TNA Impact Wrestling Results and February 27 Recap


Gunner is in the back, looking for James Storm. AI asks what he wants to say to Storm. Gunner says we’ll see. When Storm shows up tonight, he won’t have a chance in hell.

MVP makes his way down to the ring, a pack of papers in his hand. He says that there are big things poppin’, and Dixie’s BS is stoppin’. He lists off all of his nicknames, then says he’s back in London. Now, last week, due to Storm’s jealousy, the Lockdown main event was sealed. He then tells Gunner that, when he assumes total control of TNA, Gunner will get another title match. As for Lockdown, it will now officially be Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the World title. On that note, he presents the #1 contender, that being Joe.

Joe comes out and joins MVP in the ring. He is followed by the champ himself, Magnus. MVP says he’s surprised he’s out alone. Where’s his “sugar mama”, Dixie? Getting her face spray-painted. Magnus says Dixie Carter is not out here because he reminded her this once-great city is not what it used to be. Because of people like these fans, London has degenerated into crime, poverty and debauchery. Ever since he left, the city has gone straight to hell. More importantly than that, when it comes to handling his career, the only person he needs is himself, so get on with it. MVP moves on, and the paper in his hand is the match contract, and we’re going to get it signed now. Joe says nothing in response, so MVP turns back to Magnus. He talks about Magnus winning all of his title matches under dubious circumstances. At Lockdown, “Magnus’ Rules” will not be in effect; “Joe’s Rules”, however, will be. That means the match can only be won by submission or KO, and that match will be in a cage, as you would expect. Joe signs the contract, and now it’s Magnus’ turn. He accuses MVP of changing the rules as he goes along. MVP has an ace up his sleeve, but Magnus has a whole deck he hasn’t played yet. He calls Joe an unrefined, dangerous animal. That’s why people chant things like, “Joe’s gonna kill you.” What a role model Joe is. You know what they do to dangerous animals? They put those animals down. As for Magnus, he’s an articulate, refined representative of the industry, which is exactly why Joe will never again represent TNA as the World Champion. Magnus signs the contract, and Joe gets in his face as MVP makes the match official. Magnus talks trash to Joe, so Joe headbutts him. He nails a few rights, then hits a series of snap jabs in the corner before beating Magnus down. The referees hit the ring and pull Joe off as Magnus heads for higher ground. Joe follows and knocks Magnus down on the ramp. Al Snow and Pat Kenney pull him off and separate the two.

[adinserter block=”1″]This past Sunday, the Wolves defeated the Bromans for the World Team titles at a live event. This cuts to the Bromans and Zema Ion complaining about losing the belts. Jesse says they can get those belts back by being on Team Roode at Lockdown. They storm into Bobby Roode’s locker room, demanding spots. Roode reminds them that both they and Bad Influence lost to the Wolves. So, tonight, there will be a 3-way tag team match. If either the Bromans or BI win, they will be on Team Roode. If the Wolves win, Roode continues searching for partners.

MATCH 1-Tag Team Triple Threat Match: The Bromans (Jesse & Robbie E, w/Zema Ion) vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) vs. World Tag Team Champions the Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) (non-title)
E and Daniels start the match. Richards immediately tags himself in off E. Daniels clubs Richards, then hits a shoulderblock. Richards comes back with a pair of armdrags, ducks a clothesline and rolls Daniels up for 2. Daniels tries to counter, and Richards reverses into a modified surfboard. Kaz tries to interfere, so Edwards cuts him off and applies the same hold. Richards turns Daniels over into a pin for 2, then nails a series of kicks in the corner. Daniels comes back with a knee and tags in Kaz, who gets hit with an armdrag. Edwards tags in and applies an arm wringer. Richards back in, and he comes down on the arm off the top. They hit a combination drop toe-hold/seated dropkick on Kaz, and Richards follows up with a boot. Daniels kicks him from behind, so Richards knocks Daniels off the apron. Daniels trips him, and Kaz hits a springboard legdrop to the back of Richards’ head. Daniels tags in, and BI hit a series of strikes, ending in an elbow to the back by Kaz. Daniels knocks Edwards off the apron, and Kaz then comes in for an illegal double-team. He tags in legally, and BI go for a double back suplex. Richards flips out and hits an enziguri on Kaz. Edwards tags in and nails both members of BI. Kaz gets hit with a chop, comes back with a boot, misses a clothesline and gets with a back suplex into a sit-out facebuster for 2. E breaks up the pin, then runs back to the apron. BI hit a double hiptoss on Edwards and turn it into a Villano Bomb for 2. Richards trips Daniels and drags him to the floor. Kaz hits a kick in the corner on Edwards, but Edwards comes back with a kick of his own and hits a backpack stunner for 2 as Jesse breaks up the pin. Daniels comes in and gets thrown back out. Edwards follows up with a suicide dive, then climbs up top and hits a double-stomp to Kaz’s back. Richards tags in and hits one to Kaz’s chest, but not before E makes a blind tag. He launches Richards to the floor, then quickly picks up the pin for 3.

WINNERS: The Bromans, who will now join Bobby Roode on Team Roode in Lethal Lockdown.

AI is in the back with EC3, who looks asleep. AI asks what his plan is for tonight in London, and he says he gets to pick his own opponent. He has hand-picked one of the greatest wrestlers in England’s history. Kurt Angle will be inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight, and EC3 calls him a liar before saying he will expose the truth. He then pulls out an American flag and says he will become the new face of American wrestling.

Bobby Roode is in the back with Austin Aries. Roode is still accusing Aries of being a fluke. Roode then says he wants to talk about the future. Aries can’t trust MVP. Aries says he can’t trust Roode, either. Roode asks if Aries wants Dixie or MVP running the company. Aries says it’s all about the ownership Dixie will give him if his team wins, and Roode says he needs to make the right decision in regards to which side he’s on. Aries says he always makes the right decision.

EC3 makes his way out, then allows Christy Hemme to introduce his opponent, Doug Williams. After Williams enters the ring, and EC3 says just like the US will win the World Cup in soccer, he’s going to defeat Williams tonight.

MATCH 2: Ethan Carter III vs. Doug Williams
Nice to see Williams back, but we all know he’s just going to job here because Dixie has never had a clue how to use him properly. Williams immediately hits an uppercut after the opening bell, then follows up with a pair of European uppercuts. He ducks a clothesline and hits a jumping European uppercut. He connects with a few more uppercuts, hits a running knee in the corner and goes for a head-and-arm move. EC3 fights him off, misses a charge in the corner, and gets hit with a top rope European uppercut. Williams goes for the Chaos Theory, but EC3 blocks it. Williams rolls to his feet and tries for it again, and EC3 breaks it with a back kick to the nuts. Earl Hebner doesn’t see it, so the match continues. EC3 hits the One-Percenter and gets 3.

WINNER: Ethan Carter III. After the match, EC3 attacks Williams’ left leg, applying the same spinning legbar he had on Kurt Angle a few weeks back. Eventually, Hebner pulls him off.

We see James Storm enter the building.

After some commercials, Storm enters the arena and tells Gunner that this cowboy does not run or hide from anyone or anything. Why did he do what he did last week? Well, here he is (trying to look like Axl Rose, circa 1988).

Gunner stomps down to the ring and says this better be worth his time or he’ll bash Storm’s head in. Storm admits screwing Gunner out of the title, and had it planned out ever since Gunner stepped over him to get that case. He wanted Gunner to know what it felt like to lose everything. What really did it was when he gave Storm the tag title briefcase, like he was handing scraps to a dog. Storm doesn’t take a backseat to “no-damn-body”. Storm wanted him to hand over the World title case. Before they were a team, Gunner was nothing. He used to Storm to make a name for himself, and Gunner never once thanked him. Gunner says it’s sad Storm believes that. He has worked for everything he has received. Storm can drink beer at home because of men like him and his friends that died in the war. He chose his path. Storm calls him a robot, and no one would care if he lived or died. Gunner says his family, friends and the fans care. Storm says nobody, including Storm, owes Gunner a damn thing. Gunner nails Storm, then chases him out of the ring. Storm comes back with a shot and grabs a chair. He misses, nailing the ring post. Gunner grabs the chair and Storm bails through the crowd.

We see Gunner in the back and says if Storm wants to be a coward, that’s fine. There’s only one way out, and eventually, he’ll have to go through Gunner.

Magnus is now in the ring with some tattooed guy. He says he has a solution to the Joe problem here tonight. He found someone to take care of Joe, but he had to look outside of the UK because there’s no one worthy. He went to Germany and found a natural-born killer, so if Joe wants to prove himself, he can come out and test himself against Bad Bones.

MATCH 3: Bad Bones (w/Magnus) vs. Samoa Joe
Bones attacks Joe as soon as he slides into the ring. Joe fights back with snap jabs, then beats Bones down in the corner. He hits a series of knees to the face, then knocks Bones down into the corner for the Face Wash. He follows up with a running boot, then sets Bones up for the Muscle Buster, which connects. Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch and gets the quick submission win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe. So glad this Bad Bones guy won Gut Check. He’s clearly a worthwhile talent.

Austin Aries is on the phone in an office. MVP enters the room, and now they are going to talk. MVP wants a decision right now. Aries mentions the proposal from Roode, and as a result, he hasn’t decided. Aries says you can’t trust anyone, and that includes MVP. He’s not just about the money; he’s about being the greatest. To be great, you have to be willing to sacrifice things, and he wants to see if MVP has that fighting spirit. So, he wants to see both MVP and Roode up close and personal. To do that, he wants to be the special referee tonight. MVP asks about Aries trying to screw him. Aries says that if MVP wants Aries’ trust, Aries needs to be able to trust him as well. MVP agrees, and we now have a special referee for the main event.

It’s not time for Kurt Angle’s HOF induction. JB is in the ring with a podium that has a Rolex box sitting on it. He gives Angle a long introduction, swelling up like a blowfish with every passing second. This is then followed up with a tribute video to Angle. Finally, Angle is welcomed out, and he is limping. JB presents Angle with the Rolex and welcomes him as the newest member of the TNA HOF. I love how TNA Hall of Famers get a watch that they could probably buy at any time thanks to their salaries, instead of say, oh, I don’t know, an almost one-of-a-kind commemorative ring like WWE does. It doesn’t even look like a high-end Rolex. In fact, it looks like one of those knockoffs you’d buy from a street vendor in NYC. Anyway, Angle calls this an honor. The HOF isn’t about him. Well, maybe a little bit. It’s not about TNA, either; it’s about the fans. Without the fans, TNA would not exist. He was supposed to accept this award back in October, but he was not in a good place in life, either professionally or personally. He had to do some soul-searching, and after 4 1/2 months, he was ready in London, England. From getting himself clean to the amazing matches he’s had with Bobby Roode and other talents (his words), he has to thank the people who helped him along the way. He first thanks L. Ron Hubbard, then his wife, his kids, the talent in the back, and last but not least, the fans. It’s a great night to be Kurt Angle. Hubbard bless!

EC3 interrupts the festivities to almost no reaction whatsoever. He stops on the stage, pretending to cry. He calls this all touching, but he has a touching tribute video of his own. The video in question is of him assaulting Angle a few weeks ago, injuring Angle’s knee in the process. These little thought bubbles pop up every time EC3 appears on screen, each filled with something insipid. Back to the arena, EC3 says Angle is depriving the world of the big news. Angle doesn’t know what he’s talking about and invites him to the ring to share this “big news” with everyone. EC3 heads down and pulls out a prepared speech. The speech says an unnamed source has confirmed Angle has a torn ACL and MCL. Now, Angle is going to have to have surgery due to the attack by EC3. It is unconfirmed whether Angle can ever perform again. EC3 then apologizes for the attack getting out of hand. He was just trying to send a message, and knows Angle understands that. Out of respect for Angle and his family, he thinks it’s time for Angle to officially retire. Angle asks EC3 why he’d get in the ring when he knows Angle will tear his throat out. EC3 says unless there’s an Olympic sport for gimping, he doesn’t have to be too mobile to avoid Angle. Angle says EC3 should go with “the source” when confirming something. EC3 makes a “joke” about the internet. Angle calls himself the actual source and will give us his real medical condition. The MCL has no tear. The ACL has no tear. Does EC3 really want to be in this ring right now? EC3 says he doesn’t. Man, this is riveting TV. Edge-of-your-seat type-stuff. Angle gets EC3 is trying to make a name for himself, but why would he do it at Angle’s expense? Angle then nails a right hand, sending EC3 to the floor. Angle says the new investor gave him a HOF gift: a match at Lockdown in a steel cage, and his opponent will be EC3. Oh, goodie. Another overbooked mess with a botched moonsault. Hooray.

MATCH 4: The Beautiful People (Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky) vs. The Alpha Female and Lei’D Tapa (w/Gail Kim and Chris Sabin)
Tapa and Rayne start the match. Rayne nails a couple of gut shots, then gets tripped by Kim on the outside. Rayne chases her into the ring, and Tapa stomps her along the way. She picks Rayne up by the throat, but Rayne escapes and tags in Sky. Female tags in as well. She misses a clothesline, and Sky hits a couple of kicks to the leg. Female shoves her into the corner by the throat, then misses a splash. Sabin is on the apron, and Sky slingshots him in. She goes for the In Yo Face, and Female sneaks in behind with a full-nelson attempt. Sky breaks it with a jawbreaker and tags in Rayned. Tapa also tags in and gets hit with a couple of forearms. Rayne hits a seated dropkick, then goes for a corner whip. Tapa reverses, then snaps Rayne onto her back out of the corner. She mounts the middle rope and misses a splash by several feet. Rayne goes for the cover, but Sabin jumps on the apron and causes a distraction. This allows Kim to come in illegally and break up the pin. Tapa picks her up and hits the Godsmack for 3.

WINNERS: The Alpha Female and Lei’D Tapa. Sky shoves Sabin in the corner, and Female pulls her off into a swinging full-nelson. ODB runs down, clotheslines Kim, then attacks both Tapa and Female. Sabine flees as ODB clotheslines Tapa to the floor. Sky goes for In Yo Face on Female, but Sabin pulls Female to the floor before that can happen.

God, that match sucked. Tapa and Female are both absolutely awful.

We get a video for Tiger Uno, who will debut at Lockdown. For those that don’t know, Uno is formerly known as Xtreme Tiger in AAA, and is just frigging awesome. Having said that, Dixie will screw things up in short order.

AI is having a sit-down with Samuel Shaw, asking if last week was a mistake. Shaw says no one understands. Christy Hemme was in trouble, and he helped her. He would do anything to help Christy. No one understands. He’s going to make everyone understand right now.

Shaw then makes his way down to the ring, wearing one glove. He then puts another one on as he heads down to the ring. Since this is the first time he’s been in the ring in months (Remember, the guy has only had one televised match with this gimmick), I am just now noticing how sucktastic his entrance theme is. A wrestler portraying a serial killer probably shouldn’t come out to bubblegum pop/nu-metal. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said to be great is to be misunderstood. Christy Hemme, you have misunderstood Shaw. If you don’t mind, he’d like you to come into the ring. Hemme shakes her head no, and Shaw promises to respect her space if she’ll indulge him. Hemme complies, and she looks frumpy. Shaw says the truth is he enjoyed their time together. Deep down inside, he thinks she enjoyed it as well. He’s respected her space, but there are certain men who are not respecting her wish. He sees how they look at her, how they lust for her. He’s simply here to protect her. These men want one thing from her; he wants more. He wants everything.

Mr. Anderson comes down, sporting cuts all over his nose and under his eye. Shaw points at him and tells Hemme Anderson is one of those guys that wants one thing. She’s lucky Shaw was there for her. Anderson tells Shaw to shut up. He calls him a creepy bastard, then says his “relationship” with Hemme isn’t real. What is real, though, is a real ass-whooping. Anderson drops the mic and heads to the ring. Shaw stops him and says he’s not creepy. He has been nothing but a gentleman to Hemme. He never did one lascivious thing to Hemme. But even if he were to do something lascivious, he knows she would be receptive, because women like Hemme are always available. Hemme slaps him, and Shaw drops the microphone. He grabs Hemme and shoves her into an incoming Anderson. Shaw then locks Anderson in his head-and-arm choke (Taz calls this a Kata Katami; I don’t follow MMA or any kind of fighting, so I’ll take his word for it for once)and knocks him out.

Another video for Jeff “Willow” Hardy.

Back to the arena, James Storm and Gunner are brawling out in the parking lot. Gunner slams a truck door into Storm’s face, then slams him face-first into the side of the truck a couple of times. Storm fights back until Gunner rams him into a wall before hitting a hiptoss on the concrete. Storm recovers and sends Gunner head-first into a plastic garbage can. The Elite-Beat Agents finally break up the fight and tell Storm to get out of here. They then close a gate on him. Gunner screams that Storm is done, come hell or high water. Storm screams that L. Ron Hubbard will cut Gunner down sooner or later.

AI is in the back with Eric Young, asking about Abyss. EY says he hasn’t heard from Abyss. He knows Abyss needs help, and he hopes he gets it. Everyone needs to hope that the Abyss we saw in the ring last week never comes back as well.

[adinserter block=”2″]Austin Aries comes out to referee the main event, dressed like Shawn Michaels when he used to do reffing duties back in the day.

MATCH 5-Austin Aries is the special guest referee: Bobby Roode vs. MVP
The two feel each other out for a moment, then lock up. They jockey for position until Roode backs MVP into the corner. Aries forces a clean break. They lock up again, and MVP applies a side headlock before hitting a hip throw. Roode counters with a headscissors. MVP rolls to his knees and headstands his way out before giving Roode a gentle shove. Roode applies a waistlock, turns it into a side headlock, turns that into a hammerlock, then shoves MVP in the back. They lock up again, and MVP applies a side headlock once more. Roode sends him into the ropes, and MVP hits a shoulderblock. They crisscross, then block hiptoss attempts by one another. MVP ducks a clothesline, then hits one of his own for 2. Roode gets sent into the corner, and MVP nails a running boot. He sets Roode up for a tornado DDT, but Roode escapes and whips MVP back down to the mat. Roode hits a neckbreaker for 2, then drives his knee into MVP’s back a couple of times. He follows up with a snapmare and a kneedrop for 2 before applying a rear chinlock. MVP fights out and sends Roode into the corner. Roode blocks a charge and hits a blockbuster from the middle rope for 2. Roode hits a suplex, then misses a kneedrop out of the corner. MVP avoids a corner clothesline and snaps off some jabs. Roode gets sent to the corner, and MVP hits a series of corner clotheslines, followed by an exploder suplex. He hits a double-chop to the throat and a facebreaker. The Ballin’ Elbow connects, and now MVP hits a fisherman’s suplex for 2. MVP goes for the Playmaker, but Roode escapes and sends MVP into the corner. MVP nails a boot and sets up the Drive-By Kick. Roode sees it coming and hits a spinebuster for 2. Roode gets in Aries’ face about the count, then turns back to MVP, looking for the Roode Bomb. MVP escapes and botches the absolute living hell out of the Playmaker for 2. Roode comes back with a forearm, and now they are trading shots. MVP eventually dominates the exchange, then misses a clothesline. Roode recovers and hits an enziguri. He comes off the ropes, and MVP nails a dropkick to the left knee. MVP looks for the Drive-By Kick, but before he can connect, Aries nails him with a rolling elbow. Roode looks at Aries, then hits MVP with the Roode Bomb for 3.

WINNER: Bobby Roode.

End of show.

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