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TNA Impact 12-03-09 Thoughts And Opinions

TNA ImpactJust a mere 2 weeks way from TNA’s next Pay Per View extravaganza, Final Resolution, TNA brought us another addition of IMPACT on Spike TV. Was the show awesome? Was it average? Did it suck bad? We’ll, let get started with the review and find out!

IMPACT began with Desmond inside the 6 Sides Of Steel Cage, cutting a promo cutting down Kurt Angle, as well a challenging him to a rematch at Final Resolution. At Final Resolution, it will be Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle in a 3 levels of pain match. The match will be contested inside the cage, with the first fall consisting of pin falls only, the second fall with submissions only, and the third fall can only be won by escaping the cage. You think this might be a little gimmicky? Forget the gimmicks, and just let these two wrestle! Besides, another cage match? didn’t we have a cage match last month at Turning Point? Anyway, out came Kurt Angle, and climbed into the cage, only to be knocked out by Wolfe, thanks to a first full of brass (brass knuckles). I really like the feud between these two, but enough with the overbooking!

Alex Shelly vs. Doug Williams

[adinserter block=”1″]As we all know, The Motor City Machine Guns will face The British Invasion at Final Resolution, for the TNA Tag Team Championships. This was a preview for that match, and expect to Sabin vs. Magnus next week. Although Williams looked a little sloppy at times,this was a decent little 5 minute match. Shelly eventually got the pin with Sliced Bread. Expect the MCMG to win the titles at Final Resolution, for if they got the win here, they have a good chance of winning at Final Resolution. But remember, this is TNA! Expect the unexpected, and throw logic out the window!

Suicide vs. Homicide

Recently, Homicide announced that he is aware of Suicide’s true identity. When the hell are we getting our payoff with this feud, if you could call it that? One week TNA advances their feud/story line, and the next week all is forgotten. Come on TNA! Get it together! After a fairly decent 5 minutes of action, Suicide got the win, with a backslide. After the final bell, Homicide attacked Suicide, and tried to unmask him, but “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero made the save. Before this match, it was announced that Matt Morgan, “The Pope”, Hernandez, and a partner of their choosing would face Team 3D, Rhino, and Jesse Neal, in an elimination match up at Final Resolution (should be good). Also before this match, “The Pope” approached Suicide, and asked him to be apart of the team. Suicide gave no conclusive answer, because of the battles he’s had with “The Pope” in the past. After making the save, “The Pope” extends his hand to Suicide, but Suicide walks out on him, leaving him hanging.

Next, we witnessed ODB’s “Trash Talking” show. She had Tara as a guest, who will face her at Final Resolution for the Knockout’s Championship. Eventually, ODB attacked Tara, resulting in Tara running away almost in tears. First off, Tara needs to stop being so emotional. Second, why would she run away from ODB? Wasn’t she just in a feud with Kong where they had to be separated by security several times? Makes no sense.

Jesse Neal vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Boy, does Jesse Neal look like a completely different person or what? He’s seemed to have gotten a lot bigger too. Although he’s not that great in the ring, he’s defiantly a lot better than he was the last time we saw him. He’s covered with tattoos now. He almost reminds me of Tomko. After only about 3 minutes or so, “The Pope” got the win, with his running exposed knees into the back patented finisher. After the match, Neal attacked and beat down “The Pope”. Meanwhile, the lights went out, and Suicide appeared on the top rope, delivering a top rope dropkick onto Neal, making the save. “The Pope ” and Suicide shook hands, implying that Suicide will in fact join Pope’s team at Final Resolution. Then, out of nowhere, came Team 3D and Rhino, who surrounded them. Out came Hernandez and Morgan to make the save. I’m thoroughly looking forward to this big 8 man tag team elimination match at Final Resolution, but why is Suicide involved with this when he seems to entering a feud with Homicide? TNA needs to make sure to conserve their focus completely.

Eric Young and Kevin Nash vs. Beer Money INC.

I still can’t seem to understand why Kevin Nash is involved with the World Elite. He’s from Detroit for heaven’s sake! As far as this match went, it was a pretty formula match up, which seemed to pick up in the final few minutes or so. Nash and Young go the win, after Young gave Rude a low blow, and then gave him a piledriver. Looks like the two teams may fight again at Turning Point, which should be decent at best. After the match, Mick Foley came out, asking Nash all kinds of questions about what Hulk Hogan’s role in TNA is going to be. Nash chewed Foley up, stating that Foley’s going to loose his job. Maybe Foley’s been paranoid for a legitimate reason. A really funny quote from Nash was when Foley asked Nash if he had Hulk’s phone number. Nash said he did, but Hulk said not to five it to him! LOL! Speaking of Foley, aren’t he and Abyss suppose to be in a big feud with Dr. Stevie and Raven? Again, come on TNA! Stay focused! At the ended of the segment, Nash stated that “the band’s getting back together”. This basically hints that the NWO will be returning. You’ve got to be kidding me! This will really help push the younger guys! WOW! What a crock! TNA seriously needs to stop trying to relive history. They need to create their OWN history! TNA just has an awesome Pay Per View last month, and all the matches involved the young guys. Everyone was happy, where as everyone was pissed as hell, when TNA used to stink up the place when they’d use all the old guys on Pay Per View. I really don’t think TNA can recognise the difference between failure and success. WOW!

Next, Lashley came out with Crystal, and cut a promo on Steiner. At Final Resolution, it will be Lashley vs. Steiner again. Should be a watchable match, with an interesting story line.

Abyss vs. Daniels

Why would these two be paired together? Anyway, AJ Styles was out as a special guest commentator for the match. After about 3 minutes or so, Abyss was distracted by a video playing on the big screen, of The Beautiful People harassing Lauren. This was setup by Daniels earlier in the night. Daniels then got the pin with a roll up. Daniles is challenging for the world title in 2 weeks, and he needs to cheat to win? In my opinion. this makes him seem unworthy, and makes it unrealistic for the viewer to actually believe that he can beat AJ. After the match, AJ charged to the ring after a taunting Daniels, but was attacked by his mystery attacker once again. Once again, TNA really needs to keep focus. Wait until after Final Resolution to push this new story line. If the mystery man ends up being Tomko, I’m going to be pretty pissed, seeing as though his return was revealed a few weeks ago. Hopefully, this will be more of a surprise.

[adinserter block=”2″]Next, we witnessed the very special Dixie Carter interview. Throughout the course of the interview, she basically stated the obvious. Hulk Hogan is going to be working closely with her and TNA management, in hopes that TNA will eventually become the biggest and best wrestling company in the world. Nothing special here, just Dixie stating what we already know from the Internet. After this interview, Mick Foley was shown on the phone, with who sounded to be Jeff Jarrett. Jeff didn’t sound very happy. Almost like a shoot. Speaking of Jarrett, Dixie addressed him in her interview as well. She said he was asked to leave TNA because of personal issues. If I were Jerrett, the man who founded TNA, and was kicked out of the company I founded, I’d be pissed!

Hamada vs. Sarita

Now, we had a TNA Knockouts match, featuring Hamada taking on Sarita. This was a pretty good match, once again putting the WWE Divas to shame! Hamada got the win with the Hamada Driver. Over the past couple of weeks, Hamada seems to have gotten a decent push. I look forward to seeing her vie for the TNA Knockouts Championship in the near future. Her and ODB could have some pretty damn good matches!

Kurt Angle vs. Dr. Stevie and Raven

This matched was announced by Foley, who was mad at Angle, for not giving him enough information about Hogan earlier that night, and questioning his authority. Why would Foley put Angle in a match with his enemies, Raven and Dr. Stevie? Again. makes no sense at all. This match was obviously not booked for wrestling action, but to advance story lines and such. At one point in the match, Abyss came out to help Angle. Angle ended up winning with the ankle lock on Raven. After the match, Desmond Wolfe came out, and beats Angle down, before leaving to a chorus of boos.

Overall, this was a decent addition of IMPACT. In my opinion, it lacked actual wrestling action, however, the story lines were interesting for the most part, and Final Resolution is looking to be a solid show as well. Overall, I would give this show a letter grade of a B.

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