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TNA Rob Van DamThis past Monday night TNA Wrestling presented yet other Monday Night War addition of IMPACT off of the heels of last night’s huge pay per view event, TNA Lockdown! With Team Hogan victories in Lethal Lockdown, what’s the current status of TNA as a whole? What’s next for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, after retaining against “The Pope”? Let’s find out!

To start off the show, AJ Styles made his way down to the ring and cut a heel promo discussing how he retained his title at Lockdown and is not only the best wrestler in TNA but the best wrestler in the entire world. He was soon interrupted by Rob Van Dam who begged to differ! The two argued back and forth until Jeff Hardy came out and laid claim that he was the best and wanted a title shot with AJ. This in turn brought out Hulk Hogan who ended up making a match between Jeff Hardy and RVD where the winner would face AJ for the world title on this same night! Great segment to start off the show and create loads of anticipation! Nice way to keep viewers during the second hour which goes head to head with WWE RAW!

TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships: The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich And Velvet Sky Defeated ODB And Daffney

[adinserter block=”1″]Nothing much to talk about here. Basically a three minute match with the Beautiful People retaining after Madison Rayne interfered by spraying perfume into the eyes of ODB. The TNA Knockout division has been looking no different than the WWE Divas division as of late. I can’t understand why when they have talent of the roster such as Hamada, Taylor Wilde, and Sarita.

Earlier in the evening during a backstage interview, Ric Flair officially challenged Team Hogan to a rematch. Didn’t they have enough at Lockdown? So up now, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss made their way to the ring and said that the Team Flair/Team Hogan issue was resolved at Lockdown. he said he’d love to kick their asses around the IMPACT Zone again, but Hardy and RVD already had a match later that night. This brought out Ric Flair and the rest of Team Flair. After verbally bashing Team Hogan, Flair commanded Team Flair to go to the ring. Jarrett and Abyss fought back as they entered the ring but soon the numbers advantage caught up to then. They were sustaining a major beating until “The Freak” Rob Terry ran out and cleaned house. Bischoff came out and announced that it would be Team Flair vs. team Hogan (Abyss, Jarrett, Terry, and a mystery man) vs. Team Flair in a rematch later that night! Another nicely done segment covering the fallout of Lockdown. Not sure how I feel about this Rob Terry push though. Not a big fan of his to be honest.

It was now an hour through the show. Only one three minute match so far, however this was warranted being that TNA Lockdown was last night. Second hour was set up extremely well though so I was happy.

Number One Contender For TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy

Now it was time for our first of two dream matches for the evening, RVD vs. Jeff Hardy to determine who would face AJ for the title later that night. What a way to go head to head with RAW’s opening segment! Great action early on featuring a nice corkscrew leg drop from RVD onto Hardy who was laid out on the guardrail on the outside. Beautiful cross body from RVD soon after for a two count. Hardy then comes back with a flurry of offense. The two then exchanged right hands in the center of the ring. The crowd was pretty much split fifty/fifty. Nice Van Daminator soon after which sent Hardy crashing hard to the floor below. Nice spot afterward featured RVD doing a nice roll throw and went for the monkey flip but was caught by a sick clothesline courtesy of Hardy! RVD then came back and hit both Rolling Thunder and a beautiful split legged moonsault for two near falls! In the end, hardy went for the Swanton but missed. RVD then hit a huge Five Star Frog Splash for the three count! Very good fifteen minute matchup here for free television. Very impressive. RVD vs. AJ later for the title! Talk about a dream match!

Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry, And Samoa Joe) Defeated Team Flair (Desmond Wolfe, Sting, And Beer Money)

[adinserter block=”2″]The rules to this match were pretty interesting. Pretty much the same rules as in TNA Lockdown but without the cage or weapons. More exciting than your typical eight man tag. Match started out with Sting and Jarrett one on one to settle their differences. The two fought throughout the crowd featuring several hard chair shots from Jarrett to Sting’s spine. This is something you know you won’t see on WWE! The two eventually made their way back into the ring and the five minutes had expired. Next out was Desmond Wolfe who worked with Sting double teaming Jarrett until the next two minutes expired and Rob Terry made his way to the ring to even up the odds. At this point we went to a commercial and returned to find that Robert Rude and Abyss had come out while we were away. All men battle until the final member of Team Flair, James Storm, came out. He almost tripped down the entrance way too. As Taz pointed out, looks like he had one too many beers before the match! Fine action here featuring a nice Block Buster from Rude on Abyss. The two minutes soon expired. Who was the final member of Team Hogan? It was, it was…”The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe! Joe’s back, Joe’s back, Joe’s back! Joe entered the ring and cleaned freaking house! He looked awesome. Looks like he’s lost a bit of weight and is in similar ring shape to the way he has been in TNA’s past. Way to go Joe! He was intense and the crowd was electric! He soon hit the Muscle Buster on Rude to get the win and then immediately walked to the back! Nice match here going about fifteen more minutes with a very dramatic, well done return for Joe. Glad to have him back and receiving what appears to be a huge push! After the match, Flair challenges Abyss for a match next week with his and Abyss’ Hall Of Fame Rings on the line. should be decent. Probably will be no holds barred. Both men will probably blade and give a lot of effort. Flair can still go so I have few problems with this.

TNA World heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam Defeated AJ Styles

It was now time for the main event of the evening for the World heavyweight Championship! Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam, vs. the champ, AJ Styles. Again, talk about a rematch! Match started out with a brief feeling out process but AJ soon picked up the advantage but reopening RVD’s wound from last night’s Lockdown event and following that up with a phenomenal somersault senton over the top to the outside! After returning from a brief commercial break, AJ was still in control and hit a sick, vicious dropkick into the face of RVD for a close two count. AJ then began to pick apart the leg of RVD, which showing great ring psychology because with one leg he would have a very, very hard time hitting not only the Five Star Frog Splash but his otherwise high octane offense. RVD eventually came back with an impressive flurry of offense. The two then exchange right hands. The fans boo in unison for AJ and cheer for RVD. Electric atmosphere! RVD hit Rolling Thunder for another close count. AJ regains control once again and cinches in the Figure Four leg Lock on RVD who escaped and rolled up Aj for a close, close two count! AJ squirms out and hit the Pele for another false finish! Things were very intense at this point as the match looked as if it could go either way. AJ then went for a flying maneuver but RVD caught him and gave him a sick powerbomb. He went to the top and hit the Five Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3! New champ, new champ, new champ! Confetti engulfed the IMPACT Zone as RVD and the locker room celebrated! Amazing moment! RVD is the new..I mean the whole fucking TNA World Heavyweight Champion! Great decision by TNA! This will be great both for drawing more ratings as well as supplying the fans with great wrestling action and matches!

Overall, this was a very, very historic episode of IMPACT! First hour didn’t have nearly enough wrestling but that was to be as expected being that TNA Lockdown was last night. I could have still gone for an X Division match at least instead of the Knockout match though. Second hour was amazing! The ending was historic! Expect elevated ratings this week for both the live version and replay. I predict at least a 1.2 for the live version and at least a 0.9 replay rating. Overall, I give this show an A-.

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