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TNA IMPACT 3-04-10 Thoughts and Recap

TNA ImpactThis past Thursday night, 3-4-10, TNA Wrestling presented their final episode of Thursday night IMPACT before the permanent switch to Monday nights starting this upcoming week! What went down leading into the return of the Monday Night Wars??? Let’s get to the review and find out!

TNA IMPACT this week opened up with the world champ AJ Styles and Ric Flair making there way to the ring. They cut a promo claiming that they wanted to apologize to Hogan for what happened last week. Hogan and abyss came out and stood face to face with them in the ring. Flair offered Hogan some of his ladies but nothing for Abyss and Hogan responded in a pretty hilarious way. He said, “You know something, Flair, I’m not here to bum a cigarette off of you, I don’t want you to buy me a drink, and I don’t want ya’ to loan me one of your hits of Viagara, brother!” I got a kick out of that! Hogan preceded in cutting a passionate promo on how he will prove that he can still go this Monday night! AJ cut into the conversation but was interrupted by Eric Bischoff who booked the main event for this very night which would feature “The Pope” vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss vs. AJ for the world title! Looked like a great main event! Just was kind of random that the title was thrown in there considering “Pope” already has a shot at AJ for the belt at Lockdown. Overall, the segment between AJ/Flair and Abyss/Hogan did a good job of setting up the big tag match Monday, however I feel there wasn’t enough focus on Abyss and AJ. Too much focus on Flair and Hogan.

Beer Money Defeated Matt Morgan and Hernandez, Generation Me, and The Motor City machine Guns In A Four Way Tag Match

[adinserter block=”1″]A lot of great, great talent involved here. Great faced paced action on the part of Generation Me and MCMG and well as quality wrestling by the other four men. Most of the match highlighted Beer Money, who will challenge Morgan and Hernandez at Destination X for the tag belts. Friction was made obvious between Hernandez and Morgan. mark my words, this is going to end up just like the Morgan/Abyss feud. Abyss kept costing his team matches much like what is happening with Hernandez. Morgan will go heel and feud with Hernandez like he did with Abyss. Very unoriginal. In the end of the match, Morgan was jaw jacking a bit with Hernandez and got surprised with a superkick courtesy of james Storm for the win. Nice way to put over (in my mind) the new tag champs come Destination X, Beer Money.

Sean Morley Defeated Jeff Jarrett In A No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere Match

As a way to further the storyline between Jarrett and Bischoff, Bischoff forced Jarrett to assume the responsibilities of the TNA janitor for the evening. He then had Sean Morley attack him in the restroom resulting in this matchup, if you could call it that. Morley basically beat the crap out of Jarrett, predominantly working over Jarrett’s shoulder and then rammed it into the bathroom door for the pin. More of a segment here than a match, much like the “backlot fight” last week between Nash, Young, Hall, and Waltman. Watching this segment brought back some memories of the WWE Hardcore Championship era. In my opinion, TNA should bring in a TNA Hardcore Championship and have hardcore matches like WWE used to have during the attitude era. This would be something to put them ahead of WWE in the Monday Night Wars.

Big Rob Terry (C) Defeated Doug Williams In A Non-Title Match

The X Division Champion vs. The Legends Champion here in a non-title bout. As I’ve stated before, I’m not at all interested in this feud and this match expressed just why. Rob Terry look better than usual here, but he’s nothing out of the ordinary besides his physique. This was nothing but a basic squash with Terry pinning former British Invasion partner Doug Williams with a modified spinebuster. Way to squash the X Division Champion weeks before Destination X TNA! After the match, Brutus Magnus attacked Terry and he and Williams beat him down. They left with their heads held high. We’ll probably see Terry vs. Magnus at Destination X. Ugh!

[adinserter block=”2″]Up next, Mr. Anderson made his way out to the ring dressed like Kurt Angle. He mocked him in the ring but Kurt soon showed himself and stormed to the ring with purpose! The two engaged into a fist fight but Anderson put himself into the driver’s seat after throwing a soft drink into Angle’s eyes. He gave Angle the Angle Slam, mocked him some more, and left him laying in the center of the ring. Really impressive segment here which was very creative in furthering along what is looking to become a blood feud between these two. Look forward t seeing a classic at Lockdown if they aren’t booked at Destination X first. Wouldn’t mind seeing both to be honest, but waiting until Lockdown would be more of a rare, anticipated pay off!

Earlier in the evening, we saw the Beautiful People attack Angelina love and whip her senseless with a leather belt. Now Angelina came out to the ring and furiously called them out! They soon came out and Angelina beat them all down with a leather belt of her own! The numbers game soon caught up with her and she was once again brutally beaten with the belt. The beating was predominantly dished out by velvet Sky. Expect these two to face at Destination X, Lockdown, or possibly both. Nice feud, but isn’t going to result in the best matches in TNA Knockout’s history either.

Jeff Jarrett Defeated Tomko

Another match made by Bischoff here to further along the Jarrett/Bischoff feud. Pretty short match here, only going about 5 minutes. Very formulaic matchup with Jarrett selling his injured shoulder. Jarrett soon got the win with a surprise sunset flip. Bischoff was shown in frustration in his office. Fair way to further along this storyline. Eventually there will be some sort of matchup where Jarrett is wrestling for his power within the company. Hopefully we don’t see Jarrett and Bischoff wrestle one another though. God forbid!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles (C) Defeated “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Abyss, And Desmond Wolfe

Four great athletes here should have put on a great main event, however this was not the case! Don’t get me wrong, the action was great, but the freaking match ended in five minutes tops! TNA seriously needs to have a lot longer matches come the Monday Night Wars! Especially when it come to main events, not to mention world title matches! Most of the match featured AJ working on The Pope’s injured leg. AJ hooked in the Figure Four and the ref called for the bell for the sake of Pope’s well being. Crappy finish to say the very least! After the match, Wolfe, Flair, and Styles attacked Abyss. Hulk Hogan then came out with a baseball wire bat and cleared the ring of everyone other than Flair. He hit Flair with the baseball bat. Flair bled from the forehead pretty profusely! Great way to take a shot at WWE’s PG rating! Security entered the ring and Hogan beat them up too. Abyss also beat up security. Hogan stood in the ring and told Flair that that’s just an example of what’s going to happen on Monday. Great way to promote for Monday, however once again not enough focus on Abyss and AJ.

Overall, this was a pretty lack luster episode of IMPACT. Way to much talk and not nearly enough wrestling! Hopefully this changes Monday. A few nice segments though including the segment between Anderson and Angle as well as the ending segment between Hogan and Abyss and Flair and AJ. TNA’s major problem now if not enough wrestling on the show. Also, too much focus on the veterans once again. This needs to soon change, and it all needs to start come this Monday night when the Monday Night Wars return!

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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