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TNA Wrestling No Surrender 2013: The good, the bad, and the ugly

I have been working really hard at becoming a fan of TNA wrestling but I am struggling. I tune in each week and time and time again I find myself frustrated. There is too much talent and too much potential in that locker room for this company to continue to struggle like it does. I have to admit up front that I am a WWE guy so I know that I have a certain level of bias. That doesn’t mean that I am blind. When the NWO showed up Nitro became my priority show, so I am open to good stories and good wrestling. TNA is really hit and miss and I think what turns me off the most is the inconstancy. Let’s look at last night.

[adinserter block=”1″]THE GOOD- I know that AJ gets most of the love in TNA but last night Bobby Roode became my favorite TNA superstar. His match with Magnus was really good and I think it made both guy look strong. There was some chemistry there and both guys looked believable. Both guys need to be on TV, I think Magnus is the best thing going in the MEM right now. It was nice to see the vet put over the young guy.

THE BAD- If TNA is going to say that wrestling is what matters then they need to get rid of the weird camera shots of the back stage drama. Watching Sting talk to Magnus before his match last night was painful. If you follow my wrestling blogs you will see that believability is huge. It has to seem real and there needs to be some chemistry. You can’t just read lines and call it good. The exchange Sting had with Magnus prior to his match was dry and didn’t do a good job of getting people pumped for the match.

THE UGLY- Roode vs Magnus match it self was pretty good it was my second favorite match of the night. Like all matches it wasn’t all pretty and it had two spots that I thought were just plain ugly. Magnus is too tall to be putting on the Cloverleaf, it just looked awkward. It was hard to watch and I loved how the announcers talked about Roode not bending his legs. They knew it looked bad and did a good job of coving it up. The roll up for the pin at the end was the kicker. You have two superstars in a good match and it ends on roll up. Your best heavyweights don’t win or lose on roll ups. Just plain UGLY!

THE GOOD- Mr. Anderson is one of the most entertaining superstars in the company. I loved him as Mr. Kennedy in WWE. He is good in his promos and his character seems to fit him. He is a little over dramatic in the ring but he does good work and I loved watching him take it through the table last night. I think it could be a really good angle moving forward with him opposing Bully Ray. We need more Anderson on TV.

I am going to continue to harp on the mic work in that company because I think it is killing them. All of the non-ring segments are awkward. Bully Ray’s rant to the Ace’s and Eights didn’t make any sense at all. He started off by telling them that he knew that deep down they wanted Anderson to win and then seconds later he told them that he knew that deep down they wanted Bully to win. It was all very confusing. It was not as bad as the Warrior back in the day but it was hard to follow and again damaged that segment.

THE UGLY- AJ’s promo on Dixie at the end really took the show down a bit. I don’t think it was scripted but for someone who is picking a fight with the head of the company he didn’t have too much to say. The only real pop was after he said St. Louis, other than that the crowd didn’t seem into it. I am probably being a little harsh on this segment but you don’t want you fans to go home with a bad promo from the face of the company to lead into the next show.

THE GOOD- We are finally going to get to see AJ Styles near or at the top again. With Anderson as a wild card this story line is getting interesting moving forward. For the first time in a while I think the Ace’s and Eights should stick around. I am excited to see what TNA does with the rest of the BFG card.

THE BAD- For all of the hype I think the Styles/Aries match was underwhelming. The match was slow, the reversals seemed sloppy and they didn’t do a great job of selling. There were lots of points where the match totally stopped while they waited for each other to get into position for high spot whether it was off the top rope or out to the floor. It just didn’t seem to have a flow. Guys have bad matches all the time so, I am not hating on these guys. When you put two of your best guys in the ring together you need them to perform. The finish was pretty impressive but this was not a very good match and I think it hurt the show. Watch it again, the crowd is silent. Oh, and Aries cape is too small and it looks weird on him.

[adinserter block=”2″]THE UGLY- Anytime Dixie and Hogan are on TV. First of all Dixie is annoying and she shouldn’t talk. Hogan needs to put on some sleeves and maybe not be Hulk Hogan all the time BROTHER! Kids don’t know who he is anymore and maybe his promos would be good if he slipped back into the Hulkster every once in a while. Hogan needs to take a more professional approach to running the show instead of looking like he is there to compete. I think as long as they are using Hogan and Dixie to draw on TV it’s going to struggle. I can’t believe I am saying this but I would rather see Bichoff running the show, at least he can talk.

There is so much more I took away from the show but I am writing a blog not a book, maybe a book would be a good idea. If wrestling is what matters then get rid of the backstage vignettes. Focus on better in ring story telling and creative ideas like the BFG series. If the vignettes are important then maybe film them a head of time so they don’t look so rough on live TV. This is just one mans opinion, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. We seven days until my next’s installment of TNA: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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  1. I don't know man, there's nothing WWE has done lately that compares to this show. I mean, nothing lol. And I'm a WWE guy. AJ's promo was a bit stagnant, and your right about the camera angle, but it's better than WWE's ridiculous backstage movie camera angle. I enjoy Hogan, he doesn't get involved that much even when he's part of the storyline, unlike Triple H who hogs the spotlight. Everyone in TNA is getting a push, the whole show is built around every single guy, not just one or two. Segments overlap and storylines are furthered. Every segment means something. WWE also fails in this department, especially when you get to shows like Smackdown! Perfect example: R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio, who didn't know Alberto was going to win? Why have a throw away match that means nothing. In my opinion, TNA is a take back to the attitude era, and is a much better product than WWE RAW, but I think it's because it has to focus on 2 hours of Wrestling while WWE has to focus on 6 so that might be it.

  2. Good the wrestling when you get an outstanding match out of Ken Anderson you have really done.

    Bad Pretty much everything outside the ring Promos, Hogan, Dixie etc etc etc

    Ugly Allen Jones winning the BFG I can see him crying until BFG that he is the champ.

    My prediction in sense of good booking Magnus gets a title match with Bully Ray Hogan and the MEM interfere and the belt goes to Magnus booking Magnus(the champ) vs Allen Jones. Gets Hogan and Bully in a match


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