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TNA IMPACT 5-13-10 Results and Thoughts

TNA ImpactThis past Thursday night, TNA Wrestling made their return to Thursday nights just three days prior to their TNA Sacrifice PPV! What went down heading into this Sunday night? Let’s get to the review and find out!

To open TNA Impact, Eric Bischoff came out and announced RVD, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Bischoff announced that Jeff Hardy would face him tonight being the next top contender as voted by the fans but Jeff had not shown up yet. This brought out the former champ, AJ Styles, who wanted to take Hardy’s place and face RVD in the main event to soften him up for TNA Sacrifice. This brought out Jeff Hardy who had apparently shown up. He and Styles argued on who was going to face RVD until Hardy proposed a three way main event. Bischoff made the match to the frustration on the former champ. Very nice segment to start the show. It accomplished both hyping AJ vs. RVD at TNA Sacrifice as well as the three way main event. Nice way of knocking out two birds with one stone if you will.

Tara Defeated Taylor Wilde

This match w made as a result of Tara attacking Wilde last week even though they were tag team partners along with Sarita. This match started out decently, but the finish came out of nowhere when Wilde went for a cross body from the middle turnbuckle and caught a boot in the sternum. After Tara got the pin she beat Wilde down with her knee brace until Sarita ran her off. Nice way to put Tara over as the psychotic heel that she is, but I was very disappointed as far as Wilde was used. This girl has got loads of talent and a squash like this isn’t going to help her. Things made sense though which is always a plus.

Brian Kendrick Defeated Douglas Williams

Williams came to the ring with the X Division Championship in hand. He won’t give the belt up even though he isn’t champion. He and Kendrick started out with some nice chain wrestling. Soon Kaz, who will defend his title against Williams at TNA Sacrifice, joined Tenay and Taz for commentary. He talked about how he was the legal champ and then said he was going to claim what was his. He went to the ring to grab his belt, which distracted Williams and allowed Kendrick to get the roll up and three count. Williams quickly grabbed the title and he and Kaz stared one another down. If looks could kill. Disappointing match here for these two involved could have put on a very entertaining bout, however this did in fact accomplish what it set out to accomplish. It hyped the Kaz/Williams title match for TNA Sacrifice and continued telling the story behind it.

Handicapped Match: Matt Morgan Against Generation Me Ended In No Contest

[adinserter block=”1″]So it looks like Generation Me are jobbers now? Unbelievable. These two have such rich talent, it is truly reprehensible for TNA not to capitalize on them. They stole the show at Destination X and this is the thanks they get? Anyway, Morgan basically laid then both out and then got on the mic and demanded to know who his tag team partner would be at TNA Sacrifice. All of a sudden, out came Samoa Joe and beat the living hell out of Morgan! He hit him with a huge Musclebuster, mind you Morgan is seven feet tall and weight over three hundred pounds! Great job at making Joe look bad ass. The old Joe is back! But why did they have a match here? It only burried Generation Me. Why not just have Morgan come out and cut a promo and have Joe come out from there? makes no sense. Unfortunately, this brought out The Band, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Eric Young, who brought out there briefcase for a tag title shot Nash had won back at Final Resolution.

TNA World Tag Team Championship: The Band (Kevin Nash And Scott Hall) Defeated Matt Morgan

After cashing in, Nash got the three count. The Band are our new tag team champions. This sucks! I was really intrigued by the who Morgan tag title thing where his partner was a mystery and he referred to himself as “we” all the time, but without the tag title where does this leave things? I just cannot believe The Band hold the tag belts. I mean, could they have at least let Eric Young be one half of the tag champs? No! They reserve him as Hall and Nash’s lackey? What bull shit! Only compensation we may get here is a match between Morgan and Joe at TNA Sacrifice.

Inc Inc. Defeated Team 3D, Beer Money, And The Motor City Machine Guns

Very, very solid stuff here. This match was given plenty of time, going about ten minutes. Each team had their moments and were all made to look good. From the fast paced X Division tactics of MCMG to the brawling of Team 3D to the technical wrestling of Beer Money to the explosive team work from Inc Inc. this was a lot of fun. In the end, Inc. Inc got the win after a blockbuster from Moore off the middle turnbuckle onto Brother Ray (Mooregasm) followed by a huge spear from Jesse Neal. Makes sense that Inc Inc. would go over being that they will receive a tag title shot at TNA Sacrifice. Initially, I wasn’t too hot on these two, but they really are improving, especially Neal, and are beginning to mold a very solid team with an interesting gimmick. Seeing them take on The band is not going to be great though. I was hoping to see them face Morgan and his mystery partner, but that isn’t going to happen. I’d say I hope to God Inc Inc. win the title from The Band, but that would probably just be wishful thinking.

We were now suppose to have a Global Championship match between Rob Terry and Abyss, but Abyss didn’t come out to his entrance music. Throughout the entire evening, the ongoing storyline was that Chelsea had been assaulted by someone and TNA was unable to give out details until police officers had the suspect in custody. Guess this is why Abyss didn’t come out. Pretty predictable that Abyss would be the suspect being that he will face Wolfe at TNA Sacrifice. Anyway, Terry stood in the ring awaiting him, but Orlando Jordan attacked him from behind. Jordan was wearing hot pink tights and kick pads. He low blowed Terry, and kept his hand there for a bit kind of like he was groping him. Just sick. He hit Terry in the back with a led pipe and subsequently knocked him out. He dropped a deck of cards, with an initial card featuring “wild card” printed on it onto the prone body of The Freak. I’m not looking forward to their match, however this was a nice and logical was to build up to it on this go home showing of IMPACT.

Orlando Jordan Defeated Tomko

Jordan cut a promo after a quick commercial break and issued an open challenge, which was accepted by Tomko. The two had an alright match, but ended before long when Jordan choked him out with a guillotine choke. Makes sense to put Jordan over going into his match at TNA Sacrifice, but it just seems kind of odd that Tomko’s a major jobber all of a sudden. The guy isn’t anything special, but he’s certainly not jobber material. I mean come on. The guy’s pretty damn big!

Tara Defeated Sarita

Eric Bischoff made this match because of Tara’s actions on Sarita’s tag partner, Taylor Wilde, earlier n the evening. Decent to start featuring a much more aggressive side of Sarita than we’ve seen in TNA as of yet, however this match ended far too soon when Tara clobbered Sarita in the temple with her knee brace behind the referee’s back for the three count. She continued the beat down after the match. Another far, far too short of a match which did nothing to put over the extremely talented Sarita, however is further put Tara over as a heel. Won’t be of too much use because we all know Tara’s leaving TNA. No build between the two who will face at TNA Sacrifice, Tara and Madison Rayne, which didn’t make all that much sense. They pretty much just put Tara over as a heel and further and that was that. If she looses at TNA Sacrifice, she is fired from TNA. Looks like we already know the outcome of that one. I don’t believe this segment was necessary. The first one was enough. This time should have been used to do a bit more hype for the Sting/Jarrett match, seeing as though neither man showed up on this night.

Non-Title Match: AJ Styles Defeated Rob Van Dam (C) And Jeff Hardy

This was pitted as a three way dream match and in a sense, it should have been. The match was very entertaining and all, but it only went for a bit over five minutes. In that five minutes though, there was done of action packed in. RVD and Hardy worked together at first then went at it themselves. AJ hit a huge somersault dive over the top rope onto both men early on. About five minutes into the match Hardy’s opponent for TNA Sacrifice, Mr. Anderson, ran out and laid him out with a huge clothesline. RVD went to make the save but Anderson spiked him on the outside with a sick DDT. AJ capitalized on this and scored the pin. As I said, far too short of a match. This should have at least been a solid ten minute match, preferably fifteen. The match did do a nice job of setting the stage for TNA Sacrifice though, hyping both AJ vs. RVD and Hardy vs. Anderson.

[adinserter block=”2″]After a commercial break, Hardy stood in the ring and call Anderson back out to get it on right then ans there. Anderson declined but Hogan came out and stopped him. Hogan punched him in the face, sending him crashing back first onto the ramp way. I have a major problem with this. Why is Hogan taking everyone out all of a sudden? I mean come on! The guy’s twenty years older than guys like Anderson yet he’s knocking them out left and right with right hands. Makes the younger talent look bad. In reality, Hogan could not do much at all up against these young men in their prime, let alone catch them to do so! Anyway, Hardy and Anderson brawled throughout the building, and Hardy ended up hitting Anderson with a huge Swanton Bomb from the announce table sending him crashing through a table! Sweet spot! Makes me quite a bit more excited for their match at TNA Sacrifice than I was before.

Now we were shown a video Lacey Von Erich took of Chelsea’s assault. Turns out it was just a plot from Wolfe to lock Abyss up before their match at TNA Sacrifice. Surprise, surprise. Decent way to set it up though. Ring vs. the rights to Chelsea for thirty days it pretty corny but the storyline goes with it well. Not sure why they ended the show with this or even the Hardy/Anderson stuff after the RVD/AJ stuff. Seems out of order but it was permissible. We were shown a five minute preview of TNA Sacrifice to end the show.

Overall, I feel that this was a very solid go home show leading into TNA Sacrifice. There could have been a lot more action and longer matches, however everything, at least for the most part, seemed to make sense and was logical as far as setting the stage for TNA Sacrifice goes. Overall, I give this show a B.

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Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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