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TNA IMPACT 5-20-10 Results and Thoughts

TNA ImpactThis past Thursday night, TNA Wrestling presented another addition of TNA IMPACT after the Sacrifice PPV this past weekend. What was the fallout of TNA Sacrifice and what is in store for the upcoming PPV, TNA Slammiversary? Let’s find out…

To start things off, Eric Bischoff and his Bitch made their way down to the ring where there were several Pick 10 posters on display. The 10 number one contenders for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship would be announced. The criteria to be chosen was a combination of fan voting, all time win/loss record, and win/loss record in past world title matches. Bullshit! TNA acted like we were the ones to vote in the top 10 contenders. It’s obvious now that this was predetermined. I don’t mind the concept, but to make the fans thing that they were the sole deciding factor is a blatant lie! The 10 contenders were no introduced and would come out to their theme and stand beside the entrance way.

Top 10 Contenders…

10. Samoa Joe
9. Rob Terry
8. Desmond Wolfe
7. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
6. Abyss
5. Mr. Anderson
4. Jeff Hardy
3. AJ Styles
2. Kurt Angle (His music played but he didn’t come out. Nice was to create anticipation for his return later that night)

1. Sting

[adinserter block=”1″]I like most of the choices, however why in the fuck is Sting the number one contender? He votes from the fans were extremely low, he is in a major feud with management, and when was the last time he wrestled in an official match? I was very disappointed in this. Sting came to the ring and then smashed the Top 10 Contender posters with his ball bat after Bischoff announced that he would face RVD at Slammiversary for the world title and Jeff Hardy later that night. No King Of The Mountain? I seriously hope we do end up having one with Sting just one of the participants because RVD vs. Sting is not what I want replacing King Of The Mountain, which is something that makes TNA different! Something that makes it unique! He rammed hit bat into Bischoff’s gut and then clipped him in the back of the knees with it. He cut a short promo on the mic prior to this attack talking about how the company is going through a change. Seems like his motive may be that TNA is moving on and forgetting about the contributions he made. Just my take. Abyss runs down to help (isn’t Eric Bischoff the one who made him miserable a few months ago?) but Sting takes him out with the bat as well.

At this, Jeff Hardy runs out but Sting quickly takes him down with a low blow. RVD comes out, which distracts Sting long enough for Hardy to hit a Twist Of Fate. He goes for the Swanton but Sting bails to end the segment. Nice was to reveal the Top 10 Contenders here, as well as hype Sting vs. Hardy in the main event and RVD vs. Sting at Slammiversary as well, not that I approve of that match because I’m not too thrilled about it potentially replacing Slammiversary. I don’t read spoilers so won’t know for sure until the weeks to come.

Non-Title Match: Roxxi Defeated Madison Rayne (C)

Looks like Roxxi is back, again. Good to see her back, and she will most likely be replacing the role Tara played previously in the Knockout Division. This was a decent 3 minute match, slightly better than WWE Divas action. Rayne has decent ring psychology, but needs to broaden her move set. Roxxi got the pin out of nowhere with the Voodoo Drop! She will now most likely face Rayne for the title at Slammiversary. Rayne was obviously chosen as a transitional champion because of Tara leaving and will most likely win the belt. We would have seen Tara/Roxxi feud if Tara hadn’t left, which would have been interesting. If Roxxi can win the belt and face women like Taylor Wilde, Hamada, and Sarita just to name a few, TNA can get their Knockout Division back on track.

After a commercial break, Kurt Angle returned to the IMPACT Zone after a 30 day hiatus and made his way down to the ring. He cut a passionate promo putting over the company and his love for the business. He said that he was no longer an elite individual in TNA because all of the great talent that has stepped up. He announced that he will be withdrawing from the Top 10 standings in order to reinvent himself by re-earning his spot! He said he was going to face each member of the Top 10 Contenders one by one! This sounds very, very interesting and should make for some great matchups! Samoa Joe is number 10 so we will probably see him face Angle maybe next week, but no at TNA Slammiversary because I predict Angle will face Matt Morgan then. Very nice segment here.

Non-Title Match: Orlando Jordan Defeated Rob Terry (C)

Next up we had this rematch from Sacrifice. Terry wrestled with his knee wrapped up thanks to the post match beat down from Jordan at Sacrifice. He was heavily selling the injury throughout the match. The match here was very similar to Sacrifice, with Terry in control at first and then Jordan taking over and working on the injured knee. After only about 3 minutes, Jordan hooked in a submission and really torqued back on terry’s knee resulting in the ref calling for the bell even though Terry didn’t tap. Jordan refused and reapplied the submission after the match until the refs and security finally got him out of the ring. I’m not particularly looking forward to this feud continuing, however this angle made sense and was short, sweet, and to the point.

RVD And Jay Lethal Defeated Beer Money

Great to see Lethal back in action! It’s been a while! Lethal was in for most of the match here and looked great! He wasn’t using the Black Machismo gimmick. He was himself. Amen! Great team work from RVD and lethal throughout featuring a sweet spot toward the end where lethal hit the Lethal Combination followed by RVD hitting Rolling Thunder out of nowhere! Lethal put Rude in the Figure Four Leg Lock causing him to tap out to get the mutual win for he and RVD! Great action here, but only went about 5 minutes. I would have loved to have seen this go at least 10. After the match, Flair came out and he and Lethal began to brawl all the way to the back. Nice way to make Lethal look great here as well as continue the Lethal/Flair feud. Again, great to see Lethal back to his old self with what looks to be a fairly major push! Just wish this match would have been extended quite a bit more than it was, that’s all.

RVD celebrated, but was surprisingly smached in the face with a steel chair by, a fan? Try Sting dressed as a fan with a plastic Sting mask on. He hit RVD twice with two pretty weak chair shots and walked away. These were very weak shots, however the segment did make sense to start hyping the RVD/Sting title match at Slammiversary. Glad they’re at least starting early even though I’m not too thrilled that these two will face one another. Guess it’s better than Hogan vs. Sting.

After another Commercial break, Jeff Hardy was in the ring talking about how he idolized and pattered himself after Sting as a kid. He basically stated that he would defeated Sting in the main event. Just about a 2 minute segment here. Hardy basically said the same thing backstage earlier, so this was a completely wasteful segment. This time could have been give to the tag match prior.

[adinserter block=”2″]At this time, Abyss came down to the ring to claim Chelsea who he won the rights to for 30 days from Desmond Wolfe at Sacrifice. Wolfe brought her down along with security. Wolfe told Abyss there was no way in hell he’d hand her over. At this, Wolfe kicked Abyss right in the crotch. He grabbed a glass bottle and shattered it on the ring post, using it as a weapon to lacerate Abyss’ arm. Abyss’ forearm was bleeding a fair amount. Abyss “Hulked Up” and gave Wolfe a Blackhole Slam. At this, he picked Chelsea up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her, kicking and screaming, to the back.

Another nice segment here, which did a nice job of furthering the Wolfe/Abyss feud. I wager they’ll have a match at Slammiversary with some sort of extreme stipulation added to it which would be a better fit for these two against one another than your standard wrestling match. Wolfe has been playing on the fact that Chelsea “belongs to him”. I can see Chelsea turningon Wolfe and joining Abyss for good to be honest. just an early prediction. Intriguing to think about what is to come now that Abyss has officially got Chelsea. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Eric Young Defeated Shannon Moore

We returned to see all 3 members of The Band in the ring. Young cut a promo basically putting all 3 of them over. Glad Young is starting to get his fair share of spotlight in The Band. He can defend the belts too thankfully. A small compensation for The band winning the belts. This brought out his opponent, Shannon Moore, along with his fellow Inc Inc. partner who also faced defeat a Sacrifice thanks to Team 3D, Jesse Neal. These two had a pretty fun 5 minute match, which featured great work effort on the behalf of both men. The match pretty much featured back and forth action.

Both men, especially Moore, looked very crisp here. Moore looked the best he’s looked in TNA yet if you ask me. Earlier in the evening, Neal confronted Brother Ray about attacking him at Sacrifice and the two came to blows and had to be separated. Now, Brother Ray came down the ramp but was met with a vicious spear by Neal! The two went nuts on one another, however this allowed Scott Hall to clip Moore in the back with one of the tag belts behind the ref’s back. Young hit a picture perfect piledriver for the pin. After the match, Neal went to check on Moore but was kicked in the back of the head by Ray. Ray slapped him across the face and left as Devon tried to play peacekeeper. There is also friction between ray and Devon but if they feud I wouldn’t know what to say. I’d be really pissed, but I don’t believe they will. The focus here is on Neal, and potentially Moore. This match was very nice, and accomplished both putting Young over for once, as well as heating up the Team 3D/Inc.Inc, more specifically the Ray/Neal as of now, feud which I am enjoying so far and look forward to seeing it progress.

X Division Battle Royal To Determine Number 10 Man In Top Ten Contenders List: Kaz Defeated Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jeremy Buck, Max Buck, Homicide, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick

This battle royal was to determine who who be number 10 in the Top Contenders List. Angle withdrew so everyone moved up a spot and left an opening. Let me start off by just saying, what the hell? This was a freaking 3 minute match! Why not wait until next week and do an X Division Gauntlet where a new X Division wrestler enters every 60 seconds, the match then turns into a battle royal, until the last two men are left and they face off in a one on one matchup? This could really have been something to look forward too, but instead it was completely wasted here. Kaz asked to talk to Ric Flair earlier in the evening and now Flair came out and watched him here in the match. Kaz was on fire and eliminated most of the competitors one by one until finally eliminating Brian Kendrick for the win. I will admit, this did make Kaz look very solid and determined. He is now in the Top 10 Contenders List which is great! The guy has loads of potential and he deserves this.

Wouldn’t he mesh well with RVD? Similar style, both California boys… They’d have some great title matches. Wonder if he’ll turn heel and align himself with Flair? Looks like he will at some point which would be against my better judgment because I’d like to see him remain face while he has the crowd support then maybe look into a heel switch once the fans begin to loose some interest in him. Only makes sense. Either way, I’m super glad he’s getting a main event push after all of these years!

Jeff Hardy Defeated Sting

The main event match was up now. The two had a match along the lines of what you would expect. Decent stuff, but nothing memorable. Match was given about 6 or 7 minutes which was long enough for Sting to be in the ring, but not quite long enough to be satisfying as a main event. It was decent though, I will admit. Both men hit their standard stuff as well. In the end, Sting accidentally knocks down the ref and then Mr. Anderson, who was stood up at Sacrifice after attempting to shake hands with Hardy, and hit Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop of his own! Hardy got the pin. Anderson is turning face I believe and I don’t agree with it. In WWE, he turned face because the fans got behind him but once he turned face the cheers died down soon after. he needs to be that “cool heel”. That’s why he’s being cheered. Sting then takes them both out with the bat to end the show. Sting really over does it with that bat, but he really is being successful at being a heel and booing booed by the fans unlike his first attempt at a heel turn when he first joined up with the Main Event Mafia. Things were kind of out of order here. RVD and Sting should have ended the show with something being that the world title should be the main focus, not Anderson trying to prove himself to Hardy, but whatever. Again, at least Hogan and Sting didn’t end the show this time.

Overall, this was a decent episode of IMPACT. Not enough in ring action and the match lengths were too short across the board, however this show did feature some decent segments and clear direction. With more in ring action things would be a lot better. Overall, I give this show a B-.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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  1. 10. Samoa Joe.

    he shouldnt have been put in the top 10 contender cause hes been gone for a couple of months and since hes been back hes been attacking people for behind.

    9. Rob Terry.

    since hes not with the british invasion hes been inproving in the ring. hes got the title to show for the the good wrestling skills.

    8. Desmond Wolfe.

    since he came to tna hes been a good wrestler and also hes been good with hes mouth.

    7. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero.

    hes a good wrestle but i dont think that he can wrestle with a bad arm after what mr. anderson did to his arm. he would be good with the belt around his waist.

    6. Abyss.

    he shouldnt have been put in the top 10 contender cause hes been folloqing to much with hulk hogan to be a contender. he should just have left for good.

    5. Mr. Anderson.

    since he came to tna hes being the most arrogant person that i have ever known. hes been more obssessed with hios performance than of the people. he changed since wwe and its in a bad way but hes beginning to wrestle good in the ring.

    4. Jeff Hardy.

    since he came to tna hes changed a lot from wwe. hes bringing lots of ratings to tna.

    3. AJ Styles.

    thank god that he was in the in the top 10 contender cause hes being following ric flair to much and hes getting the stupid attitude that ric has and its getting annoying.

    2. Kurt Angle (His music played but he didn’t come out. Nice was to create anticipation for his return later that night).

    he shoould have been there and why didnt he say that he was doing a movie so thats why he was there for a couple of months.

    1. Sting.

    i cant believe that he is the number 1 contender. the only thiing hes doing right now is beaten other people that are close to hulk hogan.


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