TNA IMPACT 2-18-10 Thoughts and Recap


TNA ImpactThis past Thursday night, TNA Wrestling presented their fallout episode of IMPACT after the Against All Odds PPV last Sunday. What went down when the new number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, “The Pope”, confronted his opponent at Lockdown, AJ Styles? Did Kurt Angle get his revenge on Mr. Anderson? What went on as the Hogan/Bischoff era continued after the announcement that TNA will be switching to Monday Nights next month? Let’s get to the review and find out!

[adinserter block=”1″]To open up the show, the new number one contender for the world title, “The Pope”, came out to the ring and claimed that he will be the next champion after he defeated AJ at Lockdown. AJ and flair soon interrupt, and Flair and Pope argue back and forth, and later AJ intervenes and he and Pope argue back and forth about who truly is the better wrestler and who will be the champ come Lockdown. Eventually, after what was a really good promo between these three, Pope jaw jacked AJ and the fight was on! Soon the number game caught up with Pope and Flair and AJ began to beat him down. Eventually, they stomped on his ankle which was caught in the middle of a steel chair, and then the segment ended with AJ applying the Figure Four Leg Lock. Overall, this was a great segment which did an ideal job of setting the foundation for the big title match at Lockdown!

Tara (C) Defeated Daffney In A Non-Title Match

Pretty formulaic stuff here. Glad to see Daffney back in the ring. I love her gimmick. Very unique for a Knockout. After about 5 minutes of standard action, Daffney blew up and hit Tara with a toolbox, getting herself disqualified. She then pinned Tara down with the guardrail and smashed her viciously with a steel chair until she was successfully restrained by Dr. Stevie. This potential Tara/Daffney feud seems interesting and fresh, and could potential make for some pretty entertaining hardcore Knockout matches.

Orlando Jordan Defeated Samoa Joe

Jordan came out to the ring with a woman and a (gay) man. Is he going to start using a bisexual gimmick? Very odd, and gross! Before the match began, Bischoff confronted Joe backstage and told him that he was disappointed in him for not getting the job done at Against All Odds. He dared Joe to impress him. In the early going of this match, Joe was very intense in his on-slot of Jordan. Within a few minutes though, Bischoff made his way to ringside to watch on. Joe’s mind seemed to be somewhere else and Jordan capitalized on this, pinning Joe with an elevated back stabber. Looks like a new storyline is in the works involving Joe and an upcoming loosing streak. Hey, at least TNA’s using him on TV now!

Kazarian, Generation Me, And Amazing Red Defeated The Motor City Machine Guns, Doug Williams (C), and Brian Kendrick

Kaz is back, and he’s not wearing a mask and jumpsuit! As I have said before, Kaz playing Suicide will only get him as far as it has, and that’s not very far! I am a huge Kaz fan, and really hope TNA utilizes him to his full potential. By the way, this was a super entertaining match here, but only went about 5 minutes or so. This featured tons of faced paced action though, as well as plenty of dives to the floor! Kaz ended up pinning the X Division Champion Doug Williams with a slingshot DDT. Great way to set the tone for Destination X here. Could Kaz be the new TNA X Division Champion in the very near future? Let’s hope so!

Jeff Jarrett VS. Abyss Ended In No Contest

This match was being hyped all night long. Bischoff sent Foley away from the IMPACT Zone on a shopping spree, and Bischoff promised to unmask Abyss! Bischoff demanded to Jarrett earlier, that he must use the barbed wire baseball bat on Abyss. In an attempt to keep his job, Jarrett complied. This match was a bit on the slow side, however it did tell a good story. It was very intense throughout the entire duration, in anticipation for Abyss to be unmasked. After about 10 minutes, Bischoff came down to ringside and demanded that Jarrett use the bat. Jarrett though about it, and then surprisingly dropped it and refused to use it, to Bischoff’s dismay. At this point, Bischoff sent a handful of heels into the ring to attack both men. They held Abyss down and as Bischoff was about to unmask him, Hulk Hogan’s music hit, and he told Abyss to go to his office immediately. He ignored a bewildered Bischoff and walked away. Nice stuff here! Pretty interesting. We’re now starting to see more and more friction between Bischoff and Hogan. Later in the evening, Hogan gave Abyss a pep-talk of sorts in his office, claiming that he’s tired of looking at Abyss being afraid of his own shadow. He gives Abyss his Hall Of Fame ring, and tells Abyss that this ring will empower him to be 10 times the entity that Hulk Hogan ever was! Great, great pep-talk with should do wonders for Abyss. No more of the mentally ill, childish Abyss, it looks like we just may get back “The Monster”!

Beer Money Defeated Big Rob Terry(C) and Brutus Magnus

Nice, short, and to the point here with Beer money dominating and getting the pin of Magnus with the DUI in about 3 to 4 minutes. Nice way to reestablish Beer Money as worthy members of the TNA roster, I’m just waiting for them to receive their well deserved singles push. After the match, Magnus verbally belittled Terry and preceded in slapping him in his face. At this, Terry snapped, took Magnus’ head off with a running lariat, and walked out. As I’ve said before, this was an inevitable feud that I am not looking forward to in the very least. I honestly don’t believe it will ever amount to much more than an undercard matchup on the next few PPVs or so.

Kurt Angle Defeated Daniels

[adinserter block=”2″]Angle literally made Daniels tap out here in less than one minute with an ankle lock. Seriously??? Why do this to Daniels. Why not do it to someone like Sean Morley or someone off less potential and prestige? I mean come on… Didn’t Daniels nearly beat AJ for the world title a few months ago at Final Resolution??? WOW! Anyway, after the match, Angle did literally cut one of the best, most emotional promos I have witnessed in quite some time, as he talked about how a soldier in Iraq gave him that dog tag that ANderson busted him open with at Against All Odds. Very, very emotional. He talked about how when Anderson spit on the tag, he wasn’t spitting on him, but the USA! Anderson soon interrupted, and mocked Angle. Soon Angle had heard enough and run up the ramp way only to be knockout by Anderson with a microphone shot to the injured head of Angle. Awesome segment here full of emotion! Can’t wait to see these two get their hands on one another, probably come Lockdown! What a grudge match this promises to be!

With only 5 minutes left in the show, getting real sick of these 5 minute segments to end the show, Kevin Nash comes out to the ring with Eric Young and calls out Nash and Waltman, because of their attack on Nash 2 seeks ago. The came out, Young pounced on Waltman, and before Nash and Hall could go at it, security separated them, as Hogan watched on. These old veterans should by no means be ending the show. That’s my major problem with their involvement. Don’t see much of a payoff here either unless this some how elevated Eric Young.

Overall, this was a good show, but too much veteran involvement at the end, which should be considered the most important point in the show. Fair amount of action in the ring on this night, but still not enough to completely satisfy me. We did see a few great segments though. One being Pope and AJ and the other being Angle and Anderson. Could have gone for a quality main event. Overall, this show gets a B+.

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