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TNA IMPACT 2-25-10 Thoughts and Recap

TNA ImpactThis past Thursday night, 2-25-10, TNA Wrestling presented one of their final episodes of Thursday night IMPACT before the full time switch to Monday nights in just a few short weeks! Also, what went down this week as both Destination X and Lockdown are in the horizon? What happened to further the Jeff Jarrett/Eric Bischoff/Mick Foley saga? What next for the blood feud between The Band and Kevin Nash and Eric Young? How about what went down last week with Hulk Hogan giving his Hall of Fame ring to Abyss? What in store for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Ric Flair? Lets gt to the review and find out!

To start off the evening, The TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles as well as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair made their way to the ring, and preceded in calling out “The Monster” Abyss, who soon joined them in the center of the squared circle. Flair and AJ verbally berated Abyss, telling him that he didn’t deserve Hulk’s ring. The demanded that he take the ring off but he refused. Then, Hulk Hogan himself came down to the ring, and ran down AJ and Flair. Things soon got heated, the all four men got into position for a fight! When we all though the battle was on, AJ and Flair, being the crafty heels that they truly are, slid out of the ring to the dismay of Abyss and Hogan as well as the fans in attendance at the IMPACT Zone. Nice segment here. Looks like we may see AJ vs. Abyss for the title at Destination X which is fine by me, for these two have had some very good matches in the past, especially their match from Lockdown back in 2005. I really like the push for Abyss, I just wish he’d completely resort back to being a monster rather than a special needs case.

Team 3D Defeated The Nasty Boys In A Tables Match

[adinserter block=”1″]Nothing remarkable here, although I’ll readily admit that this was much more watchable than their match at Against All Odds. More action outside the ring, which is a huge plus when the Nasty Boys are involved, especially when you consider their age and the shape they’re in. Match went for about 5 minutes. In the end, Jimmy Hart attempted to use the helmet as a weapon, but out came Jesse Neal who grabbed it, threw it to Team 3D who used it and then hit Sags with the 3D through a table for the win. Should have done this at Against All Odds.

ODB Defeated Daffney

Half the match, Tara was shown on a split screen cutting a promo vowing revenge on Daffney. I hate when they interrupt a match with a split screen! Very short match here with Daffney getting disqualified after going berserk on ODB, hitting her in the knee with a broom handle repeatedly. Match was just done for storyline purposes here, furthering the unpredictable character that defines Daffney. Again, her and Tara could potentially have a very entertaining hardcore type of matchup come Destination X and maybe even further their feud into Lockdown.

Up next, Beer Money came out to the ring and cut a promo, putting themselves over as the top tag team in all of professional wrestling. I was hoping this was going to be a separation speech if you will, with both men pursuing their singles careers. This was not so. Hernandez, one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, came out and granted Beer Money a title shot for Destination X. Should be a fun match. Later in the evening in a backstage segment, Matt Morgan approached Hernandez and questioned him for giving away the title shot so openly. Friction is starting to build among these two so expect a feud between them come Lockdown. I can almost guarantee Beer Money will win the titles at Destination X because of Hernandez’s fault. Morgan will progressively get more and more frustrated and eventually turn on him. Carbon copy of the Abyss/Morgan feud. Real original!

After this promo, Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring for another. Two in ring promos in a row? Not a smart decision. Anyway, earlier in the evening, Jarrett stormed into Bischoff’s office and was no to happy about what happened last week when Bischoff sent out his goons to beat him down. Bischoff apologized and told Jarrett to meet him in the ring. Jarrett was not very hot on the idea and rightfully so. Jarrett met Bischoff in the ring, theme music and all, and Bischoff took a few moments to put him over, but soon changed his tone when he told Jarrett he was never to disobey his orders, which he did last week when he refused to take out Abyss with the barbed wire baseball bat. Bischoff handed Jarrett a spatula and a hair net, and told him he’d be flipping burgers in catering if he wanted to jeep his job. A little corny, but it worked. Nice way to further along the storyline between these two in the struggle of power in the company Jarrett founded 7 and a half years ago. Can’t wait until Jarrett gets his hands on Bischoff! It’s evident that it’s going to happen in the near future.

Kazarian Defeated Brian Kendrick To Become The Number One Contender For The X Division Championship

Very fun match here, but as one would expect, wasn’t given much more than the standard 5 minutes. TNA needs to seriously consider extending their match lengths for IMPACT. Both men looked good here, with the spotlight placed on Kaz, and rightfully so. It’s about time he comes back as himself and at least gets somewhat of a push! Kaz gets the win with an awesome Flux Capacitor from the very top rope! It’s been way to long since I’ve seen that sucker! Should be a really good match between Doug Williams and Kaz at Destination X for the title. I call Kaz as the new X Champion!

Big Rob Terry (C) Defeated Mr. Anderson To Retain His TNA Global Championship

[adinserter block=”2″]Before I go any further, I’d just like to express my extreme displeasure with how TNA has marketed the Global Championship. Let’s say Mr. Anderson won the Global Championship. Anderson is from the United States of America! What’s global about that? TNA really dropped the ball with what could have been a great opportunity to bring in international stars and legends like Jushin Thunder Liger, Alex Kozlov, Kenta, Kota Ibushi, The Great Muta, and others. Needless to say, TNA has royally screwed up! Anyway, before this match officially began, Anderson stood on the ramp and further ran down Kurt Angle, bragging about what he did to him last week. In the middle of his rant, Angle arose from the stage behind him, and patiently waited for Anderson to finish his promo with a steel chair in hand! Eventually, Angle could take no more, and cracked the chair over his back! Big Rob threw him into the ring, hit a powerslam, and got the pin to retain his title. Nice segment here to further what promises to be a very intriguing Anderson/Angle feud! On the other hand, Big Rob still does nothing for me.

Up next, Eric Young and Kevin Nash were in the parking lot in pursuit of “The Band”. After meeting up, Young and Pac attack each other. Hall then nailed Nash with a led pipe. Scott Hall then assisted Syxx Pac in the beat-down of Eric Young and took him out with clubbing blows. Hall says it’s nothing personal, just family business, before Syxx Pac kicks Young and they spray paint “4 LIFE” on Eric Young’s back. Real surprise here, eh? Nothing intrigues me about this feud. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t used as the final segment of the night!

“The Monster Abyss” Defeated Desmond Wolfe

Apparently Abyss is coming out to Hulk Hogans old theme music now. A little corny??? Abyss was sporting Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring here, which supposively gives him “super human” strength. Is this professional wrestling or the Superman series??? Abyss basically squashed Wolfe in a few minutes, pinning him with a Black Hole Slam. Last week we see Daniels squashed and this weeks it’s Wolfe??? Come on!!!!! After the match, Flair and Styles ran into the ring. They tried to take Abyss down but nothing worked until Wolfe attacked Abyss with a steel chair shot. Abyss tries to “hulk up” but the numbers game picked up with him when Flair and Styles attacked him from behind. Flair preceded in delivering a low blow and Styles stomps Abyss in the side repeatedly. Flair and Styles beat Abyss in the corner and Wolfe then handcuffed Abyss to the ropes. Predictably, Hulk Hogan ran down to the ring, and cleans house! Soon the numbers game catches up with him as well. Wolfe held him down and Styles throws his own Flair like chops. Styles then knocked Hogan out by driving the World Title into Hogan’s face. Abyss tried to stop them but he was cuffed to the ropes. Flair continued to wait on Hogan’s forehead until he was busted wide open! Abyss stared down at the Hall of Fame ring, and then busted through the cuffs. The heels bailed as Abyss circled the ring. Interesting stuff going on here, however the superhero like gimmick with Abyss is pretty corny. We want “The Monster” back!

After a brief commercial break, Hogan grabbed a mic and says on March 8th, Flair is coming out of retirement. Hogan announced that he is booking him in a match! Hogan proclaimed that Styles is in their and it’s a tag match. That team is going to fight Abyss and his tag team partner. That man is him, Hulk Hogan! Shows ends here. Should be an interesting match. Nice way to put Flair and Hogan in the same ring together while still incorporating the young guys in AJ Styles and Abyss (as corny as his gimmick may be).

Overall, this was a decent episode of IMPACT. There wasn’t nearly, and I mean nearly, enough in ring action on this night, however there were some great segments, including the opening segment, the Angle/Anderson segment, the Jarrett/Bischoff segment was alright, and the final segment was intriguing and a fair way to end the show for once. If only there was quite a bit more actual wrestling on the show. It’s understandable though with the big move to Monday nights coming up in 2 weeks. Hopefully after that things will settle in and TNA will find their niche. Overall, I give this show a letter grade of a B.

Todd Frizzell is from Columbus Ohio, and has been a huge professional wrestling fanatic for the last ten years. Todd is very interested in all aspects of pro wrestling, including what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Todd is very excited to write about his passion, and will try his best to entertain and provoke the wrestling fans.

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  1. This was a horrible episode of TNA impact, but that doesn't matte because it was still twenty times better than that crap they put on Monday nights. The Global Title should be tossed, and they should create a new midcard title without as much bogus history behind it. because we all know this title will go down as "the shit booker t made up"


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