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TNA IMPACT 4-05-10 Results and Thoughts

TNA ImpactLast Monday night, 4-5-10, TNA Wrestling presented yet another Monday Night War addition of IMPACT, however this weeks addition began at 8PM/EST rather than 9PM/EST so it only went head to head with the first half of WWE Monday Night War.

With TNA Lockdown in just under two weeks, who will be rounding out both Team Hogan and Team Flair heading into Lethal Lockdown? Who will go into the cage match with the key to the door at Lockdown, Mr. Anderson or Kurt Angle? Who will go into Lockdown will more momentum, the champ AJ Styles or the challenger “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero? Let’s get to the review and find out!

Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring with Abyss and Jeff Jarrett to kick off the evening. Hogan and Abyss both cut individual promos putting over their team and laying claim to defeat Team Flair at Lockdown. This brings out Ric Flair who is joined by Desmond Wolfe, Sting, and Beer Money Inc (Team Flair). The argument between Flair and Hogan soon gets heated which provokes Team Flair to slowly approach the ring. Before they could enter, Jarrett tells everyone to hold on because he wants to ask Sting to step in the ring and answer one question. Sting comes into the ring and is face to face with Jarrett. Jarrett says he and Sting have known each other for over 20 years and have a storied history, so he has just one question for him and that’s why now? Why now has the dark side come out of him? Jarrett says he may not deserve an answer, but the fans in the Impact Zone deserve an answer. Sting doesn’t respond, so Jarrett slaps him hard right across the face, and Sting hits Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop. Wolfe comes in and lays Abyss out with the bat and then he and Beer Money corner Hogan, when all of a sudden Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy come out of the crowd to Hardy’s theme music and clean house! Good segment to start off the show. Very glad to see Beer Money and Wolfe on Team Flair. Thank God it wasn’t The Band as I had anticipated. Nice way to incorporate these young guys into a main event situation on a major Pay Per View event. Don’t mind seeing Hardy and RVD on Team Hogan either.

Rob Van Dam Defeated James Storm

[adinserter block=”1″]Nice to see Storm in singles action here as well as RVD. The two really meshed quite well here and put on a very entertaining match to set the pace for the show! Back and forth action throughout featuring several nice near falls including Storm kicking out of Rolling Thunder as well as RVD kicking out of Eye Of The Storm. After about 7 minutes or so, which is plenty of time to my excitement, RVD got the win with a beautiful split legged moonsault. Would have preferred to have seen Storm go over but he still had a good showing. After the match, Storm smashed RVD over the head with his beer bottle out of nowhere! A towel was placed over his head and it quickly filled with blood. Hardy came to his aid but was soon after jumped by Robert Rude and taken out with a vicious spine buster! Great way to elevate Beer Money here as a main event worthy, heel tag team going into Lockdown!

TNA Global Championship: Rob Terry Defeated Homicide

Nothing more than another Rob Terry squash match here. Homicide is now a glorified jobber. I recommend he leave TNA and join Daniels in ROH because it seems the two are both in similar situations. Homicide wasn’t really a heel but not a face either. He was neutral but the fans favored him over Terry and rightfully so. I’m assuming Terry is face but who knows what will end up happening. After terry wins with a powerslam, Homicide cracks him in the spine with a steel chair, then over the head cutting Terry wide open! Sick shot here! Terry no sells the shot and gives Homicide an elevated spinebuster. I will admit that this did make him look fairly bad ass. After this, the lights go out and Orlando Jordan comes out, and pours some kind of whipped cream down his face and chest. Made absolutely no sense in the context here. It was just flat bizarre, although I guess that’s what TNA’s trying to accomplish out of this angle/gimmick.

Knockouts Lock Box Challenge: Tara, Angelina Love, ODB & Hamada vs The Beautiful People & Daffney

Pretty short match overall with a concept which was pretty obviously the brain child of Vince Russo. Elimination rules applied with 4 winners being crowned and being given a key for 1 of 4 boxes. One held Tara spider Poison, the other held the Knockout Championship, the other held an open contract for the winner to face anyone she wants whenever she wants, and the final holding a contract obligating the recipient to perform a strip tease in the middle of the ring. Not a great Knockout show case at all, but was so-so. Not all that much different than the WWE Divas.

Key #1: Tara hits the Widow’s Peak and eliminates Rayne.

Key #2: During the commercial, Daffney pinned Hamada to earn a key

Key #3: Sky slips out of a fireman’s carry from ODB and gets a DDT to pin her and win a key

Key #4: Angelina hit a Flatliner on Lacey for the final key

Ladder Match: Ken Anderson Defeated Kurt Angle

[adinserter block=”2″]Wow! This match was freaking awesome! A real treat to be given away on free television! Furthermore, what a great way to open up the second hour of the show head to head with the opening segment for WWE RAW! As I said, this was an absolutely amazing match which went on for easily 15 imnutes! Great wrestling throughout as well as very keen story telling. Several remarkable spots included Anderson suplexing Angle onto the ladder, Angle belly to belly suplexing Anderson on the ladder, Angle hitting an Angle Slam off the ladder, Angle being pushed off of the ladder which caused him to catch his foot on the top rope therefore falling hard to the outside back first, as well as Angle placing Anderson on a ladder and hitting a picture beautiful delayed moonsault from the top! In the end, Anderson grabs Angle’s warrior medal and uses it to choke Angle from behind. Angle keeps fighting though, and climbs up to grab the key, but finally he appears to pass out and Anderson goes up and grabs the key to pick up the victory. Like I said, what an amazing matchup! Something that WWE hasn’t come out with on free television for quite some time. Nice way to set the stage for Anderson vs. Angle at Lockdown as well.

Number 1 contender for TNA World Tag Team Championships: Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D Ended In No Contest

I though the Guns were already the number 1 contenders. Wasn’t that already decided after they won the tag team Ultimate X match against Generation Me at Destination X? Guess not. Anyway, decent action here for the most part. Nothing special. Not sure why Team 3D would even deserve a title shot at this point but that’s TNA for you. After only a few minutes of action, The Band comes out with Bubba The Love Sponge and attacks attacks both teams causing the ref to throw out the match. After a quick commercial break, the Band cut a promo claiming to be the ultimate force in TNA (this is really getting old) as basically threatening Hogan for his power. That was about it. completely, 110% wasteful segment here which seemed to really loose the show’s pacing. It would have been one thing if Eric Young had come out but he didn’t. Next week it’s going to be The Band vs. Team 3D for the first time ever. Oh, boy! Expect all 3 members of The Band vs. Team 3D and Eric Young at Lockdown.

Gauntlet Match: Doug Williams Defeated Generation Me

Williams came out and cut another promo cutting down the high flyers of the X Division and so on and so forth. He announced that he would be taking on both members of Generation Me individually in a gauntlet match. This was fairly disappointing. I had been expecting some sort of gauntlet with many X Division wrestlers coming out every 60 seconds like we saw at TNA’s first PPV Victory Road or even Bound For Glory in Detroit for example. Not what we got. First Williams took on Jeremy. Real fun stuff but it was short lived when Williams pinned him in only 2 minutes with Chaos Theory. Same with Max. Fun to watch him fly around the ring but Williams soon got the win with a guillotine choke. Wow TNA. Way to completely bury Generation Me. Though they may be getting a major tag team push after that classic Ultimate X at Destination X but I guess that would be too good to be true. Nice job elevating the champ though. Just wish he would have gone over others rather than who he did. After the match the beatdown continued and Shannon Moore ran out and Williams fled. Moore asked for an X Division Championship match at Lockdown. The announcers soon acknowledged that Kaz was the number 1 contender so looks like we may have a 3 way. If Shannon wins we riot! He’s been in TNA for under a month and just doesn’t deserve it. he isn’t the most talented X Division guy either for that matter (not even close). Please TNA. Please put the strap on Kaz. He deserves it! Kaz, if you don’t win join Daniels in ROH where you’ll be appreciated!

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Defeated Desmond Wolfe

Very surprising here. believe it or not, Pope went over in about 2 minutes with a version of the Code Breaker. Glad Pope actually went over this week (he is the number 1 contender for the world title you know) but why would he win in 2 minutes when he’s fought Wolfe in the past in long, drawn out battles? Very odd and inconsistent. Doesn’t look good on Wolfe either being that he’s in Lethal Lockdown. Could have been a really solid main event but wasn’t given the chance. Seemed really, really rushed. Maybe things went to long previously. Probably the case but who really knows? After Pope won, AJ ran out and floored him from behind. He hit the Styles Clash and then Abyss ran out to make the save. After this Wolfe attacked Abyss and AJ and Wolfe were left standing tall. Nice things to do post match. Both tension between Abyss and Wolfe for Lethal Lockdown as well and between AJ and Pope for the title match.

Now, with only 10 minutes left in the show it was time to reveal what was in the cases from the Lock Box match between the Knockouts earlier. Is this seriously going to end the show? Anyway, the cases were soon revealed. Velvet Sky opens her box first, and she gets the open contract to face anyone she wishes at any time. Tara’s up second and her box contains her spider Poison. Remember though, this means she’s no longer the Knockouts Champion. Now, it comes down to Angelina and Daffney. They open their boxes at the same time, and the new Knockouts Champion is Angelina Love, therefore Daffney has to go to the ring and strip for us! Yes! Zombie Hot is going to strip on my television! Thank you God! In all seriousness, this is very stupid. Tara looses the title just like that? Makes no sense whatsoever. Why would this type of match be announced with the odds stacked completely against Tara unless she was being punished? New champ is Love. Her and Tara ended up getting in a fist fight soon after. Looks like they will feud. That should be alright but still nothing like the Knockout Division was like in the past. Seems like the Knockouts are slowly but surely turning into the WWE Divas. This has got to be Hogan’s doings. When Daffney is about to stip, Lacey Von Erich runs out and attacks her then strips herself. Damn she’s hot! Talk about a slut and a proud one at that! Velvet Sky announced that she would face Angelina Love next week in a leather and lace matchup. It’s official. The Knockout’s are on their way to becoming the Divas (eye candy), no questions asked! This ended the show. Really? Are you kidding me?

Overall, I have mixed reactions about this show. The first hour and a half or so was very, very solid in my book, but by the final half hour or so things seemed to crumble with The Band promo, The Pope/Wolfe match, and the Knockout angle ending the show (which really hurt it in the end). The Knockout’s generally draw fairly high ratings. Was this a ploy from TNA to raise the ratings? I don’t know but I doubt it worked because TNA only got a 0.9 even with the hour advantage over RAW! As I said, during the first hour and a half there was plenty of cool angles and great action (especially the ladder match which made this show stand out) but the ending portion of the show sucked more or less. TNA needs to learn from this and shape things up as soon as possible. Overall, I’d give this show a B+ only because I was so impressed with the initial hour and a half or so, although I’m tempted to give the show a B. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though because they utilized their head start on RAW very, very well.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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