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TNA Impact Wrestling Results and August 8 Recap

We see that Taz, Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray have cornered Mike Tenay in the back. Taz is berating Tenay for continuing to commentate Impact without him, replacing him with Jeremy Borash. Taz tells him he’s done tonight and has the night off. This is Taz’s show, and he’s going to show JB what it’s like to be a real announcer. Ray shrugs his shoulders and points for Tenay to leave. Oh, this is just great. Taz and Borash. I’m in hell.

After a recap of last week, The aforementioned members of Aces and Eights make their way out into the arena. Taz knocks his chair down, then begins berating JB. Bully Ray is hollering at the same time, making this pretty much incoherent. After a minute, Ray tells the crowd he’s not in a very good mood. Last week, everyone saw the August 1st warning. The big surprise: “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy”, Tito Ortiz. No one does surprises like Ray. He’s not impressed, so here’s some advice to Ortiz: stay out of Ray’s way. If you come near him, he’ll backhand you in your stupid face. The second reason he’s in a bad mood? He and Devon show up tonight and find out they’re in a tag team match against Chris Sabin and a mystery partner from the Main Event Mafia. He and Devon are the greatest tag team that ever lived. How dare Sabin not tell them who he’s partnering with. It doesn’t matter though. Next week at Hardcore Justice, Sabin will be in a steel cage with Ray. That is bad news for Sabin, and Ray will become a 2-time World Champion. Sabin, get out here with his belt or whatever contract they’re supposed to sign, and let’s get this over with.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sabin makes his way out, and Ray tells him his belt looks horrible around Sabin. He can tell Sabin is scared of him. Sabin says looks can be deceiving. If memory serves correctly, Ray had the entire company fooled, including Hulk Hogan’s daughter, who he married. Ray is so full of crap, his eyes are brown and his breath smells of feces. A month ago, if anyone had asked if Sabin could beat Ray, no one would have said yes. Everyone except Sabin. At Destination X, A and E brought the hammer into the ring, not Sabin. At Hardcore Justice, it’ll be just the two of them in a cage, and he’ll beat Ray again. Ray tells him to stop running his mouth and let’s get this contract signed. He orders Hulk Hogan to come out with the contract, but instead, we hear Brooke’s music. Apparently, Mr. Anderson is on commentary right now, too. I’m really in hell now. Ray asks what she’s doing out here right now. Brooke says Hulk is out of town, meeting with “The Board”. He’s been reviewing this contract, as well as Ray’s contract with TNA. She has an email from him, and she reads it to the crowd. Basically, it boils down to holding Ray to his contract in every way. Apparently, there was a stipulation in his contract for Hardcore Justice that he didn’t notice, and if he loses, he never gets another TNA title match. Ray calls this a load of crap. He’s not going to be bullied by Brooke, Sabin, or Hulk. It’ll be a cold day in hell before he gets bullied by a measly Hogan. Brooke walks down to the ring and asks if she’s going to let the whole world find out what she had to find out in their marriage. He’s all talk and very…little…action. Ray grabs the contract, signs it and throws it on the ground. Sabin signs it as well, and the match is now official.

Tonight, in a BFG Series match, Jeff Hardy faces Samoa Joe.

We get a replay of Tito Ortiz’s completely unimpressive and lazy “debut” in TNA last week.

Before the first match, we get a look at the BFG Series leaderboard, and the scores are as follows: 1-Magnus (49); 2-Samoa Joe (26); 3-AJ Styles (22); 4-Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson (3-way tie, 21); 7-Jeff Hardy (17); 8-Bobby Roode and Hernandez (tie, 7); 10-Kazarian and Jay Bradley (tie, 0); 12-Joseph Park (-3).

MATCH 1-BFG Series: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy
Joe starts with an arm wringer, and Hardy gets a rope break. They go into a lock-up, and Joe backs Hardy into a corner. He gives a break, then fires off some rights. Hardy counters a corner whip into a headscissors, sending Joe into the middle buckle. He hits a clothesline, and Joe goes to the floor. Hardy dropkicks him through the ropes, then follows up with a running clothesline from the apron. Back in the ring, Hardy sends Joe into the corner, but he counters with a forearm and a chop. He sends Hardy in, hits a running hip bump, and sends him to the floor with a spin kick to the head. Joe looks for a suicide dive, which connects and sends Hardy back-first into the announce desk. Commercials.

Back from the break, they trade punches until Joe hits an inverted atomic drop and follows up with a running senton for 2. Joe hits a snapmare and applies a rear crossface. Hardy fights out, but gets yanked down by the hair. He throws Hardy to the corner, but Hardy puts the brakes on and slugs away at Joe. Joe rakes the eyes, then hits some quick right jabs. Hardy fights back and goes for a leapfrog, but gets caught in a powerbomb for 2. Joe immediately turns it into an STF, then turns that into a Rings of Saturn. Hardy tries to wiggle out, and Joe counters into a crucifix for 2. Joe lands a knife-edge in the corner, whips Hardy across the ring, and runs into a pair of boots. Hardy sidesteps him in the corner, hits a clothesline and a back elbow, then connects with a flying forearm off the ropes. Hardy botches an inverted atomic drop, hits a double legdrop and a seated dropkick for 2. Joe comes back with a right before running into a back elbow. Hardy hits the Botch in the Wind for 2. Out of the corner, Joe hits a standing uranage, then signals for the Muscle Buster. He picks Hardy up, but Hardy escapes and goes for the Twist. Joe counters into the Kokina Clutch, and Mr. Anderson stands up to cause a momentary distraction. Hardy counters with a jawbreaker, then stacks up Joe off a standing spinebuster and gets 3.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy, who picks up 7 points and moves into 3rd place with 24 overall.

AI is talking to Christopher Daniels in the back. He says that his relationship with Kazarian is buried under frustration. He doesn’t understand Kaz’s attitude right now. They’re friends, but he’s the team captain. He has more experience and has had more success. This is Daniels’ time, and he’s going to make Kaz understand that in the ring tonight.

MATCH 2-BFG Series Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus
At least Anderson isn’t on commentary for now. Still, watching him wrestle isn’t a whole lot better. The match starts with traded punches. Anderson shoulders Magnus off the ropes before running into a back elbow. He blocks a corner charge with a pair of boots but runs into a big boot by Magnus. He sends Magnus into the ropes, but gets backdropped to the outside. Magnus heads outside and slugs Anderson around the ring. Anderson reverses a whip into the steps, sending Magnus back-first into them. He rams Magnus back-first into the apron, and now back in the ring, Anderson fires off some rights. Anderson applies an arm wringer and begins shouldering Magnus before applying a knuckle lock. Magnus fights out and sends Anderson into the corner. Anderson blocks the charge and hits a running shoulderblock for 2. Anderson applies a top wristlock. Magnus tries to fight out, but Anderson cuts him off. He goes for a suplex, and Magnus counters into his own. Anderson gets right back up and hits an armbar takedown for 2. He goes for another pin, getting another 2. They trade rights, with Anderson targeting the arm. He hits an arm wringer takedown before Magnus ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex. Magnus hits a pair of clotheslines and goes for a bodyslam. Anderson escapes before getting hit with a misdirection clothesline. Anderson ducks another and goes for a cross-body. Magnus catches him and hits an elevated northern lights bomb. Magnus goes to the buckles, and Anderson meets him in the corner. Anderson goes for a superplex, but Magnus knocks him down, falling to the apron in the process. Magnus hits a right from the outside and climbs up top for the flying elbow, which misses. Anderson signals for the Mic Check when Bobby Roode comes out with a steel chair. He rams it into Anderson’s gut and smacks him across the back. Roode drops the chair and pats Magnus on the back, and the referee rings the bell.

WINNER VIA DISQUALIFICATION: Mr. Anderson who picks up 3 points, putting him in a tie for 3rd place with Jeff Hardy at 24. Magnus now loses 10 points, bringing his total down to 39. However, he remains in 1st place.

During the break, Bobby Roode explained that this is a continuation of last week. The game is changing because of him. He’s back to the old Bobby Roode. He loves being selfish, and he loves the World Championship. He just changed the landscape and took 10 points away from the leader. Tonight was just the beginning, and there’s more to come.

AI is with Brian Hebner, asking about what he just did. He said it was a tough call when Magnus approaches him. He knows Hebner did the right thing, and he had a tough decision to make. The decision cost Magnus 10 points, but he’s confident he’ll get those points back.

We see the Bro-Mans talking, and they say Tara got kicked to the curb because it’s “Bro-Mans” before romance. Mickie James walks in and tells them they need to take care of James Storm and Gunner while she takes care of ODB tonight. Robbie E tells her to leave the bro locker room. James then says something about sharing the spotlight. I have no clue what the point of this segment was.

We find out Tito Ortiz is in the building tonight, which leads to another recap of his “debut” last week. I still love how TNA is completely ignoring the fact that he’s worked for them before on numerous occasions. We see Ortiz enter the building, and he’s headed out to the ring after the commercial break.

Chris Sabin is in his locker room when Kurt Angle and Sting walk in. Sabin thanks both of them for helping him out during the World title match. Sting said it was a pleasure, and they’re going to take out a member of A and E next week. Sabin then turns his focus to his match tonight. He has a plan, but it requires trust from the Main Event Mafia. They trust him, and then begin discussing the plan.

Back in the arena, Tito Ortiz comes out to his generic entrance music, and once again, it’s a very indifferent reaction. Jeremy Borash asks what he’s doing here in TNA. He knows everyone has a lot of questions. He doesn’t have too many answers, but he can say one thing…

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and Angle slams a 40 before getting in a car and crashing it into the crowd. Oh, I’m sorry. That was last week. Angle just drunkenly stumbles out on his feet this time. He tells Ortiz he knows who he is, and he respects his accomplishments. Now, Ortiz is entering his world. This is his ring. He’s earned the right to be called “the greatest wrestler alive” (I beg to differ). He’s an Olympic gold medalist and won more titles than Ortiz “can shake a stick at”. While Ortiz is in TNA, he will respect his space, but Ortiz better as hell respect his. Ortiz hears him loud and clear, and that’s when Bully Ray comes back out and says he doesn’t respect either of them. He tells Ortiz he could make him tap out, and he’s beaten the hell out of Angle for a decade, so that’s nothing new. He formally introduces himself to Ortiz, then says he’ll smack him in his stupid face if he gets in Ray’s way. He then stomps off, leaving us with yet another pointless Angle/MMA fighter segment that went nowhere.

MATCH 3-6-Person Tag Team Match: The Bro-Mans (Jesse & Robbie E) and Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. ODB, and World Tag Team Champions Gunner & James Storm
Okay, the segment with the Bro-Mans and James would have made a little sense if it was ever once mentioned that they were going to be in this match together. Storm and E start the match with a lock-up. He applies a side headlock, shoulders E off the ropes, goes into a crisscross and ends it with a hip toss. E backdrops him to the outside near the corner, but Storm lands on his feet on the apron, hitting a kick to the back of the head. Back in the ring, Storm hits a clothesline for 2. Jesse clubs Storm from behind, and E stomps Storm down in the corner. Jesse tags in, and he hits an uppercut, followed by a clothesline from E that gets 2. Jesse blows a dropkick, and Storm comes back with a mule kick, followed by a DDT. Storm hits a right before Jesse rams him into the corner. He hits a series of clotheslines, then stomps Storm down before falling on his ass. E tags back in, and he piefaces Storm before running into a kick, followed by a backcracker. Storm kicks E away and tags in Gunner. Gunner knocks Jesse off the apron, then hits a uranage into a backbreaker for. He calls for the Gun Rack, but James jumps on his back. ODB takes her down, then shoulders her, sending her to the outside. Gunner applies the Gun Rack, but Jesse breaks up the submission. He calls for a spike piledriver, but Storm hits him with a Last Call. Gunner catches E coming off the middle rope, and the champs hit their combination over-the-shoulder powerslam/running neckbreaker for 3.

WINNERS: Gunner, ODB and James Storm. Glad to see the knockouts were pretty much an afterthought here. After the match, Gail Kim hits the ring and attacks ODB before the referee holds her back. James comes back in and nails ODB from behind. As she leaves the ring, she asks for a high-five from Kim, but Kim blows her off before laughing at ODB.

AI asks Kazarian in the back about his final thoughts in this match. Christopher Daniels called him, “Poor Frankie” last week. Kaz reminds us he’s a 5-time X-Division Champion, and someone who has beaten Daniels repeatedly over 11 years. Tonight, the fans are going to remember why they fell in love with him in the first place. As he leaves, we see he’s wearing a jacket that says “KAZ” instead of a Bad Influence one.

We see Bully Ray and Devon in a locker room. Ray is pissed about not knowing who Chris Sabin’s partner is tonight. He calls them the 23-time tag champs, and Devon corrects him by saying 24. He asks why Ray is selling them short, and they begin arguing over the number. Ray then changes the conversation back to Sabin, saying he’ll give him a taste of what he’ll do to him in the cage next week. Devon says that while Ray is doing that, he’s going to send a member of the MEM packing.

MATCH 4-BFG Series: Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels
Kaz comes out to his old entrance theme, and Daniels comes out to some modified version of the Bad Influence theme. Lock-up to start, and it’s quickly broken. They repeat this spot a couple more times, then begin circling each other. Kaz hits a fireman’s carry takedown into an armbar. Daniels counters into an arm wringer, and Kaz counters into his own. Daniels hits a deep armdrag off the ropes, right into an armbar. Kaz sends him into the ropes, and Daniels avoids a back body drop before hitting another armdrag. Kaz counters into a headscissors, then hits a drop toehold before applying a side headlock. Daniels leapfrogs over Kaz, and Kaz rolls him up for 2 before hitting a hip throw. Daniels counters into a pin for 2, and Kaz counters back into the side headlock. Kaz gets to his feet and sends Daniels into the ropes, but Daniels counters into a backslide for 2. Kaz comes back with a jackknife for 2. They both block a kick from each other. Kaz goes for a back suplex, but Daniels backflips out and applies a waistlock. Kaz elbows his way out and forearms Daniels in the face off the ropes. Daniels shoves him, and Kaz shoves back. Daniels talks trash, so Kaz shoves him down. The two then walk to the outside, eyeballing each other. They turn to the referee Earl Hebner and tell him to count both of them out. They pose together and mock the count.

WINNER: Double count-out. Both men pick up 2 points, putting Daniels at 5th place with 23 points and Kaz breaks his tie for 10th place with Jay Bradley. Bobby Roode’s music hits, and he comes out with a chair as the members of Bad Influence are celebrating. He looks at both of them, drops the chair, then enters the ring and tells the other two to follow him. Roode says everyone has been paying attention to A and E for the past few months. Everyone has been talking about the reformation of the MEM, the arrival of Quenton Jackson, and of course, the “surprise” last week of Tito Ortiz. While everyone has been paying attention to that, everyone’s forgotten about these three men. These three comprise 25% of the BFG landscape. There’s strength in numbers. What you see before you is a new force. One of these three will win the BFG Series. He told the world the game was going to change, and it has. They own the Series from this point forward. Take a long, hard look, because one of them is going to be the World Champion.

AI stops Tito Ortiz and his entourage. He tells AI his hands might give some answers at Hardcore Justice. Um…WTF? Seriously, don’t let this man speak anymore.

We get a video for the formation of A and E, which led to the reformation of the MEM, and Sabin winning the World title (also included in the video).

MATCH 5: Team 3-D (Bully Ray and Devon) vs. World Champion Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle
Sting comes out with Sabin, leading everyone to believe he’s the partner. As Ray and Devon are complaining, Angle comes in from behind and assaults both of them. He stomps Devon down as Sabin hits some mounted punches in the adjacent corner. Angle knocks Devon to the floor, and Sabin begins working on Ray’s back. Angle slams Devon into the ring step before rolling him back in the ring. Sabin hits some strikes on Ray. Angle and Sabin whip Team 3-D into each other. Angle knocks Devon down with a clothesline, and Sabin hits an ace crusher on Ray. Taz makes fun of the Texas crowd for chanting “U-S-A!” at Sabin in Angle, pointing out that both members of Team 3-D are from the same country. As much as I hate Taz, I greatly appreciate that comment. Sabin and Ray leave the ring, making Angle and Devon the official starters of the match, I guess (the bell rang like 5 minutes ago). Angle hits a suplex before Devon boots him and tags in Ray. Ray backs Angle into the corner, where he misses an overhand shot. Angle hits an armdrag and applies an arm wringer before tagging in Sabin. Sabin hits a double axe handle to the arm, then applies a wringer of his own. He works on Ray’s arm in the corner, then goes back to the wringer. Angle tags in, and he elbows Ray in the arm before attacking him in the corner. They begin trading punches, with Angle getting the best of it. He sends Ray hard into the opposite corner, then knocks Devon to the floor. Ray picks Angle’s ankle, then begins clubbing at the knee. Devon tags in and hits a running forearm drop. He sends Angle into the corner, and Angle comes back with a clothesline. Sabin tags in and gets punched by Devon. Ray back in, who hits a big boot before dropping an elbow on Sabin’s right knee. He knocks Angle to the floor, then hits a bodyslam on Sabin. Devon comes in as the ref is arguing with Angle, and he hits the Wassup? as we go to commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Devon is the legal man for his team. He hits a snapmare and follows up with another forearm drop for 2. Devon applies a rear chinlock, and Sabin fights out before getting whipped back down to the mat. Devon hits a chop to the throat, then a bodyslam. Devon mocks Hulk Hogan with a running legdrop before tagging in Ray, who stomps on Sabin’s fingers before hitting some crossface punches. Ray sets Sabin against the ropes, where he hits an open-hand chop to the chest. Sabin counters a back body drop with a sunset flip. Ray tries to break it with a punch, but misses. Sabin goes for an enziguri, but Ray blocks it and slams Sabin’s right knee into the mat. Devon tags in as Ray clubs him in the face with right hands. Devon drags Sabin to the ropes and drapes the right leg across the bottom rope and cannonballs onto it. Devon mounts the second rope, but Sabin blocks the dive with a boot to the face. Angle makes the hot tag as Ray tags in and takes out both men with clotheslines. He runs into a back elbow by Devon, but comes back with an overhead belly-to-belly. A German suplex on Ray gets 2 as Devon breaks up the pin. He sends Angle in, and Angle knocks him down with a forearm. The Olympic Slam connects on Ray, getting 2. He calls for the ankle lock, but Devon knocks him down with a straight right. Angle blocks a back body drop and clotheslines Devon before running into a uranage by Ray for 2. Ray goes for the Bully Bomb, but Angle escapes and applies the ankle lock. Devon comes in and gets hit with a release German suplex. As Angle gets back up, Ray drops him with a big boot. Angle blocks a charge in the corner as Sabin makes a blind tag. He hits a missile dropkick on Ray, a spinning back kick on Devon and a series of running elbows and forearms for both in opposite corners. Ray sees the last one coming and blocks it. He runs in for a clothesline, but Sabin ducks, causing Ray to nail Devon. Sabin hits an enziguri on Ray for 2 as Devon breaks up the pin. Angle attacks Devon as Ray hiptosses Sabin onto the ramp on the outside. Team 3-D then hit the 3-D on Angle before ordering Devon to get the table. Devon slides the table into the ring as Ray pulls Sabin back in. They set it up in the corner, and Ray charges in. Sabin moves, causing Ray to put himself through the table. Sabin low-bridges Devon to the outside, and he hits Ray with a top rope cross-body for 3.

WINNERS: Kurt Angle and Chris Sabin.

End of show.


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Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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