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TNA IMPACT 5-03-10 Results and Thoughts

TNA ImpactThis past Monday night, 5-3-10, TNA Wrestling presented yet another Monday Night War addition of TNA IMPACT with two weeks to go until their next Pay Per View event, TNA Sacrifice. With Rumors running ramped about former WWF and WCW superstar Lex Luger backstage and set to appear on the show, what went down? Let’s get to the show and find out!

To open up the show, Jay Lethal made his way down to the ring to Ric Flair’s theme wearing Flair’s Hall Of Fame Ring. Not sure why he would be wearing it seeing as though it was won by Abyss last week. He imitated Flair, using his catch phrases, body movements, etc. The guy literally sounded just like Flair! It was hilarious! If I were visually impaired I would have legitimately though Flair was cutting a promo! Flair soon came out to stop the parody and wasn’t at all pleased! He ran Lethal down but Lethal soon cut the gimmick and apologized to Flair, claiming that this was the greatest moment of his life because he was standing in the ring with his idol. He then gave Flair back the ring. Flair thanked Lethal for returning the ring but was still pissed about the parody. He slapped lethal right in the face multiple times until Lethal finally fought back and ended up cinching in the Figure Four Leg Lock on Flair himself! At this point, Beer Money, AJ Styles, and Desmond Wolfe ran out and stopped Lethal. They beat him down until Abyss ran down to the ring to even up the odds. He began to even things up until the numbers game caught up with him. The heels were one again in control until Team 3D came out to even things up. Then, RVD’s music hit and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion himself ran to the ring with a steel chair in hand, clearing the ring of the heels. After a brief commercial break, we returned to the IMPACT Zone as RVD was on the mic challenging the heels to come back to the ring. Flair got on the mic and accepted and the two factions were at it again in a wild brawl all over the building! Eventually, Hogan’s music hit and he came out and knocked nearly all the heels out with right hands, including Flair. You mean to tell me Hogan could take every last man out with a single right hand? Very realistic. After yet another commercial break, the fight was still on as security tried to separate them. Hogan got on the mic and announced a few matches for that night, including Beer Money vs. MCMG vs. Team 3D in a three way tag team match, AJ Styles vs. Abyss in a Monsters Ball, and RVD vs. Desmond Wolfe for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! Segment finally ended here. I really enjoyed the stuff with Lethal and Flair. Very glad Lethal seems to be getting a major push and may be ditching the parody gimmick. I’d love to see him vs. Flair, one on one, at Sacrifice. The stuff which followed between Beer Money, Wolfe, AJ, RVD, Team 3D, and Abyss was alright to set up the main events for the evening, but drau on far too long. This segment at up the first half hour of the show when it all could have easily been accomplished in fifteen minutes at the most. Far too much brawling. Also, far too much focus of Flair.Hogan feuding. It’s pretty much like the Hogan faction vs. the Flair faction, hence Team Hogan vs. Team Flair, with far too much focus on the veterans.

INC INC (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) Defeated Douglas Williams and Brian Kendrick

[adinserter block=”1″]Before the match began Douglas Williams cut a promo with the X Division Championship in hand claiming that he was unjustly stripped on the title and the only was Kaz would be able to reclaim it is if he defeated him in a match at Sacrifice. Sounds fair to me and should make for a very good matchup if given a proper amount of time. Looks like Neal and Moore are a team now based on their similar looks. They have different wrestling styles, however sometimes a team where each individual had a contrasting style makes for the best, most successful teams. Remember LAX? You had the high flying ability of Homicide and the power of Hernandez. Anyway, this was a decent little match, but didn’t even last for five minutes. Much to short for my likings. Morgan was on commentary toward the end where he said that TAN management had one week to find “them” a tag partner for Sacrifice. Anyway, Moore ended up hitting a blockbuster variation from the top followed by a spear from Neal for the win. Neal and Moore looked decent and show some potential. I prefer Moore in this role rather than a singles competitor in the X Division. Neal looks to be improving as well. I am rather perturbed that Kendrick isn’t receiving a push though. The guy’s got talent. He can talk and wrestle. Could see him in the main event scene and would love to see a RVD/Kendrick feud over the world title. They could have a weed on a pole match! After the match, Samoa Joe’s music hit and he nailed Williams on the ramp way. He then gave Kendrick a stiff superkick to the face and then brought him back into the ring for an insane Muscle Buster! As I said, the old Joe is back! Love the bad ass push! He grabbed the mic after the match as if he was going to explain his situation after the “abduction” but he decided to drop the mic and head to the back. Great stuff post match! Can’t wait for Joe to get his X Division Championship match! While he’s taking all of these guys out from the X Division, it leads me to believe that this may be early booking toward TNA Slammiversary and the X Division King Of The Mountain match where he would face all of these men for the X Division Championship!

Backstage, Mr. Anderson took out “The Pope” and continuously rammed him in the skull with a production chest. He was wearing an alter boy’s outfit. At the top of the hour, he came out to the ring with the alter boy outfit on and ran down “The Pope”. He preached to the fans and verbally bashed “The Pope” which soon brought out Jeff Hardy who stuck up for “The Pope” claiming that they are friends and since “The Pope” won’t be able to compete at Sacrifice why don’t they have a match there! Anderson said he would love to but he has something else going on that night. Anderson acts like is leaving the ring but then attempts to take a shot at Hardy but Hardy ducks and hits him with the Twist Of Fate and changes his voice while he moved Anderson’s mouth accepting the challenge for Sacrifice. Very nicely done segment here to set up what should be a good match at Sacrifice between Hardy and Anderson as well as the grudge match between Anderson and Pope which will most likely go down come Slammiversary.

All Titles On The Line: The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, And Lacey Von Erich Defeated Sarita, Taylor Wilde, And Tara

Yet another all titles on the line Knockout matchup here. TNA really overuses this concept. Dull matchup here. As exciting as Sarita and Wilde can be, they weren’t given nearly enough time to do much of anything. Tara, who was playing her heel role, was in for most of the match anyhow. Tara ended up tagging herself in and knocking Sarita, her own partner, off the apron which in turn caused Wilde to get into a shoving match with her. Tara clubbed Tara in the back as well, but then the Beautiful People hit Sarita with a sick double DDT for the win. Match here did serve a purpose in putting Tara over as an unpredictable heel, but the actual action here was fairly poor. Not much different than the WWE Divas. As long as the belts are with the Beautiful People, the TNA Knockout Division will remain no different than the WWE Divas and that is that.

Team 3D (Brother Ray And Brother Devon) Defeated Beer Money (Robert Rude And James Storm) And The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin And Alex Shelly) Via DQ

This matchup featured nice, fast paced action from the Guns and Beer Money early on until Devon tags himself in but ends up being the recipient of a beat down courtesy of Beer Money. Eventually Devon gets to Ray for the hot tag where Ray lays everyone out. Less than five minutes into the match, The Band came down to the ring (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) and started to brawl with Team 3D until Eric Young ran out and backed them off. Young they double crossed Team 3D and took them out with a kendo stick. He embraced with The Band and now appears to be apart of the faction. Action was fine in the match here but much like the other two matches previously on this night, not nearly enough time was given. I have no interest in The Band feuding with Team 3D. Only positive thing about this is Young will hopefully get a push out of this. Maybe this explains why he was squashed by Nash at TNA Lockdown in five minutes.

Next up was Orlando Jordan hosting the O-Zone. He sat on a couch with a backdrop that we have seen before in the back of the arena. He said his guest would be “The Freak” Rob Terry. He revealed a cut out of Rob Terry and interviewed him. He made several comments regarding Terry’s…let’s just say a certain body part. Terry soon interrupted him and shoved him on the couch and preceded to destroy the cardboard cut out. He said that the next time Jordan did something like this it would be his last. Jordan then attacked terry from behind and laid him (no pun intended although Jordan would have liked this) out with a concrete vase to the back. Pretty stupid segment here to be honest. Looks like a Terry/Jordan feud is starting and the two will most likely be facing one another at Sacrifice. Not interested in this whatsoever. The feud is dumb and the matches between these two aren’t very promising.

Monster’s Ball: AJ Styles Defeated Abyss

[adinserter block=”2″]This was a match I was looking forward to although I had a gut feeling that it would be disappointing seeing as though there was only a half hour left in the show with a world title main event still to come as well as the Hogan/Sting showdown. The two started by brawling on the ramp until AJ cracked Abyss over the head with a trash can sending him back into the ring. The two fought for a few minutes until Abyss regained the advantage by throwing AJ head first into a steel chair wedged between the top and middle turnbuckle followed by Shock Treatment for a two count. Abyss took out his bad of tacks and spread them in the middle of the ring but Flair and Chelsea came down to the ring. Flair demanded that Chelsea to took her coat off so she could distract Abyss. Abyss grabbed and embraced her and then AJ hit Abyss in the back with the chair several times. AJ then hit Abyss in the nuts with a pair of brass knuckles on and then hit a springboard crossbody onto the tacks for the win. A five minute Monster’s Ball match…really? We may end up seeing AJ vs. Abyss again at Sacrifice and if these two have another Monster’s Ball match or another hardcore match will plenty of time given I have no doubt that they can put on a great match. This match just seemed very rushed. Classic example of trying to cram too much on one show.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam (C) Defeated Desmond Wolfe

Is it just me or does TNA seem to give out world title matches every other week? Title matches in TNA are beginning to quickly loose their importance. Wolfe was voted in by the fans. Fine choice if I do say so myself. Nice back and forth action from both men with a nice contrast of styles. Literally withing three or four minutes RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. Are you serious? Wow. If I were Desmond I’d be packing my bags and on my way back to ROH. What a wasteful match which was much too short to show off Desmond. After the match, AJ Styles comes out and attacks RVD and asks for his rematch at Sacrifice. Should be an awesome match! This match was to set this up I guess, but what’s the purpose of us fans voting for the number one contenders if they’re just going to be beat in a few minutes? TNA could have let this match go on for at least fifteen minutes but again, the show was almost over. They tried to cram way to much onto this show which is a problem I had though they were coming close to solving! Guess not!

Backstage now as Jarrett is down. Hogan asks who did it, and he says it was Sting. God this is stupid.

Out to the ring comes Hogan next with five minutes left in the show. Sting comes out and talks about how he hates Hogan, and Hogan always had protection in WWF and WCW, yada yada yada. Jarret, who was attacked from Jarrett earlier came out, hit Sting with the bat, and the show was over. Hated this segment. Is the main focus on Sting and Hogan now? I don’t know what to say.

Overall, very poor show. Focus on older guys, and with rumors of Lex Luger coming in, I don’t know what to think. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. IMPACT is also moving back to Thursday nights. Smart move but why not give it some more time to see what happens? TNA Wrestling always seems to be in a rush. Overall show gets a C.

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