TNA IMPACT 3-15-10 Thoughts and Recap


TNA ImpactThis past Monday night, TNA presented their next Monday night IMPACT episode going head to head with Monday Night RAW! The only difference this week as opposed to last was that last week’s TNA IMPACT was live where as this week’s was taped. What was in store for TNA after last week’s shocking appearances by Jeff Hardy, Sting, and Rob Van Dam? Also, with TNA Destination X this Sunday night on PPV, how did TNA present their go home show? Let’s find out!

To start out the program, the TNA World heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Ric Flair made their way down to the ring and AJ preceded in cutting a promo about how he will destroy Abyss in their title match come this Sunday at Destination X. Flair then takes the mic and cuts an excellent promo on how he want revenge on Hogan. Flair then literally punched himself in the forehead several time reopening his laceration from last week. This looked sick! Not sure I’ve ever quite seen something like it in the given circumstance. At this point, AJ got back on the mic and called out Jeff Hardy who attacked him last week as IMPACT went off the air. Hardy came out sporting a new look consisting of a full face of face paint. AJ then challenged him to a match in the main event which Hardy gladly agreed to. Hardy made a reference to him beating AJ with the help of his “creatures of the night”, which are apparently Hardy fans from the arena who wear his face paint and neon shirts which glow with black light, and left to his theme music. Nice segment to open up the show and set up the main event, however I’m not sure why there’s so much emphasis between Hardy and Styles considering it will not be Hardy, rather Abyss who Styles will defend his title against this Sunday.

The Nasty Boys (Saggs, Knobs, and Jimmy Hart) Defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon, and Brother Runt) In A 6 Man Tag

[adinserter block=”1″]Before this match officially began, the Nasty Boys were shown backstage powerbombing Jesse Neal through a table. His replacement ended up being the returning Brother Runt! Coll to see him back with Team 3D again. This was your typical 3D vs. Nasty Boys match, which really isn’t much of a good thing if you catch my drift. 5 Minutes of below par stuff here, with the main angle being 3D trying, but failing, to get their hand on Hart. In the end, Sags hit Brother Ray in the back of the head with a helmet for the win. After the match their beat down continued until Jesse Neal (injured ribs and all) made the save and he and Team 3D ended up giving Sags a 3D through a table in the center of the ring. Nice table spot but worthless feud and waste of Jimmy Hart’s presence in TNA.

Kurt Angle and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Defeated Mr. Anderson and Desmond Wolfe

Nicw way to wrap a couple of feuds into one here, while it looks to be Angle/Anderson feuding as well as Dinero/Wolfe, although I’m not sure why these two are still feuding considering Pope has a world title shot next month at TNA Lockdown. Nice wrestling action here telling a very good story, however it still wasn’t given quite enough time to pick up any real momentum. TNA did a nice job of giving some more time to their matches last week, so I was disappointed to see this match end in only about 5 minutes or so here. Dinero heavily sold his ankle injury as well. In the end, Angle hit an Angle Slam on Anderson and then went for one on Wolfe but he countered that into a hammerlock DDT. Wolfe tried to hook a figure four in on Dinero but Dinero countered that into a small package for the three! After the match, Dinero and Wolfe battled to the back while Anderson gave Angle a Mic Check in the ring. Anderson then split Angle wide oen with his dog tag. As the blood dripped down Angle’s face, Anderson grabbed his mic and degraded Angle while he was helpless. Great way to set up their match this Sunday at Destination X as well as leave Angle wanting revenge going into their battle! I was very impressed here, and the use of blood really put TNA even further over WWE when it comes to appealing to a more mature demographic.

Angelina Love Defeated Daffney Via DQ

This was suppose to be an open challenge from Love to any single member of The Beautiful People, however Daffney was apparently The BP’s honorary member for just one night. Nice way to pull the wool over our eyes and further this feud, even though I’m not enjoying it all that much. Not much of a match here, for Daffney got disqualified in only about 2 minutes or so when the BP got involved. After the bell, Daffney swung Love but the legs, head first into the side of the ramp. Very scary spot which literally almost broke Love’s neck! After this, Tara ran out to stop the beat down, hit Velvet Sky with the Widow’s Peak, and locked eyes with her opponent this Sunday Daffney as she retreated onto the ramp way and to the back. Nice way to set up this match on Sunday for the Knockout Championship.

Up next, it was time for Hulk Hogan to call out Sting to meet face to face for the first time in nearly a decade. Sting eventually showed himself and preceded in climbing down each and every step from the rafters. Intense moment played very well. Before Sting could enter the ring, RVD jumped the rail and floored him! He beat him all around the perimeter of the ring, seeking revenge after Sting’s onslot last week. RVD eventually threw him into the ring for an awaiting Hulk Hogan with Sting’s bat, but Bischoff came out and stood in between the two claiming that this wasn’t the right thing to do and that Hogan should stop trying to get involved with the talent. He said Hogan was there to run the company, not compete. Nice segment here to start creating tension between Bischoff and Hogan. reminds me of the days where Stone Cold and Bischoff were each co-general managers of RAW. They didn’t get along yet they were both running the show. At least this most likely will not involve a one on one match between Bischoff and Hogan… at least I hope not!

Scott Hall Defeated Kevin Nash In A 5 Minute Challenge For $25,000 (Was This Even A Match???)

[adinserter block=”2″]Earlier in the evening, Nash challenged Hall to this match, if you could call it a match. Apparently if Hall could last 5 minutes with Nash he would get the money. TNA made this very unclear as to how to win the match, if it was one. Pretty brutal stuff, and no I don’t mean because it was violent! I use to dread the day we’d see these two in the ring together. Thankfully, after about 2 minutes Waltman ran out and attacked Nash’s knees. They cuffed him to the turnbuckle, but Eric Young ran out to make the save, but ended up getting the X Factor on a steel chair. Decent way to set up the tag match this Sunday though, although I’m really not looking forward to it whatsoever.

Beer Money Defeated Hernandez With Jeff Jarrett As The Guest Ref

Once again, Beer Money played full fledged heels. Did this come out of left field or what? Nice little formulaic handicap matchup here with Beer Money dominating most of the match with Hernandez coming back with flurries of offense several times throughout the duration, which was about 5 minutes or so. During the match, Matt Morgan was on commentary and did not seem to be on the same page as Hernandez at all. He walked out on him in the end. Nice way to further the tension between these two, although I still think it’s a carbon copy of the Morgan/Abyss feud last year. After Beer Money got the win with the DUI, they continued the beat down, until Jeff Jarrett couldn’t take it any longer and cleaned house! Nice way to create anticipation when it comes to the reaction of the man who booked this match, Eric Bischoff. A match which accomplished several things here, which was a smart usage of time.

Earlier, Bischoff promised that he would shave Foley’s head to make him look more business like. Foley came out and sat in the barber chair. Bischoff turned on the clippers and was about to shave Foley’s head when Foley shockingly stood up and put Bischoff in the Mandible Claw with Mr. Socko! After Bischoff passed out, he began to shave Bischoff’s head. He ended up shaving most of his hair off leaving him looking like a complete wacko! Although this was probably not the segment you needed to do before a pay per view that weekend, I’ll admit this was pretty funny and a nice way to see Foley get his revenge after following Bischoff’s orders for so long. Guess this was our payoff.

Before we saw the main event, The Motor City Machine Guns stood in the ring under the Ultimate X structure and cut a promo claiming that they are the top tag team in TNA and will defeat the two men who just waltzed into TNA, Generation Me. Generation Me came out and told the Guns that they defeated them in their TNA debut. The MCMG said it was all luck. After the Guns made a questionable comment about Generation Me’s girlfriends being with them last night, the four men engaged into a full out brawl. At this, Brian Kendrick ran out and went after Generation Me. Amazing Red then ran out and went after Kendrick. Next Daniels ran out and took out Red. Last but not least, Kaz ran out with a ladder and threw it in Daniels’ face who was standing in the ring. The Guns now attacked Kaz. Generation Me then climbed the truss holding up the X wires and dove onto the Guns on the floor! Huge TNA chant! Kaz and Red soon cleared the ring. Red dove off the top of the ladder, front flipping onto Kendrick, Daniels, and Sabin on the floor! Awesome spot here! Great way to show off the X Division and to set up both the Ultimate X and Ladder match which will take place this Sunday at Destination X which is supposed to focus on the X Division! I just wish they would have started building up this PPV, at least from an X Division standpoint, a few weeks ago.

Jeff Hardy Defeated AJ Styles (C) With Ric Flair In A Non-Title Match With Abyss As The Guest Enforcer

First of all, I’m glad TNA at least involved Abyss, AJ’s poopnent this Sunday for the title, somewhere in this match. The match featured Styles dominating for the majority of the duration. Hardy looked a tad slow at times, but you must remember that he hasen’t been in the ring for a while. He’s got a bit of ring rust. Hardy made a comeback at about half way through this 10 minute match. Hey, at least TNA gave us a main event lasting more than 5 minutes for a change! Styles came back and hit a snap brainbuster suplex at 6:00 for a two count stopping Hardy’s momentum. AJ then countered a Twist of Fate with a Pele Kick. Looked very cool! Toward the end, the ref got in the way of a cross body off the top rope by Styles. Styles hit both Hardy and the ref. Styles preceded in grabbing a chair. Abyss walked up to his and waved his finger in a no gesture. Styles set the chair down and went for a springboard 450 splash but caught nothing but canvass. Hardy then hit a Twist of Fate and the Swanton for the three, as counted by Abyss! After the bell, as Abyss and Hardy celebrated, Flair attacked then with a steel chair. Flair forced Abyss to the ramp with repeated chair shots to his back, but it had no effect on the monster! Abyss “Hulked up” and turned around, punching the chair out of Flair’s arms. Abyss then grabbed Flair by the throat and choke slammed him through the stage to end the show! Another sweet spot! Great way to leave the impression that Abyss could legitimately win the title from Styles this Sunday night! Great stuff post match!

Overall, this wasn’t the best episode of IMPACT ever, certainly not as good as last week, however I felt it did a very nice job of setting things up for Destination X this Sunday night on PPV. All the matches were set up and things didn’t seem as rushed as usual. Not nearly enough actual in ring action here, but it is understandable because of the PPV coming up this weekend. The main event was satisfying though. Overall, I’d give this show a B+.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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