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TNA Impact Wrestling Results and August 22 Recap

This week on TNA Impact Wrestling we get part two of this year’s Hardcore Justice “free PPV”.

We see Tito Ortiz and Bully Ray enter the building. Ray is telling “babe” on the phone that he’s stoked about tonight, and the world will be shocked when they tell him the truth later tonight. After he hangs up on Brooke, Mr. Anderson stops him. He apparently didn’t know about Ortiz’s association with Aces and Eights, as he hasn’t heard from Ray all week. Ray says Ortiz is with him, and that means he’s with the club as well. Anderson shouldn’t be concerned about calls and texts; he should be concerned about “earning his stripes” and taking care of business.

Tonight, the 5-on-5 “Loser Leaves TNA” match will take place, and we still don’t know who the Main Event Mafia’s 5th man is.

Before we get to that, Bobby Roode and Bad Influence make their way out to the ring. Roode congratulates Bully Ray on becoming a 2-time World Champion last week. Ray has found a way to screw the system yet again, as well as another friend along the way. That’s fine, because Ray is now the man who has a target on his chest. He’s the man with the title around his waist, and he’s looking at the three men who will do anything to get it from him. One of the members of this faction is walking into BFG and coming out the new champion, whether anyone likes it or not. Last week, Roode literally set the tables and gained 20 points in the tables match, moving himself all the way up to 2nd place. And this group is only getting started. Kazarian reminds us he won a ladder match for 20 points last week. Christopher Daniels says the “Extroardinary Gentleman’s Organization” (or EGO, which I guess is the name of this new group) was 2-for-2 last week. Tonight, he completes the sweep. Not only is he a ring general, he is the best streetfighter in all of TNA. Roode says they are 25% of the BFG Series, but why would they want to be just 25% when they could be a third? He thinks they need another member of the group, and Roode says that man is Austin Aries. He and Roode have been partners before, and they can trust each other. EGO has united as a group, and if Aries wants a shot at the title, take the offer and join them in the march towards BFG.

[adinserter block=”1″]James Storm and Gunner come out. Storm says Roode told BI they could trust him. He tagged with Roode for four years and doesn’t trust him. It’s not a matter of IF Roode turns on them, it’s WHEN. Roode will throw them to the curb. Stupid catchphrase. Roode calls Storm jealous, and Storm makes a dumbass remark about beer. Storm says he’s a man who tells it like it is. He’s going to take his hat off, drink a beer, then come back and punch Roode in a mouth. He looks at Gunner and Roode and says they’re both dressed for a fight in their blue jeans. Storm strips down to just his jeans as Roode taunts him. Storm knocks Roode down as Gunner knocks Daniels out of the ring before attacking Kaz. Kaz and Roode get sent to the floor, and we now apparently have a match.

MATCH 1: Kazarian and Bobby Roode vs. World Tag Team Champions Gunner and James Storm (non-title)
Gunner continues to attack Kaz as we learn that Daniels has been sent to the back. Storm pulls Kaz into the ring, making them the two legal men. Storm applies an arm wringer and Gunner tags in. Commercials.

Back from the break, Roode and Gunner are now legal. Roode throws Gunner into the corner for some knife-edge chops. Gunner fights back with forearms, but runs into a back elbow for 1. Roode throws Gunner into Kaz’s boot and tags him in. Kaz whips Gunner into the ropes, connecting with a spinning heel kick for 2 as Storm breaks up the pin. Roode back in, and he hits a snapmare, followed by a rolling neck snap. Roode connects with a suplex and follows up with a jumping kneedrop for 2. Kaz tags in and hits a jumping legdrop for 2. He slaps Gunner around for a minute until Gunner fires back with some forearms. Kaz boots him, but Gunner ducks a clothesline and hits a uranage backbreaker. Storm and Roode tag in. Storm fires off some rights and a flying forearm. He hits an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Hiptoss for Kaz, and a powerslam for Roode. Storm gets backdropped to the apron by Kaz, but lands on his feet and hits an apron kick. Up top, Storm connects with a flying elbow on Roode for 2 as Kaz breaks it up. Gunner throws Kaz to the outside. In the ring, Storm avoids the Payoff and hits Closing Time. He signals for the Last Call, but Roode tries to throw the ref in front of him. Kaz comes back in with a tag title belt, but gets met with a Last Call by Storm. As the ref is putting the belt back outside, Roode low-blows Storm and rolls him up with a handful of jeans for 3.

WINNERS: Kazarian and Bobby Roode.

Austin Aries tells AI he rejected MEM last week. This week, he’s got his old partner Bobby Roode and BI looking for him. Last week, maybe they cost him 20 points. There’s strength in numbers, but you also have to trust those you associate with. He’s got a lot to think about, but he’ll give a final answer before the end of the night.

MATCH 2: Sonjay Dutt vs. World X-Division Champion Manik (non-title)
So glad this isn’t a 3-way. Manik charges the ring as Dutt goes for a springboard to the outside. Manik avoids it as Dutt lands on his feet before hiptossing Dutt into the ring. Dutt avoids a dive before Manik applies an iron octopus. Manik turns it into a cradle for 2, then hits a deep armdrag into an armbar. We are informed that all X-Division matches are one-on-one from now on. That’s a relief for me, as I hate recapping 3-ways, but at the same time, it just shows you how TNA can never stick to anything. Dutt escapes the armbar and hits a running hurricanrana off the ropes for 2. Dutt rolls through on a sunset flip attempt, misses a kick, then hits a standing moonsault for 2. Dutt applies a modified abdominal stretch, then breaks it in order to roll up Manik for 2. He knocks Manik down with a shoulderblock before applying a straightjacket. Manik escapes before Dutt sends him into the ropes. Taz makes a reference to Bob Sackamano, and I hate him more than ever. Manik avoids an Irish whip before suckering Dutt to the floor. He hits an inside-out seated dropkick before rolling Dutt back into the ring, where he connects with a springboard dropkick to the back for 2. Manik goes for his finisher, but Dutt escapes and goes for a hurricanrana. Manik counters into a sit-out powerbomb for 2. Manik runs into a boot, avoids a clothesline, then gets nailed with a boot in the corner. Dutt hits an exploder suplex and a springboard splash for 2. Dutt hits a front powerslam and calls for the moonsault double-stomp. Manik avoids it, and Dutt lands on his feet. Dutt goes for a headscissors, and Manik counters into a version of the GTS. He hits his finisher, the double-underhook into a reverse lungblower, for 3.

WINNER: Manik.

We see A and E in the back. Devon asks Mr. Anderson about what Bully Ray said earlier. Anderson tells them, then says they’ve got the advantage tonight, as the MEM doesn’t have a 5th man.

We see the MEM talking in the back, but can’t hear what is said.

MATCH 3-4-BFG Series 4-Way Street Fight: Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park (w/Eric Young)
The winner of this match picks up 20 points, and that’s likely Daniels, given the other competitors’ status in the Series. Bradley attacks Park at the bell as Hernandez whips Daniels before connecting with an avalanche and a double-choke suplex. Park avoids a corner charge by Bradley and hits some rights before Bradley nails a back elbow. He drops Hernandez with a right and an elbow before running into a clothesline. Hernandez sends Bradley to the floor as Daniels rolls him up for 2. Daniels gets an inside cradle for 2, then hits Hernandez with a palm thrust. Hernandez recovers and hits an over-the-shoulder backbreaker drop for 2. Bradley gets back in the ring with a chair, hitting Hernandez over the back. He wraps it around Hernandez’s head and rams him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Park is back in, and he hits a back elbow on Bradley before Hernandez hits the Pounce. Park hiptosses Daniels and hits a bodyslam. The faces whip Daniels into Bradley in the corner, where Hernandez hits an avalanche. Park follows up with his own. Commercials.

Back from the break, Hernandez avoids a kendo stick shot from Daniels on the ramp. He grabs the stick and nails Daniels with it a couple of times before calling for the Border Toss. Daniels counters with a back-body drop. In the ring, Bradley hits a back elbow on Park in the corner, but misses a running boot. Park hits a couple forearms to the chest before Bradley thumbs him in the eye. He grabs the chair once more, but Park avoids the shot by hitting a double-leg takedown. He turns it into a Boston crab, but breaks it when the other two members of EGO appear and jump on the apron. They sucker Park to the floor and double-team him. EY joins the fight, but he’s taken out by Bobby Roode. Kaz sends Park head-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Bradley nails a running boot on Daniels in the corner before hitting a low blow in the opposite corner. He grabs the chair and nails Daniels across the back, then lays it in the middle of the ring, hitting a back suplex onto it. Bradley calls for the Boomstick, but Kaz trips him and drags him to the floor. He and Roode double-team Bradley as Hernandez comes out of nowhere with Air Mexico on Daniels. He hits a clothesline and an Irish Hammer before missing an avalanche. He recovers and hits a Pounce on Daniels before calling for the Border Toss. Daniels escapes, and Austin Aries shows up. Daniels hits a running STO on Hernandez as Aries high-fives everyone in EGO. As he celebrates with Daniels, he turns on him, laying Daniels out with a brainbuster. The other two members of EGO chase him off as Bradley and Park back in the ring. Bradley drops with a chair to the head, and Park is bleeding from the mouth. Park snaps and knocks Bradley down before knocking Hernandez off the apron. Park hits the Black Hole Slam on Bradley and gets the 3.

WINNER: Joseph Park, who picks up 20 points. Didn’t see that coming. Doesn’t make it a good decision, though.

Sting is in the back with the MEM, and he recounts all of the bad luck they had last week. Quenton Jackson says he’s going to break Tito Ortiz’s face. Sting says no one has stepped up to help them, and doesn’t look like anyone will. Magnus says it doesn’t matter. They don’t need anyone else, as they will step up on their own. Samoa Joe agrees with Magnus, as does Jackson.

Bully Ray makes his way out for his “championship celebration”, flanked by Tito Ortiz. We also find out what’s going on with him and Brooke. Spoiler: we find out he’s been talking to Brooke Tessmacher. Ray says it sounds like everyone here is happy to see him. How does it feel to have the wool pulled over your eyes again? How does it feel to be suckered by Ray again? He has one question for everyone, and that is if we know who he is. He is Bully Ray. He is the president of Aces and Eights and the World Champion. He doesn’t call himself a 2-time champion because he doesn’t recognize Sabin’s win. He beat himself; Sabin didn’t beat him. Everything is right in TNA now, and that brings him to his new best friend, Ortiz. Ortiz tells Quenton Jackson he should have known when they signed to fight on November 2nd. He knocked Jackson out once, and on November 2nd, he’ll do it again. Ray takes the mic back and says no one can surprise people like he can. If we think this was a big surprise, we’re now going to be shocked. It’s now time for the world to know about him and the love of his life. Brooke, honey, come down here right now.

Brooke Hogan’s music hits, and she doesn’t come out. Instead, Brooke Tessmacher comes out to almost complete silence. Pretty sure everyone forgot who she even was. Brooke and Ray make out, and Ray says that now that he has the “hot Brooke” and the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” with him, does anyone doubt he can ever be stopped? There’s only one thing left to do. Brooke pulls his wedding ring off with her mouth and spits it into the crowd before Ray tells everyone, “We’re done.”

MATCH 4: Gail Kim vs. ODB
Lock-up to start, and ODB shoves Kim down. Another lock-up, and ODB once again with the shove. Kim goes into a waistlock, and ODB breaks it with a butt bump. Kim avoids a corner charge by going to the apron, but ODB puts on the breaks and rams Kim into the adjacent corner from the outside. Kim is back in, and she receives an avalanche, followed by a bronco buster for 2. Kim gets caught in a powerslam out of the corner and escapes, but gets hit with a shoulderblock. ODB follows up with a fall-away slam as Kim rolls to the outside. ODB follows and chases her back intot he ring. Kim ducks a clothesline and hits an armbar takedown. Kim begins working on the right arm, applying a hammerlock and ramming ODB shoulder-first into the corner. He cannonballs the arm through the ropes, then gets back in the ring, where ODB fights her off with punches and kicks. ODB goes for the Clam Buffet, but Kim kicks the bad arm and pulls ODB down in an awkward inverted shoulderbreaker for 2. Kim goes back to the hammerlock, this time on the mat. ODB elbows out, but gets kicked in the arm. Kim drags ODB to the ropes for another cannonball to the arm, and ODB counters into a low blow, which somehow doesn’t get her DQ’ed. ODB hits a couple of clotheslines and a boot to the chest. She hits the Clam Buffet on the second try and follows up with a Thesz Press from the middle rope for 2. Kim kicks her arm once more, then goes up top. ODB crotches her on the top rope, hits a forearm to the gut and a chop to the chest. ODB mounts the middle rope for a superplex, which connects. ODB apparently landed on the bad shoulder, but manages to crawl over to Kim for a 2-count. She goes for the Bam!, but doesn’t have the strength. Kim escapes and rolls ODB up in a crucifix for 3.

WINNER: Gail Kim.

We get a video for Jeff Hardy, talking about trying to win the BFG Series for the 2nd time.

AI stops Austin Aries in the back to ask about what happened earlier. Aries says everything is cool for him. EGO asked him a question, and they got an answer. He can play mind games, and he got to this point in his career by being smart. He’s one of the smartest men in this business. Bobby Roode picked two guys who have never been World Champions. He has been champion, and he doesn’t need anyone to help him get back there. All he needs is his god-given ability.

Hulk Hogan will be back next week, and apparently has a major announcement.

Chris Sabin comments on last week, talking about how badly he got screwed out of the World title. He calls A and E a cancer in this business, and someone needs to get rid of them. The title meant everything to him, and he will get it back.

Both teams make their way out for the main event. After the MEM come out, Anderson calls out A and E’s “fearless leader”. The president is going to come out and watch history unfold. There’s only 4 members of the MEM & 5 A and E guys. So, without further ado, the president of A and E, Bully Ray. The music hits, and Ray comes out with Brooke Tessmacher & Tito Ortiz. There is a chair set up on the stage, and they are apparently going to watch the match from there. Anderson tells the MEM the 4-on-5 match is unfair, so here’s the deal: he tells the MEM to pick someone to lay down. Sting says they won’t lay down, and if they have to go down, they’re going down fighting. AJ Styles’ music hits. He looks at Ray on his way down to the ring, then keeps walking. He stops on the ramp, and the music changes to his original theme. AJ has his old gear on and has lost the beard. He hops into the ring, and we’ve got our 5th man.

MATCH 5-10-Man Tag Team Match; Loser of the fall leaves TNA: Aces and Eights (Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Devon, Knux and Mr. Anderson) vs. The Main Event Mafia (Quenton Jackson, Magnus, Samoa Joe & Sting) and AJ Styles
The two sides immediately begin brawling. AJ shoves Anderson to the floor as the brawl spills to the outside. He trades punches with Anderson, then slams him into the apron. Devon thumbs Magnus in the eye, and now Magnus is fighting back. Jackson and Sting send Knux into the steps as AJ and Anderson get back in the ring, making them the legal men, I guess. AJ hits a dropkick on Anderson, and as I type that, Anderson rolls to the outside and Magnus is now fighting Wes. He hits an elevated northern lights bomb, and now it looks like the match is finally getting some order to it. Joe tags in and beats Wes down in the corner. Joe hits a running hip bump and a spin kick to the head, knockin Wes to the mat. Joe covers him for 2, and Wes comes back with an eye rake. Garett tags in and runs into a back elbow. AJ tags in and clubs Garett down. Garett tries to fight back, but AJ catches him in a fireman’s carry, turning it into a backbreaker. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”2″]Back from the break, Garett and Magnus are legal. Knux tags in, and he fires off some rights on Magnus in the corner. Magnus fights back and knocks Anderson off the ropes before Knux hits a running cross-body for 2. Knux hits a back suplex and tags in Devon, who hits a running forearm strike to the face before choking Magnus over the middle rope. Garett tags in, and he grinds Magnus’ face across the top rope. Magnus fights back with rights before getting hit with a flapjack for 2. Wes tags in, and he whips Garett into Magnus in the corner before Garett sends Magnus in for a clothesline for 2. Joe breaks the pin up, and now Anderson tags in for the first time. He stomps on Magnus’ hand for 2, then sends him into the ropes. Magnus counters and catches a cross-body attempt, but Anderson rakes the eyes. Devon tags in, hits a snapmare and a jumping legdrop before mocking Hulk Hogan. Devon applies a neck vice, but Magnus fights out before running into a spinning back elbow. Knux tags in and hits a bodyslam before mounting the middle rope, connecting with a legdrop for 2. Knux goes for the pin twice more, and Magnus still kicks out each time. Knux goes for a suplex, but Magnus blocks it and hits a quick DDT. Sting tags in, ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick. He follows up with the Stinger Splash, then another. He kicks Knux’s leg out, and the two teams begin brawling once more. The brawl spills to the floor before Jackson gets back in the ring. Devon enters, and Jackson fights him off. Jackson fights off the rest of A and E before slamming Wes. Knux hits Jackson from behind, and Sting follows up by hitting Knux with the Scorpion Death Drop. He applies the scorpion deathlock, but Devon breaks up the hold by nailing Sting from behind. He drags Knux on top of Sting, and the ref is in the ring to make the count, with Knux getting 2. Devon tags in, and he beats Sting down in the corner as the two teams are now back in their respective corners. Devon hits a bodyslam and goes for a diving headbutt, but misses. AJ tags in, and he hits the Superman on Devon before assaulting all the other members of A and E. He drops Devon with a spinning back fist before hitting a Ghetto Blaster for 2. Anderson attacks AJ from behind, and Garett joins the fight. Joe and Magnus throw them to the floor. AJ goes for the Styles Clash on Devon, but breaks it when Garett runs in. He ducks a clothesline and knocks Garett to the floor with the Pele. He goes for a clothesline on Devon, but Devon ducks and hits a spear. AJ escapes a bodyslam and goes for the Styles Clash once more, which hits. He rolls Devon up and gets the 3.

WINNERS: The Main Event Mafia and AJ Styles. Devon is gone from TNA, yet Knux somehow keeps his job. Ooh-kay…


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Dustin Nichols
Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, and you can keep track of all of his work on his Facebook page, which can be found at Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:


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