Kim rolls off before Taryn can dive, so Taryn just starts to climb the first ladder instead. Kim pulls her legs through the rungs and applies the figure-4. When she lets go, Taryn is still caught, so Kim knocks her down and tries to climb. Taryn grabs her by the foot, so Kim goes to the other side and climbs. Taryn climbs as well, and now they’re fighting on top once more. Taryn grabs Kim around the neck and hangs her from the ladder with a dragon sleeper before letting her fall to the mat. Taryn can’t quite reach the contract due to the position of the ladder, so she hits a cross-body on Kim instead. Taryn is up first, and she goes to reposition the ladder. Kim gets up and gets rolled onto the perpendicular ladder. Taryn climbs up as well, and they’re now trading punches. Taryn goes for an ace crusher off the ladder, but Kim shoves her off back-first to the mat. Kim goes for Eat Defeat, and Taryn counters into a dragon sleeper near the ropes. Kim grabs Taryn’s hair and begins tying it to the middle rope. She quickly climbs the ladder and grabs the contract as Taryn gets free.


Sting and Kurt Angle are talking in the back. They agree they have picked the perfect newest member of their family. Angle compliments Joe and Magnus for how they’ve been doing in the BFG Series. Magnus is in first place right now, and Joe is in second. Angle then asks Sting if he’s heard from the fifth guy yet when Sting’s phone rings. It’s apparently the fifth member of the team on the phone.

After a blurb about TNA’s current tour, we go back to Angle and Sting. Sting says the fifth member will be here in a few minutes.

MATCH 5-6-Man BFG Series Gauntlet; Competitors: AJ Styles, Magnus, Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson and Bobby Roode
AJ and Magnus are the first two competitors. They start with a test of strength, and AJ counters into a waistlock. Magnus counters into an arm wringer, and AJ counters into his own. Magnus counters into a fireman’s carry takedown, right into an armbar. AJ counters into a side headlock as a “Boring” chant starts. Magnus goes for a back suplex, but AJ flips out and hits a back elbow before getting nailed with a misdirection clothesline. Magnus tries to eliminate AJ, but AJ gets back in the ring as another competitor is about to come out. Magnus gets hit with a dropkick, and the next competitor is Kazarian. AJ immediately hits him with rights. Kaz ducks a clothesline and hits a float-over DDT. He nails a forearm in the corner on Magnus, then hits a jumping side kick. He throws Magnus to the corner and tries to dump him outside. AJ stops Kaz before getting backed into the corner. AJ fights out, then hits a suplex into the buckles. Magnus grabs AJ and tries to eliminate him, but AJ fights him off with rights before hitting a chop in the corner. Kaz hits a back suplex on AJ, then hits some chops on Magnus in the corner. Back to AJ with some stomps, then back to Magnus to try and eliminate him. The next competitor comes out, and it’s Samoa Joe. Joe assaults Kaz with some rights and hits an inverted atomic drop. Magnus lands a running boot on Kaz, and Joe follows up with a running senton. Magnus throws AJ to the corner as Joe attacks Kaz on the opposite side of the ring. Magnus tries to throw AJ out, but no luck. Meanwhile, Kaz sends Joe to the corner before AJ hits both him and Magnus with chops. He hits some rights on Kaz and charges in near the ropes, but gets backdropped to the outside. He lands on his feet on the apron, fights Kaz off for a moment, then backdrops him to the floor.

Kazarian is eliminated.

Joe attacks AJ in the corner with rights as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Mr. Anderson has joined the match. He attacks Magnus as we are a few seconds away Bobby Roode entering the match. Joe tries to throw Anderson out, but he lands on the apron. He rakes Joe’s eyes and attacks him in the corner. AJ nails a kick on Anderson from behind as Roode stomps Magnus. He tries to throw Magnus out, but he holds on. AJ whips Anderson in the corner before hitting a right on Roode. Joe headbutts Anderson in another corner as Roode tries to eliminate AJ. AJ fights him off, but runs into a powerslam. Roode tries to eliminate AJ once more, and Anderson does the job by clotheslining AJ to the floor.

AJ Styles is eliminated.

Joe immediately attacks Anderson as Magnus tries to eliminate Roode. Roode lands on the apron and rolls back in. Anderson hits Joe with a kneelift, then fires off some rights on Magnus. Roode and Anderson try to eliminate the other two, but Joe fights off Roode and clotheslines Anderson to the floor, taking himself out in the process.

Mr. Anderson and Samoa Joe are eliminated.

Roode and Magnus are all that is left, so this match is no under one-on-one rules. Roode hits some rights on Magnus, then follows up with chops in the corner. They trade punches until Roode hits a kneelift. Roode ducks a clothesline before running into a high knee. Roode counters the misdirection clothesline with a spinebuster for 2. He applies the Bowflex now, but Magnus counters into a pin for 2. Magnus goes for the Texas clover-leaf and locks it in. Roode manages to get a rope break, then hits a chop in the corner before setting Magnus on the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Magnus is blocking it. Roode hits some rights before getting pushed to the mat. Magnus gets to his feet on the top and goes for the flying elbow, but misses. Roode goes for the Payoff, but Magnus escapes and goes for the MDD. Roode also escapes and goes for a roll-up for 2. Magnus counters into a pinning combination of his own and gets 3.

WINNER: Magnus, who picks up 25 points and stands firmly in 1st place in the BFG Series at 49 total points.

[adinserter block=”2″]Hulk Hogan makes his way out, as it’s time for Chris Sabin’s decision. Hulk panders to the crowd for a moment, then says live next week, free on SpikeTV, we’re going to have Destination X, brother. Because of his win last week, the man who has a chance to become the next World Heavyweight Champion is Hulk’s guest at this time, Chris Sabin. Hulk calls Sabin the greatest, brother. Sabin says that, after having two surgeries on his knees, he thought he might never compete again. Everyone told him he couldn’t or shouldn’t do it, but he never gave up on his dream. This is a dream he’s had since he was a kid, and that dream is why he’s here right now. He wants to become the World Champion. The only thing left to do is to give up the X-Division title. Before that can happen, the A and E theme song hits. A and E make their way down to the ring, led by Bully Ray. Ray enters the ring and tells Hulk to tell his daughter that they have unfinished business. Now, onto Sabin. You must be living in a fantasy land. Do yourself a favor and do not hand that belt over to Hulk. He tells Hulk not to reassure Sabin, as he’ll get Sabin in trouble, just like everyone else around him. Ray is a bad man who does bad things, and a boy like Sabin could never defeat a man like Ray. Ray will beat the living piss out of him he hands over that belt. Sabin tells Ray to shut the hell up. He has a bad memory, because Sabin has beaten Ray. He pinned Ray in Team 3-D’s retirement match. He’s the only man to kick out of the 3-D as well. Yes, he’s the underdog, but that’s nothing new to him. 9 times out of 10, a big man would beat a little man, but he knows he can beat Ray. At Destination X, he will beat Ray and then asks if Ray knows who he is. He’ll respond that he’s Chris Sabin, the World Heavyweight Champion. Ray tells him not to hand the belt over, but Sabin does it anyway. Ray tells him he signed his death warrant. Remember something: he’s taken everybody down in this company, and Sabin isn’t just fighting Ray at Destination X; he’s fighting Ray’s whole family. A and E’s theme starts to play when the MEM theme hits as well. They come out and Sting says the match will be one-on-one, because his family will make sure of that, including their heavy hitter, Quentin “Rampage” Jackson.

End of show.

There you have it. A guy who’s never even had a single match and made only two appearances for TNA outside of tonight is thrown into the top feud in the company. Perfect #TNASense.


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Dustin Nichols
Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at www.facebook.com/DustinNicholsWriter. Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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